The Hotel


The HotelThe HotelPart one Michelle was spending a few days away to do with work. Although she had found a master in the last few weeks she was missing her time with him. He was having a large impact on her and she relished her tasks that he was setting out for her.Michelle had almost given up on finding a man who could take her and mold her into his submissive slave. Up until now the men she had contact with did not live up to her expectations of the master she wished for and she had been mulling over whether to pursue her dream or to try different avenues to find that which she craved for.Then Gerry contacted her and while checking his profile she saw he had written some stories which when reading she became very turned on and so sent a tentative reply to Gerry. At first both seemed wary but gradually they found they both wanted the same thing although from different aspects. While chatting they built up some trust which allowed them to build a relationship and from there through exploring each other’s minds they formed a bond of Master and Slave. They had gone slowly as Michelle was nervous but with Gerry’s guidance she accepted her position which allowed Gerry to push Michelle into finding her limits which as yet have not been reached.Gerry coaxed her gently and the more the tasks Gerry set for her the more she found she was being drawn to him. When they first went on camera Gerry could see how much she wanted to be his. Her excitement was there to see. She obeyed Gerry without question and as he gave her more instruction the more she relished what lay ahead for her, this in turn made her pussy and clit tingle with anticipation and also made her wary of how far Gerry could take her down the path of her sexual awakening.Three weeks in and Michelle had to go away for work and Gerry set her some tasks to keep her focused.As Michelle was completing each task so well Gerry decided to give her a much more taxing task that would stretch her limits even more. What follows is Michelle’s task and how she performed.Gerry was missing his Michelle, he was impressed with her and as she was doing so well he decided to get a flight and surprise her.Michelle was awoken by her phone ringing and wasn’t too happy about it as it was so early. She looked at the screen to see it was Gerry calling. Instantly Michelle perked up she could even feel her pussy was getting wet. Michelle answered the call.Hello Sir.Gerry replied how are you Michelle?Michelle explained how the tasks were frustrating her as she had been ordered to play with her pussy and clit but not allowed to cum and the experience was testing her resolve. She was in an almost permanent state of arousal. Her arousal was heightened even more speaking to Gerry just now.Gerry smiled and he decided to torment Michelle a little more by telling her to rub her clit while he gave her some new instructions.Michelle answered, yes sir, and added. I want to complete every task sir but my clit is so sensitive right now and so I want to plead to you to allow me to cum.Gerry smiled and just said no but that she was to follow the instructions he was about to give her and perhaps in doing so she just might be allowed to cum.Gerry told Michelle to go to the Regency Hotel at exactly 5pm she was to go to the receptionist where she would receive further instructions.Michelle thanked Gerry saying yes sir I shall do as you requested.The Regency was only down the end of the street she was currently on. Michelle was on fire she didn’t know what to expect but felt that whatever sir had in mind for her she would do her utmost to complete his instructions.On arriving at the Regency she went straight up to the reception area and she said who she was and that she was expecting there to be a message there for her. The receptionist handed Michelle an envelope and a room key. Michelle took the key and the envelope and turning away she opened the envelope.The note inside read, Michelle you have two choices the first being that you are to go to the room the key was for, enter and in front of her there will be a table with some items and another envelope. Read the instructions in it.The second choice was that she return the key to reception and leave. But if she chose number two option then she would not hear from her Master again.This made Michelle very apprehensive but she decided to carry on as even though they had only known each other for a few weeks she did not feel that she could walk away and she trusted him.The key was for a room on the sixth floor and travelling up in the lift Michelle was going through scenarios in her head of what might be waiting for her in the room. She had been on edge all morning and this was making it even worse. She felt that at any second she would cum with only the slightest touch.When Michelle exited the lift she realised there were only three rooms on this floor but they were all luxury suites. Michelle opened the door cautiously not knowing what to expect. As she entered she could see a table with some items of clothing and the second envelope. Michelle opened the envelope and read that she could leave now but would never be able to return. On the table was a Basque, a red and black skimpy nightgown that would barely cover her ass, there was a matching suspender belt and stockings.The note said then that if she wished to continue she should undress and select one of the items to wear. Michelle chose the nighty, suspender belt and stockings. She then put them on having already getting undressed. The note then said go into the lounge area where she would find some more items and another envelope.Michelle again without question but apprehensively entered the lounge area of the suite. On a small 