The half step second cousin


The half step second cousinThe half step second cousinIt’s very complicated:My parents split nearly 30 years ago, and both remarried. Both my dad and my step dad are dead now. My dad’s second wife had a sister, who has a son,and he spent most of his time at my dad’s, he’s now 18 but I’d not seen him since he was 12 or so.Last year I was invited to a wedding to do with this arm of the family. It was in Gloucestershire, and I was to spend the night beforethe wedding at the house where this half step second cousin, whose name is Cameron, lives. Cameron’s room is a loft conversion, at the top of the house (obviously) I was in the guest room which has an en suite.I had hours to spare before we were due to go out to eat, so I decided to luxuriate in the bath, and to shave my pussy, as I hadn’t had a chance to attend to it for a couple of days previously. It was a lovely rolltop bath, with feet, and everything. I’d got my legs up and over the sides as I shaved. Once I was baby smoothI washed the shaving soap away, and had a feel, which led as it usually does, to a wank.I was really enjoying my wank, pumping my clit with a finger, tweaking a nipple with the other hand, I was gaspingslightly , trying to keep quiet as Cameron at least was somewhere in the house. As I lay there recovering from a healthyorgasm, I had a curious feeling of being watched. There was no window, only an extractor fan. The door to my roomwas closed, and had no keyhole. I was almost certain I was imagining it. Just one thing struck me, out of the ninehalogen spots the ceiling, one was not lit, and it was right over the bath. Just a bulb gone surely, I thought. I dried myself in my room and put my towelling robe on. The bedroom had no such spots, and there was no feeling of being watched.Once I’d put my robe on I went for a wander. I wondered if Cameron’s room was over the en suite, but quickly established it wasn’t. I had suspected he’d got a spy hole. I had no idea who stayed in the guest room who might he might want to spy on, and the whole thing may have been in my head.I knew where the door to the staircase up to Cameron’s room was, as a joke it had been for some years papered over, so as to be like a secret passage. I opened the door, and quietly went up the stairs. I could hear the tish tish tish of loud music in headphones. As I got to the top of the stairs, which is out of sight of the rest of the room I noticed the desktopcomputer’s screen was in screensaver. I moved the mouse a centimeter. Sure enough a perfect view from overthe guest room en suite bath, in colour , with sound (could hear bath draining) evidently via a camera. This washow he had seen me.Peering round the corner I could see Cameron on his bed, only his feet were visible from that angle, and such huge feet !The tish tish tish was louder, Cameron had his ipod plugged into his ear holes, and was Was….Having a vigorous wank. He was stark naked on his bed, eyes closed, wanking off the biggest hard on you HAVE EVER SEEN! He could hardly get his hand round it himself! My heart was in my mouth, and I didn’t know whether to creep away or confront him. The latter seemedto be fraught with problems! As it was, you will be pleased to hear, I chose the latter anyway. I walked round to the foot of his bed. I was still transfixed by this great root of a cock he was pumping away at, his eyes closed, lost to the world. I shook the bedstead. Cruel, I know, but funny.He must have thought it was his mum or his sister for a split second, and of course he jumped out of his skin. Beforehe even properly took in who it was he vainly tried to cover up, first, laughably, with his hands, then with a pillow.”Jesus” he said “Aunty Lyn!” AUNTY! “You were looking at me” I said, matter of factly “What do you mean, HOW?” he spluttered “Webcam” I said, “I’ve seen it, it’s in the dud ceiling spot, and is plugged into your PC. Don’t bullshit me! If that goes out on Youtube I will cut your balls off and wear them as earrings . They are VERY big ones aren’t they, by the way? My how you’ve grown”A smile was leaking onto my face.”You’re not angry?” he asked “I’m a bit amused, a bit flattered…….. but mostly angry” I said “how much did you see?””Umm..” he was an even deeper shade of scarlet “i…i… I saw you shaving yourself” “Did you ?”He nodded and gulped”I hope you stopped watching then” I said, and managed to make myself go red (by thinking of something else entirely)”N N No” he spluttered “You watched me masturbate?” I asked my mouth open in mock shockHe nodded in a sort of Tom and Jerry style”Oh no” I said “That’s very rude. Did you like it? Is that why you’ve got such a fucking massive hard on? ” I teasedHe nodded again”Take the pillow away, and show