The Meter Reader

Big Tits

I am in my favorite summer place, the backyard. I have purchased an inflatable pool and fill it each afternoon with cold water, as I lie back and improve my tan. It is called the “Family Lagoon Pool” and is eleven feet long and three feet deep. Every day, after I finish all my errands and housework, I go out to the pool to sun and think. Our yard is edged in a high privacy fence and my pool is out in the sunny area to the west, so I get rays all day. I used to wear an old beat up suit. Then I slowly started lowering the straps, until my breasts were regularly exposed. Soon the suit was around my waist and I was a beautiful, even brown.

One day, my suit was still wet, so I went out in panties and a shirt, slowly removing the shirt as I lowered myself into the water. After awhile, even that seemed silly, so I started going out in panties with a towel held in front of me. I carried my house phone, cell phone, timer, book…anything to keep me comfortable for an extended period of time. I could lie on my back, my head on the top ring, my full body exposed as I talked to friends and family, enjoying the feel of the very hot sun on my warm body.

One thing I noticed was how excited lying in the sun made me. I would lie there and think lascivious thoughts of my lover, my pussy aching and pulsing in the water. I would turn onto my belly and let my nipples sink into the icy cold pool, feeling them tighten and harden before I even touched them.

Today, as I was sunning, the water seemed warm. I got out of the pool and turned on the faucet, taking the hose back with me to the pool. I was lying there, enjoying my hot/cold existence when my phone rang. It was my lover, taking a break at work. I described for him the afternoon scene. I was lying on my back, wearing small pink panties, my skin hot and smooth, my legs spread, my nipples all puckery and hard. I took my cold hand from the pool and ran it over my breasts, causing my nipples to tighten even more. My sweet lover began talking seductively to me, telling me what he would do if he were with me.

He whispered that I should take off my panties and tan all over. I slowly slipped them down my thighs and kicked them off, describing to him exactly what I was doing. Ah, now the sun was beating down on my smooth pussy. My pale, innocent pussy. He asked if the hose was still running. I nodded my head and told him yes. He told me to take the hose and place it against that hairless pussy, feel the coolness running illegal bahis over my already swollen lips. It felt incredibly good. He told me to reach down and spread the lips, open them and allow my pink to shine through. I had to release the hose to do this, but I held it between my soft thighs.

I sat up straighter in the pool, holding the phone with my chin while I used both hands to accomplish what he wanted. And what he wanted was so fantastic! He told me to place the head of the nozzle against my clit and hold it in place with my thighs. As I moved my legs, the hose moved against my clit, changing the pressure and either intensifying or decreasing the pleasure. It took me a few minutes to catch on, then I easily moved the hose for optimal enjoyment. I turned onto my left side, keeping the hose wrapped around my thigh, the head pressed against my sweet little clit.

My lover continued to whisper into my ear, telling me what he would be doing if he were with me. I could feel the orgasm starting. My toes curled and my legs began aching, the heat moving through my body to my central point. My sweet lover’s voice became distant, I could hear him but not understand the words. I said his name and began to spasm, moving in the water, my body trembling and throbbing against the cold water still aimed at my tender clit. I couldn’t move the hose and the orgasm continued. I turned onto my back, my legs spread open, my hand holding the end of the hose tightly against my quivering clit, moans escaping my mouth as I enjoyed the continuing pleasure.

Finally, I was able to move the water stream from my clit and let it run over my extremely swollen pussy lips. We spoke words of love and tenderness and slowly said goodbye. As I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see a man standing there. It was obvious that he had been there awhile by the erection present in his pants. He was just watching me and smiling, licking his lips. When he saw my eyes open, he quickly introduced himself as the meter man. He had been reading my meter when he heard my moans and was worried something was wrong. When he saw me with the hose, he couldn’t look away, he was mesmerized. As he told me all of this, he continued to look at my naked body, his eyes eagerly enjoying my hard brown nipples and bare pussy.

I was still in that hazy sexual place I go to after orgasm, and I just listened and nodded my head. I vaguely thought perhaps I should cover myself or tell him to go, but instead illegal bahis siteleri I found myself looking at the bulge in his jeans and wondering how it would feel in my mouth or in my hungry pussy. I opened my legs further and moved the hose so he could see my pussy easily.