3¡e there more items and another envelope. Reading the note inside it read that this was her last chance to leave. She thought to herself I’m staying. She then read on and the note then explained that she should take three items from the table and place them on the coffee table in the centre of the room. The items included a riding crop, a small flogger, wrist and ankle cuffs, a blindfold, some candles, clothes pegs and some nylon rope.Michelle chose the flogger the candles and the rope. Her mind was spinning now and she was unsure of her choices and felt she should have taken the blindfold. She decided to take it and hopefully there would be no extra punishment for making that choice.Part twoRereading the note Michelle realised she nearly missed the final piece! The note stated that she was to assume the submissive position and to wait there for further instructions. Michelle’s pussy and clit felt like little shocks were going off and she could feel her pussy juice running down out of her pussy. Although apprehensive her body was like a bomb waiting to go off her arousal was so high.Michelle knelt down, sat back on her heels, hands joined behind her head, eyes pointing down and knees apart.After what seemed like 15-20 minutes Michelle heard the room door opening and then footsteps. She couldn’t be sure but she thought there could be more than one person. She then saw that there were at least two people in the room. One was her master but had no idea who the other may be.Sir then spoke and said see I told you she can follow orders. Then suddenly her head was pulled back and she saw her master looking down on her and then say. Who told you that you could look at me? Did anyone say you could? Sir questioned her while giving her face a light slap. Suddenly feeling afraid and tearful Michelle said no one sir but you pulled my head back so fast I couldn’t help it. Sir let her hair go but immediately grabbed both her tits and squeezed them causing Michelle to gasp.Sir then turned to the other man saying aren’t they fantastic tits. I’m sure they will get a lot of attention tonight especially with the items she has chosen.Michelle was told to put her hands behind her back and to lift her head. Michelle heard a zipper being lowered and at that moment her pussy gave away how turned on she was as a large drop of her juice fell from her pussy to the floor. Sir had seen it and pointed to it saying she will have to clean that before we leave.Next Michelle knew a cock was being pushed against her lips and she parted them. Suddenly her mouth was full of cock, she took it down her throat and the owner of the cock pulled her head down on it. He even slapped her face as he fucked her mouth. Michelle began to gag but he held his cock in her mouth for a little longer. When he released her head she pulled back gasping for air, spitting and slobbering. She had barely got her breath back when it started again, and again she had to endure him making her gag.Next sir told Michelle to stand. Keeping her hands behind her back she struggled to get up and sir decided to speed her up by grabbing a handful of hair and pulling up on it. Michelle whimpered and pleaded with her master to be more lenient. She wondered what she had done to deserve such treatment and sir answered since when did I say you had to have done something wrong for me to use you as I wish. Michelle said in reply through tears never sir I am yours.Sir now took Michelle’s face in his hands and gently said Michelle I gave you a few opportunities to walk away but you chose to stay. As I am merciful I will ask again Michelle do you wish to leave to stop this? Be warned Michelle there could be worse to come. So Michelle do you wish to leave. With renewed conviction Michelle said no sir I’ll stay. I am yours and I will accept any and all treatment you think I deserve.Sir went behind Michelle and pulling her onto him he grabbed her chin and said look Michelle this is John as Michelle opened her eyes she saw a naked man with an erection that he was stroking. It felt strange for another man to be present. Sir whispered in her ear. John saw you in the reception and asked if he could have you. It was slightly different to my original plan but I decided yes he could take you. Do you have any problems with that Michelle and she replied no sir if it is what you command then I will obey.Sir sat in an armchair to watch Michelle and John. Michelle had looked so good in her skimpy nighty but John decided it should come off and before Michelle could move to remove it John had grabbed it at the neck and ripped it from Michelles body. Now John grabbed her by one arm and pulled her to the bed turned her round and bent her over the bed. Then John nudged her legs apart and stepped in behind her and just drove his cock inside her pussy.Michelle gasped at the sudden shock of her pussy being fucked and was very glad she was as wet as she was as it could have been worse.John fucked her pussy hard and to get a better push he grabbed her hair and pulled her back on him.Michelle had never been fucked like this but she knew instantly she wanted it. She couldn’t believe how wet and horny she felt. As John fucked her Michelle turned her head towards her master and asked may I cum sir. Sir said yes you may cum and almost instantly Michelle came along with John who exploded deep inside her.Watching them Gerry was feeling very horny but he would keep his load until later.As John rested up he took advantage of Michelles position and spanked her hard. Michelle cried. Gerry stopped John before to long. He looked at Michelles ass and could see the marks of Johns hands on her and he was pleased.Gerry told Michelle to stand and go and have tunceli escort