The Masturbation Quiz.


The Masturbation Quiz.My answers to the masturbation quizAre you male or female? MaleAge? 40+At what age did you start masturbating? 13, up in my bedroom naked one summer night.How many times a week do you masturbate? 2-3 timesHow many times do you orgasm each time you play with yourself? Every time! Not much point masturbating if I don’t orgasm!!Where do you masturbate:In bed? YesIn the shower? YesIn the bath? Not in the bath, but before I take a bath. Outdoors? Yes.. At work? Yes, many times in the men’s restroom jerking my load into the pan, or in my office before we went open plan.Every room in the house? Not yetIn a car while traveling along the interstate? NoWhat do you fantasize about when you play:A significant other? YesA friend? Yes my ex girl friends.A friend’s spouse? Yes. A stranger? Yes, porn girls or strippers I’ve watched in striptease bars.A co-worker? Yes, my sexy big boobed colleague Julie.A member of the same sex? Sometimes, boys back at school I masturbated illegal bahis with and did hand jobs with.A member of the opposite sex? Most times.A past lover? YesWhat position do you play in:On your back? Yes. My usual position in bed.Standing? Yes, in front of my big wall mirror.Kneeling? Yes. Kneeling wide legged is my favourite position. It stretches my muscle and I like the feel of my balls swinging.Sitting? Yes, wide legged.Lying on tummy? Not lying but sometimes on all fours in the classic fuck position.How do you play:With left hand? I play with my balls with my left hand and my cock with my right hand.With right hand? Yes, with my fist wrapped round my cock.With a toy? Yes, with women’s panties, or playing with my wife’s naked body.With water from bath? No. Written erotica? Yes. Sometimes my own erotic stories!Pictures? Yes, lots of times.Movie clips online? YesVideos? Yes, trying to coincide my cum with orgasms in the video!Something on TV? No. What is your favorite illegal bahis siteleri porn:Pictures of naked or semi naked women? Yes.Pictures of naked or semi naked men? Sometimes.Straight sex between man and woman? YesGay or lesbian sex? Yes (Lesbian)Group sex or orgies? YesBlow jobs/oral sex? Yes, especially women sucking men off.Cumshots? Yes. I imagine it’s me doing it.Age play? Yes. Love age differences, as long as everyone’s 18 or over. Especially mature women.S&M? No.Role playing? Yes, nurse, Secretary, schoolgirl.Kinky? Yes!Have you ever masturbated to:Email messages? No.A chat room dialogue? No.Exchanged stories or pictures? YesHave you ever:Been caught masturbating? Yes, masturbating in bed next to my wife, when I thought she was asleep. She didn’t mind, and helped me by snuggling next to me and stroking my thigh.Masturbated for a man/woman? Yes. Often. Early on my wife asked me to show her how a guy does it, now I often masturbate playing with her naked body canlı bahis siteleri and her playing with mine.Masturbated for the same sex? For boys back at school, and for an older gay guy I met who asked me to wank for him. I was lonely and sexually frustrated so I stripped and wanked for him.Masturbated in a group? Back at school, a bunch of us masturbated together ogling porn.Masturbated for a photo? Yes, to post on porn sites like Xhamster and Show your Dick.Masturbated for a webcam? NoMasturbated for a video? Yes to post on porn sites like XHamsterDo you ever:Play with nipples/breasts when masturbating? Only my wife’s! With her pussy, ass and legs too!Insert something or play with your ass? NoInsert something in mouth when masturbating? No.Use pain as a method of playing? No, except holding back my cum till I feel my shaft is so tight it’s going to snap!Final questions:Do you taste your cum? No.When was the last time you masturbated? Two days ago.Are you wet or hard now? My cock’s getting hard now!Are you going to masturbate now? In a couple of hours.Are you a masturbation addict? Yes. Does it turn you on to talk about masturbation? Yes. I like talking about masturbation with other men on sex discussion sites.

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