“The Next Day” – Day Two with My New Ass


“The Next Day” – Day Two with My New AssPart 2″The Next Day”Buck and PrincessI heard a phone in the distance. I felt the bed move. My cock fell off to her side. I opened one eye to see Princess walking naked out to the balcony. I put my hand on my forehead. I looked down under the sheets to see my cock was all wet. I ran my hand down my chest to feel some lipstick and juices mixed on my bare skin. I then heard Princess on the phone. I rolled over to look at the alarm clock. It was close to 7am. I had about and hour and half to get ready to go to my first sales call across town. I looked down the thin wall to see my door was open to my room. I put my feet on the ground. “Ouch!” I said. I had stepped on a huge purple vibrator on the floor under my left foot. It went off as I walked toward the open door. I reached down to turn it off. I tossed it back in Princess luggage on the floor. I then felt my head pound from all the booze from last night. I reached down to turn on the water in my shower. It felt nice on my face as I woke up some more.[Ring! Ring! Is that my cell? God what a night. Is that Buck cock on my left thigh? He is so cute laying there breathing next to me. I hope I don’t wake him. Wake up Princess!!!! Your husband calling you…. I quickly rolled out of bed. My cell!!! Fuck its on the balcony. It flew out there along with my bra and panties from the bed. There it is, next to the chair…… “Hello! Good Morning Honey. I was in the shower. The early bird gets the worm.” I said. “I have to go in early to work. How was your night? How was dinner?” my Husband said. “Good! I think we made the sale. Everything went pretty good.” I said. “I fell asleep in bed. Sorry I missed your call. Long day at work.” my Husband said. I looked down to see I was all wet from Buck. “I’ll talk to you later honey. I need to get ready. Have fun at work.” I said. “Later!!!” he said.]The water was running down my back. What had I done last night???? Damn! It was going to be a awkward all day. I hope Princess was Ok with everything we did last night. I hope we can get through all the sales calls today. I wonder how she going to react. I jumped out of the shower. The door to my room was still open. I could hear the shower on next door. I put on my black pinstripe suit. A white button down shirt. A yellow power tie and some tight black boxer briefs. I slipped on my black leather shoes. I checked the mirror. I was hungry. I reached over to order some room service. I had them deliver it to my room.[I walked back in the room. I could hear the shower on in Buck’s room. He must have rolled out and was getting ready. I wonder what he must think of me. I hope it not going to be to awkward working together all day. It was just a one night thing. I walked into my bathroom. I pulled the curtain shut. I turned on the water. I felt the water on my face. I had a little head ache from the vodka. My body ached more from Buck. I smiled as I reached down to soap my pussy. It was still full from all of Buck’s man seed. I giggled as I washed my ass and between my thighs. Was there no place he did not find last night with his tongue and big cock. God my pussy getting wet again. What should I wear??? for today????]I got two big fruit trays. Some OJ and eggs, bacon and toast to eat. I was wondering what Princess was doing in her room. I hope she comes over to investigate. What should I say. Maybe I should play it cool. It was just a one time thing. She is married. Were all alone on a trip. I reached down to feel my cock getting hard. I started to remember more after we got into bed. We fell asleep as we spooned under the sheets. It was about an hour later that I felt my cock get hard on her ass. I slowly inserted my cock trying not to wake her up. She arched her back and I reached around to hold her big breast in my hands. She orgasm one time before I filled her pussy up and we fell asleep.[I got ready quickly. Fixing my hair. Just a little perfume. I did not hear any noise from next door. I put on a pair of matching baby blue panties and bra. I put on my small baby blue dress. It just covered my knees. There were two small straps on my shoulders keeping it up. I painted my nails baby blue. I put on some small gold hoop earrings. I put on some 4inch blue heels to match my dress. I heard a knock next door. I then could smell some food coming from Buck’s room. I picked up my small purse out of my luggage. I moved my big purple vibrator to the side. It was still wet. I smiled. I walked toward the open door connecting our rooms. It was close to 8am.]I had some fruit as I waited. I heard some noise from next door. I first smelled Princess perfume before she walked in between the connecting doors. I gulped. I smiled. She looked very hot in baby blue. I moved my hand on the front of my pants. “Good Morning. I order us some breakfast before we get going.” I said. “Good Morning…Thanks it looks great.” Princess said. “Ring! Ring!” I looked down at my phone. It was the office. “Paige! How are you? Everything is going great. Big day today. Going to meet Princess in a minute to get going. OK! After we meet with Mr. Taknura. Off across town to make some more sales. Princess has been a gem. Thanks for asking. Talk to you later.” I said. I looked over and smiled.