The Intern. Ch,07.


The Intern. Ch,07.After the front door shut a hushed stillness filled the room. I sat for long minutes re-living moments from the day while Rose’s head still rested on my thigh and I idly played with her hair. Eventually something, I’m not sure what, brought me back to reality and I nudged Rose back to wakefulness.“Come and sit up on my knee,” I told her. A little shakily she managed to get up and did so and snuggled into my arms. “Have you enjoyed your day?”“Most of it, Miss. I love what you bought me.”“You look splendid in it,” I said, sliding my hand across the silky corset and letting it come to rest on her nipple. “The colour suits you.” I rolled her stiff nipple between thumb and finger and I was pleased to see that she accepted my attentions and didn’t shy away this time.“Thank you, Miss,” she replied, her breath already ragged.“And this evening?”“It was different, Miss … ughhh!” she managed to blurt out as I squeezed her nipple.I let go and slid my hand over her stomach. Her knees were locked together, and I push them apart with little resistance from her. I slid a finger across her wet pussy.“And the spanking?” I asked, “did you like that?”“No, Miss, it hurt,” she answered, pouting her lips and trying to look sorrowful.I slipped my finger back inside her, “I think this cunt of yours tells a different story.”She gasped as I did so, and her eyes glazed over. “I want to keep you all night, little one, but we must let your mother know or she’ll worry. Grab my phone from the table.”As I started to slide my finger in and out of her, she leant over and picked up my phone and held it out to me, expecting me to take it. I ignored the gesture and continued to finger her.“Call your mother for me, she’s listed under Mrs M.”A look of horror came over her face as she realised what was expected of her. “Just do as you’re told,” I told her severely.With shaking hands, she managed to find the right number and pressed ‘call’. As I heard it ring, I pushed a second finger inside her alongside the first. The dial tone stopped, and a tinny voice came out of the phone.“’ello Ms P how’s you? I hope our Rose has been behaving herself.”“Errr … it’s me, … mum,” Rose managed to get out while squirming under my exploring fingers.“Where are you, love?”“I’m with … Ms P … mum, she … wants me to … stop over.”I took pity on Rose and took over the conversation. “We’ve had such fun, Mrs M that I want to continue. I’ll feed her and make sure she’s returned safe in the morning. I just thought we should let you know.”“That’s fine, Ms P, as long as she’s being a good girl.”“I’ve had to admonish her once but other than that she’s been perfectly well behaved.”“Whatever you see fit Ms P. I’m sure you’ve got her best interests at heart.”As we chatted, I noticed that Rose’s face had gone into a deeper and deeper red. I pushed into her pussy with my fingers and started to twang her clit with my thumb as if I was playing a guitar. She squirmed and wriggled but was powerless to stop me.“We just thought you should know. So, bye for now.”I nodded to let Rose know that she could press the ‘end’ button which she did with shaking hands. She finally let her hands sink down, somehow keeping hold of the phone and not dropping it to the floor. But I wasn’t finished yet. We needed to eat, and a pizza delivery would be just fine as I was in no mood to cook and I was unsure of Rose’s abilities in the kitchen.“Look under ‘P’ for pizza,” I told her, “what’s your favourite?”As she scrolled through the names she managed to gasp out “P-p-pepperoni, Miss.”“Order two when they answer.”As she tried to concentrate on her task, I used my lips on her nipples to add to her torment. I heard the dial tone and then a man’s voice announce the name of the pizza house. Rose took a deep breath before replying.“C-can we have … two pepperoni … ooooh … pizzas.”I detached myself from her nipple long enough to whisper in her ear, “and extra anchovies.”By now I had got her so close she could barely speak but somehow managed to convey the order into the phone.“Tell him to deliver it to Ms P’s address,” I whispered.“C-c-can you deliver it … oh ffff … to Ms P’s address … please,”I heard the polite voice on the other end with its attractive Italian lilt. “Certainly Miss. Are you ok?”“F-f-fine thanks.” Poor Rose was struggling to speak.“About fifteen minutes, Miss.”