The Poker Group Ch. 03


Friday night Don was going out with Henry and Garth to the strip club.

“What do those girls have that Caroline and I don’t have?” I said to tease Don.

“I am going just to keep the other two guys out of trouble. Just like I used to read Playboys for the articles.” he laughed.

“Good answer. Ok what do those two go there for?”

“A little variety and the lap dances.”

“You don’t get those do you Don?” I said smiling sweetly.

“No, I can’t afford them. They cost about $50 each.”

“But you would get them if you had the money, would you?” I teased.

He clearly wanted to deny it but he knew I would see right through the lie.

“Maybe.” he finally said.

“Do you want me to give you a lap dance?” I asked.

“Definitely.” he answered.

“Do you think Henry and Garth would want one too?”

“Uhhhm, yes.” he finally said.

“Could you handle it if I did?”

He took a while before he answered that question. “Yes.”

“Do you want me to give them a lap dance?” I wasn’t even sure what a lap dance was other than that there was no touching in this state.

He turned a little red and said “Very much!”

Wow! He used to be such a jealous guy.

“Ok I will. Set it up with them.” I said. He said he would. I started tingling all over.

I read articles online and watched youtube videos on how to give a lap dance. I could do that. I made up a cd with a number of songs that seemed to be appropriate like: Let me put my love into you by ac/dc Skin trade by duran duran Work by Rihanna etc.

The arranged night came about and I greeted the two of them in a housecoat. They both gave me an evil grin wondering what was underneath. I decided to give Henry the first dance. I was using an armchair in the living room for the dance. I seated Henry in the armchair and took off my housecoat. I was wearing a red see-through bra and red thong panties I had bought specially for the occasion. I made him put on a pair of thick winter mitts to ensure that there was no hanky panky. He wasn’t allowed to touch me with any part of his face either.

“Can I touch you with these?” he asked.

“Sure.” I said. What could he possibly feel with those mitts? I started the music and started to dance.

I stood in front of his chair and swayed my hips in a figure eight motion. I looked him in the eyes and ran my fingers through my hair. I ran my hands down my sides and squeezed my breasts through the bra. Then I turned my back on him and waved my ass back and forth in his face. I then looked him in the eyes and unsnapped my bra at the back. I left it hanging on my shoulders for a second and then took it off. His eyes lit up. I could hear Don and Garth cheering. I mashed my tits with my hands and then slowly made a circle around one of my nipples with my tongue. I could tell he was loving it by the tent in his pants. I again turned around and put my ass in the air as close to the chair as I could. I slapped my bottom suggestively. I then turned and faced him again and slowly took off my thong. I did a spin and then mounted the chair standing on my knees between his legs. I looked him in the eyes and kissed his forehead. I then slid forward and placed my erect nipples maybe three inches from his eyes. I gently waved my tits back and forth in front of his face. That’s when I realized that he could still pinch my nipples pretty well through those mitts! I actually got quite aroused.

“Naughty naughty” I teased. He knew I wasn’t mad because I was still smiling. I grabbed on to his knees for support and arched my back as far as I could toward the floor. Then I stood back up and moved his arms off the sides of the armchair. I grabbed the arms of the chair and slid up the arms of the chair until my legs were over his shoulders. My cunt was a foot from his eyes. I started playing with my pussy, slowly using one finger to circle my labia and then I spread my pussy lips with two fingers. I started to play with my clit but quit because I almost came immediately. I took my legs off Henry’s shoulders and turned and kneeled between his legs with my ass in his face. I lifted my ass up and he had a view of my pussy from the back maybe a foot from his face. I then turned back to look him in the eyes again. I straddled his hips with my knees and pretended I was riding him cowboy style. I could feel my ass lightly hitting his hard cock through his pants at times. My tits were bouncing up and down. I got back off the chair and asked him how he liked it.

“God that was hot! I probably creamed my pants! Even through these mitts I can tell you have very firm tits Charlotte!