[Oh god! If you could see him in his suit. He looks very handsome and cute. There that smile again. He smells even better than last night. His room is very nice. Looks like he order breakfast for both of us. “Good Morning. I order us some breakfast before we got going.” he said. “Good Morning…Thanks it looks great.” I said. “Ring! Ring!” He answered his phone. I sat down to have some toast and something to drink. I watched trying not to stare. It was going to be a long day. I was going to have to be professional an remember its his business. That why I am here. I am here to help. My wet pussy will have to wait until later. I started to think about his big cock. We fucked minutes after we went to sleep last night. I rolled over around 4am to feel his cock poking my in my side. I rolled him over and sucked his cock until he came for the last time. I was positive I finally drained him. I think. He is smiling again…]We rushed over to make the sale to Mr. Taknura business. Then we drove across town to make a presentation to a new hotel. That went good. We grabbed a quick lunch. I talked to the office after each sales call. I kept one eye on the road. The other eye on Princess. She kept smiling. We made some small talk. Mostly about where we grew up. How we liked the city. We did not talk about last night on the balcony or in her room. We finished up around 6pm and headed back to the hotel. I called Paige and told her we did great. My first sales call tomorrow was around 11am. I smiled as I pulled into the hotel parking lot.[I picked up my purse and followed Buck to the minivan. We got to Mr. Taknura business on time. He smiled as he saw me walk in. I kept him talking as he signed some papers for Buck. We then went to a new hotel across town. We made that sale. Them we got some lunch. I called my husband and left him a voice mail. I was watching Buck drive the whole day. He looked so cute as he talked to me. We made small talk about everything but last night. Maybe it was a good thing. I thought it was going to be awkward all day with him. But once again he kept the mood nice and sweet all day. It was close to 6pm when we pulled back in the parking lot of the hotel we were staying at.]I tosses the Valet the keys to the mini van. I put my hand on Princess lower back as I opened the hotel door for her. I instantly got the same sparks from last night. I had watched her all day thinking about last night. I could feel my cock twitch in my pants. I had to get upstairs quickly and change. “Do you want to go out for dinner or eat in? We don’t have to be to our first sale call until 11am.” I said. “Maybe we can go get a quick bite out near the hotel. Maybe there something close near the beach.” said Princess. “Sounds fun. I just need to change. Let’s go back to our rooms. Freshen up. Then we can go out. How does that sound?” I said. “Sounds great. I just need to call home to check in.” said Princess. I smiled as we got in the elevator.[I got out of the mini van. I was watching Buck as he talked to the Valet. I then walked next to him to the lobby entrance. God that smile of is. Makes my knees weak. Is that his hand on my lower back. The hair on the back of my neck standing up. He is making me all hot. Just like last night. I can’t believe it. It’s happening all over again. I wonder if he notices my smile. “Do you want to go out for dinner or eat in? We don’t have to be to our first sale call until 11am.” said Buck. “Maybe we can go get a quick bite out near the hotel. Maybe there something close near the beach.” I said. “Sounds fun. I just need to change. Let’s go back to our rooms. Freshen up. Then we can go out. How does that sound?” said Buck. “Sounds great. I just need to call home to check in.” I said. He smiled again. Bigger than before. We got in the elevator. You can cut the sexual tension between us..with a knife…]I walked Princess to her room. She open her door. “You can cut through. Come and get me when your