The Hunted


She was running. They were chasing after her and if she stumbles now they would have her!

She could feel her breath straining and her throat was raw with exertion. It felt like she has been running for hours, but her reason told her it could not have been more than a few blocks. Her ankle was throbbing where she hit it on the windowsill making her hasty exit. But how did they find her?

She kept glancing back over her shoulder, making sure that they did not gain ground. She was desperate and determined not to be caught.

But, in her obsession with keeping an eye on her pursuers, she forgot to keep an eye on where she was going…

Strong hands gripped her, pulling her up. She could not believe that she was so clumsy. Now they had her. She struggled to get free, and to her surprise the hands slackened their grip. She stared up, gazing into bottomless pools of blue. They reflected concern, as opposed to the hatred she expected. She stared up into them, pleading for help. If he could not save her she would surely be doomed and they would get to her.

He pulled her towards his car. She did not need a second invitation and seized the opportunity for escape. “Beggars can’t be choosers,” she thought, ducking into the back of the car, hoping they did not see where she went. The car pulled away and out of sheer exhaustion she fell asleep crouched illegal bahis down behind the seats.

She awoke feeling cold, stiff and sore all over. It took a moment to orientate herself as to where she was. Yes, running, falling, getting into the car. She sat up, looking at the man behind the wheel.

” Thank you for saving me”, she said, gazing into his eyes reflected in the rear-view mirror. He smiled, nodded and drove on. She sensed his questions, but had no intention to provide him with the answers he was surely entitled to. He must not find out, else she will be lost again. She had to clutch onto safety wherever she could find it. She could not allow them to find her.

Eventually, as the sun rose, they pulled into a driveway in a neat and tidy suburb. He opened the door for her and led her inside.

She awoke. It was dark and she was in an unfamiliar room. The clothes were definitely not hers either. But that didn’t matter. She could smell him. There were no trace of her pursuers in the air, but his scent overwhelmed her senses. She got out of bed and walked out the room seeking the source of the smell. The room next to hers were empty and smelled of fabric softener. She barely paused, but moved rapidly to the next room. This room turned out to be the bathroom. She glanced at herself in the mirror, washed her face and fixed her hair and moved on.

Aaah, illegal bahis siteleri there he was. He was lying on the bed paging through a magazine. On hearing her approach he looked up, smiling. This was her cue to pounce. She could not stop herself. She felt the lust rising in her body and she started to tear her clothes off. He looked bewildered. She, however, did not allow him the opportunity to resist. As soon as she was butt naked she started removing his clothes. Her eyes were hungry with desire and he felt as if she was devouring him with them. His body could not resist her. As soon as she uncovered his penis, it sprang to life, purple and pulsating and awaiting the promised pleasure.

She immediately took advantage of it. Crawling slowly from the foot of the bed, she prowled towards his vulnerable manhood. Her red-hot tongue started to caress his scrotum, the long strides stretching from his anus to the base of his penis. He could barely suppress his pleas of pleasure. She methodically made her way up onto his body, her road traced by the hot, wet caresses. When she reached the tip of his penis, she started to suck and nibble on it. His senses were on edge. Her gentle nibbles were interrupted by the forceful sucks and her obvious mastery of deep throat. He groaned. She could taste the sweet stickiness of his pre-cum. No use wasting canlı bahis siteleri him now.

She slid up his body: Her bare breasts dangling over his naked chest and her hot, juicy vagina slipping over his leg. He became impatient, but she pinned him down, keeping him helpless in his desire for fulfilment. Eventually, after what felt as an eternity the wet crevice reached his tortured penis and he felt it sliding over its entire length. Suddenly the resistance gave way and he felt himself slipping into her. She was a master at lubrication and he entered her tight vagina effortlessly, her labia opening to invite him in. His hips started their automatic rhythmic movement. He wanted this more than he ever wanted anything. But she had other ideas.

She pinned him immobile under her, her body bouncing on top of him. She pushed his penis backward – just enough to maximise her own pleasure, but also far enough back to prevent him from coming. The pressure in his ball turned into a searing pain. He had to overcome her and take what she has denied him so far. He mustered all his strength and threw her over.

He started to ride her: his forceful pounding driving his tortured penis deeper and deeper into her. He could feel her body tighten with pleasure. This spurned him on to great finale. His world stopped. He could feel the hot, thick semen pumping through his penis, exploding into her in. He collapsed onto her, drained of all his energy.

She rolled over, and with a smile on her face thought “I could hide here for a while. He seems adequate and it would take some time before they tracked me here.”

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