He walked closer, placing his clipboard on the chair beside the pool, talking gently to me all the time. His voice was soothing, sensual, and soft. He introduced himself as William, ace city employee. He took the other chair and sat beside me, talking gently about the day and his job, while slowly removing his shoes and socks. He rolled up his jeans and placed his feet into the water. I turned on my left side to look up at him and respond. His foot moved lazily in the water, lightly running up and down my thigh. I felt his toes as they slowly slipped between my thighs and came to rest on my shaved pussy. He continued to watch me, planning a quick escape if I seemed disturbed by the events.

Instead, I slowly closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his toe rubbing on my sensitive skin. I could feel him moving up and down my slit, slowly sinking that toe into my hot pinkness, wriggling inside of me and making me tingle. I moved closer to his foot, bringing him deeper into me. I opened my legs to allow him better access. His toe was moving faster now, up and down my sweet lips, lingering on my hard little clit. Usually she is so shy, but for William, she was being very bold, very brazen. Before I realized it, my body started to stiffen, my legs straight and locked in place as I rode his toe to orgasm, calling out as my spasm racked my body.

As I felt my hot pussy throbbing around his toe, I looked up to see him removing his shirt. He gently pulled his foot from between my legs and dropped his jeans into the grass. He stood before me naked in the sun, his cock hard and red, pre-come already gathering on the tip. He gracefully slid into the pool, stretching out full length beside me, his arms wrapping me and pulling me close. I could feel his excitement against my tummy, his warm hands on my back, his breath on my face as he kissed me. We kissed forever, tasting each other, learning each other. His lips molded mine, his tongue washed my mouth sensuously and softly.

The water was slowly lapping against our bodies, feeling cold and refreshing on my burning skin. We both knelt in the water, pressing our bodies close together, enjoying the feel of his hard cock captured canlı bahis siteleri between us, my hard nipples rubbing on his chest. I turned him toward the chair, encouraging him to bend forward. God, he had a lovely ass, tight and pale. I leaned forward and ran my tongue up and down between the cheeks. He quickly realized what I wanted and bent further. My tongue continued to lick him, circling his cheeks, licking his tight little bud. He pushed his hips back against my face, encouraging me to continue. My tongue was circling his tight hole, circling fast then slowly, making him moan aloud.

Then I lapped at his ass, my tongue flat and broad, enjoying the slightly salty taste of him. His hips were wriggling, tempting me to go further. I picked up the hose and ran the cool water against his ass, then licked him with my hot tongue. I continued this, alternating the cool water with my hungry mouth as he spread his legs further and pushed back to me, offering me his tight hole. My tongue started slipping in and out of the puckered ring, and I could taste his sweetness and feel his smooth, hot most-private skin. My hand reached between his legs, caressing his heavy, full balls, my cool fingers encircling his hard cock. His moans intensified. I could hear him asking if he could come inside me, he wanted to feel my smooth pink and how my pussy would wrap around him as I came.

I knelt beside him, leaning on the chair. He positioned himself behind me, holding my hips tightly in his strong hands. I felt the head of his cock as he placed it just inside my swollen slit. I was crazy with lust by now and growling instructions to him, telling him to fuck me, to fuck me hard and deep. He held my hips and drove his hot cock deep into my cunt, burying it far inside me. I clenched my muscles, milking his length, making him moan again. He moved slowly at first, in and out of my deepness. As my voice encouraged him to fuck me, he began to stroke harder, faster. Suddenly, I felt the cool water spraying on my needy clit. He held it between my legs, right against my pleasure center as he fucked me. I couldn’t help myself, I began to come, my whole body jerking with spasms. I felt him pause for a second, then plunge himself so deep inside me. I felt his come filling me, splashing against my smooth pink, his cock throbbing repeatedly.

William leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into the water, still joined. He kissed my neck, whispered sweet things into my hair, held me close. Soon, I felt his cock slipping out of me, leaving cold water in its place. I curled up, my head resting on the top ring and drifted off to sleep, grateful that meter readers are such conscientious government employees!

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