pendik escort me what you were doing” I saidHe shook his head in horror, I thought he was going to cry!”Do as you’re told” I said “Or I’ll tell your mother. Why is the camera there?” “My sister’s friends stay” he admitted “And you like to watch them?” I probedHe nodded again”They must be much nicer than me” I said, “I’m an old bag, surely?”He animatedly shook his head. “You’re FAR sexier than ALL of them” he said “AM I?” I grinned broadly “What if I hop on there with you and give you a close up?” Again he looked like he was about to cryI stripped my robe off and climbed on the bed. He moved away. I pulled him back and threw a thigh over his head, with my cunt right in his face. “Now I will show you PROPERLY what I was doing…..” I purred”….. but YOU have got to show me what YOU were doing””Oh Jeeesus!” said Cameron. He’d still got the pillow over his cock , which was still extremely hard, as I could see from the tent. We had a tug of war with the pillow, during which we both broke into giggles, which removed a little of the tension,this had been palpable before. I won the tug, and had another little tug once I’d grabbed his cock . “Christ you’re BGI” I gasped, and in genuine amazementI gave it a teasing little suck and took his hand to wrap round it. “Wank yourself off” I said “I want to see you come” “Oh lord” he said I could feel the heat off his face warming my pussy from underneathHis cock was SO incredibly concrete – hard he could hardly move it now. The (uncut) knob was a deep purple insideit’s case. “Go on” I said firmly, as he lay there holding the huge cock . His hand reticently started to move on it, it was trembling and jerking”Going to have to get a tissue” he gruntedI shook my head”No I’ll lick it all up, just come””Oh my god” he saidI was about a minute off coming from my wank, when……….”CAMERON! WHERE ARE YOU ?” his mother, back from the caterers and in the hall, 2 flights down, but coming up the stairsIn one deft movement I slid off his face, grabbed my robe, and slipped under the bed. I just hoped to god she wouldn’t come in, or if she did she didn’t smell me or my perfume, or my pussy indeed.Cameron was pulling some surf shorts on, trying to stuff his great cock into them, as his mother came into the room.”Have you not got ready yet?” she scolded”I’ve h h had a shower mum, I only have to get dressed” he blurted”Well get yourself dressed so you can help ME, if that’s not too much trouble””Yeah . okay okay mum, just go out so I can get dressed” he said and she didThen she paused on his stairs”Have you seen your Aunty Lyn?” “N no no, I expect er. .. expect … she’s having a sleep” he said”Oh.. yes probably, I’d better stop shouting then” and she did not look for me any furtherOnce mum had disappeared I came out from under his bed. I was still naked. He was still extremely hard in his baggy shorts.I sat next to him on the bed. He moved away slightly.I looked at his bulge “You won’t be able to get your suit on” I teased. He went very red indeed”Pop him out” I grinned “Let me suck it” “Oh lord” he said, and didn’t. I started to pull his zip down for him”How many girls have had the pleasure of THIS?” I cooed as I pulled the great shaft out, with great difficulty.”I TOLD you to take them off, anyway” I urgedHe grudgingly slipped his shorts off.I measured him with my hands. I know my wrist to the inside of my elbow is nine inches, I know, and he was a littlelonger than that! A very very very big boy.”God I love your balls” I cooed, cradling them in my cool little hand as he shivered.”Big and full….” I enthused “you’re going to come quite quickly I can tell” I said”HOw can you tell?” he asked I explained it to himHe was still holding it, as if protecting it from me”And none” he said “None what?””No girls have had the pleasure of this. I’m a virgin. No one’s ever even seen it, Jess……..she won’t….”Once I decided that I believed him, the rush of blood FROM the head, was enough to make me feel quite woozy. I gently took the shaft in my hand, and moved his away and opened my mouth as wide as I could to take the knob in, and “CAMERON!!!” Trust his bloody mother to put a spanner in the works againMy virgin boy was just about to get his first blow job, and she has to go and chip in.”I’m getting dressed now, Mum” he shouted”See that you do” she repliedWe had to give up at that point.I crept out as he vainly tried to get his cock into his pants.Before I left i whispered in his ear”When everyone is drunk and asleep later on, after the wedding, I want you to come and fuck me” So a long day, as weddings are, ensued. I was dressed to the nines, and attracting kartal escort a lot of looks from dads with their wives, and from the odd teenage boy, as well, I’m proud to say. None more so than