The Last Jar–Tim and Grace Ch. 02


“Well, that was an exciting interview, wasn’t it?” Tim was driving, headed south on Kietzke Lane.

“I could use a beer,” Grace said. “How far is that brewpub we went to last night?”

“Just a couple of minutes from here.” He turned right up a narrow street, went three blocks, turned left, and pulled into the parking lot. They went up to the terrace, found the same table, ordered the same beers.

“Gee, this is a really small town, isn’t it?” Grace was amazed at how close everything seemed to be.

“Well, yes and no. The important stuff is close by, but people have built houses 20 miles in every direction from the center of town. I’d rather live in town close to work, close to good clubs and restaurants, but still within an easy drive of mountains, desert, lakes and forests. I hate commuting. Seems stupid to sit in a car by yourself along with thousands of other people sitting in cars by themselves, just idling.”

“I know what you mean. I hate commuting too, but I do it because I can’t afford a place close in.”

“Is Seattle expensive? I’ve never lived anywhere but here.” Tim was showing his lack of exposure to other towns but he didn’t care. He was comfortable in his ignorance.

“You haven’t? Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever met any adult who was born and raised in the same town they settled in.”

“Well, you said you grew up in northern NJ. How long did it take you to move away?” Tim pointed out another parallel in their lives.

Grace hesitated. “Busted again. I grew up there, and only moved away 4 years ago.” She sipped her beer. “What difference does that make?”

“Just goes to show that you probably wouldn’t have moved if it hadn’t been for your stupid chief of detectives not promoting you.”

“And my stupid boyfriend on his ‘roids.”

“Dangerous stuff. We had an outbreak of steroid ODs at a couple of high schools a few years back. The teachers were buying the stuff and feeding it to the kids!” He paused, gripped the table tightly, anger showing in his normally placid face. “Thankfully, they are all doing hard time now. No kids died, but some of the parents wanted to string up the teachers. So did I.”

They sat silently, sipping their second round, processing the day’s activities. A day that began with a routine, but was tossed into disarray with the accident. But the accident brought the other three players into the police’s view. As it turned out, they didn’t need to do any investigation at all—everyone the Reno PD needed to see was in the hospital emergency room.

Tim was a conscientious cop, but also sensitive to families in distress. He realized that bracing them in the waiting room wasn’t a good idea. Instead, a low-key introduction with a promise to contact later was all he needed to do.

He figured that if Greg was as rich as Grace said he was, he’d bring a lawyer for the interviews. That didn’t bother him. If there was nothing to hide, the lawyer would let Greg talk. If there was, then an indictment would be in the offing. It didn’t matter to him either way. All he wanted was the truth.

Following his train of thought, he asked, “Grace, do you think Greg will bring a lawyer to the interviews?”

She thought for a moment. “Probably. This guy is loaded—makes Rick Davis look like a welfare dude. He probably doesn’t go anywhere without legal protection.”

“Well, how about the others? Jessica and Paul? Do they have lawyers too, ya think?”

“Not that they hired. If anything, Greg’s probably got them all represented by his guy.

“Ok. That helps a lot. If you’re right, they’ll all be lawyered up. How should I do the interviews?”

“You’re asking me for advice? I’m flattered, kind sir.” She gave him a mock bow, then winked.

“Shut up. Yes, I’m asking you for advice. You dealt with this Greg dude before. I hadn’t met illegal bahis the guy before today, even though he probably pays enough taxes to foot my salary for a year.”

“More like 5 years, but that’s another story for another time. He spent over 15 grand on a weekend stay at a hotel in Seattle, and flew there in his own jet plane.”

“Wow.” Tim was impressed, now. “So he’s rich, and likes to spend money. How should I approach the guy?”

“Well,” Grace raised her eyes to the setting sun, a beautiful sight illuminating the sky above them. A series of sculpted cloud formations took on the colors renowned in the western high desert—salmon, pink and purple splashed across the vista spread out beyond the mountains. “Just be polite, not accusatory, but insistent that you know exactly what happened in that room. Until we know, we can’t determine whether a crime took place. And he’s the only one who witnessed what happened.”

“Thanks, you’re a big help.” Tim raised his glass to her. “A toast to your smarts. I wish you lived down here; I could use your mind on some sticky cases I’ve had problems with.”

“I could use your body in some sticky places I’ve had problems with” she thought to herself. And she intended to use it tonight. Her body was revved up again, just like yesterday—fluttering heartbeat, dilated eyes, a light flush, and a very squishy pussy. But no, she wasn’t going to do that all-in-for-a-man-thing again. Just stay in town through the interviews, get some more action in bed, and keep in touch.