“Th-Thanks.” She came as she hit the ‘end’ key and she did so almost violently, throwing her head back and going rigid in my arms and nearly falling from my lap. With one hand I managed to hold her in place while the other slowly slipped out of her pussy. My fingers and most of my hand were drenched. Slowly she relaxed and went limp and I could ease her across to sit on the sofa next to me where she slumped into a corner, her eyes closed, breathing heavily. I found my wine glass and refilled it with the last of the wine in the bottle and sat back and sipped it slowly. I glanced sideways at Rose who seemed to be asleep. Poor thing, I thought to myself, she’d had an exciting day. Not only that but she’d had four orgasms. No wonder she was exhausted. I closed my eyes. I wasn’t done with her yet, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.+++++++++++++++++++++Both of us woke with a start when the doorbell rang. I nearly spilled my wine as I came too. Rose gave a little shriek of alarm like a startled a****l. I was first to come to my senses and realise it was the pizza delivery. I reached for my purse and took out a couple of notes which I rolled up and tucked into the front of Rose’s corset. She was still looking dazed.“Answer the door, there’s a good girl. That will be our dinner.”She stood up and was half way to the door when she realised that she was half naked. She turned to me with a look of fear on her face, silently pleading with me not illegal bahis to make her go.“Don’t be a baby and answer the door,” I said sternly.With a sense of the inevitable she turned back and went to the door. She tried to hide behind it as she opened it but was forced into the open when the man held two boxes just out of her reach. He looked past her and saw me and gave me a knowing smile and a wave before reaching out and plucking the money from where it nestled up against Rose’s left nipple. I regularly ordered pizzas from the same place and this wasn’t the first time their delivery man had stumbled across strange goings on at this address.“Keep the change,” I called out to him with a giggle.He smiled and thanked me before reluctantly stepping back and allowing Rose to close the door on him. She was shaking as she brought the boxes over and put them on the table. She was nearly in tears.“Oh Miss, he could see everything,” she said plaintively. “Don’t be such a baby, I’m sure he’s seen worse. I once made a girl open the door stark naked with the money sticking out of her pussy. I think they take turns for the chance to deliver here. You’ll be the talk of the local takeaways for a few days that’s all. Now open those boxes and let’s eat. I’m starving.”I chuckled to myself. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t see the man outside the door, but I could watch Rose’s antics as she first tried to hide behind the open door and then was forced into the open as he held out the boxes, giving me a grin and a wave as he did so. Then her comic dance as she tried to decide whether to carry them high or low to hide herself behind them before the final indignity when he reached out and plucked the money nesting in her exposed bosom. Once she had calmed down, she instinctively knelt on the rug opposite me and as the smell of the pizzas filled the room she started to eat with a fine appetite. I was only halfway through and she had already finished hers. She knelt patiently and waited for me to finish. When I was down to my last slice, I spun the box round and pushed it towards her and she made that disappear as quickly as her own. I lay back and closed my eyes in satisfaction.When I opened them a few minutes later she was still knelt in the same place but was squirming while trying not to show it.“What’s the matter, girl?” I demanded.She blushed and replied, “I need to go, Miss.”“Go where?” I mocked, “your mother has agreed that you can stay here.”Her face went even redder as she managed to speak, “to the toilet, Miss.”I raised an eyebrow as though trying to take in this request. Eventually I stood up and grabbed the two boxes and headed to the kitchen. “Wait here,” I called as I went out of the door.In the kitchen I dumped them into the bin and then looked through my cupboards until I found what I was looking for. When I returned to the living room, she looked more desperate than ever and then a flash of alarm came across her face when she saw what I was carrying. I placed the medium sized mixing bowl on the table in front of me as I sat down. I wafted a hand towards it.“If you need to pee …” and I left the sentence unfinished.The same tantalizing and endearing look of fear returned to her face. “But, Miss, I can’t.”“Then hold it. But don’t you fucking dare mess up my carpet.”For a long moment she looked at me with a pleading expression hoping I would change my mind and let her escape upstairs. I stared back at her unflinchingly holding her gaze.