Cameron, whowas trying his best not to stare when we were in line of sight. I met him at the trifle, and acted innocently enough. He was all over the place, poor lamb, custard going everywhere.HIS custard would be going everywhere later as well, If I had anything to do with it.He looked gorge in his suit, tall strong, lovely tousled hair and a virgin, but he’d be very lucky if he kept that intact till midnight! I should mention that Cameron has a girlfriend called Jessica, and she is gorgeous, like something out of 90210,but with much bigger tits. She always seemed like the very antithesis of an easy lay. I guess she was saving herself,but as to how she could have never seen that big cock of his, what a WASTE! From a very VERY early age I would have had thatbig beauty out and emptied it out for him, poor lamb. Jessica wasn’t there this evening, obviously, she was on some healthy outward bound thing. I had a quick dance with a single guy of my age, not a slow one, I managed to attach myself to the bar, at that stage ofthe evening, and I had I confess a little too much wine.The end came and a taxi company’s minibus came to pick us all up and take us back to the house. There were too manytakers so I ended up having to sit on Cameron’s lap. His hard cock was in contact with my stocking tops, twanging histight foreskin, he told me later. I very nearly made him come in his pants, which would have been highly visible on his light grey trousers. We got into the house, with all the paraphernalia, and Colin, the dad , got the drinks out. I had one, and said I needed to turn in.Cameron stayed a half hour before he came up to his own room. It must have been 2 am before we each heard the last personturn in, and the snoring began. I was wondering whether it would be safer for me to go to his room, or he mine. I reasoned the former. Then my blackberry pinged. Email from Cameron’s PC. Is this your handheld it read? I opened the attachment.Pic of his cock !! “This is MY handheld” it saidI replied :”You are a very very naughty boy. Aunty Lyn is coming up now, to smack your bottom for you!” And I left for the smackingHe was still at his PC when I arrived, winking that big cock off. What a difference a few drinks had made.I took off my robe, I’d kept my undies on. I turned the computer chair toward me, and he with it. “Give it me, now” I said sternly, and planted my lips over the end of it. I licked the slot and pumped the shaft, twice maybe three times”OHHHHH” he groaned, and leant into meHis spunk came like a creamy tidal wave, lots of it, spurt after spurt, thick like condensed milk, into my mouth.I made lots of Oh noises as I noisily swallowed him. “Oh my LORD!” I said at last after much swallowing “YOU’ve been eating your vegetables, haven’t you?”He was statue still , his mouth open in a sort of silent scream.”Is that better?” I giggled “A load off your mind””That was FANTASTIC” he said at last”Doesn’t Jessica do that for you?” I asked “No no no. I’m only allowed to suck her tits. Nothing below the waist. I have to …. wank myself off when she’s gone home”””Look I know she’s a good girl and everything, but that’s not fair now is it? I know she’s not ready to go the full hog, and she’s saving herself, but hey, she’s got two hands and a mouth””I got her drunk once and I got my cock out, but she wouldn’t hold it , or even look at it, she just stormed out””The fucking frigid little bitch” I spat “you won’t get any cock teasing from your aunty Lyn” I grinned”You’re still hard!” I laughed, “GOD, I love young boys”I made sure he stayed that way as well, licking around the head”you’re so big” I cooed ” I’m going to need a good licking before you’ll be able to get that thing in me – would you like to learnhow to lick my pussy?””Oh my god” he said, and blushed immensely, but I took that as a ‘yes'”Come here” I said and led him by his cock to an open area of floor where I took my bar off and wriggled out of my g string. I kept my stockings and suspenders on.I lay down and spread my legs as far as they would go. “Look here” I said, pulling my pussy open at the topCameron reached back to his desk and slipped on a head-lamp that he had on there, and switched it on.”Right” he said”Oh my” I giggled, “you are going to get an eyeful!” “Here where the lips join” I said “inside, here, give me your finger”He gave me, I positioned his fingertip right on my clit.”Feel in there, it’s hard” he gulped and nodded”So HOT” he breathed “and so wet””I know” I moaned “I’m maltepe escort SO horny, it’s almost making me feel ill! Take your finger out and lick in the same place”He delved his tongue in, and lapped. I came, absolutely immediately. I held his head, going”Don’t STOP Don’t STOp “Don’t STOP Don’t STOp!”He trembled with emotion