ready.” bahis siteleri said Princes. I smiled as I shut the door behind us. I watched as she took her phone out of her purse. I walked through the connecting door to my room. I hung up my suit, tie and kicked off my leather shoes. I started the water for my shower. I left the door open as I got in the shower. I took about a fifteen minute shower before I got out. I could hear Princess on the phone. I put on some tan cargo shorts over my soft skin. I left my underwear in the suitcase. I put on a white long sleeve button down shirt. I went and got a beer from the fridge. I walked over to the connecting door. Princess was still on the phone. She had not changed since I left her earlier. I smiled as she moved her finger for me to come in. She put her finger up to her lips to have me be quite. “OK! Honey! I’m going to get some dinner now. Talk to you in the morning. Night!” said Process. She put her phone back in her purse.[We walked down the hall to my room. I opened my door. I turned to Buck. “You can cut through. Come and get me when your ready.” I said. I took my phone from my purse. I hit connect. I watched as Buck went to his room. You can make out his sexy ass in his suit very well. I saw a few girls check him out all day. “Hi! How are you honey?” I said. “Good! How was work? How was your day?” said My Husband. “Nice! Went very well. We made a few sales calls. Everything went well. How about you?” I said. He kept talking. I went over to the connecting door. I peeked inside to see the bathroom door was open. I could see the steam coming from the shower. I walked over. I was not sure what took over me. I had to peek inside. I muted my husband. I moved the curtain open. The water was running down Buck back. Over his tight ass. God he looks hot. He is reaching to shut off the water. I went back to my room. My husband was still talking. A few minutes later I saw Buck in the door way. I motion for him to come in. Then to be quite. With my finger. “OK! Honey! I’m going to get some dinner now. Talk to you in the morning. Night!” I said. I put my phone back in my purse.]”Sorry! Just give me a minute.” said Princess. “Take your time. Were in no hurry. Today went well. Thank you once again.” I said. She smiled. She then turned to walk back toward me. She grabbed my beer to take a sip. “Your welcome. Thank you.” she said. I watched as she walked into her bathroom. She shut the door. I sat down in the small chair next to her sliding glass door. Princess kept talking as she took her shower. I wanted to peek in and see her naked, but I did not want to get caught and blow tonight. I folded my leg over my knee. I heard the water turn off. She then opened the bathroom door. She had a big white towel wrapped around her body. She shot me a smile as she got her makeup bag. A few minutes later she came back out. She got a red dress from her suitcase. A minute later she walked out. “Can you come and zip me up.” said Princess. I got off my chair and walked toward her.[“Sorry! Just give me a minute.” I said. “Take your time. Were in no hurry. Today went well. Thanks once again.” he said. I smiled. I then turned to walk back toward him. I grabbed his beer to take a sip. “Your welcome. Thank you.” I said. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked into the bathroom. I closed the door almost shut. I left it a crack, in case he wanted to peek in on me. I kept one eye on the shower curtain. I ran the soap on my sensitive nipples and breast. I quickly soaped the rest of my body. Then got out. I noticed the door was still ajar. I put on a big towel. He smiled as he watched me get my makeup bag. Then his eyes got big when he saw my little red dress. I was running out of clothes. I was not prepared to go out after working all day with him. I slipped it on over my soft skin. I decided to not wear anything underneath. I wonder if he will notice. I put on my big gold heart shape earrings. I can’t get the zipper. “Can you come and zip me up.” I said. Buck got off his chair and walked toward me.]I put my hand in front of my cargo shorts. I was rock hard now. Princess was in a little red cocktail dress. It left nothing to the imagination. I could tell she had nothing underneath the outfit. I handed her my beer. She took another sip as I put my right hand on her lower back just above her sexy ass. My left hand on the zipper. I slowly pulled up. I looked over her shoulders to see her breast fill out the dress in front. The front of the red dress had a large scoop showing off her amazing breast. Her nipples got hard. I moved my finger on her left earring. She had put in two large gold heart shape earrings that all most touched her bare shoulders. “Wow! I feel not worthy. You look very nice Princess.” I said. She smiled as she got her purse. Then she put on some 4inch red heels. “Thanks! Ready???” she said.