“Fuck it, girl, just do it.”As the realisation dawned that she had no choice she reluctantly stood up and with her thighs squeezed together she managed to hobble over to the bowl. Still looking at me uncertainly she placed herself over the bowl. With my foot I pushed her legs apart and that seemed to send a signal as a sudden rush flowed from her, splashing into the bowl with such force that some spilled over the side onto the table. I quickly rescued my wine and sat back as the flow eased to a more reasonable trickle before ending with a few minor dribbles. I passed her a couple of tissues from the box on the side table and watched her wipe herself. She looked relieved not only to have finally peed but also, so she thought, that the ordeal was over. She stood quietly no doubt wondering what was coming next.I pointed at the bowl. “Take that upstairs and empty it and make sure its cleaned thoroughly.”I watched as she carefully picked it up and slowly carried it out of the room. Life really was fun sometimes I thought to myself. Patiently I waited for her to return. I heard the cistern flush twice and then the soft padding of her feet coming back down. She reappeared carrying the clean bowl and placed it back on the table before kneeling next to me. I looked at her and turned my attention to the table. I picked up the bowl and placed it on the floor and then pretended to examine the table top closely.“You appear to have splashed everywhere, dirty girl. That will need cleaning up as well.”She looked at me open-eyed and then looked around and fixed her gaze on the box of tissues next to me.“Could I …” she began but I cut her off.“What a waste,” I said, “use your tongue.”“But, Miss,” she sounded and looked appalled.“It won’t kill you. Now, get on with it or it will be another spanking.” As I mentioned the word ‘spanking’ I leant down and picked up the paddle that Mo had dropped onto the carpet. I had no intention of using it, but the action could be and was so easily misinterpreted. With her face screwed up in disgust she bent her face to the table and took a few tentative licks while desperately holding her hair back with both hands. I helped her by pointing to different splashes to make sure she got them all. When she had finally finished to my satisfaction she knelt back upright and looked illegal bahis siteleri at me sorrowfully.“There, that wasn’t too bad was it? Now come and sit on my lap and give me a cuddle.”Her expression changed immediately to one of joy and she clambered eagerly onto my lap and snuggled into me. I kissed the top of her head and then stroked her hair. I allowed her a few moments of peace. I placed a hand on her thigh and, unbidden by me, her legs parted, and she willingly allowed me access to her pussy. She had obviously taken the opportunity of her time upstairs alone to freshen herself up but as I slowly stroked along her lips I felt her juices begin to flow once more. Time to get her upstairs I thought to myself.“Ready for some fun?” I asked her, and she nodded shyly. “Good girl, go upstairs to my room and you can take off that corset. Then stand at the foot of the bed with your hands behind your head. I’ll follow you shortly.”She was slow to tear herself away from the comfort of my arms but slowly she stood up and padded from the room.I let her have about five minutes before I reluctantly stirred myself into action. I gathered the items that I had brought downstairs and were yet unused and headed for the stairs turning off lights as I went. When I entered the bedroom, she was standing as I had instructed and was now totally naked. I ignored her and placed the toys on the bed behind her. She started to swivel to watch what I was doing so I barked out, “eyes front.” She obeyed at once. One of the items I had brought up with me was a blindfold and I picked it up and placed it over her eyes. Leaving her in the dark I went into my en suite and gratefully sat on the toilet and relieved myself. Once I had cleaned myself I stripped off and went back into the bedroom. It felt deliciously powerful to be naked in front of her even though she was unaware of it. Silently on the thick carpet I walked from one side to the other examining her. I had done her a disservice earlier when I had called her a little bit fat. She was nothing of the sort. I had been mentally comparing her to Yvonne who was unusually thin. She had neat small breasts not much bigger than my own. She had a little triangle of hair just above her pussy. It would have to go but I decided to put that off until the morning as I was eager to fuck her. My voice startled her when I finally spoke.