If nothing else, she’ll have a place to go when she needed to get away from the rain.

They ate at the pub, sharing more war stories about stupid cops who let cases get away, stupid prosecutors who screw up in court, witnesses who turn chicken on the stand, perps who pay their lawyers more per hour than the cops make in a month, and the idea that no matter how good a cop you are, there’s some perp out there who is going to get away with something, and brag about it to his buddies.

But then again, that guaranteed that there wouldn’t be any shortage of perps. Because most of them got caught eventually.

Much later, they were relaxing as the waiter again took the table decorations from the rest of the deck. Just like yesterday, the last jar mocked them, sitting there with its sprig of mountain lupine.

Grace idly ran her finger around the top of the jar. “Do you think they want us to leave?” She asked, teasingly.

“I don’t know, but I think that’s a fine idea,” Tim replied, reaching for her hand and slowly massaging her fingers. The shock of his touch ignited her responses anew.

“Ok.” She was ready.

So was he.

In the truck, he slipped his hand between her breasts. Her nipples sprang up hard, sensitive to his touch. She stroked his massive arm, feeling her pussy get wetter and wetter as they came closer to the hotel. He pulled into valet, waited for the attendant to open her door.

“Good evening, and welcome to the Peppermill,” he said.

“Thank you,” said Tim. “Take care of her,” motioning to the truck. “I’ll take care of her,” placing his arm around Grace’s waist.

The couple leaned against each other as they crossed the lobby to the elevators. “Remember your room number?” Tim asked. Grace seemed drunker than the night before.

“Of course I do. I’m Polish, not stupid. And besides, you’re the one that went the wrong way in the lobby.”

“Yep. Just testing you.” In truth, he was completely turned around inside. He didn’t want to look like a complete idiot, though.

Especially since it seemed like another night of sexual fireworks was in store.

Grace opened the hotel room door and all but flung him onto the closest king bed. She grabbed his shirt, stripped it off his massive chest, was still awed by the sheer size of his torso illegal bahis siteleri and arms. Her pussy gushed cream, dribbling into her panties and wetting her thighs. She was almost ready for an orgasm, and he hadn’t even touched her.

“Come here,” she whispered, throwing her blouse aside. She wound herself around his body, sought his mouth for a hot, passion-filled kiss. Her sex was throbbing now, as their tongues mingled with desire. Tim slowly pulled her jeans down, found her panties glistening with her wetness. He slipped his hand between her shapely thighs, began to stroke her in rhythm with his thrusting tongue. She clamped her thighs around his hand, began to quiver with the throes of her first climax. “Ohhhhhh….” She gasped, unable to keep her balance. She fell sideways, still clutching his chest, pulling him atop her.

Tim slid out of his pants, letting his cock bounce outward until it was pointed directly at her mouth. She took him inside, holding his cock and sucking him hard with one hand; at the same time, rubbing her pussy with her other hand. His cock grew even larger, until he nearly blew his load in her mouth. “Wait, don’t suck me off yet…” he gasped. “I… want to fuck you, not just shoot in your mouth.”

“Ok, then fuck me!” her voice husky, thick with lust. He lay on his back and watched as she lowered herself onto his hot ramrod. “MMmmmmmmm, that feels so goooood….” She said, almost delirious with pleasure. She moved up and down atop his cock, on the upstroke feeling just the tip quiver inside her; on the downstroke, mashing her clit onto the base of his stick. After just a few strokes, she felt her insides convulsing with passion.

“Yessss, uhhhh, huh huh huh….!” She was clawing his chest, riding his cock with abandon, gripping his massive thighs with her own well-shaped legs, shaking from head to toe as her orgasm created a full-body earthquake. Her vagina clamped down hard on his stick, and a flood of cream soaked his belly and the sheets.

Tim was on his way, but wanted to hold on so that she could have another spasm. He wasn’t disappointed: she continued to ride his cock until she began to quiver again. “You’re making ….me….come…again….” she wailed.

This time the climax started deep inside her vagina, as if the others had been foreplay. She felt a hard spasm in her belly that jerked her whole body. Then, it seemed like her vagina was turning inside out with all the crazy snapping, pulsing and throbbing it was doing. “DAMN!!!” she screamed, completely out of control. Her legs shook and her eyes lost focus, her arms akimbo, useless for anything. All she noticed was Tim’s rock hard body underneath her, and his equally hard cock inside her. She then felt his spasms begin, with a huge thrust from below, as he took his pleasure at last.

