The Driving Student


“Okay, I’ll see you Monday in the supermarket’s parking lot,” I replied and hung up.

I’m a young driving instructor. Maureen had taken one lesson with me, and we set the time for the second one. She had a scooter license, and she was taking lessons for a car license. She had arrived at the first lesson with a military uniform, but I was alittle distracted during the driving lesson. Her blue – green eyes, with a penetrating look, her honey-colored hair, her sexy body, her pert and intelligent speaking were attractive, very attractive. I’m used to teaching young and sexy students, but something about her was different.

On Monday afternoon I arrived at 6 Pm in the supermarket’s parking lot, where she arranged to meet me, for some reason. This parking level is below the supermarket, and is usually quite deserted, considering the large parking in front. The parking was actually completely empty, except for the scooter that stood in the far end, Maureen standing next to it. When I got to it, i swallowed hard. She had a short skirt and a tank top, showing off her shapely legs, her waist and her impressive breasts.

I left the car to switch to the passenger’s seat, said “Hi Maureen,” and shook her hand.

She replied “Hey Nadav”. Her hand was soft, and somehow she stared at me, half smiling. I said nothing and got into the car.

Yeah, well, a driving lesson. I directed her here and there, explained about intersections, using the gear shift, etc. She was a talented driving student, quick to understand and accurate in performing ,but every time she looked at me she was looking in somewhat of a deliberate way, her eyes lingering a little too long. I, in turn, was having a very hard concentrating in the lesson. Her already short skirt rode up slightly to reveal a pair of smooth and shapely thighs, moving slightly with the pedals. Her breasts stretched her short tank top, and to my amazement I saw no bra underneath it. So, her breasts were moving freely with every curve or turn of the road. At some point we approached an intersection, while I was staring at her magnificent chest swaying freely. She turned her head to the right, and caught me ogling her. She looked at me amusingly and said “I see you’re focused in my chest rather than my driving,” she said.

I froze , terribly embarrassed. “of course not, what are you…” I started to answer.

She cut me off abruptly.

“Stop bullshitting me. You were looking at me like that since the beginning of the lesson. perfect. That’s just what I wanted.”

“huh?” I said, not realizing what I heard.

“Well, why do you think I got all dressed up like that for?” She replied, smiling. “Well, where now?” she asked casually.

“Oh, to the left at the next traffic lights,” I replied, bemused.

She kept driving and said: “you know, I think You’re a very sexy guy. I’m in a time in my life when I decided to do whatever I want, without having to answer to anybody, or consider social norms in any way. I’m doing exactly what I wish, no limits. And what I wish right now is you.” She said, looking at me for a second and returning her eyes to the road. I was quite shocked. No one has ever hit on me like that. Not knowing what to say, shy me, I just kept quiet. She drove to the industrial area where the supermarket was, confident and upright in her chair, without any embarrassment.

“You don’t need to say anything. I saw how you were looking at me. I know you want me, which is really turning me on,” she said. she took her right hand off the wheel, grabbed her nipple and pinched it, a little sigh escaping her. this might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

“You know,” Maureen said, her eyes never leaving the road, “The nice thing about you is that you seem to be a considerate canlı bahis and gentle lover. Not with me, honey.” She arrived at the parking lot, which was empty of cars, and drove to its far end. At 7 Pm, it was really dark. She stopped, pulled the hand brake and turned to me.

“Nadav, take off your pants.” She said, her face serious, her eyes sparkling. I said nothing, I was still a little shocked. I opened my belt, raised my ass and I took off my pants and underwear down to my knees.

“Take them off completely, including shoes,” she said. I did it, in record time. She released her seat belt and leaned over to me. I leaned toward her, trying to kiss her. She pushed me back into the seat.

“A – ah” she said, lowering her head. Her hand encircled the base of my cock, which was already rock hard. She unceremoniously opened her mouth and took my head and a little more of my quivering cock into the warmth of it .The touch was overwhelming. She raised her head, her hand going up and down on my cock and looked into my eyes.

“I want your sperm. Do not hold back and do not stop. I want to feel you move inside my mouth. I want you to cum, fast. Do you understand me?” She said, her voice steady, full of desire. I nodded, half a smile on my face.

