The original shape of “Little Red Riding Hood


The original shape of “Little Red Riding HoodI believe everyone must have heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood. “I walked alone on the small road in the suburbs. I brought the cake to my grandmother and tasted it. Her family lives in a far and secluded place. I have to be careful if there are big wolves nearby. When the sun goes down, I have to go home and enter the sweet dream together with my mother.” This song is familiar to everyone.However, hundreds of years ago, Little Red Riding Hood used to be an erotic story between adults, and the content is very different from what we know. For hundreds of years, the story of Little Red Riding Hood has been adapted and whitewashed. However, the new version is ultimately derived from the old version, but it hides its original meaning. It was bursa escort only in recent years that it became a fairy tale.Some scholars say that her story is a myth about a particular season. The fables devour the sun at night, or the anthropomorphic story of “insurrection.” Some people think that her basket of wine and cake represents the Holy Communion of Christmas, and the red hooded shawl represents the woman’s menstrual blood. Some people use the psychoanalyst Freud’s point of view to explain that this story describes the self that defeats me. Others believe that it is a symbol of the relationship between men and women. Inevitably, this story has become a tool for instilling into people’s sexual ethics that conform to the structure of the times. The storyteller conspires to manipulate bursa escort bayan both the consciousness and the subconscious, and the story implies that women seduce men, men **** virgins, or young girls are young women. From a structural point of view, this conspiracy is extremely simple. The opposite is opposites—goodness and evil, b**sts and humans, men and women. How the heroine overcomes the wrist of this conflict will determine her destiny. Therefore, as time shifts, the story of Little Red Riding Hood has become a book of people who learn basic ethics.The heroine Little Red Riding Hood in the story is ruddy, with a sweet wine vortex, and it looks like an open-air innocence. The story is the common saying used by traditional parents to raise their c***dren: “Don’t talk to strangers.” escort bursa But in popular culture, the sweet little red hood has grown into a poetic character who sings passion. During the World War, the famous heroine Ve Aver’s heroine danced in the festive nightclub, letting the wolf see the fire and the blood. In Madison Avenue, New York City, where advertising and public relations companies gather, Little Red Riding Hood is a glamorous slut with a well-known Mona Lisa smile. What about those “strangers”? The honey silk Buddha cosmetics company published a pull-page advertisement in “Fashion” magazine in 1953, saying that the “Little Red Riding Hood lipstick” symbolizing mature and youth will “attract the wild wolf.”After reading these things, do you think that the original world view has collapsed? There are many similar stories around us, originally meaning bloody and violent content, but under the long inheritance, we changed the original appearance, put on a soft coat, waiting for our excavation.

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