The Long, Hard Drive


I had never been so excited while driving to her place. There was something in her voice on the phone—an intoxicating mix of lust and playfulness that made her intentions crystal clear. Nothing turned me on as much as her desire for me, and she had made it plain that desire was foremost in her mind. “I want you to have me,” she had said simply. “Be here as soon as you can… I’m ready for you. Just stay in the car.” As I approached her place I realized I was absentmindedly touching myself through the rough denim of my jeans and probably had been for most of the drive. God, I wanted her so bad…

As she made her way down from her door toward my car, her silhouetted body emerging into view under the pale light of the street lamp, I wondered if she had ever looked so hot. It wasn’t just the outfit she was wearing—a short white skirt that framed her lithe, flawlessly sculpted legs and tight tank-top that stretched over her perfect breasts. It was the sexuality flowing through her body, oozing from her eyes, radiating through every limb as she walked purposely toward the car. I opened my door and stepped out, meaning to greet her with a kiss.

“I told you stay in the car!” she said over the roof of the car before I had taken a step, feigning exasperation.

“I was just going to open your door, geesh,” I replied with a smile, faking my own irritation as I climbed back in. She rolled her eyes but couldn’t contain her gorgeous, appreciative smile. After taking her seat in the car, her lips sought mine in an aggressive kiss, one hand behind my neck and the other running its way up my leg. I mirrored her pose, delighting in the smooth, taught feel of her inner thigh while pulling her mouth harder to mine as our tongues sought each other,. She let a moan escape into my mouth as she pulled away slightly, her lips brushing my cheek as she sought out my ear. “I want you to have me,” she breathed as her hand continued its way up my thigh. “I’ll do whatever you want with your cock, but for now, while we’re driving back to your place, I’m going to suck it…”

I let loose a low groan as I instantly hardened. “Mmmm,” she answered coyly as her hand confirmed the effects of her intentions. She looked down at her fingers as they danced over the growing bulge in my pants, her eyes an enthralling combination of pride in, and desire for, her accomplishment.

“Drive,” she whispered in my ear with a last flicker of her tongue as her fingers sought out my zipper and began to tug impatiently. I knew this was going to an unusually intense evening, even for us, and I couldn’t help but punch the car forward in my excitement, the acceleration pushing us back in our seats. “No need to hurry,” she said with faked agitation as she leaned back toward me. She smiled suggestively and added in a simple yet husky voice, her hand sliding into my unzipped jeans, “I want to take my time.”

I relaxed the car and let out a loud, halting breath as her fingers delicately circled around my still-hardening shaft. She gave a whimper of her own as her hand gripped me more firmly. I could feel myself pulsing against her tight grip as she struggled briefly in her own excitement to free me from my boxers.

“Mmmm, God, Ryan, I want you so bad,” she couldn’t help moaning, revealing how close she was to losing the calm control she had been projecting. Regaining her composure, she looked up at me and breathed, “I want to keep you close the whole way home…” With a last deft tug it sprang from my jeans, the tip purple and swollen and throbbing noticeably even in the low light of the car, her hand wrapped tightly around the base. “Fuck…” she whispered.

“Mmmm, fuck…” I answered her as she shifted in her seat and lowered her head to take me in her mouth. She let her lips travel slowly all the way down, then back up, her tongue sliding underneath, sucking gently. My breath came in ragged gasps as she flickered and swirled her tongue expertly. I moaned, fighting to concentrate on driving as she gave one long lick from the base to the tip, puckering her lips over the soft head, kissing it tenderly.

Then, without warning, she slid her mouth up and down forcefully several times, sucking passionately, her moans mingling with the loud slurping noises her mouth was making as she devoured me.

“Ohhh, fffuck!” I groaned again, louder this time. I struggled to keep my eyes focused on the road as she aggressively worked her mouth over every still-growing inch of me. “Mmmmmm… Gawwwd… Stacy…” I managed to exhale as she continued her non-stop assault. She merely moaned her response, humming against me as her lips gripped even tighter around my shaft, bobbing fiercely up and down, sucking with abandon. “So much for taking her time,” I thought—it was the only thing I could think, the pleasure was so intense. I couldn’t remember her ever devouring me so greedily and aggressively.