[Buck moved his hand in front of his shorts. He handed me his beer. I took a sip as he pulled up on the tiny zipper in back. I could feel his body close to mine. I could feel his hard cock on my right ass cheek. God it was so close. I could feel my pussy get wet thinking about his big cock. My nipples got hard from the dress. He is touching my earrings. God he is turning me on. I love when guys touch my earlobes. It make me very wet. “Wow! I feel not worthy. You look very nice Princess.” said Buck. I smiled as I got my purse and put on some red heels. “Thanks! Ready???” I said.]I opened the door to the hallway. We both walked out as I shut the door. We walked down to the elevator. The door opened. There were two older ladies inside. They smiled as we got in. The next floor the door opened and some more people got inside. We moved back. Princess was now pushing up against me in the elevator. I could feel her amazing ass on my cock. I wonder if she could feel how hard I was. She turned to look up at my blue eyes. I smiled. She shifted her hips to rub her ass against the front of my cargo shorts. She was driving me crazy. I was not sure how long I could last before dinner. I wanted so much to fuck her right there in front of all these people. The elevator stopped. Everyone got out of the elevator into the lobby.[I walked out into the hallway. I turned to wait for Buck. We walked down to the elevator making small talk. The door opened. We got in. More people got on forcing us to the back, against the wall. Was that Buck big cock poking me in my ass. I loved the way it felt. I wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck him right now but there was no room at the moment. I looked up to see him looking down the top of my dress. Just then I moved my hips to grind on his cock. He was turning me on so much. I wonder if he felt the same way about me. We stopped on the ground floor. The elevator opened. Everyone got out into the lobby. I turned with Buck to walk out the back of the hotel.]Princess walked next to me on my right. We walked down the boardwalk behind the hotel, toward the beach. We walked along the boardwalk looking for a small place to eat. We found a nice restaurant overlooking the ocean. We had a great meal. We talked over dinner. I order us dessert. Princess fed me as she took a few bites of the brownie. After dinner we went to get a drink at a bar near the hotel. It was small. Very dark and cozy. I got us two drinks. She found a booth along the back wall. I eased myself across the black leather seat next to her. She smiled as I put our drinks down. She started to run her long finger nails up and down the tall glass. I smiled again. She was so sexy. She leaned in showing off her amazing breast under her red dress. I gulped. She looked into my eyes. She put her hands on my chest as she leaned in…[I walked next to Buck along the boardwalk. We found a great little restaurant over looking the ocean. He order for both of us. I watched him as we talked. He paid close attention to me and only me. There were younger girls at different tables. But he kept focusing on me. I smiled as he order us dessert. A big thick brownie with fudge and whip cream. I pulled off the cherry on top. I leaned over to put in his mouth. He gripped it with his teeth. He then licked his lips. I fed him some as I took a few bites. I moved my fingers nails on his cheek to get some whip cream. We both giggled. We then went to this small cozy bar near the hotel. I climbed into a booth along the back wall. Buck came over with two drinks for us. He was very sexy in his shirt and shorts. My breathing had increased. I leaned in putting my hands on his chest. His lips were close to mine as I looked into his eyes….]Bling!!!! Bling!!!! I looked down to see Princess small purse jiggle. “My phone. It’s a text.” she said. She then used her long nails to text the person back. I took a sip of my drink. She leaned back in the booth. She then sent another text. Her phone rang again. “Sorry!” she said. “No problem!” I said. We made some more small talk while she texted again. After a few minutes we got up from the booth. It was close to 11pm. The bartender made last call. I held the door open as we walked outside. I looked up seeing the full moon. “Sure is beautiful tonight.” I said. “Yes! It is.” said Princess. Just then we heard a big wave crash canlı bahis on the beach. We looked around. “Do you want to walk down and see the water? Were so close.” I said. “Ok! Hold my hand so I don’t fall over in these heels.” she said.