The Emma J Chronicles – Part Four


The Emma J Chronicles – Part FourThis is the final part of Emma J’s chronicle, I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as i have enjoyed writing them.You can find her profile under Emmajxxx, she loves to make horny photosets and vids for those that want them, she made a vid for Carl and I and it was just sooooo horny, check her out.AnnaxxxChapter TenThe men settled down to their poker, each determined to win Emma as their prize. By now they had moved on to the Louis XIII Cognac and were all puffing on huge Cohiba Esplendido cigars. Emma watched for about ten minutes then said, “If it’s ok with you guys I’m going out for a bit of fresh air”?“Yeah, sure honey, it’s just getting mighty interesting here, but I guess it’s not really a spectator sport”, said Frank as he dealt the next hand. The pile of chips growing in front of him.Emma went to the loo squatted and emptied her bladder, as she wiped herself, she felt a flash of arousal as the tissue brushed over her distended clitoris. She gave a little shudder of desire, thinking to herself how sexually charged she was feeling. She stood up flushed the toilet and retrieved her bag, she walked out of the French windows onto the wide patio, taking in the sight of the brilliantly flood-lit Eiffel tower, just across the Seine, seemingly within touching distance of the balcony.“Wow, who’d have thought it”? She mused to herself. She sat on the thickly upholstered patio furniture, reached into her bag and took out her packet of Marlboro Lights.“God I needed this”, she thought as she lit the cigarette and drew the smoke deep into her lungs.Her mind replayed the previous few hours and she shifted uneasily in the seat as her pussy once more moistened at how she’d been thoroughly fucked so far and what was yet to come.She heard the door close over her shoulder and looked around.“Who’s that”? She asked.“It’s only me Em, Marcus, looks like I lost the first game. Still, I’m here with you while they are still playing, so maybe I won after all”?Marcus’s arms encircled her neck as he drew her tight to his chest.“You know Em; this won’t change anything between us at work. It’ll be just the same as it was before. I know you love it. But I won’t let it affect our working relationship”.She felt his hot breath on her neck, then the wet feel of his tongue, licking her neck and dipping into her left ear. The strong rank smell of his cigar breath made her stomach heave as he tried to kiss her.Still as naked as when she had left the room, she felt his hand insinuate itself down her back between the cheeks of her bottom and felt his forefinger try to slide into her arsehole. She struggled briefly but he was just too strong; he slipped the other arm around her throat pulled her head back and forced his finger into her arse fully two knuckles deep and then started to probe her insides.“Fuck, this can’t be happening”, thought Emma, then felt the tell-tale moistening inside her cunt. “God, he’s turning me on, he’s making me wet”. She thought, disgusted by her body’s betrayal.“God, this is horrible, he’s horrible, but why am I so turned on by it”? Her cunt continued to spew forth a trickle of lubrication, preparing it for the entry of his hard cock.“So Em, maybe if you’re nice to me, we could consider the possibility of a promotion, how does Assistant Financial Director sound. All you need is to prove to me that you deserve it”.Emma dropped to her knees, his finger sliding out of her arse. She grabbed him by the cock and pulled it into her open mouth and thought to herself, “You are going to get the blow-job of your life”.She sucked his half erect cock into her mouth, tonguing it mercilessly. She breathed a stream of hot smoke over his cock. He groaned in ecstasy at her rough sucking, her teeth describing a waltz of forceful v******e on his cock. She sucked him deep inside her mouth, her teeth biting on his glans, teasing and inflicting pain and pleasure in equal parts on his delicate manhood.He grunted at the forceful attack on his cock, both turned on and in exquisite agony. As his orgasm approached he was both intolerably aroused and in the extreme of pain. He grunted “Swallow my load you fucking whore bitch”.She replied barely letting up on her assault on his throbbing cock, “Fuck you Marcus I won’t swallow you if you paid me double”.“You don’t want your bonus much do you, you cunt”. He groans at the point of cumming. His cock starts to spurt his hot cum over Emma’s face and tits, running down her cleavage.Emma took a final drag on her cigarette and stubbed out the remains of her cigarette on the tiled floor and looked him up and down.