The Key to Liz (95p)


I would envision an open space for at least ten minutes before I pulled into the small parking lot at the Echo Canyon trailhead. I learned the technique about 30 years ago and it seems to work most of the time. I simply visualize an available space-which typically presents itself seconds before I arrive. It has to do with putting a strong suggestion out there for someone else to consider as an option. A person might vacate a slot moments before they intended to or they may pass up a space for an unknown reason because they had a “feeling” they should. It works…and it worked on this beautiful Saturday morning in September.

This hike, which would take about 35 minutes as a solo workout, or an hour if done casually, is rigorous at a minimum. I had a routine. Pull in, tighten my shoes, sling on my hydro-pack, secure the hat or bandana, and hit a button on my watch as I passed the first step of the trail. I could fit this fantastic workout into an hour and a half- door-to-door. I often visualize meeting a beautiful woman on this trail.

The scenery is what makes it fantastic. First, the Swiss-cheese-like formation of red sandstone is also layered and marbled with granite. Next, the 360-degree view at the top of Camelback treats you to a full panorama of the suburbia, the airport and downtown buildings. There are spectacular mansions spreading out from the base of the mountain and a near complete circle of mountains 10-30 miles away.

But the real motivating scenery has to do with the other hikers. The people who do this as a workout are human body enthusiasts in the middle of one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the country. They are often the hottest people on earth. Men are handsome and fit of course but the hot athletic women wear the smallest, thinnest, and tightest clothes they can get away with. The trail is mostly single-track and often only a footprint wide with steeps that require most to use the railings and chains. Hikers are often either passing or being passed by a woman in a tight wet outfit. Muscled legs, tight Asses, and ripped midsections are primal motivators for me.

As I exited my truck I heard a voice ask “Sir- would you happen to have a coat hanger?” I turned around with a smile to greet the woman, “Sir?… I’m a Sir to you?- you can call me Jay.” She apologized “I’m Liz- sorry to bother you- I locked my keys in my car.” Like most men would, I immediately consulted the archives of car access techniques, assessed our current environment and current time elapsing and considered the possibilities in the universe of Liz and me. Within a few seconds, my unquenchable yearning to connect with the opposite sex assessed this amazing woman and the probability of consummation. It was low. I smiled “Weirdly- I DO have a coat hanger and I think I can help you. Have you ever used a wire hanger for this before?” “No”, she said, “but I’ve locked my keys in the car before and have seen it done.”

The second weird thing about this situation was that she had placed her single loose car key on the left armrest of the car door as she readied herself for her hike. When she was ready, Liz pressed down the door lock and closed the door. The loose key then moved just enough to extend the hole of the key over the edge of the arm rest- just shy of falling off the ledge and into the void to the left of the seat. As I snaked the hanger wire into the top of the door molding – Liz asked if I was going for the door lock itself. She was close and watching every movement. I inhaled the aroma from the skin of her exposed shoulders, her shoulder-length highlighted straight hair and her sweet breath before I answered. The hooked end of the wire caught the hole in the key and we were done in about 60 seconds.

This totally amazed both of us and she gripped my arm as she thanked me. A shiver went through me as her hand lingered. I answered her gratuitous repayment offer by insisting she join me for a coffee the next morning. My schedule was committed, and this was the soonest and most benign counter offer I could think of. She quickly agreed but said she couldn’t meet until later in the week. My heart sank, but I made her commit to meeting as she wrote down her number on a piece of a road map. I could hardly expect more after knowing her for about five minutes. Then it occurred to me that she was starting the hike as well. It seems bizarre now that I was serious enough about this particular workout to leave her as soon as I had a coffee date lined up. I apologized with mixed messages of intense interest in her and a preference to commence sweating. I pressed the button on my watch and took off.