a shower and pull what is left of your nightie off then return to the bedroom where there will be more for her to endure.After a short time, Michelle returned and stood with her eyes pointing down and said I have returned sir and am ready to continue.Gerry rose and walked around her barely touching his fingertips to her skin which was only pushing her back to longing for some release. Michelle was then told to go stand in the corner and await Gerry’s command.Part threeObediently Michelle went to the corner and without needing to be told she faced in to the corner. Gerry looked at her admiringly noticing that since her shower the redness John had left on her ass was now subdued and Gerry thought but not for long.Michelle could hear her master move around the room. All she had endured so far had turned her into a wanton slut she craved to be used, she knew her master had more in mind and the not knowing what made her crave him more. She understood that even though she was been taken further than ever before that in the end her master would reward her with his cum and for that she would accept anything.Someone knocked on the door while Gerry was in the loo and he called to Michelle and told her to open the door and allow his guests in. Shocked but without question Michelle opened the door to find two men and a woman and upon seeing her the two men glanced at each other and both smiled and nodded. One then said you must be Michelle we are here to see your master. Michelle turned to one side to allow them to enter and as they passed she realised that the woman was collared and being led by one of the men.After they had entered the room Michelle returned to her position in the corner. Gerry came out from the loo and greeted his guests. Gerry now told Michelle to turn and face them. She did so and immediately she felt her pussy moisten even more just knowing they were looking at her. When she turned she realised that the woman had knelt between the men and her clothes were on the floor. Gerry was admiring the woman and asking questions as to how long she was collared and how obedient she was when tasks had been set for her to perform. Both men answered saying that she was new and at times still tried to rebel but slowly she was coming round and that they had great hopes for her future.One then asked about Michelle and Gerry proudly stated that she had been very wary with each step but gradually he had taken her beyond her dreams and found whatever obstacle he put to her as a challenge she had accomplished. Tonight though he knew it would be the toughest test yet.Michelle while listening had been thinking I am already yours master and whatever you need of me it will be my pleasure to serve you. Someday soon she would say these words to her master but just a little apprehension was holding her back. She knew Gerry would always look after her and she felt safe with him.Gerry told Michelle to get some drinks for his guests but when she arrived with drink for the woman she was told to take it back. Michelle looked at the woman and she in turn was looking at Michelle and Michelle could see that the woman needed a drink but yet looked happy to have it refused for her. Michelle realised that this woman was devoted to her master even though she wasn’t sure which of the men was her master.Michelle then heard one of the men say to the woman who she now knew was named Joan that she should show her what will be expected of her perhaps tonight but eventually in the future. Michelle watched as Joan open the trousers of both the men that had brought her along and she first began to lick and suck on one cock while stroking the other one.Michelle looked on watching as Joan encouraged both cocks to grow as the one she was using her mouth grew hard she swapped and began to suck and lick the second one. Both men were enjoying her attention the second one grabbed her by the hair forcing her mouth to take all his cock. Michelle watched and saw Joan gagging on the first cock and her hair was released allowing her to breath but instantly the other cock was forced into her mouth. Michelle watched in awe as Joan took each cock without barely time to breath in between and she felt herself herself a little jealous as she was not being told to take one or both of them herself.Gerry looked on watching Joan but on occasion glancing at Michelle and seeing in her the want to be involved and to serve him. Joan was then told to stand which she did but immediately she gasped in pain as both men took one nipple each and twisted pinched and pulled on them and then they suddenly slapped them so her nipples were pulled from their grip causing even more pain. Michelle looked on in awe and could feel her pussy oozing more of her juices.Michelle could see her master was feeling very aroused he had taken his cock out and was stroking it. She was thinking please sir call me over and allow me to use my mouth on your cock she was licking her lips.One of the men sat down on the couch and Joan was told to straddle him and take his cock into her pussy this she did and they both let out a moan of satisfaction as she lowered herself onto him. Joan was then told to take his cock in fully and hold it. As she did the second man stepped in behind her and spit on his hand then used this to wet Joan’s ass. Joan was enjoying the attention she was oohing and aahing with having her pussy filled and her ass being rimmed then the second man stopped rimming her and moved in closer taking his cock in his hand he put it up to Joan’s ass and slowly added pressure till he felt her ass open and take his cock. Joan was moaning deeply now she had both her holes filled and her ass was now being fucked in slow drawn out movements