The Lovers


Danny Effron wore a private smile as he watched a cab draw up across the street. The passenger climbed out and stood on the sidewalk to wait until the cab was out of sight before starting across the street. Sitting on the swing seat on the front porch he was invisible to his sister. Moving up to his feet he saw he head turn and a soft smile appear.

“Chris …”

“Hello Mouse.” Danny spoke from the shadow.

Startled Michelle ‘Mouse’ Effron instantly froze; the purse and shoes that she had been carrying clattered on the wood porch deck. He saw her eyes open even wider in shock as he stepped out of the shadow. Instantly she was in his arms. Holding his sister in his arms he could feel her body shudder as she wept uncontrollably.

“I can’t believe that you’re home,” Mouse cried.

“Shush,” he whispered.

Mouse fell silent for a split second before she was reclaimed by the torrent of emotions flooding through her veins. Minutes passed before she dared push back against his arms and look into her brother’s face.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you were coming?”

“I didn’t know until this morning,” he answered.

A smile played with her lips as she shook her head in disbelief. Mouse broke from his embrace and opened the front door. The house was silent and in total darkness.

“Where are you staying?”

“Why didn’t you say?

“Do Mom and Dad know?

Danny laughed.

“I managed to get a room at the Marriott.”

Mouse jumped at him. “There’s no way that you’re staying in a hotel. You’ll stay here.”

“Mouse you only have the one bedroom.” The second bedroom was her study.

“You can have the couch. No, I’ll take the couch and you can have the bed. Damn it Dan, don’t laugh at me.”


“OK, what?”

“OK, I’ll move from a lovely king size bed to your couch.” Exhausted Danny collapsed on to the sofa. Mouse fell down next to him and then twisted and squirmed under his arm.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” he answered. Danny could see the moonlight sparkling in her tear filled eyes as silence claimed them.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t here for you,” he said quietly. Mouse had gone through a bitter divorce with Mike, her husband of two years.

Mouse shook her head. “I needed to go through it on my own.”

Danny nodded but still felt guilty.


“I love you too Mouse,” he answered Mouse’s sleep filled murmur.

“That’s good then.”

Lulled by the silence that comforted the house and feeling safe and warm in her brother’s arms Mouse closed her eyes and was quickly asleep. Danny was asleep soon after.

Danny woke to find the room filled with sunlight and Mouse lying against his side. Not wanting to move he lay there, silently listening to the house and neighbourhood as it stirred awake.

“Tell me that you are real.”

“That you are real.” Mouse slowly opened her eyes.

“Did you sleep well?”

Mouse snuggled against him.

“What time is it?”

“It’s after nine.”

“Shit, I’m supposed to be at Sam’s for breakfast.”

“Then you’d better get a move on.” Mouse rolled off him and scrambled to her feet. “I’ll just stay here and get a couple of more hours sleep.”

Mouse fell upon him. Her hands immediately she went to tickle his ribs. Mouse saw the look on his face as the pain lanced through Dan’s spine.

“You’re hurt.” Danny grabbed her hand. “What the hell’s going on Danny?”

“I’ll tell you everything. Just give me some time, OK?” Mouse looked unsure. “I’ve never lied to any of you, Mouse, and I’m not about to start.”

Mouse looked down at their enjoined hands. “Make the coffee whilst I get a shower and you can get one after me.”

Mouse stopped at the door and looked back at him. He was stilling lying on the couch.

“I thought that you were making coffee?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mouse knocked on the door. Inside they could hear voices and then the sound of footsteps closing on the door. Danny stood in the doorway as the door opened.

“Have you got room for one more at breakfast, Sis?” said Danny softly. Sam jumped into his arms. Danny winced as a sharp stab of pain lanced through his ribs.

“Danny!” Crying, Sam wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his shoulder.

“Sam, who is it?” asked Chris Dettmer.

“Hey Chris,” Danny called out a greeting to his brother in law. Sam’s husband Chris appeared at the door carrying the newest member of the Carter family, 8 month old Jessica. Sam took her daughter from her husband moved to stand next to Danny.

“Jessica, I’d like you to meet your Uncle Danny. Danny this is your niece Jessica Elizabeth.”

Danny took hold of his niece. “She’s beautiful.”

“She is that,” said Sam.

Danny looked up and caught Chris’s eye. He was going to congratulate him but saw a look in his eye that shouldn’t have been there. Chris quickly became uncomfortable under Danny’s intense gaze.

