The Inn Club Ch. 01: Alison


My name is Easton. No, I don’t know what my parents had in mind when they named me and I never bothered to ask them. But my name isn’t really part of this story. Well, not that name anyway.

What is part of the story, the very first part, ostensibly the most important part, is the fact I travel quite a bit for my job. And to make the most of that I fly with the same airline and stay at hotels that are part of the same chain; in this case Inns by Cheslea. But that’s not interesting. What is interesting was a chance discovery I made one night and the world it opened to me.

My flight out of Phoenix was delayed by several hours. Of course this meant I got to my destination for that evening much later than planned. I ate dinner on the drive from the airport to the hotel, and after checking in I headed down to the lounge to have a drink and unwind before going to bed. The bar was set to close at eleven, so my arrival at five ’til was fortunate.

Happy to have my gin and tonic, I turned from the bar and took a seat in a comfortable chair at a low round table opposite another chair. I absently watched a ball game on one of the large monitors as the bartender cleared the bar and turned down the lights. At ten minutes after eleven a woman sat down in the chair across the table from me. Surprised, I looked around and noticed two other women had entered the area and were seating themselves. One, like my new table mate, had joined another person. But the other was seated alone in a booth. All of this took seconds and I returned my attention to the woman nearest me. She was attractive, dressed nicely but not expensively, and her blouse was unbuttoned more than halfway to her waist. The blouse was white, and though not really sheer it was immediately obvious to me she was not wearing a bra.

“Good evening,” I said, “but it seems you’ve arrived a bit late for the bar.”

She smiled back at me. “Oh, that’s ok, I didn’t come down here looking for a drink anyway.” She leaned in, and as she did her breasts swung toward me, threatening to escape their loose confinement.

I was intrigued but had no idea where she was going with this. Instantly part of my brain ran a scenario where she was in my room and that blouse was no longer in the way. I shook it off. “Well, if you’re not here for a drink, is there anything I can do for you?” I looked around and gestured toward the other late arrivals. “Or for your friends?”

Her expression was quizzical and she sat slightly back, “I’m not with them.” One eyebrow rose as she considered me, “You aren’t part of the club, are you?”

I of course had no idea what she was talking about, but I didn’t let that bother me. I smiled at her, “Are there dues or an entry form I need to fill out?”

She turned in her place and tilted her head slightly. It was a good thirty seconds before her smile returned, and perhaps with a hint of mischief. She seemed to reach a decision then, leaning forward once more and motioning me to do the same. “No, there isn’t anything like that. It isn’t that kind of club,” she said quietly.

I finished my drink and sat it back on the table, waiting for her to make the next move as I felt certain there was a next move. Turning over her phone she withdrew a business card from a holder on the back and placed it on the table before she leaned back and slowly wetted her lips with her tongue. Retrieving the card, I read the front:


Player, The Inn Club

Also listed was a phone number. Turning the card over I stole a glance at its owner. She crossed her legs and nodded. If the front of the card was cryptic, the back of the card was both specific -and- cryptic. It read:

Solo, het, Oral, DF

My mouth was quite suddenly dry. I understood the list, or at least close enough I figured, but I had no idea what to do with this information. Looking up she waggled her phone at me. “Since I assume you don’t have a card, text me.”

Mind racing, I picked up my phone from the table and unlocked it. I entered her number.

Me: ‘um, what’s next?’

Alison: ‘send me your info’

Me: ‘?’

Alison: ‘those are some starting details, pass me yours’

I blinked at the bluntness on the screen. My mouth was still dry. My phone chimed again.

Alison: ‘Your turn.’

I used the first name that popped in my head and swallowed heavily. ‘Alex,solo, het, oral, DF’

She looked up at me canlı bahis then back to her phone. ‘421, 15 minutes.’ Then she stood and left without another word.

After watching her depart I noticed the rest of the bar was empty. In disbelief I stood and made my way hurriedly to my room. I took a quick shower, put on clean clothes, slid my room key into a pocket, and headed for room 421.

Punctually at eleven thirty five I knocked on the door. The door opened to reveal Alison in a white robe. The robe was not tied and it hung open to reveal a lovely pair of rather large breasts, a smooth mound and nice legs. Nude save for the robe, she was grinning at me as I finished looking her over.

As I took a step into the room I said, “Bold assumption that you’re inviting me in.” I heard the door close and the security bolt latch and noted with pleasure there was no one else in the room. Like my room there was a king size bed and a couch.

I felt her hands touch my back and then slide around to my waist. I could feel her breath on my neck and she said softly, “You are overdressed.” She walked around me and went toward the couch, dropping the robe to reveal her callipygian back side. By the time she turned and sat on the couch my shoes were off and my shirt was over my head. As she spread her legs wide and leaned back I stripped off my slacks, underwear and socks. My cock was nearly at full attention and I hadn’t touched her.

As one hand stroked her pussy she looked me over. I walked to her and she took hold of my dick and gave it a squeeze. “A hard cock is what I was looking for tonight, glad you can provide.” She let go of me and smiled, “Now start licking and I’ll explain a couple things.”