Our shared moans and gasps mingled with violently wet sucking and slurping noises as she guzzled me into her steaming mouth. Her bahis firmaları hand, soaking wet by this time, stroked me with an increasing rhythm. Her wanton need was driving me mad with my own desire. With one hand on the steering wheel, my other hand sought out her body, not content to enjoy the experience passively. I pressed firmly into her back and slid my hand downwards, searching out a way to give her pleasure, but the angle and motion of her body limited the possibilities. All I could do was grip her butt firmly and pull…

As I spread her open roughly, she gasped in a splutter, releasing me long enough to let out a loud “UNNNHHH” before repositioning her hand and taking me even deeper into her mouth, her tongue thrashing as she sucked hungrily, oblivious to any method of pleasing me and just losing herself to her cravings. Knowing that my action had sparked this reaction sent another jolt of excitement through my body from my chest through my limbs, causing me to throb and expand in her greedy mouth. I couldn’t reach quite far enough, but she didn’t seem to mind—her whimpers and moans and the action of her mouth made it clear that my touch was doing the trick. I groped a little lower with my fingers, stretching awkwardly toward the passenger to reach her, and pulled her ass again, marveling in the feel of her moaning mouth around me. I imagined it in my mind as I spread her open again, knowing she must be glistening wet. I imagined her, swollen and ready with anticipation. I imagined a bead of wetness trailing down between her legs…

That brought me to the edge. I quickly moved my hand to the back of her head, held her still and uttered a strained “shhhh…” To my surprise, she ceased her wild movements immediately. I realized that she was more in control of herself than I thought. That simple realization made me throb again in her still mouth, and she whimpered a quiet “mmmm.” I was so close, but I knew I wasn’t going to come yet. She didn’t know, though, and I knew she was wondering what was going to happen.

To my delighted surprise, she subtly tightened her grip around me and expertly ran her tongue along the soft underside of my throbbing shaft. I was struggling to contain my orgasm and she knew it—and loved it. I gently tightened my grip on the back her head and whispered another “shhhh…” She couldn’t help let out a long grunt of pleasured frustration as I jerked involuntarily between her lips, throbbing against her tongue. I removed my hand from the back of her head as, with a slight spasm, I oozed ever so slightly into her eager mouth.

I felt more than heard her long, delighted groan as she sensuously slid her tongue around the tip and brought her lips to the swollen head. It was my turn to groan as she gently sucked the tip, intent on drawing every last drop into her mouth. The critical moment had passed, and as we slowed to a stop at a red light, she removed her lips from around me with a soft, wet, slurping pop.

“God, Stacy… you are un-be-leeeev-able,” I managed to stammer. “Where is all this coming from?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” she said demurely as she sat back for a moment to smooth out her clothes with the palms of her hand, casting a quick glance out the car at the empty intersection. Then she brought her lips to my ear again and breathed, “I just love feeling your hard cock throb in my mouth…”

“Ffffuuckk…” was all I could reply as she began to trace the back of her fingernails slowly along the glistening skin of my shaft, tickling me seductively.

“Mmmm, do you like that?” she asked teasingly. All I could do was nod. She pressed her advantage, her lips brushing my ear lobe. “Mmmmm, do you like the way I suck your cock, Ryan?” The spasm she felt against her fingers and my sharp intake of breath answered her question. Often our love-making was luxurious and tender, but other times we were prone to display a more daring, dirtier side. During these times, experience had taught me that I could do more to turn her on with my words than anything I could do with my hands or lips. And on this night, I could tell that there would be few limits—the dirtier the better.

“Mmmm, Stacy, I love the feel of your lips wrapped around my cock,” I whispered back to her as my hand sought her thigh. This time it was her turn to merely whimper a reply, and my turn to press the advantage. “Mmmm, do you like the way my come tasted when I oozed into your mouth?” The volume of her inhalation made me wonder for a second if she was having an orgasm.

“Ohhh, Ryan, yes,” she breathed, moving her fingers to caress the tip of me as I slipped my own beneath the edge of her skirt. “I love the taste of your come when your cock jerks into my mouth.” With that, she lifted her sticky wet fingers from my tip to her lips and licked them teasingly before sucking them into her mouth. My mind was racing! What was taking place was unprecedented, and I wanted to make it last as long as possible.

“Mmmm, I wish it was jerking inside your pussy.”

