The Hitchhiker – Part 1


The Hitchhiker – Part 1Driving along, stop for coffee. A pretty woman in a short dress approaches me as I come out. She looks kind of flustered, like something’s wrong.“Can you do a girl a favor? My car broke down a ways back and I’ve GOT to get home. Would you mind if I ride with you a bit?”Hell no I wouldn’t mind. She has long blond hair, a little bedraggled. Her sundress rides low on top and high on the bottom. I get a flash of pretty panty as she climbs in.”It’s just up the road aways. Then down a dirt road about a mile or so”.We talk a bit, her feet on the dash and I’m catching a great view of her undies. Small talk, then she directs me down this woods road. As we pull into the dooryard at the end, she invites me in.Letting the little head think for the big one, I follow her through the door.It’s a nice place, stone fireplace in the living room, bigger than it looks from the outside.”Would you like the Tour?” she asks, brushing her hair back with her hand and making her dress ride up in the motion. Sure!Walk through the kitchen, look out the glass door to the deck and a small pond. Into the bedroom. As we walk through the door, two burly guys sidestep from behind the doorway, trapping us there.”Done good, honey, ” says the larger one. “I like the long, thick hair. He’ll do NICE.” I began to get panickey.”What’s going on? I don’t want any trouble,” I say.”No trouble bitch,” says the other guy. “And if you’re REAL NICE” and do JUST what Bill and me say, YOU might get to leave in one piece!””I’m sorry babe,” the woman says. “But they told me if I didn’t find them some fresh meat, they were goin’ to beat me senseless.””Here’s the deal, sport,” said the big guy. “We got us two guys, and only one girl. So Tammy here brought us you!””But – I’m a GUY!” I protested.”That’s OK. Y”See, me and Jerry, we like girls and we like boys. And we’ve both wanted to try us a He She. So – Tammy here is goin’ to give you a ‘do-over”, and if you make us REALLY HAPPY, then you’ll get to leave. Unnerstand?” He grinned evilly.”I’ve never done a guy,” I said in a little voice.”Hear that Bill?” whooped Jerry. She anadolu yakası escort brought us a VIRGIN!”The big man licked his lips. “Won’t be when WE’RE done! Tammy – take ‘er in and get ‘er ready!”She took my hand and lead me into a spacious bathroom. Jacuzzi tub, shower stall, tile floor. One whole wall of mirror.She sat me on the closed toilet seat and knelt in front of me. “I promise – it won’t be that bad. You might ENJOY it if you relax. But if we don’t do what they say, Bill & Jerry will dump us in the lake. And we won’t be swimmin’ out. OK?” The look of terror in her eyes told me it was so.”Toss his clothes out here, bitch,” hollered Bill. “If she’s sweet to us, she MIGHT get them back!”Tammy stood me up and started undressing me. T-shirt over my head, unbuttoning and tugging my jeans off in rapid motions. My red bikini underpants had a bulge in them, despite myself.”I LIKE that,” she crooned. Then she hooked a finger under the waistband on both sides and I was naked in front of her.”Put your hands over your head, let me see it all,” she instructed. I obeyed, and she turned me around and watched in the mirror. “Nice, but if we’re gonna make a girl out of you, there’s some hair has to go!” She giggled and took a bottle of Nair off the tub. She glopped it on my legs, belly, arms. Took three fingers full and put some under each exposed armpit. Carefully, she put Nair around my pubic hair, leaving just a thatch in the middle. She turned me around again, inspecting it first hand and in the mirror.Four minutes later, she guided me into the shower and rinsed me down with the hand hose. My hair came off in sheets, and I felt very naked.”Now – you’ve really never been with a guy? Not even playing dirty as a k**?” she asked.”Got naked with my friend. We felt each other up. But never sucked anyone.””Ever been bumfucked before?” she asked.”NO!””Then you need some coaching, or they’ll rip you open like a 12 year old girl,” Tammy cooed.”First you gotta be CLEAN. If their dicks come out shitty, you’ll be licking them clean,” she said. I hadn’t noticed the enema bag hanging there.”Get anadolu yakası escort on your knees,” she said. When I didn’t move, she swatted my ass hard and screamed “DO IT