The Fan Club Ch. 02


The escapades of the night before had left me a bit sauced and also sated, at least for now. June evidently grasped that what I needed was a solid shag and some decent Scotch. In any case, I was quite happy to devour her body, which had once seemed unavailable to me. Perhaps that was her point: just as she was more open to my desires than I anticipated, so were the other women.

We screwed several more times in the wee hours of the morning, before we dozed from the fatigue of our exertion. When I couldn’t perform with my dick, I delighted in the flavor of her cunny, eating it with remarkable gusto, at least where she was concerned. I also rimmed her arse more than once, not to mention that I buggered her luscious derriere.

“Well, I do believe that I’ve proven that I’m not a lesbian, haven’t I? I’ve also shown that I’ll gladly fuck you whenever you wish. I hope, naturally, that you won’t neglect any members of your fan club, but especially me. So, now that you’ve had me, who is next for you? Casey or Erica?” June grinned salaciously, after we woke up.

“Why not both?” I quipped, more truthfully than one might have thought. Both ladies, when considered in a vacuum, were absolutely delectable. It was simply the context which made them seem unacceptable. The recent realization that I could impose both fairness and my own tastes on them had changed that situation for the better, and now both women would have to accept the consequences of chasing me.

“Tempting, but might I suggest that you focus on Erica first? I think that this will give you time to learn more about Casey’s situation and find out for certain if she is being honest about her hubby. She might be, but why jump in with both oars before you know? In any case, this would also make Casey sweat a little. Some jealousy might motivate her to open up a bit more and be even more aggressive canlı bahis şirketleri about chasing you,” June suggested.

“Once again, madam, you impress me. How did you get to be so damn sensible, anyway?” I inquired of my new lover.

“Life, I think. Well, that and my ability to learn from life. That’s a key ingredient. A lot of people don’t learn anything at all from their mishaps, I must admit,” she explained wryly.

“Quite true, I would have to say. Now, tell me, love, do you have any breakfast for a hungry bloke?” I deliberately allowed my native Welsh brogue to come out.

“How about an omelet, some toast with strawberry jam, and a slice of Virginia ham?” my companion tantalized me.

“Sounds splendid. Need any help in the kitchen?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to insist, but if you like, I wouldn’t mind the extra pair of hands. We’d get done sooner, after all,” the supreme pragmatist observed.

As expected, we rapidly finished the cooking process and settled down to eat our repast. June even made some fine English tea for us, which was a nice taste of home. Far from being awkward, we gabbed a lot with each other, particularly about work and plans for her to help me seduce Erica next. She had some concrete and specific ideas, which made me wonder just how long she had been up to this scheme of hers.

“Longer than you have thought, you might say,” June informed me, when I finally asked her that question out of sheer curiosity.


“Hell, yes! I’ve wanted you for years, hon. I was just eager to explore my Sapphic tendencies for a while and still too hurt by George to trust men for a while. I got over it, however. I’m not a man-hater by nature. Anyway, I think that we can get Erica in our bed with relative ease. She won’t take much prodding, no matter how high and mighty she might come off at first. That’s canlı kaçak iddaa one lady who simply needs an opportunity, and she’ll grasp it. She’ll spread her legs like it’s going out of style,” Ms. Thomas assured me.

“Is that so? I hope that you’re right.”

“Trust me, I am right about Erica. That blonde has been eying you for several weeks, if not months. She likes what she sees, just as I do. A few comments, an invitation to dinner here, and some liquid courage will have her panties down for you in a New York minute. I’ll happily host it for the price of being allowed to participate. I don’t think that you would refuse me if you could, and I know that Erica would sell her soul to fuck you. Next to that, a threesome is quite reasonable, wouldn’t you agree?” June laughed and winked at me between sips of her tea.

“Completely, love. Now, what should we do about poor Erica? Wait until a weekday, or issue a more immediate invitation?”

“Are you kidding me? I have her number, and I know that she’s alone tonight, because she complained to me about it. How about we get busy with this apartment, though? If you don’t mind, I want it to be in company order for when we see her tonight. Just be sure to let her know that you’re interested, and that I’m a good friend. She might find my presence weird, but I have ways of calming any anxiety about that. She’ll be ready and willing to surrender to you, before she has any clue that she is doing just that,” June prodded me.

Before we knew it, the flat was in great shape, and we spent most of the day lounging in front of the telly. June proved herself to be quite a fan of tennis, though it might have had something to do with the tight, tanned female forms playing the game. She certainly ogled the players, especially Martina Hingis. We drank some beer and necked a bit, too, on the loveseat. I think that canlı kaçak bahis we both considered having a quickie, but decided without saying that it would be best to wait until tonight for the menage a trois with Erica. Something told us that this would be worth the wait, at least for a few hours. We both wanted me to have the maximum amount of cum for the two women to share that night.

When it was close enough for Erica to be desperate (she wasn’t used to being alone on a Saturday night, and it turned out later that she wasn’t in a bar-hopping mood), June made a point of calling her up first. Then she handed the phone over to me for my turn.

“So, what’s this about, Cecil? June wants me to come over, all of the sudden. Well, there’s some point to that, since I complained to her about having no plans for a Saturday this time around. However, I don’t see what that has to do with you. Unless she’s playing matchmaker or something. Makes sense, if she’s as gay as I’ve heard. The perfect hostess, perhaps. So, is this a date or something?”

“Well, Erica, I think that you’ll find out soon enough. Let me assure you, at any rate, that you’ll have a great time. Isn’t that the important thing, not the technical status of the event?” I promised her.

“You’re right, I guess. Hadn’t heard it put quite that way before, but it’s sensible enough. June must be rubbing off on you, because she’s so damn down-to-Earth and clearly a close friend of yours after all. Odd, I didn’t know that you two were quite that familiar,” Ms. Giovanni giggled.

“Oh, we’re very good friends. Now, just remember to come hungry and thirsty. Trust me, your needs will be more than met. And you’ll have more fun than you might expect,” I stayed deliberately cryptic.

“It’s a date, then…or not,” Erica laughed at her own statement.

The only reactions that June had to the hung-up phone were a mischievous smile and a tongue skimming the inside of her lips. I raised my beer as well as my eyebrow, and she straddled my face to do something that wouldn’t empty my sack too soon. I was glad to get her in the mood for tonight.

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