“Turn around and bend over the bed.”Feeling her way carefully she did so. Her bottom was still pink from her spanking and made a very pretty sight. It had all the hallmarks of the lightest of spankings which meant she could easily take more. I moved over to stand next to her, placing one hand on her pink bottom and caressing it gently. “Head down and feet apart,” I ordered, and she quickly complied.I let my hand wander between her legs and slide across her pussy. This treatment was obviously having the desired effect as she was now very wet again. I slipped two fingers into her and she immediately made a small movement back to greet them, but I pulled them out straight away and let them trail back to her anus. I felt her stiffen under my touch as I stroked circles around the pucker spreading her pussy juices as I went. I dipped back into her pussy to gather more juices and then repeated my circles round her anus. I did this several times and she began to relax and accept it. I picked up the plug that lay with the other toys on the bed next to her.“Give me your hand,” I said. I held the plug by the base with one hand and used the other to guide her hand. “Feel it and tell me what you think this is.”She let her fingers wander over the mystery object trying to discover its shape and purpose.“What do you suppose that might be?” I asked her.“I don’t know, Miss.”“And where do you think it might go?”“I … err … don’t know, Miss.”“Make a guess,”After a pause she replied, “in my pussy, Miss.”“Wrong,” I said with a note of triumph, “it goes in your bottom.”There was a stunned silence before she blurted out, “no, Miss,”“Oh, but yes, Miss,” I mocked, “you must learn to trust me.”I let her contemplate that while I carefully spread a generous amount of lube over the plug. It was my smallest and I knew it would fit in easily, but I wasn’t out to be cruel to the girl. This was just the next part of her education. I still had a coating of lube over my fingers so placed them back on her anus and spread it around. I tried to work some inside, but she tightened up as I did so.“Don’t be silly, girl, try and relax. Don’t fight me, it’s going in if I say it is.”I slipped the plug between the cheeks of her arse and then played the pointed end around her hole. She was trembling as I started to press it into her and she gave a little sob which I ignored but which only made me take my time. I watched as it slowly entered her, and she expanded to take it. Millimetre by millimetre I pushed it inside her. When it was about half way I took it out and then started again going a little deeper. I kept teasing her until we were on the brink. I stopped pushing and just held it there allowing her time to adjust before I let the widest part breach her virgin anus. She immediately snapped closed around the stem and it took some force to pull it out again. I made her take it and give it back several times before I let it sink into her one last time and I let go.I had been so focussed on what I was doing I’d taken no notice how Rose was reacting. She had now stopped her pitiful sobbing and half lay over the end of the bed breathing heavily. I looked past the plug and could see that her juices were beginning to run down her thighs. I took her hand and told her to stand up. I led her to the centre of the room and ordered her to walk round in a circle while I stood at the centre guiding her. At first she canlı bahis siteleri hobbled like an invalid but as she got used to the sensation her gait became more relaxed. I led her back to the bed and told her to sit and then lie back. Still condemned to darkness she did as she was told. I climbed onto the bed and sat at her head, my legs spread wide, one on either side of her. I leant forward and whispered in her ear.“I want you to masturbate for me. Just like you do at home.”I stroked her hair as her hand moved nervously to her pussy. As she started to stroke her slit I began to caress her breasts, taking a nipple in each hand and rolling it around. They were like rivets, hard and pointing to the heavens. By now she had started to work her pussy more intensely and I began to squeeze and pull on her nipples. I watched as two fingers disappeared inside her. Her thumb was on her clit and a spare finger had explored the hard base of the plug as though she was verifying a strange dream only to find it was true. I increased the pressure on her nipples and pulled and stretched her breast this way and that, but she seemed not to notice. I could sense she was about to come. She was making strange a****l noises that became louder and louder. I tried to synchronize my hardest pinch so far with her orgasm. Whether I did or not her body went rigid as the dam burst. Slowly she began to relax so I leant close to her ear.