[Bling!!!! Bling!!!! Oh fuck, a text from my husband. I looked down at my purse. I pulled out my phone. Buck smiled. I then saw my husband was wishing me a good night. How was dinner???? I texted him back. This went back and forth a few times. Until I said good night to him. Buck finished his drink. “Sorry!” I said. “No problem!” he said. I took a few sips as we made small talk. Then I heard the bartender make last call. Buck held the door open to the bar. We walked outside. The weather was nice and warm still at 11pm. I looked up at the full moon. “Sure is beautiful tonight.” said Buck. “Yes! It is.” I said. Just then we heard a big wave crash on the beach. We looked around. “Do you want to walk down and see the water? Were so close.” said Buck. “Ok! Hold my hand so I don’t fall over in these heels.” I said.]It was about 50 yards to the water. I could smell the salt water. There was nobody on the beach. We were about half way between the hotel and the bars along the boardwalk. I held Princess hand making sure she did not fall over. We walked a little bit before we stopped. “Can you unstrap my heels for me. The sand getting inside the open toe.” said Princess. I leaned down to unbuckle the two top straps around her ankles. I gave her a quick massage as she put her right hand on my shoulder to keep her balance. I then massaged her calves making her moan. I then slipped off her heels. I left them in my right hand. She grabbed my left hand to walk with me to the water. She put her toes in the water. “Mmmmm…the water still warm.” she said. We both giggled as she walked in the water.[I held Buck big muscular hand. He walked next to me as I wiggled in the sand with my heels. This was going to take some time to keep my balance. Between the ocean breeze. The drink at the bar. Oh and sexy Buck next to me did not help. I could not keep my eyes off of him. We both stopped half way to the water. “Can you unstrap my heels for me. The sand getting inside the open toe.” I said. He smiled as he leaned down to take of my heels. I felt his big hands on my ankles. He then began to massage my legs. God he was turning me on more. I put my hand on his wide shoulder before I fell over. He then slipped off my heels. I grabbed his left hand as he walked with my heels in his other hand. I put my toes in the water. The water was still warm and very nice. It had been forever since I had been to the beach. The salt water on my skin. The full moon. All of sudden I got a big wave of excitement that rushed over my body. I gripped Buck’s hand.]We both stopped when she gripped my hand. I looked down making eye contact with her. She had a big smile. I was thinking just what she was thinking. It had been building all day between us. She put her finger up to her full lips. She then dropped her purse in the sand. She shook her hair. Her big gold shape earrings moved back and forth. I dropped her heels in the sand. Next I started to unbutton my shirt. I kicked off my shoes in the sand. I dropped my shirt. I looked up to see Princess had pushed her two red straps from her red dress off her shoulders. She then shimmed her hips back and forth letting her dress fall around her ankles in the sand. She was now totally naked on the beach. I reached down to unbuckle my belt. I let my cargo shorts fall in the sand. She grabbed my hand. We took a few steps before I felt the warm water on my feet. There was a small wave just below my waist. I reached over to hold Princess around the waist. We both jumped up. There was a big splash. We both laughed as the water crashed on the beach.[I looked up into Bucks eyes. We had stopped near the water. Was he thinking what I was thinking. He had a naughty grin to match mine. I let go of my purse into the sand. He dropped my heels. Next he started to unbutton his shirt. I pushed the red straps on my dress off my shoulders. I shook my hips and pulled down exposing my flesh to him. He smiled. I could feel the salt air on my skin. My skin was excited. He took off his cargo shorts letting them fall around his ankle. He was now totally naked just like me. I grabbed his hand not missing a beat. We ran into the warm ocean water. The moon light beating down on us. The first wave was near my chest. I turned toward Buck. He reached down to hold my hips. We jumped over the first wave before it crashed on the beach. The next wave was just a little taller. We then swam out passed the waves to calmer water.]My hair was wet. I looked at Princess floating in the water. I put my feet down touching