which in turn was causing her pussy to ride the cock inside it. Michelle hadn’t noticed Gerry get up and walk over to her until he spoke and said are you OK Michelle does this turn you on? Is your pussy leaking your juice? All Michelle could do was nod while looking on spellbound. A sharp slap to her face made her jolt and look at her master as he said Michelle when I ask you a question you will answer me immediately and not by nodding. A little shocked Michelle said yes sir I’m so sorry sir. Now watch on and be ready for anything you see here being done to you in the future. Michelle replied yes sir.As Michelle continued watching Gerry put his hand between her legs and felt how wet she was he already knew she was turned on but he didn’t expect her to be so wet. When his hand touched her pussy it was an involuntary reaction and she tried to ride his hand but Gerry was not allowing that he knew how easily she could cum. Gerry just said keep watching Michelle and he walked around the back of the couch and positioned himself where Joan could easily take him in her mouth.As Joan’s ass had loosened up the cock in her ass was able to fuck her faster. She didn’t have much control over Gerry’s cock in her mouth because as her ass was being fucked hard she was barely able to keep him in her mouth. Michelle watched on even feeling a little jealous that her master’s cock was in another woman’s mouth but she knew all she could do was watch. Gerry watched Michelle as Joan took him in her mouth and he could see she was feeling very horny and would love to join in but he knew she wouldn’t be.Michelle watched on as Joan’s moans became louder as her ass was being fucked while her pussy was filled and her master’s cock was in her mouth. Suddenly the man riding her ass pushed in hard and went rigid as his cock erupted in Joan’s ass he gave a few more jerks and Joan had to release Gerry’s cock from her mouth as she felt the pressure as her ass was being stretched.As the cock was withdrawn from her ass she began to ride the cock in her pussy and suck on Gerry’s cock. It didn’t take long when Joan came in a fit of shudders and then kept riding the cock till it was felt erupting inside her and as it did Joan came again. Now moving to let the first man out from under her she went back to Gerry’s cock.Michelle felt when each of them was cumming that it only made her own body want to explode. Her frustration was driving her wild she had almost cum when each of the men had cum she was so close. Now Michelle watched as Joan knelt on the couch and began taking her time to pay more attention to Gerry’s cock. Michelle had to look on getting even hornier if it was possible as Joan using only her mouth and tongue to tease her masters cock. She took him deep gagging as she did and then releasing him slowly then taking him deep again. From time to time she would lick the length of his shaft and lick and suck on his balls. Michelles could see her master was enjoying himself he was gently moving his hips in rhythm to Joan’s mouth. Joan began to move her mouth up and down the length of his cock faster and as she did Gerry moved faster and suddenly Gerry grabbed Joan’s hair and held her in position as he shot his load down her throat. As he withdrew he told her not to swallow.Gerry called Michelle over and told her she deserved a little treat for having to watch and he told her to kiss Joan and share his cum. Joan opened her mouth and showed Gerry’s cum on her tongue. Michelle had been hesitant at first but once she saw her master’s cum she needed to have it and moved in quickly to kiss Joan. She could taste her master’s cock from Joan’s mouth and began using her tongue to get as much of his cum as she could. Joan broke the kiss and Michelle stood up turned and said thank you sir.Part fourMichelle stood looking at her master as he led his friends to the door and said goodbye to them. Michelle was longing for her master to take her and use her. She wanted him to control her she would do anything for him. Her master’s use of her in the last hour was to humiliate her by having her watch as his friends and him used the woman they had brought along. She wished they had not brought her and used her instead.Gerry returned to the bedroom and walked to the table with the items Michelle had chosen. He picked up the blindfold and said I had only allowed three items but you took four.Michelle pleadingly said I had chosen three but then thought I would like the blindfold too and took it.Well if we are changing the rules Gerry replied here put on these cuff and he through a set of ankle and wrist cuffs to Michelle.Michelle put the cuffs on and when ready Gerry said now go to the foot of the bed. Michelle did so thinking soon sir will take me and make me more his, she could already feel her very soaked pussy get even wetter.Gerry walked over behind Michelle and took a handful of her hair pulling her hair back and turning her face slightly toward him he kissed her hard and passionately and Michelle kissed him back their tongues mingling. With his other hand Gerry reached round and squeezed one of Michelle’s tits. He could feel her tense yet continue to kiss him.Gerry broke off the kiss and told Michelle to stand still while he put the blindfold on her. She did as she was told and could feel how some of her pussy juice was running out onto her legs.Now she was told to spread her legs and Gerry used the cuffs on a spread bar to keep them apart. He also tied the spread bar to the legs of the bed. Gerry then told Michelle to bend over the bed and put her hands up above her uşak escort head. Gerry then connected the cuffs and tied them to the top of the bed.Michelle was helpless now but it made her even more