I proceeded to do a lot more visualizing. A former girlfriend of mine had a girlfriend who wanted to meet me. We met her at this same trailhead one afternoon. She wore small black knit shorts and an inappropriate thin silk crop-top. As I hiked and climbed with these two exhibitionists it was difficult to keep my erection illegal bahis in check. I preferred to be behind them following their form as they moved but occasionally looking down on them ascending behind me was as pleasurable. They were putting on a deliberate and very sexy show for me and for everyone else- it’s just who they were. There are lots of women like that who frequent this mountain. It’s a work out to be sure but the swollen muscles, sweat and nipples pressing against wet fabric were always a wonderful treat. We had some epic sex later that day and much later a sex party…the idea of which originated during this hike…but that is another story.

I’ve been on this trail so many times my body goes into autopilot. I can look back and have no recollection of foot placements and handgrips over the previous 100 vertical feet. I must be solving a lot of problems during this separation of mind and body. This time of course, my mind was on Liz. I looked back a couple of times and caught her watching my movements. She had obviously been on this trail a few times. Her somewhat stiff body movement was like that of an athlete who hadn’t worked out in a year.

Liz was about 5’8″ and she moved and flowed with purpose in her black yoga pants and bra-top tank. I lost sight of her halfway up the mountain and decided to wait on the summit. I would normally descend after a minute on top but figured that I had got most of my heart-pounding workout done and I had some work yet to do on Liz. She was smiling as she summited, and she was conscious that her much-earned perspiration was changing the way her outfit accentuated her breasts, waist and ass. She embraced it- she knew she looked good and she knew I noticed. We took five minutes at the top and headed down together. Liz agreed to run the flats with me, which was awesome for a few reasons.

By the time we hit the parking lot – my attempts to upgrade the coffee date resulted only in a solid commitment for Thursday morning- and it was sealed with a long hug.

Liz had just graduated from a pharmacist school in Colorado, got licensed and accepted a job with a big drug store chain as a “floater” with an $85,000 salary. She hadn’t done anything except study and test for a solid 12 months. She was 26. She loved feeling good, looking good, and having fun.

On Wednesday I called her to confirm the time and location. As we discussed options I sensed an opportunity to upgrade the coffee to sushi. She had been thinking about me. We agreed to the sushi restaurant and I gave her vague directions before suggesting and visualizing that she just meets me at my home. She wasn’t comfortable with that. I didn’t want to scare her, so I quickly acquiesced. Liz called back ten minutes later and suggested that it would be easier to meet at my home so I gave her my address.

I love the sensation and excitement of possibility. Liz was a fair-skinned beautiful and sensual woman- and that was when she was working out. I had no expectations, but I am definitely an optimist when an attractive woman is on her way. She had a casual air about her, but I sensed that she was pretty excited as she prepared for our date. My home was clean, beds and pillows were perfect, and I had candles lit. I had every reasonable beverage option on hand.

I caught a glimpse of Liz as she walked up the path to my front door. I barely had time to close my jaw and erase the shock from my face before the door swung open. Liz had on a short, thin cotton spaghetti strap dress and was wearing tan heeled strap sandals. The dress was dark blue with a floral print and was not really substantial enough to cover a bra- so there was none. This was the moment I knew that in her mind, I had gone from a maybe to a sure thing. When a sure thing is unveiling- I always slow things down and let the experience build. Once you know that a crescendo is inevitable- why wouldn’t you want to make it the best, longest-lasting and most intense event you can imagine.

I had a bottle of red Zin opened, tasted and breathing. When Liz saw it she matter-of-factly said she would love some wine. I sat opposite her in the living room to drink her in. She re-arranged her legs a lot. She leaned in when she laughed. I was really happy and excited about the evening. She was feeling good about us also and twenty minutes flew by before I suggested we go to dinner. Before we pulled out of my neighborhood- I said I needed to get something out of the way and leaned over and kissed her. It was one long five-second kiss and later she told me that this kiss was the moment she knew we were going to make love.

At Shogun she tried to out-order me and our sushi-chef did what he could to ensure our coupling. Sharing sushi side-by-side can be very sexy. We kissed with Saki lips. She stared into my eyes when her lips maneuvered the beans out of the edamame. At this point I knew that not only was the sushi delaying love making, we probably never illegal bahis siteleri needed to leave the house. I had a feeling that there was something else here. It was early and in charting a course for at least two more dates, I suggested we go somewhere special for a cocktail.