“Good enough for you you cunt”? Her face mirrored the disgust she felt. Without another word she abruptly stood up and walked back into the suite. Marcus, in mid climax, seized his cock and gave three more jerks on it and watched as the rest of his cum spurted over the seat of the patio furniture. Totally wasted!Chapter ElevenEmma woke with a start, there was someone else in the room with her: she looked across at the clock by the huge king sized bed it was now 2am. “What the fuck”? Her addled mind thought as she became fully conscious, where am I and where is Mark?In the seconds it took for her to regain full consciousness the events of the last couple of hours re-played in her mind.Having gone back into the Dining room; leaving Marcus on the balcony, she felt a mix of anger at his lack of manners and his attitude and bizarrely felt so erotically charged her pussy was threatening to gush down her legs. As she sashayed sexily across the fabulous room it hit her. It was all about the power. She had the power to send men crazy with desire, desire for her body. Mr X and Frank were still sat at the table, the huge pile of chips that Frank had had in front of him was gone and the entire pot was piled up in the middle of the table at least £50 thousand.Mr X smiled his familiar smile and scooped the entire pile in front of him. “I win Frank, the pot and the lady is mine”. He gazed at Emma his face a picture of triumph and desire. “Come here my sweet. Come over here and sit on my lap”. He pushed his ornate armless chair away from the tableEmma walked past Frank and straddled X’s lap facing him with her back to the table.She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, her tongue writhing around his Cognac and cigar pendik escort laden mouth. “To the victor the spoils Mr X”. She reached down between her own legs and extracted his hardening cock from his trousers. Then raising herself up; swiped his cock head between her distended lips coating it with her slime then slid the growing cock between her wet cunt lips and wriggled herself down into his lap impaling herself on him. “aaaaaaahhh that feels so good, fuck me pleeeeeease”.With her feet braced on the parquet flooring she was perfectly positioned to initiate a steady up and down motion on X’s now rock-hard cock. She insinuated her right hand between their bodies and massaged her swollen clit. Dr****g her other arm around his neck she pulled his face to her chest and said.”Suck my tits X, bite my nipples, fuck me hard and make me cum”.This spurred him on, not that he needed it; his victory had been hard fought and he was savouring his winnings. As Emma lowered herself he rammed up forcefully from the seat pushing his cock deep inside her. His mouth fastened onto her left breast and sucked the nipple deep into his mouth, biting around the base of her nipple as he did so. Emma was in heaven. The stinging pain of the sharp teeth on her nipple went like a bolt of lightning straight to her clit adding to the almost unbearable sensitivity of her overloaded pleasure receptors.“Yes X bite me hurt me, treat me like your dirty little slut. Suck my fucking tits, slap my arse. Make your little whore cum again”.She felt a stinging pain on her arse cheeks as he did as requested.And so began an hour long session of sex with Mr X. He seemed insatiable, no matter how many times she orgasmed he kept up the relentless slapping of her arse in time with the thrusts of his cock into her depths. The cheeks of her bottom changed from their customary white to a rosy pink then as he continued his abuse to a dark crimson. Finally with an almost a****listic cry of “Fuck, yes now”. She felt him spurt a huge load of viscous cum into her. She slumped down onto his rapidly softening cock and felt it slip out of her.“Thank you my dear; that was most satisfactory, most satisfactory indeed. And now you may retire and sleep for a while, we don’t want you to get overtired, there is a long night ahead of us and poor Marcus has been standing over there masturbating at the sight of you. He’s made a dreadful mess on the carpet”.Mr X stood her up in front of himself then reached around her and lifted her into his arms like a baby. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. In seconds she was fast asleep.Coming back to the present she looked around the dark master bedroom and faintly saw a shadow near the door. Unable to make out who it was she reached for the light switch. Before she had a chance to switch it on the figure rushed to the bed and griped her wrist tightly. He pulled her across the bed and flipped her over onto her front: pinioning her wrists in his strong hands behind her as he arranged her body in a fashion that pleased him. He pushed her face into the pillows then putting his free hand under her tummy lifted her rear end. Now he had her as he wanted her; arse high in the perfect doggy position. Perversely this only served to inflame Emma’s desires once more; she just loved the vulnerability of this position. She lowered her middle towards the bed pushing her arse higher and opened her legs to permit an easy entry for her unknown lover.Alas this was not to be, the next sensation she felt was one of immense pain as she felt a leather belt crack as it lashed across her buttocks. Had she only been able to see; an angry dark red inflamed weal appeared across both cheeks and on her delicate swollen pussy lips. She cried out in agony, as she tried to break free of her torturer, but he was just too strong. He had moved to the side of the bed and now had his hand at the back of her neck holding her in a vice like grip. Once more she felt the lash of the belt across her buttocks and cried out in pain. Again and again the belt lashed across her rear end sometimes high on her buttocks sometimes across her thighs but always with relentless force and severity. Her body had now become attuned to the pain and the endorphins kicked in. The raw edges of pain had been replaced by a perverse pleasure and she felt the juices run freely down her thighs soaking the coverlet. Her bottom rose higher once more and she reached between her spread thighs and masturbated furiously, ramming her fingers into herself with one hand as the other rubbed her inflamed clitoris.