“good,” she said, and bent forward. She licked my cock from bottom to top, and with a quick movement swallowed half of it into her mouth, her lips clinging to it, sucking. Her mouth went up, her hand moved down. Her mouth dropped, her hand rose. Each time her mouth lowered a little further until she had covered most of my joyfull member in her warm mouth. She used quick movements, her touch wonderful, warm and wet on my cock. Her other hand cupped my balls, her fingertips stroking below them. I moaned with pleasure, my pelvis moving a bit upward. Her mouth went up, leaving only the head inside her, and went up and down with short movements, her tongue circling around the head, her lips sucking me, her moist hand rising and falling quickly down my cock, and occasionally she would head firmly down, and then come up again for short movements around the head. I moaned with pleasure. Suddenly Her hand left my balls and grabbed my ass firmly. Her mouth left my cock. She looked at me and said:

“I don’t feel you moving. I want you wild in me.” She said, her look full of lust. She moved back to me, her mouth swallowing most of my cock. I let all my regular inhibitions go. Her warm mouth moved up and down over my cock, her hand in a counter movement, her other hand squeezing my ass. My Pelvis began to move up and down, and I felt like I was fucking her pleasuring, oh so pleasuring mouth. Her pace increased, and I knew I would not hold on much longer. My eyes were closed, my cock hard as steel, heat and softness enveloping it. My hand went to rest tentatively on her head. She took her hand, put it on mine and pushed down. I got the hint, and began to push her down on me in the rhythm I wanted. Amazingly, I felt it only gave her more vigor. Unbelievable, what a girl. I breathed heavily, my pelvis moving up and down. Her hand moved quickly, her mouth sucking me hard. The pleasure was simply wonderful, my whole body electric. Suddenly I felt her finger touch my anus, circling around and then penetrating slightly into it. That’s all I needed. My pelvis moved wildly upward, a shout escaped my mouth and I was feeling as if my cock was exploding inside her mouth, sperm escaping from it forcefully. My pelvis was moving uncontrollably, my hands holding her head to me. She did not move, only her mouth continuing to suck hard, her hand moving with short strokes on my cock. More and more seed left my cock, my orgasm long and just plain wonderful.

Finally my body let loose, my pelvis landing back on the car bahis siteleri seat. I let out the air in my lungs with a long whistle, and opened my eyes. Maureen’s face was against mine. Her hair disheveled, her eyes bright and her mouth smiling at me. I looked at her with half-closed eyes and smiled back.

“Wow, that was amazing,” I said. She came up to me, her lips clinging to mine. The kiss was soft, and she opened her mouth and sent out her tongue to my lips. I felt the taste of my semen in my mouth. It was very strange, but not repulsive. New and a little sexy.

Maureen wiped her lips, gently cupped my balls and said,

“Thanks for the lesson.” She got out, leaned against the window. “Next week, same day, same time, same place?”

“Oh yes” I replied, looking at her, smiling.

“Bye,” she said. Put on her helmet, got on the scooter and disappeared, as if nothing has happened.

I got dressed, moved to the driver’s seat and I sat in front of the wheel. After a while I began to laugh.

“man,” I said to myself, “What a girl.”

I drove away, a silly grin on my face.

Next Monday, I got to the parking lot at quarter to six. I didn’t know how I felt. I was nervous, excited, and when I saw her scooter nearing I realized I was very happy to see her.

She shut down the scooter and took off her helmet, her hair scattering around her pretty face. Again she was wearing a short skirt, but above it was a tight belly shirt. Her nipples stuck out through the fabric (implying the lack of a bra), and her waist was bare, a small piercing glittering in her navel.

Man, what a fox. I left the car to switch to the passenger’s seat, and found her in front of me.

“Hello,” she said, looking downwards.

“I see someone is happy to see me.” I looked down and felt a little self conscious about the beginning of a tent in my jeans.

“Listen,” I said, half a smile on my face.

“Shhh,” she said, softly laying a finger on my lips. “It’s very very flattering and a serious turn on for me. Come on, Hop In the car. Let’s start the lesson.”

It was very hard to concentrate on the lesson. I looked at her lips, thinking about the heat that enveloped my cock last week. Looking at her delicate, long fingers on the gear shift drove me crazy. Her proud chest, her narrow waist, her smooth, shapely legs. Everything was making me very hot.

“What?” I suddenly snapped, meeting her gaze.

“I asked where should I head now,” she answered, looking at me very amused.

“Oh, right at the next intersection,” I replied, embarrassed and amused at the same time.

“I see you’re thinking what I’m thinking,” Maureen said. “For a week I have been fantasizing about what I’m going to do to you today. Come on, Let’s go back to the parking lot.” She drove all the way into the darkened and empty parking lot.

her eyes met mine, shining.

