The Mystery of Jes Ch. 02


Other than being friends with his sister, Jes was still quite a mystery woman to Nathan. Aside from a chance sexual encounter with her not long ago, he knew almost nothing about her. The fact that she came into his bedroom one day and gave him the best sex of his life made him wonder if his own sister knew her as well as she thought. Until that moment, he’d only known her by name mentioned by Marissa, his younger sister, about their exploits at the mall, about clothing, and other such girlish things.

The fact was, ever since that afternoon with Jes in his bedroom, he hadn’t been able to get her off his mind. He didn’t think he had a chance of ever being with her again, let alone maintaing a relationship. Something about her seemed too mysterious, something she maintained with no effort at all. It simply was who she was, and it made him even more wilder about him. Knowing he could never have her made her the forbidden fruit that he would be happy to pursue for as long as he could.

On an afternoon that reminded him much of the day of Jes’s visit, Nathan decided to visit the lake, where he’d seen some very erotic photographs. Between his house and the lake was a heavily wooded area, a place he grew up exploring and knew his way well. As he approached the lake, however, he heard laughter and immediately recognized it as Jes’s. This wasn’t just normal laughter, though. There was soft splashing and soft gasps muddled in, as well. Nathan wondered if she was with another man, and even though he knew logically that he had no right to jealousy, the thought of her sharing her brand of pleasure with another so soon after him drove him wild.

He approached the lake carefully behind a particularly thick cluster of trees to get a glance and there she was. Nude, in the water, and as if on cue, she shook out her wet hair and up sprung the curls of her blond hair. He stepped lightly to one side to see who she was with and was shocked. She wasn’t with a man at all. It was a woman. She was a full bodied woman, a bit older than what he guessed Jes to be. She had long mahogany hair and skin paler than Jes’s. It was clear why Jes would be attracted to her. In Nathan’s mind, Jes was likely the type of girl who went after everything and anything she wanted with the free spirit that glowed around her like a blinding aura.

As many times as he’d imagined it and looked up the few gritty pictures on the internet, Nathan never saw two women together, though. Once he realized they were both naked, and close enough to be touching under the water, he was transfixed where he stood. Still, he wanted proof that his dirty mind wasn’t just hoping they was anything sexual involved, but a passionate kiss between the two women answered his prayers immediately. As usual, Nathan found himself carefully unzipping his jeans to free his hard cock so he could stroke it. He wanted to watch every second of what went on between these two beauties.

Jes’s kiss was long güvenilir bahis and sensual, and both women moaned into each other’s mouth, licking the other’s lips hungrily when they needed to stop for air. The dark haired woman giggled again, and Nathan heard Jes’s voice clearly with a bright smile on her face.

“What’s wrong, Kelly, ticklish?”

So, her name was Kelly. It wasn’t anyone he was familiar with at all, but as he rubbed his cock, he continued to watch.

“You just have a way, Jes.” Then Kelly kissed Jes on the mouth again and they wrapped their arms around one another. Nathan imagined their breasts pressing against each other under the water, fingers rubbing and penetrating each others pussies. It was an exquisite tease not to be able to see what was happening, but before long Jes was leading Kelly out of the water toward some towels they had spread onto the lakeshore.

As Nathan had imagined, they were, indeed, both completely naked. Jes’s body was exactly as he remembered it. Slightly tan, but with glowing pale breasts. Kelly, on the other hand, had and very full and large bosom. Her body wasn’t nearly as slender as Jes’s, but he could see tiny red suction marks all over her skin from where Jes had enjoyed all of her voluptuous body.

Kelly lay on her back on the towel with one knee bent up, and as Jes moved to lay on top of her, Nathan’s excitement grew to even greater heights. He was going to watch his first true lesbian experience and did everything in his power to keep as quiet as he could, as not to reveal himself in his hiding place.

Jes was kissing Kelly’s beautiful body all over her neck and shoulders. Kelly’s hips were moving slowly, grinding with deliberate and carefully practiced movement against Jes’s pelvis. As the sun began to dry their bodies, the wetness between each of their thighs only spread further.

Nathan was jerking himself with all of this newfound excitement only to find something else that was new. Just when he thought he’d seen it all, he noticed a small trickle of milky clear liquid form a thick drop at Kelly’s hard, dark nipple and then drip down the side, leaving a wet trail. Jes moved quickly to lick it up and circled Kelly’s nipple with her tongue feeling each hard bump that surrounded the hard nub that was still dripping as Jes’s tongue lapped it up before closing her mouth around the nipple and suckled like a baby, swallowing periodically.

“Drink it, yes, please.” Kelly’s voice was oozing with pleasure. “They feel so full, just waiting a good suck.”

Kelly moaned and reached to squeeze her other breast. Nathan watched an extraordinary stream of fresh breast milk shoot out onto Jes’s shoulder. Jes moved onto the other breast and quickly began to drain it dry was well, as her lips leaked wet milk all over Kelly’s chest. “You taste so sweet, Kelly. I’m so glad you let me do this.” Down she went again for a final drink before lapping up all the milk she missed türkçe bahis that pooled in Kelly’s cleavage like a kitten from a saucer.