the sand. I felt a few rocks under my heel. I moved to get my balance. I pulled Princess toward me. She smiled as her body crashed into me. I pulled her really close. She put her hands around my neck. The warm salt water pushed out the top of her breast as I squeezed her tighter. I pushed my hands down her side. Over her hips. I reached down to cup her ass in my hands. She wrapped her legs around my waist pushing my cock between her legs. She then looked into my eyes. We both opened our mouths to kiss at the same time. I squeezed her against me as we kissed. The water pushed over us. I could feel her breath against my chest. Her breast pushed to the side on my chest. I felt her tongue deep inside my mouth. I pulled her wet hair back breaking our kiss. I started to bite her neck. I was still holding her as I heard a big wave crash on the beach.[The water splashed on the tip of my hair. I then felt Buck reach for me. He pulled me into his body. I moved so my breast were on his skin. I then felt his hands go down my side. I moved my legs around his waist. My feet were on his lower back, right above his ass. I then put my hands around his neck. Some water splashed inside my cleavage. I giggled. I then felt our bodies pressed together. I closed my eyes. My mouth open. I then felt his mouth on mine. We started to kiss very hard. I moved my tongue inside his hot mouth. We kissed harder than before. I could feel his hands on my ass. He kept squeezing me tighter. I then felt his big cock inside my thighs. The tip was poking my belly button. His big hairless balls rubbed the front of my cunt lips. I put my right hand down on his hip. He pulled me tighter. I then felt his hand on the back of my hair. He pulled my hair back. He is sucking on my neck driving me wild. I love when he kiss and sucks on my neck. A big wave moved over us. Buck held on to me.]I moved Princess in my hands. I then felt the front of her pussy. She began to moan in my ear as I insert my cock inside her tight pussy. She squeeze the back of my neck. I held on to her body as I begin to fuck her in the warm salt warm. She screamed into the warm night. We begin to kiss. The water bounces her up and down on my cock. Her eyes are wide open as we kiss more passionately. I lean down to suck on her breast. She smiles. I move my greedy hands all over her body. I am really fondling all of her amazing body. She still had her legs wrapped around my waist. My cock is buried deep inside her. After a few minutes I start to walk her toward the beach. I want to fuck her on the sand. I want the waves to crash on our bodies. I can see her perfectly under the moon light. She turns to see how close I am to the beach. She whispers in my ear. “Fuck me! Baby! Fuck me! Don’t stop…” she moaned.[I can feel Bucks big hands on my body. I want his cock inside my pussy. I move to let him press the tip of his cock inside my pussy. I don’t miss a beat in moving and dropping my pussy on his cock. He is smiling very wide now. I can feel him deep inside me. His big cock is shooting waves of pleasure inside me. I can feel is hands on my ass. I still have my hands around his neck. I can see his blue eyes under the moon light. I think were moving. He is walking toward the beach. I can feel the warm water lower on my back. I turn to look at the wet sand. The waves are smaller. Were out of the water. I still have my legs wrapped around his small waist. I reach down with my left hand to feel his hard abs. I whisper in his ear. “Fuck me! Baby! Fuck me! Don’t stop…” I moaned. He gently puts me on my back in the wet sand. A wave crashed down and laps onto our feet…]I put Princess on her back on the wet sand. I hear a wave crash on the sand. I can feel the warm water just on my feet. I look down between her legs. I then start to press up on my hands. I am inches over her body. She guides my cock back in her pussy. I start to go down. One big thrust into her tight pussy. She gasp. She moans. I moan from the pleasure. She leans up to kiss my wet lips. I kiss her back. I then start to lick her breast. Bite her nipples as I fuck Princess. Faster! Faster I fuck her. My body smashing against hers. Another wave. Followed by another. The moon light shines off the ocean and the sand. My toes are curled in the sand. Her hands wrap around my waist. She begins to squeeze my ass. Forcing more of my cock in her pussy. I am so close. I begin to grunt. “I’m cumming! Fuck!” I yell. She pushed down harder on güvenilir bahis my ass. I unload a huge load deep inside Princess.