There is so much to Liz. She is intelligent and deliberate. She is alternately quick, thoughtful, clever, quiet and loud. She is beautiful. The understated seductive eye make-up and dark cherry red lips belied Liz’s lightly freckled face and naturalness. She wasn’t suggestive, and she wasn’t trying to alter a natural trajectory. In fact, it seemed she wasn’t trying to do anything or be anyone other than herself. Although I slowed the inevitable – we were still walking each other into an evening that we both wanted to be beautiful. As we drifted into the bar area of Sanctuary heads were turning to watch her dress float between people. I moved closer and put my arm around her as our lips met and as they parted she was asking what we were drinking. “Martinis”, I say. “Goose, dirty, with two garlic olives, and two wedges of lime”. The bartender somehow heard me, and they were done and in our hands at the same time my hand discovered that Liz had no panties on.

The bar and restaurant windows overlook dozens of illuminated palm trees and a valley of lit-up homes. I didn’t feel like sharing Liz with the other patrons, so I nudged her toward the door and we gazed at the view from the patio. She gasped at the beauty of the lit pool below us and suggested we take our martinis to the lounge chairs. I thought it was a great idea as it was romantic, quiet, and somewhat secluded. We gulped them a bit to reduce spillage on our way to the pool level and encountered a locked gate. Liz looked purely delicious holding our two martinis while the old credit card slide trick opened it, impressed Liz, and got us to the corner of the pool where the negative edge started.

I started toward a chaise while she shed a shoe and dipped her toes in the water. “Let’s go for a swim”, I suggested tentatively. She said, “I don’t have anything to wear but I’m game if you are.” Situational awareness leapt to the forefront of my brain as I glanced around. The pool area was absolutely empty because it was probably closed. Except for the couple of ripples made by Liz’s toes the pool was absolutely serene. A soft pouring sound came from the other side of the negative edge. There was no one on the balcony, but I could see that a few diners would have a view of us through glass and balcony furniture if they weren’t looking at the stars. There might have been a floodlight or two I could have unscrewed but the clock was ticking. It could be 10, maybe even 20 minutes before anyone kicked us out so we had little time to ponder the risks.

I kicked off my shoes and unbuttoned my shirt. Before I got to my belt Liz was walking her fine body down the pool steps. She turned and smiled at me as I dropped my jeans and walked toward her. I was absolutely mesmerized and rock hard. I got to the bottom step and her breasts rose out of the water as she stood up to meet me. We instantly embraced. We moved and squirmed to maximize flesh-to-flesh contact and when we were sure we were there, we paused, and we breathed a heavy sigh together before our lips touched. Our tongues met for the first time in a thousand years, for they surely had known each other in another time. We were on fire and we were both certain that we would never forget whatever was about to happen.

As our tongues danced Liz moved and twisted, rose up on her toes and then lowered to position my cock pointing down with the head pressing firmly against her clitoris. We devoured each other as Liz rocked her hips and never broke the contact between cock and clit. We both realized at the same time that we were surely cutting our time short if we continued above the water line. We moved toward a short section of pool edge, just near the steps in four feet of water. Liz backed up to it and grabbed my waist as I followed. She guided our hips together and used them to position me downward again.

I don’t know if it’s true for other men but forcing my erection straight down increases nerve sensitivity in the whole phallus. We stayed there for a bit and spoke without words. She gave me 100% of her trust and I gave her the same. Liz studied herself in the reflection of my eyes. I squinted and studied the two gates, a spa entrance and the restaurant balcony. I saw a pair of distracted ladies facing each other at the end of a dining table looking right at us but perhaps talking about their delinquent juveniles at home.

It was an effective angle for me- but for Liz the view was of a starry sky, a silhouetted mountain and the valley’s lights below. And all of that was behind several illuminated palm trees that were right on the other side of the negative edge six feet behind my back. Liz sensed my confidence and canlı bahis siteleri wrapped her thighs around my hips. My fingers reached to caress her erect nipple. With desire and intent, she gripped and inserted me into her heat. Her expression said, “You’re going to love this”. It was a magnificent plunge.