wanton and she could not wait for whatever was about to happen to her.She heard Gerry cross the room again but return very quickly and without warning she yelped as the flogger came down across her ass. Michelle had been caught unaware but at least now she knew what was going to happen.Gerry whispered that was so you know what is coming. Michelle heard her master cross the room again and then she heard a match strike and when Gerry came back he allowed some wax from the candles he had just lit to fall onto her ass. It stung and Gerry could tell as Michelle clenched her ass as each drop fell on her. Gerry then ran a little down the backs of her legs. He continued until her ass was almost completely covered.Michelle whimpered with every drop as it hit her skin but Gerry continued and she lingered for him even more.Gerry blew out the candles and lay them down. He picked up the flogger and lashed Michelle’s ass removing a small amount of the wax with each lash to the sound of Michelle’s gasps. Her gasps became more audible as he lashed the back of her legs. Twenty lashes in total it took to remove the wax and Michelle was whimpering and yet still energised to be of service to her master.When Gerry had put the flogger down he decided he would explore Michelle’s pussy. He positioned himself behind her and put his hand between her legs the moved it up to her pussy. He could feel the juice that had run onto her legs and said loudly Michelle you are a filthy bitch, your a dirty filthy bitch. Only a slut could get this wet. Are you a slut Gerry asked Michelle? And she said yes. Gerry grabbed one of Michelle’s pussy lips and pinched it Michelle gasped as Gerry said I didn’t hear you Michelle what are you? I’m a filthy slut sir she shouted back. Gerry released her lip and began to rub her pussy up and down she was so wet his hand just glided along it.With her legs spread there was nothing Michelle could do to stop Gerry as he put two fingers inside of her and began to fuck her pussy very fast and hard. Michelle was on fire by now and she pleaded to be allowed to cum but Gerry refused her.Gerry slowed down and put a third finger in her pussy continuing to fuck her as he did. Michelle pleaded again as she moaned even louder with Gerry’s third finger in her. Michelle was beside herself trying not to cum when Gerry eased a fourth finger in. He began twisting and turning his hand Michelle was crying out to be allowed to cum and when she did Gerry stopped and removed his hand. Michelle was even more frustrated now but she knew she could not say anything. Gerry went to his bag and opened a new bottle of lube and he poured some on his hand. He then put his hand back at the entrance of her pussy and pushed the four fingers in with ease.Michelle was moaning her hips were moving as much as they could when Gerry took his hand out slowly, folded his thumb over and gently put some pressure on her pussy getting all his fingers inside her. He twisted his hand back and forth and said cum for me now Michelle.Michelle erupted almost immediately. She came for ages, her whole body jerking with the orgasm.Gerry continued using his fist in her pussy and he made her cum three more times. Michelle was exhausted but would continue if it was what sir wanted.She was told she could have a five-minute break.During the break Michelle heard a knock at the door. Gerry answered and she could hear him chat but nothing more.Gerry had walked back and positioned himself behind Michelle and he stuffed her pussy with his cock. He rode her hard and slapped her already reddened ass as he fucked her till he came.And when he came it was intense. He had been holding back fucking her for as long as he could.When Gerry stepped back he spoke to Michelle here comes part five. As he finished speaking she heard footsteps but because of the blindfold she could not see who it was. Gerry then spoke to the people who had arrived saying I have left her as I promised I’ll be back in an hour.Part fiveMichelle began to panic a little her master had never left her alone with anyone before. But before he left he leaned in close to her and said I’m leaving you with these friends for an hour they will use your body some more and I want you to not resist. Michelle replied yes sir but couldn’t you stay and watch. I will feel safer with you here. Gerry told Michelle that this was part of her training and that she must obey. Gerry reminded her that she had said she would do anything for him. Gerry lay his hand on Michelle’s head and told her not to worry. She nodded and although a little scared she accepted that it must be this way. She must show her master that his wish is her command.Michelle heard the door close and then a voice in a soothing tone say well now that your master has left we will have a little fun. The next thing Michelle knew was that her ass was being massaged and then lots of whispers but nothing she could make out. A hand was now caressing her pussy, it was rubbing up and down the length of it just stopping short of her clit. Michelle could feel herself be more interested in the touch rather than being afraid and wished he or they would do more. As if reading her mind the hand that had been gently caressing her pussy now moved to her clit and with the first touch Michelle moaned and could feel her arousal begin to soar again. The voice now said well Michelle it seems we have found you in heat and wanting some more attention. Would you like me to continue Michelle. Michelle replied ooooh pleassse yesssssss don’t stop, and at that she felt her clit being rubbed hard and she could feel herself getting so close to orgasm. She tried very hard not to cum as her master had not given her permission but she couldn’t