The Enforcer


I’m laying on the bed, naked, and this very cute little blond is kneeling next to me, leaning over, the base of my cock in her hand, the rest of it in her mouth. While I love what she’s doing, she’s really active on my cock, I’m appreciating how good she looks. All sort of pink and white, very clean looking. Lovely tits hanging down, dark pink nipples. Round, firm ass. I run my hand over her back and onto her butt and feel her. I then push between her legs to get my fingers to her pussy and start lightly rubbing her, working my way into her. She turns her head slightly and flicks her eyes at me but just keeps sucking and licking and bobbing her head up and down. Boy, my cock really stretches her mouth. I bet it will feel even better inside her pussy in a while.

I’m beginning to realize that she’s exactly what I would imagine if I were trying to invent the perfect woman. I mean, she’s really female. Cute face, big tits, good ass, small waist, strong looking legs, blond hair that’s real because it matches the hair around her pussy. She’s a really great cocksucker, too. Seems to want to, isn’t just doing it because she’s supposed to. I bet her pussy is beautiful, just like the rest of her. I’m about ready to cum and I realize that affects my thinking but I feel very aroused by her. I really want her.

I cum. She quits pulling on me for a moment as she handles the load, swallowing, then starts working on me again, milking out the last of my load. She finally sits back a little, licking her lips, and just stares at my cock for a moment and then looks at me. She grins and says, “You have a big one. I wasn’t sure I could handle it but it all worked out pretty good, didn’t it?”

She still had her one hand wrapped around my cock. “Daisy, you were the best ever,” I said and reached to pull her towards me. I laid her on the bed, on her back and I got a little to the side, sitting up some and just feasted my eyes on her. “You have the best body I’ve ever seen,” I tell her and I lean down and kiss her on the lips. As I keep kissing her I get both hands to her tits. I don’t want to hurt her, I want to arouse her, make her feel good, so I try to be gentle as I hold and knead her tits. I slide down a little to get my mouth to her and start kissing one. I move my hand so I can get my mouth to her nipple and suck and lick some, moving that hand down between her legs. She spreads her legs a little, to let my fingers get to her.

I move to the other tit and do the same. “Your tits are perfect,” I tell her, then get back to sucking on her nipple. I have a finger up in her and am moving it in her a little. I slide down a little more and kiss her stomach. A lovely light pink stomach, firm but with a layer of softness on top. I put my tongue in her bellybutton and lick around. She’s started little moans and then giggles a little as I do her belly button.

I slide down further and get between her legs. I use my hands to spread her legs and she cooperates, going very wide. There’s that pink pussy right in front of me. Blond hair above it, a few scraggly hairs on either side, but it’s a little pink shape almost like a powder puff with a slit in it. I use both hands to touch on either side of the powder puff and pull it open. I lean in and kiss it.

“Oh,” she almost yells. “You don’t have to, I mean maybe you shouldn’t . . .”

My tongue is in her licking up and down. She makes another moaning sound. A girl showed me how to do this years ago when we were both in high school and I’ve never done it with anyone else until now. This woman is just so desirable, I really want to taste every bit of her, do things, sexy, nice things, to her whole body. I put my mouth over her whole pussy and suck on her, then get my tongue back in her again. I lick down to find her hole and push my tongue in and lick in there, then lick up to find that button that works. Her moan turns into almost a squeak and I realize I’ve found it. I work my tongue back and forth on it. She’s almost yelling. I move one hand to get a finger into her. I slide it in and move it around, then pull it out and add another one and slide both fingers into her as I keep working my tongue on her button.

Her bottom is jumping. She’s full of “Oh my” and “Oh” as well as indecipherable yells. She gets juicier and juicier. I love this. I wonder why I haven’t done it more often. It’s really turning her on. She tastes meaty. I keep finger fucking her and licking and she lets out a real scream and I can feel liquid around my fingers. I pull them out quickly and suck her whole pussy into my mouth and can feel and taste her cumming into my mouth. She has both hands on my head, pushing me into her, her legs are trying to close around my head and hold me in there and she keeps gushing. Her hands now pull on my hair. “Enough, enough.” she says and I sit back and look up at her. I reach for a condom and start rolling it down.

