The first night of a business trip with my Boss


The first night of a business trip with my BossFriday evening, my loving came home telling me that one of his mates in the office had invited us to dinner on Saturday.He added this guy, Matt, wanted to meet me; because he had a job to offer me. I agreed, since I had been unemployed for the last six months and I really wanted be back at work…Saturday night we came early to the restaurant, so we ordered a glass of wine each to wait for Matt. A while later Matt arrived with his wife Martha. He apologized for his lateness due to busy traffic. Conversation flooded nice really. It was more a casual dining. And I really enjoyed it. Matt was a very handsome man and his lovely wife was a funny woman.One week later, Victor came home saying Matt wanted me to work with him. He added the guy would call me soon to arrange it.Some days later I started to assist Matt in his office. The task was easy and relaxing; he gave me clear instructions to follow and I was really happy with it. My new Boss did not spend too much time at the office; he was always meeting with new clients…One afternoon, Matt called me to come to his office.He bursa escort said he needed me to come for a business trip with him next week for a few days. He asked if I was available for this and I answered of course I was…Three days later we arrived to the company apartment in Boston. It was a three bedrooms place with a nice view of the city.Matt took the master bedroom and showed me another comfortable room I could use. That first evening Matt took me to a dinner with few clients. It was a casual dinner and I could see that the clients trusted my Boss.He managed to convince the clients to give him more projects. After dinner, as those people left, Matt asked me if I was interested in enjoying the city nightlife. I answered I did not mind; so we headed to a nightclub. We ordered some drinks and, by midnight, I was feeling a bit fuzzy.As we danced together cheek to cheek, I suddenly kissed him.Matt was surprised, but he did not reject the kiss. He enjoyed my hot red lips and my tongue playing in his mouth. He held me tighter to his body and whispered in my ear I was really a hot woman. He kissed me again bursa escort bayan and then suggested to go back to the apartment.Once there, his tongue got back to my lips and his hands to my round buttocks. He soon started to undress me.When standing naked in front of him, I smiled and opened my legs wide to show Matt my shaven pussy where he buried his face right away. He sucked my clit and my outer labia. I thrust my hips closer to his mouth, asking for more.Suddenly my cunt exploded in his face and my knees shivered.I had an intense orgasm with his expert tongue exploring my hungry cunt. Then he gave me a break to recover myself.Minutes later he inserted two fingers inside my sloppy cunt. Soon he sent me to another intense climax and I cried almost in tears. I felt my cunt was wrapping his naughty fingers and I wanted his dick inside of me.I asked him teasingly if he wanted to fuck me. Then I looked down and saw his cock was fully hard inside his pants. Matt undressed in just seconds and I felt his fingers been replaced by his hard cock.We both moaned with pleasure. Matt pushed his hips forward and escort bursa thrust his dick deeper inside of my wet vagina.I held his buttocks with my hands and we both synchronized the thrusting motion. It felt so good for me…As Matt pounded me hard; I thought I was a real slut. My loving Victor was at home, working hard and I was lying in a bed with another man, shoving his dick between my open wide thighs…But my loving hubby knew I needed more than one hard dick to get satisfaction… I could not help it…Matt was a real stallion and I loved his hard body. I was enjoying now his big cock inside my cunt; every bit of it… All of a sudden I felt my pussy pulsating; which gave a tight wrap to my lover’s cock. Then I knew I was close to cum on that cock. I begged him to fuck me harder, telling I was about to cum.He told me he could feel it too. And he started moving faster and deeper inside my hungry cunt. He wanted to fill my cunt with cum. Suddenly I moaned and cried in tears as I reached my orgasm; Matt followed my cries when he shot his warm load inside me…When he let go his last drop of warm seed; he laid on top of my body, kissing me and whispering I was the horniest woman he had ever fucked. I smiled back and told him he was a good stallion…He kissed me gently and said he would have to get some rest.The next day would be a heavy one for sure…

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