The Mistress Ch. 07


He laid me down on my back and started to stare at me while parting my legs and inserted his penis inside me. We’re staring at each other while fucking.

“Fucking you hard, Joy. Caressing your hair…your face…kissing and biting your soft lips…licking your neck…your ears…biting your ear lobes…fondling your breasts…sucking your boobs…biting your nipples…fucking you hard…”

He’s saying everything that he’s doing to me aloud. I realized that he’s putting in action what we’ve been saying to each other during phone sex. It made us so excited and I started to moan.

“I love hearing your moans, Joy. It makes me cum…I’m coming…I’m coming…”

His rhythm got faster and faster until he let out a big…

“Aaahhh…Joy, I so love fucking you…do that kegel…do that kegel…please…”

He buried his face on my neck then rolled over my side. When he’s done catching his breath, we started kissing, caressing, cuddling, and masturbating each other, exchanging moans. This had always been my favorite…masturbating each other while kissing…it’s giving me an indescribable connection to him…

He got up and positioned himself in between my legs and started to eat me. He was licking and sucking my clit. It really gave me pleasure beyond words…

“Okay, Emman, you can suck my clit as long as you want…it’s all yours…I don’t care if it gets misshapen. I didn’t let anybody suck that maybe because I was reserving it for you…suck it hard…”

I was squeezing and grinding his head…aaahhh…Emman, I love you so much…I’m coming…I’m coming…”

He laid beside me and started fondling my boobs and playing with my hard nipples.

“Why do you love eating me when all of your semen is inside me?” I asked.

“I love the taste of our cum and juice mixed together,” and started kissing me passionately.

I could smell our sex all over his face.

He needed to go home. He said that we’d eat breakfast together the next day.

I could hardly sleep again. I was thinking about his limp tiny penis with erectile dysfunction that pre-ejaculates. Would I ever be happy with it? It would not even reach my throat when I swallow his wholeness. It would not get stiff even when I had worked on it for 30 minutes already.

My roomy vagina was never an issue with him so I should stop thinking about his flaws and concentrate on the positive, the way we make love, our long foreplay, full of passion, giving me goose bumps…

Although he’d cum illegal bahis quick, he seemed to enjoy my long sexual stamina, and he never left me unsatisfied. That’s what mattered.

I so miss Emman already. I was caressing my lips thinking about his kisses…I was caressing my nakedness thinking about his caresses. I fell asleep thinking about our third night.

Mar 30 I was half awoke when Emman came in. His key card lock worked this time. He laid down beside me and I could feel his naked body envelope me. I faced him and he took off my clothes. He wanted to kiss me on my lips, but I did not let him, as I have not gargled yet. He said he’s just going to kiss my lips without opening my mouth. I allowed him, but his tongue tried to force my lips apart. I struggled away from him, wrapped myself with a blanket, got up, and gargled. When I got out of the bathroom, he was leaning on the headboard and masturbating his manhood. I knew he wanted a blowjob.

I started licking his balls while massaging them…while pumping his shaft…licking his shaft. When I pressed my lips on his tip, I started staring at him…we’re staring at each other.

“You want me to lick your tip…your shaft…you want me to suck your shaft…you want me to swallow your wholeness…you want me to play you like a harmonica…you want to fuck my face…”

He responded with moans and with eyes closed so he could feel the pleasure…

Then I noticed that he’s got a mole on his tip just beside his pee hole. I knew what it meant. Either he’s got a lot of sexcapades with several women and/or he’s got an insatiable appetite for sex. I could hardly believe it as his penis shrunk, a use it or lose it phenomenon.

He wanted to do 69. He was on top first…we’re caressing each other’s bodies at the same time while slurping loudly… then we did it sideways…and then I was on top… he’s finger fucking me while I was massaging his balls. We did this for a long time. I loved doing foreplay with Emman, it’s always more than an hour…it always made up for his shortcoming. We’re all over the bed, pillows strewn about the floor, blankets and bed covers out of place.