“Why thank you Henry.” I can’t believe I just thanked him for feeling me up. I fanned my face and said “I feel like I need a cigarette after that.”

Everybody laughed. I walked over to Don and told him that I was sorry. I hadn’t meant to take it that far. I got carried away in the moment.

Don laughed and said “I agree with Henry. That was the hottest thing I ever saw! I think Garth canlı bahis şirketaleri deserves the same dance.” Garth cheered at that thought.

“Ok Don, as long as you are ok with it. Give me about half an hour to recover and have a drink.” My nipples were still sore from Henry pinching them. I couldn’t believe how close I came to coming that time. The nipple pinches almost took me over the edge. I am going to have to get Don to do more of that I thought. I hope Garth forgives me if I suddenly squirt all over his pants! I didn’t squirt often but it did happen.

I gave pretty much the same dance to Garth except that when I shook my boobs vigorously in front of his face I accidentally hit him in the nose with a boob. My automatic reaction was to grab his head and hug him and apologize, accidentally mashing my boobs in his face. When I realized what I did I backed up.

He sputtered and said “What a way to go! Smothered to death with giant boobs!” We all laughed. I continued the dance. Garth must have been watching Henry because he pinched my nipples hard too!

I finished the dance and saw Don and Henry standing there jerking off. I was so worked up by the dance I had to have Don immediately.

“Don don’t waste that hard on. Let’s go upstairs!” I said urgently.

“Why not here on the couch?” Don said.

“You sure about this?” I asked.

When he confirmed it I was too worked up to argue. Don immediately mounted me in the missionary position and I groaned with pleasure. I almost forgot the other two guys were watching. He pumped me with alternating slow and long strokes. Before he came he turned me over and we did it doggie style. I arched my back and came several times. We fell exhausted onto the couch. When I came back to my senses I remembered Henry and Garth were watching.

“Guys please don’t tell anyone about this, not even the other guys in the group, OK?” I pleaded. They both agreed.

“This day is burned into my memory. The way your tits bounced around when Don pounded you was awesome! And the way you rolled your eyes back in your head when you came!” Garth said.

After they left I started to feel guilty. I know the lap dance I gave Garth and Henry wasn’t anymore than they would get at a strip club, but Garth’s wife would certainly not have approved if she knew it was me giving it! Letting them watch us having sex was worse yet! We should be ashamed of ourselves! I always make bad decisions when I am drinking. I decided not to give lap dances to any more married men. That left only Eric and I guess Andy. Caroline obviously doesn’t mind!

I went back to visit Andy again the day before the poker game to get a trim. Caroline was there this time. Don had talked me into letting Andy move around my lady bits and put on the shaving cream this time. Don said it was far more efficient this way. I gave him “the look” as if he was crazy. He said he was fine with it and to tell him all the details when I got home. This was way out of my comfort zone but very exciting so I agreed. I had a feeling it was Andy doing the moving around of my labia anyway on that first shave. I guess I could have grilled the witnesses for the answer, but to tell the truth I was happy not knowing. If I found out it wasn’t Andy, that would have killed the fantasy. The devil on my shoulder was hoping it was him. That way since he had already touched me before anyway I could justify to myself what I was allowing to happen. On the other hand, if it was Andy’s fingers then Don had let Andy grope me without my permission. I didn’t want to go down that road. Now I was allowing Andy to grope me with my permission. I’m sure it was Don’s fingers that first time, but it sure in the hell wasn’t going to be Don’s in five minutes!

Wow that shave was hot! Caroline watched the whole thing. Every time Andy touched my labia chills went through me! He seemed to move my labia around a lot. Even when he applied the shaving gel I loved it! This is so unlike me! I don’t even know myself anymore. Maybe I am rebelling against my repressed sexual tension. Kind of like the pastor’s kid is always the worst. I know that from personal experience because when I was a teenager the pastor’s son tried to seduce me in the chapel of the church he borrowed the keys to.