I knelt in front of her and leaned in. Figuring a long tease was not what she had in mind at this point I slid my hands under her ass and put a lip lock on her pussy. A sharp intake of breath was her instant reply, then “Ooh, fuck yes. Lick me Alex and I’ll do whatever you want.”

I figured I would work my hardest to get her off quickly and distract her from talking if I could. Looking up I watched as she tweaked her nipples and laid her head back, eyes closed.

As she breathed ever more heavily and occasionally grunted in a most feminine way, she was able to intermittently speak in short sentences. But first, she gave some direction. “Alex, nnngh, that’s lovely. Slide two fingers in and hit my, oh yes, that’s it. That will do it.”

“Usually the first thing you do in the room,” she said with a pant, “is talk details. We’re not dating so we don’t need to, mmmm, spend time, mmmm, getting to know each other.”

She suddenly grabbed my hair and ground her pussy into my face. Understanding she was on the cusp of a climax, I made sure to continue exactly what I was doing. Sure enough a moment later she clenched my fingers rhythmically as her breath caught. I continued to lick and finger her until it was clear she had come back down. I kissed my way down her inner thigh to her knee then looked up at her, her face quite flush.

I stroked my cock and asked, “What kind of details do we exchange?”

“I’ll go first and you’ll get the idea.” She motioned for me to stand and she started stroking me. “I love to be eaten, and be sure to rub my g-spot. Two fingers are usually best. My favorite position is whatever will get you to fuck me the hardest. Come wherever you like, but not in my hair if you can avoid it. I’m usually up for a few rounds if you are, but you need to leave by two so I can sleep.”

She leaned forward and took me in her mouth. I breathed in sharply then started. “I typically have a short fuse, so unless you want a mouthful you should slow down. I can, however, get hard again after only ten or fifteen minutes and can do that for a while, or at least until two. I’d love to come on your face, tits or inside you.”

Her mouth popped off my cock, though she continued to stroke me. “Anything else I should know?”

I was surprisingly close already, “It’s been a really long time since I got a blowjob.”

She gave me a brilliant smile, “Drought’s over, Alex.” She slid her hand to my balls as she took me deep in her mouth and worked some kind of black magic with her tongue. Consciously trying to avoid moving my hips, I reached down and grabbed her tits as she brought me ever closer. Her left hand grabbed my right and moved it firmly from her breast to her hair.

Guessing bahis siteleri what she wanted I grabbed a fistful of her hair. I was groaning like crazy, saying things like “I’m gonna come in your mouth Alison!” Suddenly I had the feeling I was about to climax. I squeezed her breast hard and held her hair tighter as I grunted “Oh fuck yes!” When she made some kind of whimper around my cock I was ready. Holding tight to the hair at the back of her head I moved my hips back and forth just a little, trying not really fuck her face but unable to not move my hips. My cock swelled, I went over, and then pulse after pulse flooded her mouth.

Not missing a beat Alison gamely swallowed every drop and continued to rub me with her tongue until I slowly pulled away a minute or so later. She smiled at me and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Well done Alex. I’m very pleased with my selection tonight.” She stood and took my hand. “Fifteen minutes you said?”

“At most. Probably less tonight.”

She reclined on the bed and motioned for me to join her. “Oh?” She said.

“You are stunning, you suck cock, and this situation is nuts.”

She rested her head on my chest and started stroking me again. I reached down for a handful of breast. “Can you give me the backstory?”

“I stumbled on the club about two years ago. People mostly middle aged and older, but sometimes younger. I arrived one night just after the bar had closed. I looked around and noticed not everyone had a drink. I picked out a nice looking man and asked why he was still there. He asked me to sit next to him and we watched several couples get up and leave. I still didn’t understand what was going on, so he gave me a very brief introduction. This hotel chain is home to the Inn Club, he told me. People looking for sex in a most clear manner. Both men and women have cards, though it is most often the women that make the approach. That’s not a rule, but strange men handing women cards of an overtly sexual nature takes a bit of bravery and it doesn’t always end well. Still, unless men make the approach once in a while, how would any new women join the Club? I have seen men make sure there was at least a female Club member nearby just in case, so they could help explain if things got weird.”

This was a lot to take in. I shook my head, “Back to that first night, did you go with him?”

“No, not that night. The next night, however, he was there again. I sat with him and he passed me his card. That night I went with him.”

“Wow, lucky me to be in the right place at the right time.”

“Yes, about that. People don’t often ask for your story and you don’t have to tell. But why were you so ready to come with me? I see that ring on your finger. “

I grabbed her left hand from my now thickening cock. “And I see yours.”


“The blowjob factoid wasn’t a clue?” Seeing she was not amused by my sarcasm, I continued quickly. “I hardly ever have sex, but that isn’t really the answer. “

“Oh no?”

“Nope. A beautiful woman asked me for anonymous sex, and that might have been enough. But your confidence, boldness and desire were even more attractive.”