I started close to her and with small strokes. It was another slowdown, but I also really liked kissing her. It only took her a second to agree. We kissed and explored as if it were foreplay an hour earlier. We had laser focus and our kisses and touches injected more fantasy into our minds. As I increased my depth and rhythm Liz stretched her arms along the edge of the pool, arched, and pushed her hips to me. She laid her head back, spread her legs wide and breathed a low, “Oh yeah!” I glanced around at the points of risk and saw nothing. As I started thrusting harder I realized the friction and heaviness of moving through water was going to add exertion and attract attention, so I coasted for a couple of minutes. It was a natural adjustment and we savored the sensations. Knowing you can cum in five seconds at any time but stalling for twenty minutes is the best of all aphrodisiacs.

She smiled at me once in a while for no reason. She read my face and turned on her side. We wanted more, and it was time to push the limits of endurance. My arm locked one of her thighs tight against my chest and I gripped her ass with the other hand. Her other leg floated down through my legs and she straight-armed the pool edge. This was the strongest and most leveraged position and it would provide for the deepest pounding available. Liz wanted to help me deliver the most power possible. I opened up my throttle and sneaked a quick glance at the ladies- they were now gazing directly at us but this time they weren’t talking. I didn’t care- we were both on the home stretch.

Liz’s intensifying moans were directing my rhythm. Without looking at me she asked, “Don’t cum inside me, ok?” She was very focused on a building orgasm and she seemed to answer her own question by whispering, “OK”, at the end of a large exhale. Her breathing was deep and beautiful as I approached a point of no return. Deep full-throated strokes tested her strength. The muscles in her neck and arms swelled as she pushed off the edge.

The ladies saw me as a wave machine with a woman’s leg bent over my shoulder. If closer, they would have seen my chest, neck and face straining and fighting the inevitability of release. Liz was cuming when those five seconds commenced. Two, three and I backed out on four. As I released the pressure and fell backward in orgasm Liz released the pool edge and floated with me. Her legs sank, and we were back in each other’s arms. We were looking at each other with amazement when she glanced down and pointed out my cum swirling through the water like cigarette smoke in a stillroom. She loved that. We kissed with the same wanton lust as before.

We moved to the negative edge and hung our arms over the side to catch our breath. Liz mentioned that anyone who hadn’t seen us already would probably see she doesn’t have a top on. I covered her up from behind; first over her shoulders with my frame and then from underneath with a luscious exploration of her chest.

My mind was pleasantly in dopamine overdose and I was in disbelief that my erection was still fairly strong. Liz felt it of course and manipulated it back into her pussy without using her hands. Each new movement was now accompanied by a small wave sliding over the edge of the pool. I timed my thrusts to the landing of the waves down below. It was the risk and euphoria of the situation that kept me hard. I was amazed at first but embraced it all as I felt another orgasm welling up inside of me. I whispered in her ear and asked if she was going to cum again- she huskily said, “I’m cuming NOW…”.

I typically don’t have precise control on the second orgasm like I do on the first so between expecting to get busted and those words from her breathy lips the journey to my second climax in about twenty minutes accelerated. I was five seconds away when I heard a water splash behind me. There were two men in bathing suits walking away from the other pool steps…one of them had wet legs. With a glance back at us I could see that they had come for a late-night swim- seen our activity and decided to leave.

I exploded into the water again and this time Liz reached around and grabbed my cock to help finish me off. She wouldn’t let go of me—seemingly to apologize for having to force it away from paradise and back into the open water.

I heard a gate close and finally the event we were expecting was upon us. A short dark man in a brown security uniform slowly walked toward us, stopped at the pool steps we had descended, paused to scan our bodies through the water and politely announced that the property does not permit nude swimming…or anything else nude. I smiled, apologized and asked if we could have a few minutes (my engorged cock was still in Liz’s hand). “I’m sorry sir,” he answered, “I am instructed to see that you are clothed and if you are not a guest of the hotel, to see you out of the pool gate”.

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