[Buck is looking in my eyes. His cock moves between his legs. He is pushing up on his hands. He is just above my wet body. He his dripping on me as he is inches from my body. I reach down to place his big round cock in my pussy. I can feel my cunt lips part to let him in. God he is going to split me in two. I love when he fucks me this good. His cock, his ass, his amazing smile on me. I have to feel him deeper. I grope his muscular ass. I force him in deeper. God he is all the way in. I can feel more warm water on my feet. I look down to his toes curled in the sand. I cant remember the last time I curled someones toes from having sex. He has found a switch in me. I am not sure if I want him to stop. I can tell he is close to cumming. His cock slamming in me faster. His legs are arching. His ass is shaking. I can see in his eyes. “I’m cumming! Fuck!” Buck yells. I push down harder on his ass. He starting to cum deep inside me. He has filled me back up.]After ten minutes, I move off Princess into the wet sand. She rolls over to kiss me. I look at her body in the sand. The moon light and waves are making sounds. I pinch myself to see if I was dreaming, if not for her sweet lips on mine. I move my hand to wipe her red hair from her face. I notice one of her earring is missing. She notices to. We both look around in the sand for a few minutes. “Maybe we should head back.” I said. She smiled. “I think your right.” said Princess. I put on my shorts and shirt. I zip up her red dress. We are covered in sand. I carry her purse and heels in my right hand. We walked back to the hotel. We used our room keys to get back in the hotel lobby. We walked passed the bar into the elevator. The door open as we walked down the hall. I felt Princess hand on mine as she opened her door to her room.[God that was amazing. To have sex on the beach under the moon light. I could see his big smile as he moves over on to the sand. The water comes up between our legs. We start to kiss again. He was still turning me on. He moved his hand to move my wet hair from my face. I then realized I had lost one of my earrings. We looked around in the sand. He smiles. “Maybe we should head back.” said Buck. I smiled. “I think your right.” I said. He helped me zip up my red dress. We hold hands back to the hotel as he carries my purse and heels. We walked through the lobby to get on the elevator. We walked down the long hallway to my room. I could feel the sand on my body. I want to take a long shower. I hope he did as well.]We walked in. I shut the door behind us. I turned to see Princess looking at me. She turned so I could unzip her. Her dress falls to the floor. She took off her one earring. Her body was covered in dry sand now. I took off my shirt and shorts. I was covered to. She took my hand and walked me into her bathroom. I started the water as she climbed in. I then closed the curtain as she turned on the shower. She let me get wet first. She then took some soap to wash off my body. She got my cock really hard and was jacking my cock in the warm water and soap. She then used her long nails on my back. She squatted down under my ass to wash all the sand from my lower body. She started to kiss and suck on my ass. She parted my ass crack with her fingers. She used long powerful strokes to clean out my ass. My cock was ready to explode from her hands and mouth.[He closed the door behind us. I turned to move back into his arms. He unzipped my dress again. It fell on the carpet in the room. I watched as he inspected my body. I took off my one earring. I saw the sand was now dry on my skin. He then got naked. I inspected his body. I took his hand. We walked into my bathroom. I climbed in the bathtub as he turned on the water. He then got in. He closed the shower curtain as I turned on the shower. I looked into his eyes. I then started to wash him. I let him get nice and wet before I started to run a bar of soap on his body. I was cupping his cock in my hand. I gave it a few strokes in the hot water and soap. He moaned. I then squatted down to inspect his ass. He looked over his shoulder as I ran my hands all over his lower body. I then lean into to bite his right butt cheek. He moaned again. I held onto his muscular calves as I ran my tongue around his ass. I then moved my finger in his ass crack cleaning out the last particles of sand. He was liking this as the water hit my mouth off his ass. I could do this for days. I then moved my right hand down to touch my pussy. I fingered myself off yelling into his ass to quite my scream.]I felt Princess scream. I opened my eyes to look between my legs. She was removing her wet fingers from her pussy. She gave me a quick smile as we made eye contact. We then switched positions. I started to get her wet. I then used the bar of soap on her. I started to soap her big breast. I soap her neck. I then washed down her sides. I move the soap all of her ass. She moaning very loud in the shower. I moved her around facing the shower head. I squatted down behind her. Just like she had done with me. I smacked her wet ass. She moans. I then lick my two fingers on my right hand. I gently push them passed her wet cunt lips. She bites her lower lip. I begin to lick her ass from one end to the other. I gently lick up and down her ass crack. I let the water come down her back, over her ass into my mouth. I let the particles of sand hit my chin and fall into the bath tub.