“That’s good to hear, because most people in the club are average.” She shrugged, “I don’t mean to be harsh, but that is why they call it average. But nothing gets me hotter than an average looker with a strong passion.”

A thought occurred to me. “Ali, do you only have one card?”

“My fantasy name is Alison, and no, I don’t have just one card. “

“May I ask what is on another one?”

“Sure, but you won’t know what’s on them unless I give you one.” She gave my now fully hard cock a squeeze, “Feels like someone is ready.”

“Yep, and that’s why you’re going to ride me. “

“Oh, I am?”

“Two hands full of big tits is guaranteed to make me fuck you very hard.”

“Mmm, that sounds perfect. Oh, just because I mention disease free, don’t assume anything about condoms.” Grinning, she rolled on top of me and guided me to her opening, “But I’m good with skin if you are.”

I nodded dumbly and then she asked, “Am I your first, outside your marriage that is?”

I could feel her wetness and I pulled her tits down as I thrust fully into her in one hard and quick motion. Her pussy felt divinely warm and slick. “Damn you feel good,” I sighed, moving slowly within her. “And yes you are, though I’m sure bahis şirketleri you won’t be the last.”

She rose up to sit astride me, slowly moving her hips as I squeezed her tits. “Nice to hear it, you’re going to be a great member.” She kept this up for a couple minutes before glaring at me, “Now, what about that fucking?”

“Soon enough, I’m enjoying just being inside you.”

She watched me with a casual grin then placed her hands over mine and gave them a squeeze. “Okay Alex. I’ll let you go slow until I want to come, then it’s on.”

“Mmmm, deal,” I said, and sat up to suck on her nipples. She was grinding on me, sliding her pussy back and forth rather than a faster and more energetic ‘twerk.’ I was loving it, but after a few more minutes of massaging her big tits I was ready.

I moved my hands to her hips. “Alison, put your hands on the bed and drop a nipple in my mouth.” Smiling back at me, she did as I asked and I immediately started to thrust with my hips at a frantic pace. The suddenness of my movement took her by surprise and I was rewarded with a slight ‘oomph.’

“Oh shit, that’s perfect. Alex just do that for a little longer, please.”

While continuing to thrust like a madman, I tried to take even more of her breast into my mouth as I alternated between flicking her nipple with my tongue and doing my best attempt to nurse.

“Alex, I’m close, come inside me!”

I let her breast go free of my mouth and laid my head down as I raced to the finish. She was looking down at me when her eyes seemed to lose focus and I felt her pussy clench me tight. “I’m gonna come in your pussy Alison!” I grunted, and then did. I reveled in the at once slow build up and yet immediate swelling, tightening and pulsing contraction as I shot into her. I held on to her hips and kept thrusting until well after I was done, shooting deep inside her and doing my all to fill her pussy. When at last I was done and slowing, I settled her hips firmly on mine. She leaned down and kissed me before adjusting her position and laying her head on my shoulder.

“Pfft,” as she blew hair out of her face. “Alex, that was great. I mean, yeah.”

I was more mentally exhausted than physically, but I knew another round was not going to be in the cards. “Alison, that was amazing, and thank you again for approaching me. This was an incredible experience.”

“Is there a ‘but’ in there?”

“Nope, just that after this insane day and night, I’m pooped and really need to sleep.”

She pushed up to look at me. “I thought you said all night, and I said until two.”

I shrugged. “I can live with myself knowing we both came twice.”

“Twice?” she said, “I had four. Two each time.”

“I’m happy to stay here for a while, but I really need sleep.”

“No worries Alex, this is supposed to be a hookup, with commensurate expectations.” She rolled off me and propped herself up on a pillow and an elbow. I rose, stretched and found my underwear. “Alex, I rarely say this to a club member, but I’d like it if you would let me know when you’re traveling. Maybe we’ll bump into each other again.”

I pulled on my slacks and reached for my socks. I gave her a lecherous grin, “Bumping together was awesome. But is deliberately looking for someone against the rules?”

“Well, certainly part of this is not looking for emotional connections without mutual cause. And you definitely don’t want to stalk people. We try to leave clues on the review websites to advertise when someone is just wrong. The comments rarely stay up for long, but if you know what to look for you can find them.”

I was buttoning my shirt at this point and she continued, “Alex, you had a chance for simple anonymous sex with no strings and yet you were still a considerate, attentive and great lover. And there are times when I might want someone around who is more of a known quantity.”

I sat on the bed and reached out for one of her full hanging breasts. “I’d be happy to have a chance to meet up with you again Alison. As a known quantity or otherwise. By the way, can you tell me why?”

She smirked, “When I use those other cards sometimes I’m a bit more, ah, adventurous. But that’s always a risk when you don’t know the other person.”

“You don’t know me.”

“I know enough.” She pulled me down by the shirt and kissed me firmly. A good thirty seconds later she released my shirt and I stood. “Fine Alex, fuck me and leave me,” she said with a smile as she rose from the bed.

“Au revoir,” I said as I put my hand on the door handle. She waved over her shoulder and disappeared into the bathroom as I left the room.

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