The Dressing Room


The Dressing RoomThe other day I was out shopping. I was wearing a pair of super tight black leather pants with a zipper at the bottom, some white open toed 5″ heels and a tight, white, cashmere sweater with a deep V in front. Not that as tight as that sweater was I needed to bring more attention to the girls, but I like to anyway.I knew that the neighbor boy worked at Target so I wasn’t surprised when I ran into him while getting detergent. “Hello Sam”, I said.”Hello Mrs. Jones. How are you?” he said nervously.I was seeing him check me out. This was far from unusual. He made every attempt he could to see me sunbathing in the back yard, or offer to mow the lawn or do other chores when he knew John was out of town. I was feeling rather frisky that day, so I asked him, “Can you walk me over to where the fitting rooms are Sam?””Sure thing. They’re over here.” he said.I followed him and asked him whether or not he’d chosen a college yet. He’d turned 18 in December but was still a couple months away from graduation. He lead me osmaniye escort right up to the dressing rooms and even walked me back and made sure one was clean for me.”Here you are ma’am. Let me know if you need anything.”I said, “Come in here a minute, I want to talk to you Sam.”He nervously followed me in. I shut and locked the door and sat down on the bench, my eyes at his crotch level.”Sam, if I ask you a question, will you be honest with me?””Uh, yeah, sure.””Sam, tell me the truth, have you jerked off while thinking about me?”He stood there still. Frozen.”It’s okay if you have baby. I’d be flattered to know you thought about me while you jerked off.”With that, he slowly opened his mouth to speak. “Yeah, yeah I have.””What did you think about? What were you doing to me in your mind?””Um, I was… I mean, you were… um. I was having sex with you.””Like how Sam? Were you playing with my tits? You like my tits?””Yeah, um, I like your tits. I mean, breasts, um…”I started lifting niğde escort up my sweater and I pulled it over my head and undid my bra as he just stared.”You can touch them Sam.”He reached down and started fondling my tits. “Do you like my ass Sam?””Uh yeah, you have a great ass ma’am.””Thank you. Now, you’ve seen my tits. I want to see your cock Sam. Whip it out for me.”He reached for his belt and dropped his pants and underwear as fast as he could, exposing a fairly good sized cock for a skinny 18 year old and as expected, he had a raging hard on.”Ooh Sam, that’s nice. I want you to stroke it for me.”With that he started stroking his cock while I licked my lips and played with my tits.”You like it when I wear tight leather Sam?””Yes, it’s very sexy.””Good, let me know when you’re getting ready to cum, I want you to cum on my tight leather covered ass, okay Sam?””Yes ma’am” he said as he tried to jerk off as slow as possible but was picking up speed.”Yeah Sam, work that cock for me. Imagine edirne escort if I reached out and put your cock in my mouth and sucked you long and hard for awhile, before you threw me around like the little slut I am and forced my pants down, bent me over and forced that big cock into my pussy until you made me cum over and over again. Because you’re a man with a big dick and I just love big dicks like yours Sam. God, I can imagine the pounding you’d be giving me with that big cock. Ooh Sam, I’m so fucking wet.””Almost, almost” he said.I got up and spun around and stuck my ass towards him. “Cum on my ass Sam. See your white spunk all over that black leather.”With that I heard him grunt and heard the splats as the cum hit the tight leather. He shot about six good ropes of cum onto my ass and it dripped down my legs. He rubbed the head of his cock on my ass for a minute until the orgasm completely faded.I grabbed a shirt hanging on the wall and handed it to him and he wiped me down really well. I put on my bra and sweater and walked out, leaving him standing there with his raging erection and his pants at his ankles.I finished my shopping and then when I got in the car, called my husband and told him the story. We shared a good laugh about it. John predicted Sam will come around more often now. We shall see.

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