The Next Saturday Night With Tina

Alex Bishop

The following Saturday night had both Tina and I off from work. I had called a couple of times during the week and set up another dinner date for Saturday. Tina liked the restaurant adjacent to the mall so we decided to go there once more and then spend a little time walking around the mall before we went back to my place to fuck our brains out.

I liked this plan and I hoped that Tina was up for it, too. (I was certainly UP for it.) I picked her up at the usual time and, as usual, Tina was looking good; better than good. Tonight, she wore a pair of black slacks that weren’t really tight but fit so very well in all the important places. She was topped with a dark red silky looking blouse separated from the slacks by a wide black belt. She had her hair up and she turned a lot of heads as we entered and as we left the restaurant. The stroll through the mall was equally rewarding as the majority of the men, and even some of the women, tuned to ogle at the beautiful woman that was walking with me. I was very proud to escort her that night and looked forward to showing her off every chance that I got.

As usual, we didn’t find anything in the mall that desperately needed buying so we eventually made our way back to my place. As had become my custom, I eagerly followed Tina up the stairs, eyeballing her well shaped butt and general figure. Someday she’s going to catch on to that, but, maybe she already has and she likes it? Anyway, we were in for a while. It was a nice night so I uncorked another bottle of wine and suggested that we sit out on the balcony for a little while and enjoy the wine, the night air and each other’s company.

We talked about a lot of things: the weather, politics, baseball and other miscellaneous things. Eventually the topic made its way to us. I told her that I was astounded by both her beauty and her eagerness to be with me. I let her know that I considered myself extremely lucky to be able to be with her. She reciprocated and told me that I was a considerate man and she really liked being with me both vertically and horizontally. That led to a little franker discussion of sex. I asked her if there was anything that I was doing that she didn’t like. I promised to stop anything that made her uncomfortable. She said no, in fact, she admitted to being a little more adventurous than we had been. When I pressed her on this point, she became a little coy and said that she would rather show me than talk about it.

I complimented her on her looks and her love making. I told her that it was difficult for me to believe that she had three children. I tried to be delicate and yet let her know that her body wasn’t what I had expected for a three-time mom. She let me know that all three of her children were delivered by caesarean rather than regular birth. The first one was a little cross wise and had to be taken rather than delivered. After that, the routine was to repeat the first process rater than risk problems. That explained how she was so nice and ‘snug’ down there. I told her that illegal bahis I hadn’t noticed any scars from the surgery. She said that I just didn’t look close enough, she had three overlapping ‘bikini cut’ scars. The low-level lighting in my bedroom must be to blame for my having missed them. I promised to take a closer look at the next opportunity to which she replied: “Then let’s go get naked!” I immediately picked up the wine glasses, put the chairs back against the wall and escorted Tina back into the apartment and guided her toward the bedroom. Isn’t she great?

Tina stood by the bed, raised her arms a little and said: “Strip me.”

I walked to her, held her close and enjoyed a nice long kiss. She moved my hands up to her chest and said: “Start here.” I unbuttoned her blouse and slid it up and out from behind her belt. I started to slide it off when she reminded me: “Cuffs.” So, I unbuttoned the cuffs, removed the blouse and left her standing there in a lacy red bra while I put her blouse neatly onto my dresser. Next was the belt, that was easy enough. It too went onto the dresser. When I returned to her, she had stepped out of her shoes which were now neatly under the edge of the bed. The slacks were next. One button and a cleverly hidden zipper made them easy to slide down her beautiful long legs. Tina stepped out of them. I folded them as neatly as I could, putting them over the back of the chair. My beauty was now standing there in matching bra and panties looking delicious.

Tina smiled and said: “Catch up with me before going further.” I quickly complied. My shoes went flying across the room towards the closet while my shirt was rapidly unbuttoned and off. It landed near the hamper, which was good enough. My pants were down and off and draped over the back of the chair, next to her slacks. Socks were off during a clumsy pair of one-legged hops; they went over somewhere near the shirt. We were about even now, me in my Tee shirt and shorts, Tina in her red teasers.

I pulled my tee shirt up and off as I walked to her. Tina reciprocated by unfastening her bra. She tossed it toward the dresser; I didn’t look to see if it made it. I slid my shorts down and off, my erection now stood out in front of me pointing at where it wanted to go. Tina looked into my eyes saying: “Do the honors” as she pointed to her panties. I put my thumbs inside the waist band and pushed them down her legs. I had to bend over to get them all the way down, while there I could sense the warmth and scent from her womanhood. She looked and smelled so good.

I tossed her panties toward the dresser and guided Tina back towards the bed. She sat, rotated her legs and laid herself down with her head on a pillow. What a sight! I joined her on the bed and was soon paying my customary visit to ‘the girls. I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed my kissing and sucking Tina’s tits more. They were perfect, not too small, not too big and no apparent sag. The nipples were just above the centerline and her areola were just dark enough illegal bahis siteleri to see in the dim light. Her breasts were sensitive and she was really into getting attention paid to that part of her.