“Waal, who’d a thunk it, she likes her Uncle Frank giving her a good whupping. That’s it lil girl give that hot cunt a good rub, get it ready for Uncle Frank’s fuck-meat. Cos it’s coming a visiting”.Frank climbed on the bed behind her and pulled her fingers from inside her; before she could jam them back into herself he entered her forcefully, sinking his average length, but very thick prick deep inside her.She pushed back onto him feeling his thickness stretch the walls and lips of her cunt and as he started to pound into her she met his every thrust with one of her own. After what seemed like only a couple of minutes Emma was rewarded by an a****listic bellow from Frank and a gush of hot sperm deep into her hot cunt. Frank was finished, he unloaded his cum into her and rolled off onto the bed beside her, almost within seconds he was snoring peacefully his mouth wide open. Emma still unsatisfied slipped all four fingers of her right hand deep inside her cum filled slit and started to stroke deep into herself, the stinging on her buttocks and across her fat lips was still there causing her a mix of pain and intense pleasure. She and Mark had often experimented with a little light spanking with pleasurable results; the pain she felt now magnified her pleasure tenfold and spurred her on to her impending orgasm. With a final few rubs she felt her orgasm wash over her, her copious juices flushing the white sticky cum from her depths. Exhausted and replete she drifted off into her dreams beside him, a long trail of cum dripping from between her gaping labia onto the bed.Chapter TwelveEmma was dragged into the world once more by the main light of the bedroom coming on. She sat upright into the wet patch on the bed, no kartal escort sign of Frank, just Marcus stood in the doorway.“Hi Em, good morning its 6AM would you like some breakfast”.“Thank you Marcus that would be lovely”, she replied. “I need the loo first; I’ll be through in a minute”.Emma went into the en-suite. She stood in front of the marble sink and looked at herself in the mirror.”What a fucking mess”, she thought! Her brunette hair was tousled and her eyes felt full of sleep. She rubbed them with her knuckles. As she did; so she then became aware of the ache in her buttocks. She turned and looked at the reflection of her back in the full length mirror. Her cheeks were still a dark red and criss crossed by welts of angry purple where the belt had slashed her mercilessly four hours previously. She opened the medicine cabinet over the sink and searched through the well stocked contents. She ran a glass of water and downed a few painkillers then took a small plastic bottle of medicated moisturiser and started to apply it to her nether region.As she was rubbing the cream down between her buttocks she became aware of another presence. She looked over her shoulder and saw Marcus stood in the doorway, his erect cock in his hand, stroking himself gently as he watched her rubbing between her spread legs.“Can I help you with that Emma, it looks very sore from here”.Emma handed him the bottle. Marcus knelt behind her and started to apply the cream very gently in a circular massage action across her bottom. The cool cream felt wonderful to Emma and she started to relax despite herself. “Mmmmmmm Marcus, that feels so good”, she purred, despite herself.Marcus continued his ministrations, “Lean forward a bit Em, over the sink, I need to get to your inner thighs”. Suspecting his intentions and ulterior motive, she thought, “Fuck, he hasn’t fucked me yet, he’s the only one who hasn’t and I bet I’ll never get out of here until he has. Hey, ho, in for a penny, in for a pound”.She leant forward resting her breasts on the far side of the sink beside the gold plated taps.“Will that do Marcus”? She asked coquettishly.“Fuck me Em, that will do perfectly, open your legs a little more”.She complied, sliding her legs wider apart, revealing herself from arsehole to pubis to Marcus’s leering lecherous gazeMarcus poured a copious quantity of the medicated cream onto the palm of his right hand and slid the whole mess between her legs, coating her in a thick layer of cream, he gently began to rub the liquid into her tortured skin, then sliding his hand from between her legs he took both hands and rubbed all of the inflamed skin in a gentle massaging action, paying particular attention to her crinkly little pink rosebud. He placed the ball of his thumb over her arsehole and exerted a little gentle pressure. She felt him pushing and her body betrayed her by sluttishly relaxing her sphincter. His thumb slid fully into her. Emma, having been a long time devotee of any kind of anal play allowed her weight to sag onto the thick thumb, relishing the feelings it conjured in her perverted psyche.