“Ohhhh, kaçak iddaa fuck!” She let out another orgasmic moan as I felt her push her hips forward toward my teasing fingers. “I want to feel your cock throbbing inside my pussy so bad,” she said as she reached for my hand to slide it further along her inner thigh.

“Tell me how wet you are,” I breathed as her mouth danced over my ear and her hand guided mine further under her skirt.

“God, Ryan, my pussy’s so wet thinking of all the ways I want you to fuck me… UNNNHHHH!!” She cried out as she firmly pressed my fingers into the damp fabric of the tiny g-string covering her soft, wet, waiting flesh, confirming what I already knew about the state of her arousal. I could literally feel the heat coursing from between her legs and instinctively I began to rub in slow, steady circles. Her legs opened wide, and I could tell by the movement of her hips that she was aching for me to enter her. Her gasping breath was hot on my ear and cheek as I quickened my movements. I pressed my middle finger into her softness just enough to illicit a another soft cry, then refocusing my attention higher, my wet fingers rubbing determinedly, her hand on mine urging me on.

“Mmmm, Stacy, I love feeling how wet and ready you are. I want to taste you so bad!”

What happened next nearly brought me over the edge. I felt her hand drift slowly off of mine in a downward motion and realized with a thrill that she was pulling her underwear to the side. As I continued to rub, she slid two fingers deep inside herself with a loud gasp. Before I had a chance to even moan my excitement, she raised her glistening fingers to my parting lips and slid them in over my eager tongue. She smiled wickedly at the look of shocked pleasure on my face and whispered, “Mmmm, you like the way I taste?”

I merely groaned my delight as I continued to swirl my tongue over her fingers, savoring the sweet, tart taste of her wetness. I slid my hand from under her skirt and brought it to the back of her neck, her frustrated whimper covered by my mouth as I brought her lips to mine, our mouths open and active. She moaned in pleasure as our tongues caressed each other’s, sharing the taste of her.

The loud honk of a car horn behind us startled us into the reality of our surroundings. I didn’t know how long the light had been green, oblivious to the outside world. I brought both hands to the steering wheel to make the left turn toward the freeway as she sat back straight in her seat, again tugging coyly at her skirt as she brought her legs together. “Wow…” we both said simultaneously, and then both began to laugh loudly, the silliness saying something at the same time breaking the thick sexual tension. The delightful trill of her laugh and the playful beauty of her face made my heart leap. “God, I love your laugh so much,” I said happily.

“Awww, thanks,” she replied with a dazzling smile.

“And your smile, too. Yea, I pretty much love everything about your mouth,” I added in a matter-of-fact tone. She rolled her eyes but smiled in spite of my lameness.

“Mmm, I bet you do,” she answered with mock arrogance, finishing with another wicked smile.

“So, where did all this come from?” I asked again, trying not to sound too distracted as I merged into freeway traffic.

“I guess it started at work today,” she began.

“Oooooo, another Paul story?” I joked.

“Ewwww, no!! Sicko,” she laughed. Then her voice found a seductive timbre and she continued, “I’ve just been extra horny all day, thinking about us…” She let her eyes drop to where I was still protruding through my boxers. As her hand reached out to curl once more around me, she brought her face closer to my ear. She couldn’t contain the excitement in her voice. “I almost got caught giving myself an orgasm right there at my desk…”

“Oh my God…” I breathed as I pulsed against her tightening grip. She beamed in pleasure at feeling my reaction to her words, her hand beginning a slow stroking motion. I reached for her thigh again as she parted her legs ever so slightly. I wanted to ask her directly what she had been fantasizing about, but decided to wait and see if she would volunteer a description. She didn’t disappoint.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about using my mouth on you,” she said excitedly, then added in a sultry whisper, her lips in my ear, “I couldn’t stop imagining your hard cock throbbing between my lips.”

“Unnnhhhh!” was all I could respond as I swelled in her hand, the head engorged with my renewed excitement. I could sense her delight in the effect she was having on me.

“Mmmm, keeping you close,” she continued seductively, holding me gently between her thumb and fingers. “Listening to the noises you make… feeling you all hard and swollen… running my tongue from the base to tip… tasting you ooze.”

With these last words, she pressed her index finger lightly into the tip and watched greedily as she stretched a long, sticky thread from out of me. kaçak bahis She lowered her head and brought the thread to her mouth so that it sagged between her lower lip and the tip of my throbbing erection. Her delicate tongue flicked out against my skin as she took me into her open-mouthed smile and wrapped her soft lips around me once more, sucking gently.