“That was fantastic,” she says, her eyes gleaming. “I’ve never . . .” Her words illegal bahis trailed off as I started to shove my cock into her, inch by inch , pushing through as tight a canal as I’ve ever felt. She gives out an “Uh” or loud exhale with each push I make. When I finally make it all the way in, she wraps her arms and legs up around me and sort of rolls back and forth as much as she can with my body atop her. “You feel so great in me,” she manages to get out as I start to pull back out before shoving back in again. From then for some time it was a series of low moans, light screams and more “uhs” as she tries to push back. She gets her legs off my sides and butt and puts her feet on the bed to try and meet my pounds into her with a reactive push. After some minutes of the best fuck of my life, I can feel her starting to jerk a little and then her insides seem to grab my cock in a ripple effect. She screams even louder and I sense her juices running out around my cock that’s stuffed into her.

I stop moving and just stay there. She seems to relax and lay there for a moment then she looks me in the eye with a big grin. “That was by far the best fuck of my life. I should pay you for it.”

“Well, we’re not done yet,” I tell her, looming over her with my very hard cock in her. “I’m ready to go on. Should we change positions?”

She puts her arms up around me again. “Some day. But for now it all feels so good, just start up again.” So I do. Soon we’re back to her pushing back and making all sorts of strange noises as I push my cock back and forth in her still very tight insides. After another several minutes she’s moving toward cumming again, I can feel it. I can also feel that I’m about ready, too. Just as her insides start trying to milk my cock again, I start shooting off load after load. I finally pull out and roll to the side, laying on my back. She rolls to get a leg and a tit up on me, her pussy leaking on my thigh. She tries to reach around me and hold me tight, laying her head on my chest. I’m looking at the top of her blond head. “I’ve never felt that good before,” she says. “Nobody’s ever got to my pussy with their mouth like you did. You can do that a million times. If I can’t pay you, I should at least put this on the house.”

“Bessie expects to get her money,” I tell her. “So I’ll pay you the regular rate but I want to give you a huge tip on top because I’ve liked this as much as you.”

She kisses my chest. “How did I get so lucky as to get you?”

“Bessie told me she had a new girl that I might like.” I ran my hands down her back, ending up holding her butt with both hands. “So I guess you’re new at this?”

“You’re my third customer and if there are many more like you I’m going to love this job. I was actually a little afraid of it. But I could do this all night long.”

“Yeah? Well give me a moment and we can start over. With your sexy body sitting on me it won’t take me long to get back up again.” I roll her off me so I can get my mouth to hers and kiss her. Her hand sneaks down between us to grab my cock and start working on it. I kiss her some more and feel her lovely ass. “Daisy, why not get on top on all fours, your face to my cock, your pussy to my mouth. We can work on each other and when you’re ready we can fuck some more.”

So that’s what she does. I’m a lot taller,so I make sure she can get her mouth to my cock, then I grab her ass and use it to help lift my head to get to work on her pussy. It’s such a good looking pussy, all pink and red inside and that blond hair around it on the outside. I get my tongue to work on her little button again.

We end up fucking in three different positions before we both agree we’re pooped. Two days later I come back and go to Bessie, the madam that runs the place, and tell her I’d like that cute little blond again, Daisy. She grins and goes upstairs and pretty soon Daisy is at the head of the stairs, grinning and beckoning me to come up.

“I’m really glad you’re here, Mutt,” she says. “I loved it last time.”

“So did I, that’s why I’m here again. I think you’re going to see a lot of me.”

We’re in her room and she’s taking off the fairly minimal clothes she had on and so I am getting undressed, too. “Bessie said you asked for that cute little blond, is that how you described me?”

“Yeah, I think you;re a very cute and desirable little blond.”

“Well, I’m only little to you because you’re so big. I’ve always thought of myself as a big, husky farm girl. I’m 5 foot nine, which is pretty tall for a girl, and I’m far from skinny. In high school a guy even called me a cow once. It was probably because my tits are too big.”

It’s true. I’m six foot seven and weight about 270 pounds. I’ve always been in martial arts training, was in the Marine’s and took all it’s training, too. I’m very fit, have to be in my job. “Daisy, you’re very trim I think, very fit. Your stomach is almost hard, your legs strong. And you’ve got the greatest body I’ve ever run illegal bahis siteleri across. Your tits are perfect, no way they’re too big. I even think your pussy is beautiful, I want to taste it some more and give you some more highs.”