help herself her body took over and Michelle came hard. Her whole body shuddered and jerked as she came. It seemed to go on forever but as it slowed down and she tried to get her breath back when something touched her face and she was told that she had now seen how nice they could be but for the rest of the hour that she was theirs they didn’t want to hear her speak and they put a ball gag in her mouth.Michelle had been feeling exhilarated as she came but the intrusion of the ball gag had her fretting again. She didn’t know what to expect, she was helpless. When the ball gag was in place they also put a head set on her ears with music loud enough so she couldn’t hear them speak. Immediately she was ready she felt someone rubbing lube around her ass and then a finger being inserted in her ass. A few seconds later a second finger went in. Even though she was a little scared she could feel her almost permanent state of arousal rise again. She then felt another finger being put into her pussy. She moaned and tried to struggle but as she did the flogger came down hard on her ass. They had anticipated her struggles and were ready to deal with them. She understood that if she struggled she would get more of the same.Michelle tried not to struggle. She could feel her ass stretch as the person using her ass began to slowly push in and out fucking her ass slowly and she could feel her ass loosen up and was accepting the three fingers go deeper into her. She was also felt herself give into it and tried to roll her hips with the rhythm of her fucking.The fingers were removed but immediately she felt something else at her ass and realized very quickly it was a cock and knew he had been stretching her so she could take his cock in her ass. She felt him put his cock right at the entrance and she was wishing he would push on in she felt deflated when he removed his fingers and now she wanted his cock. She wanted him to fill her up, to fuck her ass, to push in deep. Michelle was getting more and more excited and any fear had evaporated. She had turned into the dirty filthy slut she knew she was. All she wanted now was his cock inside her. The cock slowly parted her ass and went in gradually. She moved her hips as much as she could to try get him in more and suddenly she got her ass spanked as he thrust forward causing her to stiffen and gasp. His cock was in now and he began riding her ass. Slowly withdrawing and then pushing back in fast. He was driving her wild and she could feel her juices drip from her pussy. He began to speed up and as he did he grabbed Michelle’s hair pulling her head back and fucked her hard. She felt his cock swell inside her and she knew he was going to cum. He drove in deep pulling her head back he jerked a few times and she felt his load being left inside her. This was enough for Michelle and she came with him her hips jerking as she did and draining his cock for him.Michelle was exhausted and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take but she did know he wasn’t the only person in the room and that there must be more she will have to take. She couldn’t tell how much time of the hour was left.The next thing Michelle felt was her ass being caressed again. The entire area that had been flogged earlier was being massaged. It stopped and then the flogger came down on it again and again. Michelle clenched her ass with each lash till the onslaught was ended only to find whoever was doing the flogging had repositioned themselves behind her and were swinging upwards between her legs to lash her pussy. This stung Michelles pussy and she was crying out to no avail with the gag she made no sense and it probably wouldn’t have mattered either way.Her pussy was tingling after it had been flogged and when Michelle felt it being rubbed gently she enjoyed the touch as it was easing the hurt. Next Michelle realized that the person rubbing her pussy was now just under it and began licking it as best they could. It felt awackward and they must have realized and they untied the rope from the headboard and pulled her hips out from the bed a little and she felt her pussy been licked, they were sucking on her pussy lips. She was been taken back to the heights of her arousal again and when they took her clit in their mouth and began flicking it with their tongue Michelle came again. The orgasm had hardly passed when another was building as her clit was still being teased. She came again and this time they stopped and she was allowed to recover as much as she could.Now Michelle felt the ankle and wrist cuffs being released. The ball gag was removed but Michelle couldn’t move with exhaustion. As she lay there she got a huge slap on her ass and she was told to climb up on the bed. As she climbed she realized someone was climbing on the bed in front of her. Michelle was told to stop where she was and the blindfold was now removed. She saw in front of her a woman lying on her back naked and with her legs open. She was then told to eat the pussy the way hers had been. Shocked Michelle didn’t know what to do she had never eaten a pussy before. The flogger landing on her ass and being told do it refocused her and she put her head down close to the woman’s pussy slowly she put her tongue out and began to lick. The pussy was already wet and Michelle liked the taste as she had often tasted her own pussy. With each stroke of her tongue Michelle licked harder and saw the clit show itself and as it did she licked it, swirled her van escort tongue around it. The woman moaned the more Michelle licked her pussy. The more she moaned the more she licked it until the woman grabbed Michelle’s head and held in place as she came. As she came she also squirted and Michelle