“Mmmmm, Marcus, you know how to tease a girl, don’t you”?“Is that good Em”?“Fuck me yes, it’s so nice, please be gentle, I’m so sore”.“At last”, thought Marcus, I’m going to get to fuck her, I’ve waited so long for this. I’m going to fuck her in her sweet arse and fill her full of my hot cum. She’ll be back begging for more, I know”.Marcus stood behind Emma and placed the tip of his cock against her now slightly gaping arsehole, his glans covered in his slick pre-cum slid easily a couple of inches into her lubricated bum. Emma gasped as she felt herself being filled, then felt a jolt as Marcus reached around over the sink and took a swollen erect nipple in between his fingers and started to tug it. Another push and Marcus was buried deep inside her, she pushed back hard her sphincter gripping tightly around his cock, he eased out gently and then forgetting his promise to be gentle, rammed fully back inside her. Appalled at his lack of sensitivity Emma was inflamed by the feeling. She reciprocated and less than three thrusts later was astonished to feel the so called, self styled stud unload a gush of semen into her bowels.Marcus staggered back from Emma, his balls emptied and collapsed on the marble floor. “My dear chap, that all seemed rather premature, I told you not to keep edging when you were watching all that nasty smutty porn earlier. Now look what you’ve done, left poor Emma unsatisfied”. Emma recognised Mr X’s voice.“Here my dear, let me help”. She felt his hands grip either side of her hips and another, bigger cock fill the newly vacated arsehole. X slid his longer and thicker cock deep inside her until she felt his shaven balls slap hard against the lips of her cunt. The feeling was intense. Emma now in an advanced state of sexual abandonment needed more stimulation. She turned from the sink, grabbed Marcus either side of his head and straddling his recumbent legs fastened her mouth onto his. “For fuck’s sake Marcus kiss me. She plunged her writhing tongue into his mouth, the stink of cigars and Cognac now bizarrely inflaming her further, he responded pushing his tongue deep into her mouth, his tongue much stiffer than his wilting cock. After a few moments of that she moved her mouth away and as X fucked her arse from behind she presented her full tits to Marcus. “Suck them you cunt, bite my nipples”. Her swinging tits perfectly aligned with his mouth he fastened onto her left nipple with gusto; sucking it deep into his dribbling wet maw. One of his hands was holding it to his mouth and the other tugging at the inflamed tip of the other. Emma reached between her legs and slid two fingers either side of her clitoris, she could feel her orgasm start to build. She bucked furiously against X meeting every one of his thrusts with one of equal or greater ferocity. She felt X speed up and imagined the cum boiling in his balls ready to empty into her already cum-filled rear. This thought drove her to her goal and with a shriek of pleasure she started to cum, her fingers sliding deep into her cunt as she did so. This tipped X over the edge and she felt yet another hot gush into her arse that coincided with her own wet gush of cum that shot out of her and splashed over maltepe escort X’s thighs and down onto the outstretched legs of Marcus beneath her. Suddenly she felt a pair of hands grab either side of her head. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw the engorged purple cockhead of Frank’s cock push towards her mouth, it hit her teeth and she reflexively opened her mouth as he rammed it forward deep into her throat. Frank roared like a bull elephant and unleashed a flood of hot jism down her gagging throat.Chapter ThirteenThe four of them sat around the remnants of breakfast on the huge dining table. X sat at the head of the table, languidly stirring a large bowl of hot chocolate.“Well Emma it’s now 7:30, I’ve arranged for Gopal to take you back to your hotel at 9:00, I trust that is to your satisfaction”.“Perfectly X, I’ve had an interesting time”.“I guess you’ve certainly earned your fee lil lady, but there’s still time before you leave, what say we have a last little bit of fun”? Frank stood up and walked to Emma’s chair.As Frank undid his zip and pulled his thickening cock from his fly Emma, felt her stomach start to do somersaults.“Yes Emma, if that wouldn’t be an imposition, I’m sure we can all muster up the energy after our repast”. Said X also standing and undoing his belt.Marcus followed X’s lead, he stood and moved down to Emma’s place at the table.Realising the futility of a refusal, Emma stood, slipped off the straps of her leather dress and allowed it to drop around her ankles.