Kelly stroked Jes’s hair like a lover. “I hate breast pumps, my husband won’t drink it, and the baby only drinks from a bottle. I’ve been wanting someone to drink from me for months now.” Her voice was gentle, but the breathlessness revealed her underlying horniness. It was clear that Jes sweet, hot mouth and flickering tongue was getting her more than just a little hot.

It was getting Nathan more than just a little hot, too, as he now had to hold himself up with one hand against a tree. He wasn’t thinking so much about being discovered anymore. Not for wanting to be caught, but for not really being able to think about anything but being able to secretly watch these two women caught up in their own pleasure.

He watched as Kelly tickled a hand between the two of them where their combined collection of juices glistened from between their thighs, up to their bellies. Jes rolled slightly to one side so that Kelly could reach between her blonde lover’s folds of her pussy. Jes tickled and licked Kelly’s breasts some more delighting that they began to let down more beads of milk. Jes moaned with a nipple in her mouth as Kelly worked two fingers along Jes’s slit.

Kelly moaned shortly after because of the vibrations that Jes’s moan sent through her nipple. Jes lifted her head and planted another kiss on Kelly’s mouth, the milk dripping from the corner of Jes’s mouth indicated that she’s kissed a mouthful of Kelly’s own milk into her mouth. When Kelly swallowed, her eyes were hooded with contentment and dark. She removed her fingers from Jes’s pussy and rolled her onto her back. She stayed on her hands and knees over Jes’s smaller frame, but still, Kelly’s breasts hung low and her nipples rubbed against Jes’s.

Kelly kissed all over Jes’s face and mouth. She licked her lips clean and crawled slowly down her body. She kissed each of Jes’s breasts, sucking on each nipple as Jes had sucked her own. After swirling her tongue around each nipple, Kelly’s tongue found a path down to Jes’s stomach where another circle or two was made around her navel. Jes began to raise her legs a little higher, and she loosely tangled her fingers into Kelly’s long hair.

From where Nathan was standing he had a perfect view of what was to come next. Kelly flung her hair to one side, which gave him an even clearer view of Jes’s beautiful pink vaginal lips. They were swollen and wet, just like he remembered from the afternoon he was lucky enough to have her. Kelly kissed Jes’s groin and thighs before using only the very tip of her tongue to lap straight up the slit of wetness. This sent a visible shiver throughout Jes’s entire body.

Jes lay there smiling gently with her eyes closed in this soft pleasure. Nathan couldn’t tell if he’d been with this woman before, but he suspected so with the level of comfort and ease güvenilir bahis siteleri between them. Kelly began to suck gently on the wet folds of Jes’s pussy and Jes arched her back off the towel in ecstasy. Kelly’s tongue was liking full length, fat licks through the widening slit, stopping to probe at her clit, rounding then flicking it.

Jes was moaning so loudly, Nathan wondered how far into the woods she could be heard. Jes was squirming ever more as Kelly started tongue fucking Jes, pressing her face against her hips. Jes shook all over as she came, and her juices were dripping from Kelly’s chin. Kelly rolled off of Jes and looked over her creamy body while Jes took a moment to catch her breath. Finally Jes sat up and licked her own juices off of Kelly’s chin.

Kelly smiled and said, “I’m going to go back into the lake to clean up. You’ve got me so wet inside!”

Jes smiled and told her she was going to go find the clothes she’d hung up on some branches.

To Nathan’s surprise, Jes walked directly in his direction. Her eyes were looking directly into his, and he realized that not only was the game up, but there wasn’t even a game to begin with. She knew he was there the whole time.

She walked up to him and kissed him full on the mouth. Nathan detected the faint taste of what must have been Kelly’s breast milk in her kiss. She wrapped one leg around him and took both of his hands, which cued him to hoist her up against the tree. He held her firm as in his hands and she held herself against him by folding her legs around his waist.

There, with few words, he fucked her against the tree he supported himself on. Kelly wasn’t far, but Nathan had every notion in his mind that Jes wanted this moment to be private. She breathed into his ear, and her body was soft and fleshy having had come only few moments before. It was clear, she was doing this because she wanted him to come now. She wanted him to come inside of her.

“Nathan, baby…” She whispered against his earlobe. “Fill me like you did the other day. Nothing in the world feels like you do.”

Nathan had a hard time holding back but the twinge of jealousy he felt earlier still remained. “Not even your friend in the lake?”

“Who, Kelly?” Jes smiled into his neck and rocked her hips against Nathan’s hard cock. “She’s not you. You’re special to me.”

Nathan’s mind was swirling. He didn’t know if it was her words, how she was saying them, or just the fact that her swollen, wet pussy was working him into a frenzy. He came inside of her and as he did, cum was dripping down his leg.

Panting hard, he reluctantly let Jes down carefully until her feet were firmly on the ground again. She dropped down to her knees slowly, kissing his stomach and very gently licked the cum clean from his softening cock and balls, and the trail of cum that had made it down his inner thigh. Once he was as clean as she could get him, she whispered for him to go home.

“Come back here tomorrow for me.” She said, before turning back to the tree from which hung a thin cloth sundress. “I can’t wait a week for you like this time,” she called over her shoulder and turned one last time and blew him a kiss.

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