“Shit, I’m coming!!!” He yelled, thrusting upward with all his strength. Funny, he missed his workout today, but he didn’t mind one bit. He pumped his spunk inside her, thrusting over and over. This was lovemaking par excellence. At last, they both calmed down, satisfied. Grace reached for a cigarette. “You are marvelous, dahling.”

“As are you, my dear.” He lay next to her, watched as she lit up.

Too bad she lived in Seattle. He could see making a go of this for awhile.

But perhaps it was best with a long distance relationship. Kept things fresh.

Tim said, “I’m actually tired now. That wait in the hospital was a real drain.”

Grace replied, “I know, it sure was. I’m getting tired myself. And besides, we drank more tonight than yesterday too.”

“True.” Tim took care of himself, but he did drink nearly every day. It was his only real vice.

“Well, I’m going to go home, you can get some rest, and what say we go somewhere outside the city tomorrow?”

“What about canlı bahis siteleri the case?” Grace wasn’t sure going out of town was a good idea.

“It’ll keep ’til the suspects are ready to talk. I don’t think any of them are flight risks, especially with Jill in the hospital. And if they were, it would be simple to just get Greg’s plane to land someplace.” He wanted to give them a couple of days to reconnect with Jill, get used to her brush with death.

“If you think that’s Ok,” Grace said. She still was reluctant to do that, but after all, it was his case, not hers.

“I’m sure of it.” He stretched, kissed her softly, teased her nipple into rigidity.

“I thought you were tired,” she said, slowly becoming aroused again. She hadn’t felt like this in years.

“I thought you were tired too,” he replied. Was she ready for another round? Didn’t seem possible considering how many times she came just then.

Tim’s questions were answered when she lay on her back, motioned him to her. “Please eat me out, I want your tongue inside me…” she whimpered.

“My pleasure.” Tim scooted down the bed to gain full access between her still-quivering thighs. He slid his tongue between her pussy lips, felt for her clit with his mouth. He gently sucked on it, making her eyes roll back in her head.

“Mmy God, that’s good….” She was rising along the climax rollercoaster, feeling her body respond to the movements of his tongue. He slipped his index finger inside her, massaging her G-spot like the first time they made love. Grace surrendered to the double stimulation of his tongue on her clit and fingers inside her pussy, began to shake, rolling back and forth on the bed. Then, suddenly, her toes curled, legs tensed, and her torso bucked and shook as another orgasm rumbled through her system. “AHHHHHHH, OH MY GOD!!!!” She was again launched into the stratosphere by the talents of her Reno lover.

Feeling her climax made Tim’s cock hard. Almost without thinking, he scooted up to kiss her. She tasted herself on his mouth, exciting her even further. Before he reentered her, he teased her clit with the tip of his penis, a move designed to make her beg for him. It worked.

“Put your cock inside me, now…” she whined. Her legs were already shaking, and her vagina was swelling, preparing itself for more penetration. It wasn’t fair that he was taking such advantage of her. Just because he was huge. Not only in his body, but he was as well-endowed as he was well-muscled.

He entered her pulsing vagina without resistance, sliding in to the hilt.

They slowed their lovemaking this time, making it tender, making it last. Tim was in complete control now; his first climax was tough to hold back, but now he had his second wind. Grace, meanwhile, was just happy to have a man inside her; especially one who was as wonderful in bed as he was. They slowly explored the joys of soft lovemaking, barely breathing, barely moving. Arms and legs interlocking, kissing with tenderness, feeling each others’ pulse in unison, bodies locked in the ageless dance.

It felt like Tantric sex—almost motionless, letting the small sensations created by a breath, a stroke along a muscle, a slight quiver—become deep pools for reflection, and for rest. Their souls became intertwined along with their bodies. The idea was to meld physical, emotional, and psychic desires into one all-encompassing whole.

But eventually their passionate natures began to assert themselves, as Tim thrust harder into Grace’s love tunnel, and Grace began to thrust back with equal energy. After a few minutes, they were pounding each other with pure abandon, each of them grunting and gasping as their mutual peaks shattered the night.

After they were done, Tim said, “If we keep this up, I may have to move to Seattle.”

Grace replied, “No, if we’re close, we’ll get tired of each other. Let’s just do this every few months, OK?”

“Sounds good. Smoke?”

“Thanks.” Grace took a long drag, contemplated what she’d proposed.

And why not? They were both consenting adults.

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