“Unnhh, like that?” I managed to groan.

“Mmm hmm,” she hummed as she held the tip of me in her mouth, her hand still stroking me slowly.

“God, that feels so good,” I exhaled. She moaned her agreement as her tongue encircled me in a slow, swirling motion. “But I want to hear more. Tell me what happened.” I sensed her pause, reluctant to stop but (I hoped) excited to explore this new fantasy. Teasingly, she slid her mouth downwards over my shaft as far as she could, flickered her tongue sensuously, then slowly slid her lips back up, sucking gently, finally releasing it with a tender kiss.

Slowly tracing her fingernails up and down my wet skin, she raised her mouth to my ear once more. “You want me to tell you how I was fantasizing about you at work today?” I jerked involuntarily against her finger tips. “Mmmmmmm,” she purred. “You want to hear how excited I got imagining wrapping my lips around your cock? You want me to tell how wet I was getting thinking of how I wanted to bring you so close that you were begging me to make you come?”

“Please…” I uttered breathlessly, begging for more, my fingers sliding up and down her inner thigh, exploring higher under her skirt. I could feel her legs open wider and could sense the delight she felt at the effects her words were having on me.

“You want to know about how I couldn’t keep from closing my eyes right there at my desk and sliding my fingers underneath my dress to rub my swollen clit? You want me to tell you how I could feel my pussy dripping down my leg thinking of you bending me over my desk right there so you could fuck me from behind?”

“OHHhhhhhhh!” I let out in a guttural groan, my head falling back. It was all I could do keep control of the car as I placed both hands back on the steering wheel. Any momentary alarm she felt was quickly replaced by eager excitement at her own power over me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her replace my hand with her own as it disappeared underneath her skirt.

“You want me to tell you how I could hear voices down the hall and the thrill turned me on even more? About how once I had to stop when someone walked through and as soon as they left I went right back to playing with my clit?”

“Yes… pleeeeease…” I managed to strain in a high-pitched whimper. She moaned softly in my ear at the sound of my pleading voice. I regained my composure enough to add, “I want to hear how much you wanted me to bend you over the desk right there in that office, lifting your dress up, gripping your ass in my hands, and burying my hard cock in your tight pussy!”

Her moan wasn’t soft this time. “OHHHHH, mmmnnggphhhuck!” she wailed into my ear, her head collapsing against my shoulder and chest. She squeezed me so tight that it almost hurt, the pain actually bringing me intense pleasure. My pleasure grew as I noticed how rapidly she was rubbing herself under her skirt.

Our gasps, moans, and the soft wet noises of skin stroking skin were the only noises for a moment. My eyes kept darting from the road to where one of her hands was stroking me firmly to where her other hand was vigorously pleasuring herself.

“God, Ryan, I’m so close…” she breathed, momentarily slowing the activity hidden beneath the skirt. There was something so unbelievably sexy about the sight of her on the passenger seat, turned slightly towards me, knees apart and her skirt hiked far up her legs, just down enough to prevent me from seeing her finger-play, forcing me to use my imagination. I knew what I wanted next, but at the same time I wanted to hear the rest of her story.

“How did you almost get caught?” I asked quietly, breaking her from her revelry. As she calmed, her hand returned to rubbing slow circles between her legs while her other went back to slowly tracing the pulsating veins of my shaft. “I want to hear more about what happened… about what you were thinking when you made yourself come…”

“Mmmm, I bet you do,” she whispered playfully, reasserting her control over the situation. “I bet you want to hear all about it… about how I couldn’t concentrate on anything else thinking how bad I wanted you in my mouth… about how my desire was so intense I actually caught myself running my tongue over my lips and around inside my mouth and had to almost laugh… about how the risk literally made my pussy hot, mmmm, driving me crazy…” She was definitely in control now, and there was no way I was going to interrupt her. I wanted to see how hot she could make us both.

“I bet you want to hear how I was turning myself on so much I couldn’t resist reaching below the desk and underneath my dress, sliding it up over my thighs, teasing myself…” She began tickling her inner thigh up and down slowly as she spoke, reliving the fantasy. I was beginning to wish the drive would last forever—I didn’t want her to stop talking dirty to me.

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