Danny hugged his sister. “How is it being a Mom?”

Sam smiled through illegal bahis the tears. “Harder than working but I wouldn’t change my life with anyone.”

“Are the parents units here yet?”

Sam giggled.

“I haven’t heard that in ages.” A look of sadness flashed in her eyes as the reasons why invaded her mind.

“Mom and Dad called five minutes ago to say they were ten minutes away,” answered Sam.

Mouse looked at Danny and then to Sam. An unspoken message passed between sisters. Mouse led the way through to the kitchen. As Chris made a fresh pot of coffee Danny slumped into the leather armchair that sat in the corner of the room. As if it was second nature, Sam moved to sit in his lap.

The scene that welcomed the senior Effrons quickly overwhelmed them. Sam was sitting across Danny’s lap, her feet curled over the arm of the chair as she held Jessica, Danny with his arm around his sister as he leaned forward to watch his niece. Realising that they were not alone Danny glanced up. A smile instantly blossomed on his face.

“Hey Mom; hey there Dad; Happy Holidays,” he greeted the parent units warmly.

“Happy Holidays baby,” Mary Effron cried.

“It’s real good to see you home Son,” said Bob Effron.

“It’s damn good to be home,” Danny agreed.

“Amen to that,” added Mouse.

“I really need to use the bathroom,” Danny whispered to Sam. There was mischief in her eyes when Sam turned her face so that none of the others could read her lips.

“So that’s what’s been poking me in the ass. I thought it was your 9 mill”

“I didn’t hear any complaints,” he teased. Sam didn’t have a comeback.

“Hell Sis, have you put on some weight?”

Sam glared at her brother but couldn’t maintain her anger as laughter filled the kitchen. Rising from the armchair he had to let the feeling return to his legs before he could move. Unable to wait Mary hurried across the kitchen and wrapped her arms around her youngest son.

“Are you home for good, baby?” Danny knew that the others had heard the question. If he had looked up he would have notice Mouse’s shadow as she hovered at the foot of the stairs waiting for his answer.

“My days working undercover are over Mom.” Danny’s voice carried through the house. Tears of relief and happiness rolled down Mouse’s cheeks as she hurried into the bathroom.

There were no words when father and son embraced. Sam broke the embrace with a warning, “breakfast in twenty minutes.”

Danny was the last to arrive in the kitchen for breakfast. Sliding into the empty chair next to Mouse he listened to the mundane day to day gossip around the kitchen table. He learned that a Mrs Harris was having an affair and that two of Sam’s friends were getting married in the New Year. Mouse was babysitting so that Sam and Chris could attend the wedding.

“Danny?” Opening his eyes he slowly realised that the room had fallen silent until he felt a hand touch his arm and Sam softly repeated, “Danny?”


Mouse was laughing.

“Mom asked you a question,” said Sam.

The Effron women were unmistakeably beautiful. They were all slim and above average in height. Sam had a perfectly flat stomach whilst Mary and Mouse had more of a pronounced stomach swell. As a hormonal teenager he discovered that Sam and Mouse were both B-cups.

Just one look at Mary Effron would tell any eligible guy what the daughters would look like when they reached their fifties. Danny suspected that Chris had had similar thoughts as he dated Sam. He was mistaken. Sam and Danny were both adopted. Sam’s mother had abandoned her at the hospital when she was only a couple of days old. Mary had been on duty when she had been found. Their parents fought every step of the way until they finally legally adopted her. Mouse was born ten months later, much to her parents shock and joy.

Sam was nine when they adopted Danny. He was found by the police after neighbours reported hearing a baby crying. His mother’s body was found on the kitchen floor. She had died from a drug overdose. Danny’s birth mother was seventeen. There was no record of his father.

“Sorry Mom.”

Sam could see that he had changed. It was unmistakeable. He had lost weight, his face was leaner. She could also see that he walked in a different manner. He moved in a way that reminded her of an old man. Where there had been a spark in his eyes, she now saw pain and hurt. Her brother was hiding something.

“Are you OK?” He smiled sadly. The realisation of what he had missed had hit him hard.

“I will be Mom. I will be.”

Mary Effron returned her son’s smile. “Your being back is the best present that I could ask for.”

“Amen to that,” added Sam.

“If that’s all you two want for Christmas then you two are all sorted and I can spend more on Jessica.”

“Hey,” Mouse snapped. There was fun in her eyes. “Don’t include me with them and you owe me birthdays presents too little brother.”