Then he placed my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me. Sometimes I’d wrap my legs around him and we’d embrace so tight just so he could try to reach for my inner recesses, pumping me so hard until my head was hanging off the side of the bed. We’re exchanging dirty talks …

“Fucking hard…sucking your boobs…biting your ear lobe…licking illegal bahis siteleri your ears…kissing hard…biting your lips…sucking your tongue…caressing your hair…biting your nipples…you’re so wet…flicking your clit…squeezing your boobs…”

His rhythm was becoming faster and faster. He reached out for my head so he could kiss me hard and embrace me tight while cumming. Out of breath, he laid down on my chest. He then alternately sucked on my breasts while doing kegels on his penis.

“You can suck my nipples, Emman, which ever way you want it. It’s okay if they protrude. They’re yours now.”

“You’re so delicious, Joy…I love sucking your breasts, Joy…I love fucking your vagina, Joy…I want to own you, Joy…I can’t get enough of you, Joy…”

We snuggled for a while then dressed up to have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

When we got back to our room, we brushed our teeth and I prepared our bubble bath. He lit a scented candle, turned off the bathroom light, and turned on the music from my iPad where our personal love songs were compiled.

We soaked for a while…caressing…masturbating each other…kissing…

“Hmmm, you taste like bacon, Emman…”

He was so embarrassed, got up, went to the sink, and rinsed his mouth with a mouthwash longer than he should because of his dental bridge. (I didn’t have to worry about his dentures falling off).

He got back to the tub and we continued caressing…masturbating…kissing…

I noticed his penis got a tiny bit bigger than what I got so used to, but still it was not stiff. Maybe this was really how it looked when he’s horny.

“Want to get inside me, Emman?”

“From the moment I got in the tub the first time, Joy.”

He got up, spread a towel on the floor, and laid me down. He went on top of me and held my head to protect it from the hard floor. He was fucking me nice and slow while kissing me passionately…biting my lips…licking my neck…biting my ear lobe… sucking my breasts…thrusting me in and out slowly…we’re feeling each pump…and then his rhythm was getting faster and faster…he’s embracing me tight while cumming…

I could tell that a lot of cum came out of him as I felt the warm fluid rolled down my butt.

We got up and bathed together. We were soaping each other’s bodies. After we’re done rinsing, he got on his knees and ate my pussy…

We went to bed wrapped in towels…embracing…kissing…caressing…

He canlı bahis siteleri told me how and when he and Lorna had sex the first time. They were watching a movie on their second month. They started kissing until both of them got horny. Lorna invited him to go to a motel. The moment he finger fucked Lorna, she cried because of pain, his sign of her being a virgin. He promised that he’d penetrate her with his penis slowly.

I reacted negatively to his story.

“You’re so unfair, Emman. When we were going out before, you’d ask for my permission just to hug. You’d even tremble while embracing me. Why did you go with her when she invited you? You had sex after two months of dating? We had 2 years, Emman, 2 years, and the most that I could give you were my breasts. I don’t think Lorna was a virgin when you got her. No virgin would initiate sex. You believed that she’s a virgin just because she cried when you fingered her? She’s such a fake!. When you penetrated her, did you have difficulty? Did it hurt her? Did she cry? She cried with your finger, but she didn’t cry with your penis, what does it tell about your size? It’s so unfair! You mean when you accompanied her to Tarlac, you’ve been having sex for a year already? So regardless if she introduced you as her husband, even though you’re not married yet, it’s still the same, because you’re acting like you’re both married. That’s why when I wanted to come back to you and I found out that you’re going out with her, I could feel that you’re having sex already, 8 months after I left you. I didn’t entertain anybody else until you told me that you’re getting married because I was still hoping for you to come back to me.”

I couldn’t help crying. He was crying…apologizing…

“I didn’t know that you’re still in love with me then. I admit I got carried away. It’s my first time, Joy, and I promised myself that whoever I got intimate with first, I am going to marry.”

“Why did you have to ask me to give you a reason so you could back out from your wedding? Why did you want to have an affair with me 5 years after? You fucked her even though you don’t love her. You married her just because you fucked her. What kind of reasoning is that? You married her without love. Now here we are stealing each moment. Does she even know that you don’t love her? Now we’re the ones committing a mortal sin, not only against her, but in the eyes of God.”

“Joy, it’s not our fault to fall in love with each other again. I’m going to separate from her, I promise you that. Please stop crying, Joy…”

He started kissing me…caressing me…

We embraced so tight…we’re both crying while fucking…it felt so good…

I didn’t know a make up sex could feel so good…so sexually arousing…

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