[God his ass is crazy good. I just love biting it and licking it. I give him a few playful slaps on his wet ass. I see him grin between his legs. He put his hands on the tile on the wall in front of him. I love eating his ass. I never new guys like there ass played with so much. His cock his pulsating from my mouth in his ass. My pussy is on fire. I stand up as Buck moves me around. We switch positions. Now he is washing off my body. His big hands on my body. He fondling my breast and sucking on my nipples. I look over my shoulder as he squats under me. I can feel his fingers push past my cunt lips. God he found the spot so quickly. I’m cumming on his big fingers. He knows his way around a girls pussy. He eating my ass just like I did him. Only there more to love. I can feel his big hands spank me. I’m cumming again. I can hear him drowning from my pussy, the water and my ass..]I gripped Princess hips pulling myself up. I gently put my cock on her ass. She wiggles her butt. I see her big smile. “May I….I’ll go slow..” I moan to her. She smiles. “I’ve never let anyone touch me there before Buck…Be gentle honey.” said Princess. I let some warm water rinse of my hard cock. I gently put the tip inside her asshole. Princess arches her back pushing her ass onto my cock. I push past her tightness. She pushes my cock out. I do it again. After a few minutes I get half, then all the way in. She dropped her right hand between her legs. She is fingering her pussy. Her other hand against the wall of the shower. I start to bounce her wet ass up and down. “Faster! Faster! she yells. I really start to fuck her ass. She is so tight and so hot. I reach up to grip her breast in my hands. I squeeze very hard. After twenty miunutes, I cum with out warning. I stop but she keeps slamming her hot ass on my cock.[He is gripping my hips. I can feel his cock on my ass. “May I….I’ll go slow..” Buck moans to me. I smile as I wiggle my ass against his cock. “I’ve never let anyone touch me there before Buck…Be gentle honey.” I said. He put the tip of his big cock at the entrance of my virgin asshole. He ease the tip in. I think I pushed him out. I need to relax. It feels so naughty. I take a big breath letting more inside me. I feel like he is impaling my asshole. God he is so big. we get a good rhythm going after a few minutes. My pussy is dripping in the shower. I drop my hand to feel how wet I am. His cock making me cum again. “Faster! Faster! I yell. He is really fucking me so hard now. He has my breast in a death grip. I reach for the wall. He is cumming in big waves in my ass. It feels so great. I can feel him deep inside me. I’m dripping in the water from his big load. Were both out of breath.]We stayed in the shower getting extra clean. I toweled off her amazing body. We then walked out to the balcony. The warm air hit our skin. She sat down in the metal chair near the railing. I walked back in to get her big purple vibrator. I could not find it. I walked back out. Got on my knees in front of her. She opened her legs. I started to eat her pussy. We switched positions and she fucked my cock with her big breast until I came in her mouth. We crawled under the sheets. I thought she was tired. Twenty minutes later she ripped of the sheets. Mounted my cock and orgasm one more time before we fell asleep.[I smiled as he toweled me off. I then followed him out to the balcony. I sat on the chair from last night. He went back in the room. A few minutes later he came out. He got between my legs to eat my pussy. I then stuck his cock between my cleavage until he came in my mouth. An hour later we went to bed. I rolled over and saw he was hard under the sheets. I had to ride his cock one last time before I went to sleep. I don’t think he minded. He had a big smile on his face as I mashed my boobs on him. I had one big orgasm as his cock filled wet pussy.]Part 3 cumming soon.”Hi! Honey…”Buckxoox

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