“In that case, can I use your car Mom; I need to go shopping.” The only illegal bahis siteleri thought he had had since being released was to see his family. Christmas hadn’t been in his mind.

Mouse glanced across the table and found Sam, a smile on her face, looking directly at her.

“You still have some things that you still have to get, don’t you Sis? Why don’t you go together?”

Danny could feel their eyes on him. “You don’t have to if you have other plans.”

“No,” Mouse answered hurriedly; her mind was a whirl as she made a mental list of telephone calls she had to make to tell her friends that she wouldn’t be able to make it to lunch. “I have no other plans.”

“What do you say about making a day out of it? We can have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory?” asked Dan. Mouse nodded her head enthusiastically and her face glowed as she smiled.

“Hell, if the Cheesecake Factory is on offer then I’m free,” announced Sam. When she glanced at her younger sister she saw the disappointment etched on her face. Jealousy pricked her as she said, “But I’ll settle on you bringing cheesecake home with you.”

“Me too,” added Mary Effron.

Danny mentioned calling in at the local car dealership on the way to the Mall as he needed transport. He had already picked out the model he wanted. A F150 Harley Davidson and the salesman had seven low mileage examples on the lot. When they finally arrived at the Mall he was the owner of a black F150. He would be able to collect it the following morning.

Mouse held his hand as they entered the Mall. It was crowded with shoppers after last minute gifts or late bargains.

“So, who do you still have to buy presents for?”

“You, silly,” Mouse answered. “Dad is babysitting whilst Sam and Mom are at the Imperial Centre. You didn’t believe that crap about you being Mom’s best present did you, because I have you beat little brother.”

Danny was reflective for a moment and then felt a soft hand against his face.

“Where did you go just now?” He was reflective for a moment before answering. Mouse moved up on to her toes and kissed her brother. “I love you.”

“I know, you told me last night,” he answered slipping his arms around her. “So what do you want for Christmas?”

“Michelle?” Danny looked up at hearing his sister’s name being called out.

“Sheila,” Mouse answered in surprised. The friends exchanged an air kiss.

“So you’re the mystery guy she’s been telling us all about?”

Danny gave his sister a curious look. She wasn’t looking him.

“I’m Sheila, Michele and I work together.” Danny felt Mouse move closer and instinctively he put his arm around her waist.

“Nice to meet you,” Danny replied. “And I hope you don’t mind that I have Mouse all to myself do you?”

“Are you both coming to the party tomorrow night?” cried Sheila. Mouse glanced at Dan. It had slipped her mind.

“Of course we’ll be there,” he answered.

Sheila leaned closer to her friend. “I want details girlfriend.”

Sheila disappeared into the crowd that swirled around them. Mouse tightened her grip on his hand. They would be the talk amongst her friends.

“Now, what would you like Santa to bring you this year?”

Mouse hesitated, “Danny, I made a wish last year that you would be home for Christmas. Santa said that he would keep his promise.”

Danny pulled her closer. “I love you Mouse.”

“I love you too but people are beginning to stare.”

“Let them.” They both started to laugh. Hand in hand they followed the flow through the Mall stopping off to window shop or to enter a store.

“So tell me about this party.”

“It’s OK Danny. You don’t have to go.”

He laughed. “I’ve lost weight and my clothes don’t fit. I was going to ask you to help me pick out a new suit so that I don’t show you up.”

Mouse headed to the Emporio store. She picked out a dark, Italian cut suit, a white shirt that he could wear with the collar open. She then picked out a casual cut suit and half a dozen shirts. Danny paid the sales assistant. They continued to walk through the Mall. As they looked into the window of a jewellery store Danny mentioned that he needed a new watch to go with his suit.


Inside they immediately went to the watch displays. Danny was unsure and put together a choice of four and then asked Mouse for her opinion. He selected the one Mouse had picked out; it was also the one that had caught his eye first. Leaving him to pay Mouse moved down the shop.

“Have a nice day.”

Danny smiled, “you could make it a better day.”

He knew that he had caught the assistant’s attention and explained what he wanted.

“How do I get a boyfriend like you?”

“I’m from right here in Franklin,” he answered. Danny moved across to where Mouse was looking at jewellery.

“Is there one in particular that you like?” Mouse pointed out a diamond pendant and then shook her head. Danny also noticed matching ear rings. He glanced at the assistant.

“There’s no harm in looking,” Danny canlı bahis siteleri pushed.