got all of it in her face. She was shocked at first and pulled away. The woman was smiling and saying I knew you could do it.There was a knock at the door just before it opened and Michelle was glad to see her master return. Now Michelle realized it was one man and a woman. She could hear her master as he asked if it all went well and they both replied there was a little hesitation but she done well once she accepted it.The couple left and Gerry walked over to the bed and took Michelle in his arms holding her and whispering in her ear about how proud he was of her. She snuggled in to him and said I knew it was for you and that is why I behaved. Part sixMichelle was exhausted. As much as she had enjoyed herself as she was being used she had endured quite a bit more than even she had anticipated. She had never thought of the ways her master had used or had her used. But now she was in his arms and he was comforting her.He whispered in her ear that she should shower and she nodded her head but was hardly able to move and as Gerry saw this he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. Gerry put Michelle down at the shower and she stepped in and turned it on then she felt Gerry behind her. He had undressed and joined her in the shower.Gerry took the shampoo and used it to wash Michelle’s hair. He made sure it was all rinsed off before he took a sponge and some shower gel and began to wash Michelle’s body. First he turned her away from him and he washed her back gently massaging her ass where it had been flogged and down to her feet. Then he rinsed her off.Next he had her turn around and he used the sponge and gel again to wash her starting from her shoulders he washed all of her. Rubbing the gel in with the sponge over her tits washing all around them. Then moving down over her tummy then down over her pussy he washed her all over gently massaging her muscles with the sponge. He washed down her legs and when he got to her feet he had her raise them one at a time and he washed her feet completely. When he had finished he stood and rinsed all the soap from Michelle’s body. He then began to rinse himself off when he noticed Michelle was on the floor of the shower at first he worried she couldn’t stand but soon realized she was fine. She began to stroke his cock and was starting to kiss it when Gerry said you don’t have to do that and Michelle said I want to.Michelle soon had Gerry’s cock standing hard and she could hear his moans as she took him down as far as she could in her mouth and then released him only to do it again. She played with the tip of his cock and then took him in again but this time she worked faster up and down his shaft. Michelle cupped his balls in her hand and gently squeezed as she did she could feel Gerry’s whole body stiffened and his cock swelled a little and he came in her mouth. Michelle used her mouth to milk Gerry’s cock and when she finished she swallowed all of it.Gerry took Michelle’s hand and helped her up saying there wasn’t any need for that she again replied I wanted to do it to thank you.Gerry turned off the shower and they both stepped out and he took a towel and dried Michelle completely then dried himself. He again lifted Michelle up and carried her to the bed placing her in the bed he got in beside her. Both of them naked he moved in beside her and wrapped himself around her saying goodnight Michelle sleep well she snuggled in closer to him and Gerry smiled and said. We shall see what tomorrow brings.Part sevenMichelle woke to find herself still in Gerry’s arms. She felt fresh and satisfied to have Gerry there with her. He said she had served him well the night before and was not sure what today would bring but she knew she would obey him at all times he had shown care for her and she knew she could trust him.Gerry stirred and woke he asked if she was awake and she nodded and tried to snuggle even closer. Gerry had woken in an aroused state and when Michelle pushed back against him she could feel his erection. It throbbed a little as she touched with her ass. Gerry Kissed Michelles shoulder and positioned himself so he could let his cock sit between her ass cheeks. He reached around and found one of her nipples and began to roll it between his fingers. Michelle was moaning and seemed to try to tease his cock with her ass. Gerry released Michelle’s nipple and moved his hand down her body till he reached her pussy. Now he began to rub her clit he teased it and she was becoming more and more excited moving her ass along his cock. Gradually Michelle’s moans became very loud and she suddenly stiffened and then shuddered as she came. Gerry now positioned Michelle on her back and he lay on his side positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Michelle was now saying please fuck me please please. Gerry moved his hips and his cock slid easily into Michelle’s very wet pussy. He began to fuck her pushing in and out of her. Michelle’s moans became even louder as she begged him not to stop. Gerry then used one hand to rub her clit and Michelle had taken both her nipples and was pinching and pulling on them. Gerry began to speed up and as Michelle’s orgasm grew his own built up and they both came together shuddering and jerking in unison.They untangled themselves from each other and Gerry said that is how to start a day. Gerry told Michelle he would order room service for breakfast and he made a call. About ten minutes later a knock came to the door and Gerry put his dressing gown on and Michelle heard him saying yes I ordered it you can take it on into the bedroom.Michelle suddenly pulled the bedclothes up around her and was surprised to see a woman standing fully naked in the room with a breakfast