“That was fun,” I said, “now do it again.”Without hesitation, she began to move her fingers in and out of her pussy once more and I continued to play with her nipples. I could see that her hand was drenched, and her fingers made slippery noises as they plunged in and out. Her other hand had now taken over from her thumb and was working her clit vigorously. I tried to add to her riot of sensations by adding my finger nails to the nipple pinching. This time she shouted expletives as she got close and it was almost a scream when she finally did so.I was as exhausted as she appeared to be, and I collapsed back onto the bed. I eased myself up the bed until I could rest on the pillows and looked down at the naked figure isolated at the bottom of the bed. She lay there, unmoving apart from her chest rising and falling as she gasped for air. Her hand had slipped out of her pussy and now lay beside her still visibly covered with her cum as were her thighs. I had no doubt that another wet patch was beneath her on the covers just like it had been on my skirt. As her breathing slowed to a more normal pace I gave a slight cough and I saw her twitch at the sound. It seems she had become oblivious to the world beyond her pussy. Now I had her attention I needed her back on duty.“Don’t just lie there like a lazy slut,” I said in a kindly voice, “roll over and get to work. I need to cum.”Still blindfolded she rolled onto her front and reached out wildly trying to locate me. After a little searching she found a leg and worked her way up from there. She crawled on her belly towards me and, using her hands to guide her, managed to find my pussy. This time she was less hesitant and immediately planted kisses on the outside before her tongue got to work. This time she was more adventurous in her explorations of my anatomy. I lay back on the pillows and watched her as a glow began to spread over me. Her tongue suddenly pushed deep inside me and probed my insides. It felt amazing and I recognised that this girl had potential. I had been disappointed last time, but she seemed grateful for a second chance and determined to make up for it this time. Taking a clue from what had been done to her, she slipped her tongue out and replaced it with a pair of fingers that probed deeper than her tongue could reach. Her lips sought out and found my clit and latched onto it suckling it like a nipple. I relaxed and allowed myself to build slowly. She continued to suck on my clit as her fingers started to slide in and out. I had been softly stroking her hair but as I got close I grabbed handfuls and pulled her in tight to me. Sensing correctly what this signal meant she added even more vigour. Whether she could breathe I didn’t know, and I cared even less as my orgasm ripped through me. I was brought back to reality by her frantic head movements and I relaxed my hold on her enough that she could take a few deep breaths. Her face was red with the effort she had put in, but I wasn’t done yet and I pulled her back in.“Again, bitch,” I managed to gasp.All credit to her she tried her best, renewing her attacks on my pussy and my clit, somehow managing to take the occasional breath. As always my second orgasm was close on the heels of the first. I yelled expletives as I came, once again holding her face tight to my pussy. As the waves subsided I let my fingers slip from her hair. She came up like a drowning woman and took several life-giving gulps of air. Through half-closed eyes I looked at her. The lower half of her face was slick with slime. She looked exactly like she was, a woman who had been buried in a pussy and accepted all the cum she could take, in other words a perfect and beautiful mess. I summoned up the strength to reach down and pull off the blindfold and she blinked as the light hit her eyes. She gazed up at me with a look of adoration. Whether or not she was surprised to find me naked seemed unimportant as she just gazed into my eyes and grinned happily. I held out my arms inviting her to come and lay beside me. She struggled to crawl up the bed but finally lay next to me and snuggled in with my arm around her. She was a total mess and smelled of sweat and sex which was exactly right, and I breathed her in. Without disturbing her too much I managed to cover us both with a blanket. I extricated my arm and turned onto my side and she spooned into me from behind, one arm around my waist. I think she fell asleep almost immediately and I followed soon after. I still had the problem of her and Yvonne to sort out but that could wait until the morning when Yvonne would return.To be continued…

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