“Take your shirt off,” she said simply. I did not hesitate for a moment. I took my seat backward, loosened my belt and took off my shirt with a quick tug. “Lovely, as I thought,” she said, “Now the rest.” At Top speed down my pants went, along with my underwear and shoes, and I found myself sitting naked in my seat. Maureen looked at me hungrily, moved to my seat and sat on my lap.

“I want it short, strong and fierce. I’m soaking wet ever since the lesson began, and I’m wearing no underwear.” She leaned over and sucked my nipple, making me quiver with surprising intensity. Her hips began to move back and forth on my cock and I felt she indeed was soaking wet. I pulled her shirt up, and she raised her hands, helping me. Her breasts were magnificent. Large, pale and decorated with brown nipples, not very large and very erect. I took my right hand to her left breast, cupping it bahis şirketleri from it’s lower side, swallowing half of it, my tongue turning in circles around her nipple, sucking hard. She held my head to her breasts, moaning, and said

“oh yes, you horny teacher, eat my tits, you do it so nicely.” I moved to her other breast, my hand cupping and fondling, my fingers pinching her nipples in just the right way. She raised my head, kissing me. It was a savage kiss. Her soft lips opened to me, sucking my upper lip, her tongue entering my mouth, our teeth almost colliding. She moved her full lips from me, grabbed my cock, lifted her hips and guided it to her opening. She lowered her hips a little, and just the tip of my cock entered into her. We both sighed together, the heat enveloping the tip of my cock. mmm… what an overwhelming sensation. She looked into my eyes and with a hard one she pulled her hips down, moving all the way down, until our pelvises met. She was so wet that it was possible, and I closed my eyes with pleasure. My cock was suddenly fully enclosed in a very tight pussy, warm and soft, enveloping me like glove. Ahhhh, I’m home.

She raised her hips slightly, and dropped them. Again she moved up a little, and dropped down hard. She looked into my eyes, her own eyes full of passion.

“Listen to me, you dirty teacher. I want you strong, savage, like there’s no tomorrow. I want to feel your cum in my inside walls, now and fast. Don’t think of my pleasure, do not hold back your orgasm. Take everything out on me. I dare you.”

“Your wish is my command, darling” I answered, smiling. ” Where have you been all these years?” I lifted my pelvis toward her, my cock entering into her fiercely, my eyes never leaving hers. After another strong one, the look in her eyes became hungrier.

” Yes, give yourself to me, do it strong,” she said, her eyes full of desire. Her hand reached between her legs, massaging her clit. I am used to making love, or at the most to having sex. This time was different. I began to F U C K Maureen, hard, looking into her eyes, my gaze almost violent. She went up and down on me hard, her hand squeezing her breast. I pulled back to her breasts and she moaned, holding on to me, as I felt her hand working frantically on her clit, touching the base of my cock. The feeling was wonderful, her young body, her skin tight and soft next to mine, moving with suppleness and strength, my cock buried inside her, her warm and narrow pussy tight around me, my mouth on her nipple, my hands on her breasts, neck, hair, hips, ass. I moved more rapidly, my mind blank. Suddenly I felt her body stiffen, her inner walls closing intensely on my cock, her hand pressing my mouth to her chest. The intensity of the moment had sent me over the edge. I spasmed in her uncontrollably, moving her down on me, my cock penetrating her with short, powerful movements, on and on my sperm coming out, in a strong and long orgasm.

Finally both of us relaxed. I kissed her, our kiss long and lazy. I stayed in her, my member softening, my whole body relaxed and happy.

“wow, that was good,” she said, and we both laughed, loosely .

“Listen, I’ve never met a girl like you,” I said. She stood over me, my soft cock came out of her, and fell on my hip.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Thanks.”

She wore her shirt, pulled wet wipes out of her bag and cleaned the both of us.

“Don’t move,” she said, stepped out of the car and closed the door.

“Sign me up for a test, I know I’m ready.” I nodded, agreeing with her.

“I’m keeping your number in my cell phone. Maybe I’ll miss you someday.” She said.

“now, Listen,” I said.

“Ah, no no no. That’s how it is and that’s it.” She said, smiling. “don’t even start.”

“alright, alright,” I said, looking at her, smiling back.

She turned, put on her helmet, swung her sexy leg on the scooter, and drove away.

Unbelievable, I thought, seating lazily on my seat. Unbelievable.

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