“OK boys, how about doing this one for me”. She knelt on the floor and pulled them to her in a half circle arranged in front of her. She then started to suck X while simultaneously wanking Frank and Marcus.“Bukkake”, said Frank. “I love it. Go girl, wank my pecker, jack that cock”.Emma put her heart and soul into it she removed X from her mouth and spat streams of spit on both Marcus and Frank, She then took Marcus’s cock into her mouth as she wanked X and Frank. She easily took Marcus’s less than average sized cock into her mouth and this time refrained from inflicting pain upon it. She swirled her tongue around the bulbous head and slid her tongue between the glans and his foreskin. He was in ecstacy leaning back resting his hands on the table behind him, thrusting his cock forward deep into her mouth. Marcus spread his legs as far as his bunched trousers would allow and gave himself over to Emma’s expert manipulation of his large long cock.“I need to touch myself too”, said Emma removing Marcus’s cock for an instant. She looked up at the three faces looking down on her.“Sure honey, let me do that for a while”. Frank seized upon his cock and started a steady rhythm on his cock. Emma used her free hand sliding it down her taut belly she slid her two fingers to her favourite place either side of her clit. The picture of the three men surrounding her but totally in her power aroused her immensely. X in her right hand, Marcus in her mouth and Frank pounding his cock for all he was worth. “Fuck, I’m close”, said Marcus as he pumped his cock deep into her mouth. “And I won’t be long either Missy”, echoed Frank.Emma removed her mouth from Marcus and started to wank him as well, sustaining her own impending orgasm by squeezing her thighs together stimulating her clitoris with her swollen cunt lips.Marcus came with a bang; his cries could have been heard down the Champs Elysee.A gout of thick white cum erupted from his Jap’s eye and spurted over her face, dripping thickly down onto her erect nipples. Marcus quickly seized his cock and pumped string after string across her face and into her hair. Seconds later, spurred on by the sight of Marcus cumming Frank unleashed a huge spurt of cum that hit her on the forehead and dribbled down over her eyebrows. Emma felt her own orgasm approaching. The final spur being X squirting a stream of spunk onto her cum covered tits. As she felt the sting of Frank’s cum in her eyes she too joined them in their bacchanalian orgy of orgasms. She rubbed her cunt furiously hooking her two fingers into a claw pushing them deep onto her G spot finally she felt release and a demanding need to pee. What emerged was a thick glutinous stream of clear girl cum pooling on the oak floor beneath her. She looked up to see all three men still pumping the final remnants of their ejaculate all over her. Her hair, face and tits were covered and a thick stream of their joint mixed cum made its way over her belly button onto her pubic bone and added to the puddle on the floor.Chapter f******nGopal pulled up in front of The Hotel de Vendome. He quickly exited the Mercedes and rushed around to her door, opening it wide, he bowed deeply, ushering her towards the entrance.“Namaste, my lady”.Emma reached into her purse and extracted a £50 note from the thick wad inside.“Namaste to you Gopal, you were wonderful”.“Gopal is at your service”, he said as he kissed the tips of her fingers.He straightened returned to the driver’s seat and drove off as Emma watched from the entrance.“What a cute guy, and what a lovely fuck we had too”, mused Emma.Emma quietly let herself into their suite. She threw her bulging purse onto the chair and crossed to the bedroom. Careful not to make a noise she opened the door to the darkened room. Looking to the bed she saw the shaved head of her loving husband on the pillow his face to the ceiling snoring gently. She removed her dress and carefully kicked off her shoes. At some time during the previous night she had lost her pretty see through black panties so was now commando. She slid into bed beside Mark and raked her long manicured nails across his firm chest. She used her nails to trace a path down to his cock, lying flaccidly against his thigh; she felt a little twitch as she circled his glans with her fingers. Then as she started to grip it and move her fingers up and down it became harder and harder, she pushed the duvet to the foot of the bed and took him into her mouth. As she sucked up and down his shaft she flicked the tip with her tongue. In no time he was as hard as iron. She looked up at him in the gloom and saw him head raised looking down at her.“How was it Em, everything OK”? He asked.“Oh, yes it was OK”. She got up walked back into the living room and retrieved her purse.Walking nakedly back to the bed she upended the purse over Mark’s erect cock. Eight bundles of notes fell onto him. Each wrapped in a bank wrapper.“Not bad for a night’s work. That’s £39,950, babe”.That’s an odd number, how did that happen”? Asked Mark, a look of puzzlement on his face.“Well I had to tip the driver didn’t I and a 50 was the smallest change I had” laughed Emma.

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