as with lots of sexy little “oh” noises, I creamed his lower face. “Oh Christ” I whispered “did I make a lot of noise?”He shook his head, with glistening face, and smiled”No you were just grunting” he chuckled”I had a MASSIVE orgasm” I told him “You won’t always find your girls come so easily! Did I taste OK?””MmmMMMmmm” he grinned, “Very…. HEADY”We laughed”Do you want to try and get your cock in there now?” I grinned “yyy… Yeah.. God, yes PLEASE ! I’m not sure what I’m doing, you know””Give me” I said and spread my legs as wide as they can go, and another foot besidesI took the big head in my hand and pulled it towards my cunt opening”Do we need a condom?” he asked suddenlyI shook my head and smiled enigmatically”Come on in” I said “but be careful, it’s very tight” I explained The big head lodged in the opening and for a moment stuck tight there “Christ!” he said “There’s no room” He sounded TERRIBLY disappointed.”You’re very big” I gasped, rather theatrically “Hold it straight and push”I lifted my legs up to watch He gripped his cock and managed to force the knob and a couple of inches of the shaft into me. “It might get a bit easier as you move in me” I whispered, huskily, as I gripped him like a vice and grasped his forearms tightly Slow Slow this right down Don’t burn it out Don’t let it show Slow Oh but my heart is racing To hold your gaze and let it goI was dripping, oozing wet as he pushed into me, another couple of inches. I pulled myself open wider. “Come on, PUSH !” I urged”It won’t” he whined “Use the weight of your hips, lean on me ” I encouraged him “I WILL STRETCH!!”He didI didOh my lord He slid in my wet goo, pushing my pussy walls asunder, a great trunk of super – rigid muscle almost splitting me in two.”Oh fuck” I moaned. My insides were kind of gagging on it. “move your arse” I said “gently now. Pull out slowly, leave only the knob inside my cunt,then thrust back in more quickly, all the way, as far in as you can!””Oh lord” I winced as he did just that ! VERY vigorously. Oh my lord the boy was a natural. His big balls slapped against my shaved cunt.”Oh! OH! I’m going to come” I whimpered , and I was ! Straight away !My muscles clenched and squeezed him, and I felt him buck inside me, as seconds later his steaming white sperm coursed up the long shaft and coated my tender pink pussy walls with hot juice.”Oh god” he grunted through gritted teeth “Sorry, sorry””It’s okay, I’ve come!” I giggled happily There was still stuff coming out of him, deep inside me”Gently pull out” I said, “…and bring it up here, I want a suck”He did as I asked and was holding the shaft as he approached my face”It’s really messy” he apologised “are you sure you want to do this?”I nodded”I love it” I grinnedThe combination of his spunk and my pussy juice was certainly tasty, and neither one of us was shower – fresh now, but with the mood I was in, I, for one, wasn’t complaining. I gently sucked any residue out of the head, slurping my tongue down his little hole. and guess what? Yes, it was still hard. “Is this beautiful big cock of yours not going to take a COFFEE BREAK?” I giggled “You’re still hard! It’s outRAgeouS!”He just wore this big silly grin”Are you wanting to go again?” I asked, “or have you had enough?””Again again again!” he chuckled”Jump off” I said gently , and he jumped I got onto all fours”I want you to fuck me from behind now” I explained, spreading my pussy lips for him Following my instructions, he knelt behind be and pushed his still rock hard cock right intomy brimming cunt. The residue from his earlier ejaculation dribbled down my thighs.”Get your thumbs” I said “pull my buttocks apart, and get as far into me as you can”He did as he was told and soon a bumper portion of cock was being forced into my cervix. His big balls banged against me,and the roughness of his pubic hair was against my ring, which was leading me to think about bringing my arse into play.”Oof” I said as I started to simultaneously masturbate. This time he didn’t come straight away, he kept up a brisk pace of fucking, holding onto my suspenders. Deep wasn’t the word, he was in me up to his balls. “Little bit harder” I moaned as I began to collapse into the floorHe obliged and my hips pushed back into him as I was rocked by a fiery flash of orgasm. “I can’t come” he complained, most would be pleased about this but not Cameron.”Okay okay” I groaned. I moved forward to undock.I swiftly lay on my back. “Get astride me” I said “Wank it off” He did as he was told and began to pull his big cock at a rate of knots.”I’ll help” I said and began to gently milk his balls , with both hands”Oh!” he murmured “YOU do it” I nodded “It’ll take both hands” I told him

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