trolley.Gerry returned in and told Michelle to sit for breakfast that Shona would be serving them. Unsure Michelle sat and Gerry just said tell Shona what you want. There was a lot to choose from but Michelle just had scrambled eggs on toast and tea. While Gerry just had tea and toast. Shona brought the food to the table and served them both and asked if they needed anything else. Gerry said no that she could leave for now.Michelle wanted to know who Shona was and Gerry told her this is part of your education. There will be times when you have to do similar tasks and I wanted you to see how it should be done. Michelle knew for certain now she was back in her role as Gerry’s Slave and she replied yes sir.When they had finished breakfast Michelle didn’t move until Gerry told her to. When he did tell her she was told to put the Cuffs back on her wrists and ankles. Gerry brought Michelle to the middle of the floor and moved a table out in front of her. She was told to lie along the table she did so and Gerry cuffed her arms and ankles to the legs of the table.Gerry adjusted her pussy down at the edge of the table and told her to remain in that position. Next Michelle knew was her ass sting when Gerry spanked her ass with his hand. He spanked her at least 15 times she had lost count and was whimpering when he stopped. He then put his hand to her pussy and rubbed his hand along it and showed Michelle how wet she was getting because she loved to be spanked. He said to her that she was a dirty filthy slut and she nodded and said yes sir. Her ass was red from Gerry’s hand but he rubbed it gently to sooth it. Michelle was still feeling the sting in her ass when another knock came to the door. Gerry opened the door and Michelle could see Shona and another man enter the room. Gerry spoke and said now my friends this is how she is staying for this session. Treat her well I care for her wellbeing. Gerry went to Michelle’s head and stooped down what happens now Michelle is the last for this weekend. As Gerry spoke to Michelle she could feel a mouth on her ass and a hand rubbing her pussy. She thought it must be the man the hands are too big. Michelle then felt the man play with her ass probing it with his fingers she knew what was going to come next and it excited her she wanted him to fuck her ass. Her pussy was giving her arousal away as her juice began to flow from her. She felt her ass cheeks been spread and a cock at the entrance to her ass and he pushed gently stretching her so much but she wanted it she desired it. When she felt the cock wasn’t going any deeper she felt it withdrawn and then pushed back in again. He continued to do this but speeding up the more her ass loosened. Then he began to just fuck her ass he went at it hard and when she felt his cock swell inside her she thought it was too much but he came and delivered every drop he had inside her.He withdrew his cock and Michelle felt a little deflated she hadn’t cum but now was yearning for an orgasm. She heard Gerry tell Shona to go to his bag and to get the item they had talked about. Michelle saw her cross the room and seen her take a strapon from Gerrys bag. Shona put the strapon on and position the butt plug and dildo sections in her and adjust the cock of it so Michelle could see her stroke the cock. She smiled at Michelle and waited for Gerry to give her the command to take Michelle. When he did tell her to she knelt behind Michelle and used Michelle’s juices to lube it then placed at Michelle’s pussy and pushed it easily inside her. Michelle had never had a woman do this before and although shocked when the cock was put inside her she wanted it and showed how much by moving her hip as much as she could. Gerry said to Shona now fuck her and keep fucking her till I tell you to stop. Michelle you can cum as much as you like for this. Shona began slowly she knew she was teasing Michelle but her own pussy was getting excited with the motion and as she got close to an orgasm she worked her hips harder making both herself and Michelle to cum. Shona slowed down only to have Gerry grab one of her tits and shout into her face “who told you to slow down” fuck her till I tell you to stop. Shona began again to fuck Michelle and they both came again and again and after Gerry had counted 11 orgasms for Michelle because she could cum very easily when aroused properly he told Shona to stop. Michelle was glad of the break she was feeling exhausted.Shona went to get up but Gerry said stay there and he said now fuck her again and to Michelle he said you’re not to cum. Shona began and knew now she could tease and she did fucking slowly then fast rotating her hips to tease as much as possible. Gerry sat back listening to Michelle as she moaned and almost sobbed when Shona slowed down up to barely able to breath when she was speeding up. Eventually Gerry got what he wanted and Michelle begged him to let her cum. No he said and told Shona to continue. Michelle was at breaking point and Gerry could see it in her and he said don’t cum. Her face showed her frustration and said please sir please let your dirty filthy slut cum. Smiling Gerry nodded at Shona to speed up and told Michelle to cum.She came and came even harder than she expected and all the while as the orgasm wracked her body she was saying thank you sir, thank your sir. Gerry told Shona and her friend to leave. He released Michelle from the cuffs and told her to have a shower to freshen herself up. The weekend was now over and she was to go home and write a story for her master, and it wasn’t to be a short story it needed to be a few pages long.Gerry said to Michelle could she do that?Well Michelle can you?

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