“But I can’t afford it. So there’s no point.” Danny exchanged a look with the assistant before he followed Mouse further along the counter. They walked around the store before returning to the watch counter to collect his purchases.

They strolled through the Mall. As they were passing Victoria Secrets Danny dragged a reluctant Mouse inside.

“Sit.” Mouse heard the authority in his voice and sat down.

“Just hear me out. I’m not good at this but I want to buy something for Sam. You know her better than I do. It’s for when she goes away for the wedding weekend. Hell, I don’t know what but to make her feel sexy. Then I want you to pick out something for Mom. Again you know what she likes. Then I want you to buy something for me.”

Mouse’s eye’s opened wide.

“The stuff for me is so that I can give it to you for the birthdays that I missed.”

“Danny, you are better at this than you think.”

Mouse jumped to her feet, a determined look on her face, grabbed his hand and dragged him across to the counter. Danny played no part of the conversation with the Sales Assistant but understood enough to understand that Mouse had asked for a private room where she could model for her husband. They were shown to a private room. Inside Danny found himself sitting on a leather sofa opposite a wall of mirrors.

“Sit!” commanded Mouse. Danny smiled.

“Yes Ma’am.”

The assistant who escorted them into the room returned with coffee for Danny. Drinking his coffee he was amused as Mouse with the assistant closely following on behind made several explorations of the sales floor, returning each time with an arm full of outfits. Several items were placed on a rack next to a curtained changing booth.

“Those are for Sam and Mom.” Mouse had a wicked look in her eye. Danny started to have doubts.

“No peaking.”

Lost in thought he hadn’t heard the swish of the curtain as Mouse stepped into the changing booth. When he finally looked up his breath was choked off. Mouse hadn’t closed the curtains fully.

Danny had seen Mouse in two piece swimsuits more times than he could remember but he was unprepared for the vision standing before him. Mouse was wearing a burgundy bra that pushed her already perky 34C breasts up and out. She was also wearing the matching pair of silk pants, they were full at the hip and accentuated with lace that matched the bra. When she turned he got a look at her perfect ass. The pants accentuated the curve of her ass. He saw the silhouette of her erect nipples and felt the sudden rush of blood to his groin.

Mouse was laughing as she looked at her reflection and then disappeared behind the curtain. Minutes passed before she peeled back the curtain and stepped out wearing a long silk gown belted at the waist. Beneath the sheer material he could see that she was naked underneath as the silk flowed over Mouse’s slender hips.

“This is what you are getting for Mom and Sam,” announced Mouse.

Danny looked shocked.

“Seeing the look on your face then I guess I’ve picked the right item.”

“Your boyfriend will be the luckiest guy on the planet.” Mouse gave him a strange luck and then quickly disappeared back behind the curtain.

He glanced across at the lingerie that Mouse had picked out for his Mom and sister.

“So what else have you picked out?”

Mouse put her finger to her lips. “That’s a secret for me to know and you…well…”

Mouse turned abruptly and dashed behind the counter but not quick enough for him not to see the silk had adhered to the cheeks of her ass. The image was quickly burned into his mind. Mouse reappeared ten minutes later. The argument at the checkout was over within seconds as Danny asked the assistant to charge all the items to his card. As the assistant processed the items he moved to stand behind Mouse and held her against him.

“Let me do this.”

“You owe me one,” Mouse whispered back.

“I owe you more than I can ever repay Mouse. You kept me going when I was ready to quit.” Mouse turned without breaking his embrace. “You, Sam and Mom kept me safe and warm. It was thinking of the three of you that got me through each day.”

“Are you in a good place now?” asked Mouse.

He nodded.

The assistant interrupted at that moment. As he waited for the electronic cashier to process his card he heard Mouse say.

“Oh no, he’s my boss and this is my bonus for being a good girl this year. Aren’t I lucky?” He completed the transaction and rushed to gather their purchases and dashed out of the store.

Mouse stopped laughing at her brother’s embarrassment when she noticed that he winced as he put his weight down on his right leg.

“Danny, I’m tired. What about getting cheesecake and going home to Sam’s,” said Mouse. He saw the fierce determination in her tear filled eyes.

“Yes Ma’am.”

Danny spoke slowly as he told his family about his injuries. He had limped into the kitchen and instantly his Mom was alert. Her question was screamed at him. They were all sitting in Sam’s kitchen. Mouse was sitting next to him holding his hand as he spoke. Sam, Chris and his parents listened. They all had tears in their eyes.

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