Both of us naked, she puts her arms up around my neck and we kiss. She presses her body against me. “I want you to,” she says,” but first I’ve been almost drooling over getting at that huge cock of yours again.” So, she sucks me off and I eat her and then we fuck. And fuck. Take a shower together and fuck some more. And two more days later I’m back again and we do it all over again. I’ve never felt about a woman’s body like I do hers. I think about her often when I’m doing other things.

So I talk to Bessie to find out if I can take Daisy away for a vacation for a few days. Mid week, I know weekends are busy. She says it’s fine with her if it is with Daisy. Anyway, Daisy and I go to Vegas for a few days. I let her know it’s not to try and get free fucks from her or anything, I just want to spend some time with her. Just us. Turns out she doesn’t own any real dress-up clothes and only has a very old bathing suit.

So I take her to a nice place in Vegas and get her a beautiful black dress that shows off her back and lets about the top half of her tits to show. It leaves a bare back down almost to her crack. At the top there’s a sort of string that goes across to hold it together and a couple really skinny, almost strings, going over her shoulders. Depending, I guess you could move it one way to show even more tit or the other way to show more ass. She’s beautiful in it. I tell her she’s the most beautiful girl in Vegas and when we go to dinner at a classy place, every guy in the place follows her with their eyes and envy me. I think she loves it. I know that I want her to stop thinking of herself as something less than gorgeous but as a desirable, beautiful woman.

We also get her a bikini that might be illegal in some places. Her big tits are barely held in place and I had to help her shave some down at her pussy or her hair stuck out. In fact, that shaving delayed us because it led to me eating her and then us fucking. Since I’m not using a condom here on vacation, cleaning out my cum helped delay us even further before we ever got to the pool. She didn’t want to stay at the pool too long because a sunburn isn’t good for girls in her line of work. Again, every guy at the pool eyed her and drooled and envied the Hell out of me. She is absolutely the sexiest female in Vegas. Maybe she’s beginning to believe that, too.

She’s really happy with the dress, thanks me over and over. And she seems to delight in parading around in her bikini showing off her body. She says she’s just doing it to get me hard again. If so, it sure works. We fuck up a storm. She’s on top even more than at work. We do get out for a couple good meals and to the pool but mostly we’re in bed, working on each other.

I learn more about her and she learns more about me. She finds out that I’m really Matthew but have been Mutt since I was little. I was in an orphanage and obviously was going to be large. So Mr. Kennedy picked me to run errands for him, pick up betting slips and stuff. All the betting is through his organization. All the prostitution. He owns the place where Daisy works, not Bessie, she just is paid to run it. It’s amazing all the businesses we’re involved in. I’m considered the enforcer. I’m big enough that most times I don’t even have to do much of anything, my size makes troublemakers buckle. I know very well it’s all illegal but Mr. Kennedy, always the ‘old man’ to me has always been good to me. And I’m managing to put a lot of money away for a rainy day. Really a lot.

I tell her a little about what I do. I also mention that the Old Man just died and his son, Jimmy is running the place now. A couple other guys and I have talked about Jimmy. He’s a nut case. Really. Bad for business. We can all see that it isn’t going to work, his being in charge. He’s sick. Mean. Nasty. Can’t trust him. He delights in hurting people. I mean seriously hurting them physically, even killing fairly many after torturing them. But nobody’s been willing to do anything about it yet.

She truly is a farm girl. Discovered in high school that she loved guys and didn’t like school. Her parents gave her a lot of grief so she left. Decided to earn a living doing what she liked the most, fucking. She’s nineteen. I’m twenty five. I know I don’t really know what I’m doing but I ask her to marry me, quit her job and move in with me.

“Mutt, I love sex with you. I love being with you. You treat me so nice. I like you. Maybe I might even love you. But you realize what I am. I’m a whore. Not even a very high class whore. I’ve been with a lot of guys. I’m in no way what you can call respectable.”

“Well, I’m not respectable either. I don’t really care what you’ve done before. I know I want to be with you. Yes, I want sex with canlı bahis siteleri you. Lots of sex. But I’ve learned I want you, just you . I’ve never felt like this about a girl before in my life.”

She wasn’t sure. Mostly because she figured it would hurt me to be with her, I think. I knew I had to work on her some more to get her to agree.