BITCH! THIS AIN’T NO GAME!” and hit me again. Both checks burned, but I did as she said.”You’re lucky I’m nice,” she said, her voice back to gentle. “Otherwise I wouldn’t grease this. No spread your cheeks.” I reached back and did as she said. I looked in the mirror and could see the whole length of me. My ass glowed from her swats. She rammed the hose in and unclipped the stop. Warm water and something else gushed into my ass.I watched in the mirror as Tammy peeled up her dress over her head. All she had on was the little flowered panties that had gotten me into so much trouble. I started to feel mellow with the enema.”I put a little wine in the bag too, hon, ” she said, noticing my face. “It’ll take some of the edge off what will happen out there.”When I was full, she made me squat over the toilet. Not sit ON it, but OVER it. I saw my reflection in the mirror. Body slim and shaved, cock hanging down from an almost hairless pubic mound, jets of hot water gushing down behind it into the pot.”Good baby,” Tammy said, rubbing my ass. “Since you’re a virgin, we’ll make you schoolgirl pretty. Bill and Jerry will LIKE making a slut out of a schoolgirl.” You could see her mind working behind her eyes.She sprayed a cloud of flowery perfume in the air and made me twirl through it with my hands over my head. She spritzed a little extra under my arms and onto my naked balls.I stepped into pretty panties, similar to her flowery ones that got me into trouble. She tugged them up and rubbed my hardening dick.” We’re gonna have fitting problems with that, she said. But we’ll fix that later.”She pulled a silky camisole over my head. She lipsticked my mouth heavily, painted my finger and toenails deep red to match my mouth and made up my eyes like a $2 hooker. Then she gave me a white blouse with the top 3 buttons missing, helped me put on thigh high stockings and heels.” These aren’t exactly Catholic school issue, anadolu yakası escort but Bill has a THING for stockings and heels,” she said from experience.”Hands up!” she instructed. She dropped a plaid jumper over my head. The straps fell heavily onto my shoulders. I realized it had also been adapted from the school dress code and barely hid the tops of the stockings. She made me prance and twirl in front of the mirror. “Flip that skirt, girly. Let’s see you flash those pretty undies!” I didi it, and she groped me as it went up.”Now – what do we do with that BULGE?” She knelt in front of me, almost whispering. “If we’re going to survive the night, hon, you’ve got to learn FAST. OK?”I nodded dumbly. “Pull up that skirt and hold it.” I did as she said, watching in the mirror. She tugged the panties back down to my knees. My hairless cock and balls were totally out of place.”This big thing needs taming before I give you to Bill & Jerry,” she said. She cupped my balls, licked my cock until it was full.” We’re going to have to loosen your little hole,” she said. “I need to empty out that pecker. And since you’ve never tasted cum, I’m going to bring you up a sloppy kiss so that your first tastes will be YOURS, not Bill or Jerry. OK?I was numbed, but nodded. She sucked her fingers, then poked one past my asshole. “Spread those cheeks or I’m gonna have to burn them again,” she said sternly. I did, still bunching up the skirt to give her access. I spread my legs, the panties around my knees stretched tight.Tammy pushed one finger, ten tow into me. My back arched involuntarily, and my cock bobbed in the air. Her fingers began a rhythmic dance in and out, matched by her mouth on my cock. She felt me tense, felt my muscles tighten. She nodded and spoke around my cock.”Let it cum, baby. Then it’s coming to you,” she crooned. Suddenly, I spasmed in her mouth. She slammed her fingers in, and pushed my cock into her more. I had a blinding orgasm, then before I could catch my breath, her fingers slid out and her mouth was on mine. Lips, tongue, gobs of semen into my mouth as she bent me backwards and kissed me. She pulled up and I watched the white goop drip from her mouth to mine in the mirror. As I swallowed the last of my cum, she lifted up and tugged my panties up. As she smoothed my skirt down, she patted my ass and said “OK honey. Show time.”to be continued…….

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