As I was finishing up on her chest I asked: “So, where are these bikini scars?”

Tina put her hand on the lower part of her tummy, just above where her pubic hair began: “Right here, why?”

“I was just wondering” was all I said before I moved down and pretended to be looking for the delicate little lines. “As long as I’m here . . . “my voice trailed off as I began to nuzzle into her pussy with my face. Tina understood right off what my intentions were and she spread her legs a little giving me better access. I moved to between her legs and spread them even further. Her pussy was warm, wet and inviting. I moved to the task, getting her to put her legs up over my shoulders while I gave her a thorough moustache ride (I didn’t have a moustache).

It only took a few moments for Tina to really get into my efforts. She started rocking her hips, thrusting her mound into my face. I probably would have been able to hear her purr, but her thighs were against my ears. I quickly located her clit and proceeded to lick it and to draw it between my lips to tease it with the top edge of my tongue. Tina’s thrusting against my face became more and more insistent and after what seemed like only a few minutes she started to cum. I could feel her go over the edge. She squeezed my head between her legs and pushed her pubic mound against me with surprising vigor. I do believe that she had a good orgasm. I rode it with her until she started to calm down. I backed away from her pussy allowing her to recover.

Tina moved her legs off my shoulders — I could hear again!

“Did you get there ok?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

Tina: “Mm yes I did.”

Me: “Want to go again?”

Tina: “Again?”

I dove right back in. She was warmer and wetter than before. I was hoping that she wasn’t too sensitive for another go at it. I got my answer when she put her legs back up on my shoulders and resumed rocking against my face. This one took a little longer but apparently was even stronger than the last one. I actually got a little worried during her release since I was unable to breathe while she had my face squeezed so tightly against her pussy. But, ‘If you got to go; what a way’!

When she quieted down again, she grabbed me by the ears and pulled me up to her. She held me close for a few moments and then said: “Thank you that was wonderful.”

Me: “I was glad to do it, want another?”

Tina: “No more, not for now, anyway. I might pass out.”

Me: “So what’s your pleasure now?”

Tina: “Wait right there.” She rolled over onto her stomach and then got up into a kneeling position facing the headboard. She spread her knees apart, put her elbows down onto the bed and said: “Get behind me, let’s drive this bus on home.”

I entered her doggy style, what a feeling!

Tina canlı bahis siteleri pushed back against me and we started a slow-easy fuck. That, of course, didn’t last very long. We were soon in full fuck with Tina meeting my every stroke with her own push. This lady really knows how to make me feel good. It only took a few moments before I started to pop.

One last deep thrust before I let go and filled her with another DNA sample. Tina was doing her usual purring when it happened after which I followed her down to the bed and stayed on top of her for a few moments just enjoying the afterglow and the feel of her marvelous ass.

As my erection subsided, I eventually fell out of Tina’s sweet pussy. She turned to face me and we pressed ourselves together; front to front for a little while. We seemed to fit up very well in all the right places–and those tits felt so good pressed against my chest. We were nipple to nipple.

I started kissing her, gently at first. Before I could add more to it, she asked me: “Are you satisfied with the things that we do?”

I answered: “More than satisfied; you are a beautiful woman and a wonderful lover. How about you? Are you satisfied with me?”

Tina: “More than satisfied. I am totally satisfied. You meet my every need; more than once on most occasions. It’s wonderful being with a man that takes my needs into consideration.”

Me: “I try my best. Are you sure that there anything that you would rather me not do or somehow do differently?”

Tina: “No, you do everything so well. It’s just that I was so accustomed to that rat-bastard Ex of mine with his ‘Blow Jobs and Anal Sex’ all the time that a considerate lover, like you, seems so wonderful.”

‘Blow jobs and Anal sex’! Was I imagining that she said that? She must have sensed my interest as she explained: “Whenever he came home from one of his trucking trips, he wanted a blow job, right away. If he was home for more than one day, we would have regular sex. But, on his last night home he demanded, and usually got, anal sex. He was rough and I never got a chance to enjoy it.”

My mind was reeling. Blow Jobs and Anal Sex? Really??

She must have sensed something by my contemplative silence: “You ok? You seem lost in thought.”

I told her that I was OK and just a little distracted, that’s all.

“It was the Blow Jobs and Anal sex, that I mentioned, wasn’t it?”

I had to admit that she was correct: “It just caught me a little unexpectedly, that’s all.”

She thought for a brief moment, and then said: “Which is your favorite?”

I tried to play dumb: “My favorite what?”

“A Blow Job or Anal sex, which do you prefer?”

Now I was caught. I had to say something so I opted for the truth: “Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve only had one Blow Job and I was almost too drunk to remember it.”

She pressed on: “And Anal Sex, do you like that?”

There was no sense in trying to hide anything: “Again, to be honest, I’ve never had that pleasure.”

Tina sat up, looked me in the eye and declared: “Well, we’re going to have to fix that.”

Now my mind was really reeling. All I could think to do was to kiss her, hold her tight and dream of what was to come. Me! It was me that was going to come!

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