Anyway, we both go back to work. A couple days later I stop by Bessie’s and ask for Daisy. Bessie is really worried.

“Jimmy came and got her. I think he heard you liked her. You know, Mutt, after Jimmy’s had them the girls are useless. Or dead. He really hurts them, screws up their insides some way. I didn’t want to let her go but what could I do?”

“How long ago did he get her?”

“It hasn’t even been an hour yet.”

I knew where he’d take her. It’s where he does all his tortures. he has a lot of stuff there, I’ve heard. Maybe if I get there quickly I can save her. I drive to his house. As I come in, Jeff is sitting there. His body guard or lookout or whatever.

“I’ve got to see Jimmy,” I tell him.

“He doesn’t want to be disturbed Mutt, he has a pretty girl with him.”

“Yeah, but it’s important,” I tell him and push by him. He doesn’t really want to fight me, we’ve known each other too long and he knows he’d lose.

The room is locked. I don’t bother knocking, I use my weight and throw myself against the door and the whole frame cracks. I push it open and go in. Daisy is tied, sort of spread eagle. Naked. Jimmy’s standing next to her but turned to see me come in. I don’t even say a word, just lift up my .38 with a silencer and give him one shot, right in the heart. He drops straight down. I pull out my cell phone and call Warren.

“Warren, Mutt. Hey, Jimmy’s had a heart attack. Better get our doctor Darrin to come and make out the death certificate and arrange with whatever funeral director you know that will do as asked.” He talks back to me. “Well, it’s a .38 heart attack.” I tell him and hang up.

“Daisy, how are you? Had he started anything yet?”

“You killed him.”

“Yeah, are you o.k.?”

“Well he talked a lot. Never even took out his cock. I thought he’d want sex but I guess not. He got out all those tools there and told me he was going to work me over and that you’d never see me the same again. Creepy. But, yeah, I’m o.k.”

“Where are your clothes. I need to get you out of here before the shit hits the fan. I may be in big trouble and I may not be.”

On the way out I tell Jeff that Warren is on his way over, that Jimmy had a heart attack and that’s the official line.

“Daisy,” I tell her in the car, “We probably need to move, go somewhere else. I’ve got a lot of money, that’s no problem. We’ll have to figure out some business to buy or start up and become respectable wherever we go. I’m pretty sure I’ll not be in trouble here, Jimmy was too nutso. But I doubt they’ll want to keep me around. You might be in trouble just because you saw what happened. So I hope you’ll want to come with me because I want you and I think you’d be better off leaving.”

We just went about 100 miles away and got a room in an upscale hotel. I wanted to wait a couple days and find out how things fell out back home. Part of our room was a hot tub, a personal spa. The first time we used it, I looked at Daisy sitting there with those luscious tits showing and I started kissing, feeling and then sucking on them. Eventually I lifted her up to sit on the side so I could get between her legs and spend as much time as possible licking and savoring her delectable pussy. I can’t imagine I’ll ever get enough of her. Once she came for a second time, she climbed on me and sat on my erection, facing me, so she could ride me while we kissed and I could feel her tits. She let me know that wherever we end up, we should have a hot tub because it’s just great for sex.

I checked with Warren several times and it ended up as I expected. He’s now in charge and quite willing to never try for any form of revenge. Jimmy had no people on his side. However, he did feel that if I came back, sooner or later, somebody would react, perhaps try to kill him as I killed Jimmy or perhaps kill me because I killed Jimmy and shouldn’t get away with it. So it’s best if I don’t present any problems and just stay away. He’ll even send me a hunk of money to sort of buy me out. I never asked about Daisy because I think we’ve solved any problem she might have, she’ll stay with me.

We find a suburb of a fairly good sized town. I have almost one and a quarter million dollars, although I’ve never told Daisy that. Since we got married, she owns half no matter what I say anyway. We find a nice house — not the finest in town but a very nice place. I’ve opened my business. Actually I’ve financially backed a guy that knows the business. I own half plus one percent, he owns the rest and I’m learning the business.

The first time we enter our new house I pick up Daisy and carry her in, over the threshold as they say. She says, “We’re actually married aren’t we. That means you’re mine. Mine to do with as I want.”

“Well, provided I want what you want but remember, that means you’re mine, too. Mine to do with as I want.”

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