As I was leaving Andy said to come for a massage sometime.

“With a happy ending?” I laughed.

“What a great idea!” Andy answered.

“I am a married woman you know.” I replied.

“So if you were single you would?” he inquired.

“Maybe.” I blushed.

“Goodbye then. I’ll talk to Don about it when I see him tomorrow night.” Andy said.

“If you talk to him about it he will probably convince me to go for it.” I laughed.

“I know!” he said with a big grin on his face.

Tomorrow came and we held our usual poker group with nude hostesses. Braden had other commitments and couldn’t be there. I heard no comments about the lap dances which I was glad to see.

“Aren’t you tired of seeing Caroline canlı kaçak iddaa and I nude?” I asked the group.

“Hell no!” Eric said. Everyone agreed.

“It gets a little chilly down here wearing nothing!” I giggled like a schoolgirl.

“I’ll buy you a heater.” Don replied.

“If you want to warm up why not get on the treadmill?” Henry said.

“OK, I will.” I walked over to the other end of the basement and started up the treadmill. I noticed everyone gathering around.

“Hey, the poker game is over there!” I laughed. I started out going at a walking pace. I continued to slowly increase the speed until I was actually jogging.

My DD breasts, although they are very firm are also very heavy. When I was younger I actually thought about getting a breast reduction done but I couldn’t afford it. I am glad I didn’t because everybody says they are my best asset (well, at least the guys do).

Because they are so heavy they do flop around a lot. Sometimes I get a little sore jogging for a long time in the nude, but I was willing to put up with a little discomfort now for all this attention. They watched me in a state of awe.

“Poetry in Motion, walking by my side, her lovely locomotion, keeps my eyes open wide. Poetry in Motion, see her gentle sway, a wave out on the ocean, could never move that way.” Eric sang.

I was impressed that he remembered that much of the Bobby V song. I kept up the jogging until I got a little sore and then quit. The guys looked disappointed that I quit.

“Can I give it a try?” Caroline asked. The treadmill was facing the guys and she cranked the speed up to almost maximum. Her smaller tits still bobbed around like a bowl full of jello. All eyes were on her. She managed to keep going for at least ten minutes. She was all sweated up by that point.

“I used to run marathons but I am out of shape.” Caroline said. The guys disagreed with that.

“We should charge you guys admission.” I laughed.

“No really we should do something for you girls. We deviates are getting a lot out of our so called “Poker nights”. What would you girls like? More clothes or lingerie or maybe an expensive meal at a restaurant? Eric asked.

“Not much point in clothes. You sweet talkers talk us out of them anyway!” I laughed.

“How about if we spring for some hot tub rentals?” Eric said.

“Yeah, then we won’t be able to see whose hands are pinching us!” I laughed again.

“Good point! You saw through my devious plan.” Eric laughed.

“You guys are all gentlemen.” I said.

Everybody looked around. Eric said “No gentlemen here.”

“Well if we could get you guys to promise no touching, I would very much like that.” I said.

“You can pinch me if you like.” Caroline said to the guys.

“Caroline! Don’t encourage these guys. I am trying to keep them out of trouble with their wives.”

Of course Eric and Henry had to pipe up that they weren’t married. Caroline licked her lips suggestively.

Well! I am not the moral police. As long as she stays away from the married guys.

After everybody left I had a talk with Don.

“Don, I don’t think I should go back and see Andy anymore!”

“Why, don’t you like his shaving?”

“Don’t be offended but I love getting shaved by him!”

“Then why don’t you want to go back?”

“You won’t use this against me will you? Remember you encouraged the shaving.”

“Of course I won’t!”

“I loved the shaving too much! Everytime he touched my labia it sent shivers through me. If he would have tried anything else I don’t think I would have had the willpower to stop him!” I looked him in the eyes to see if he was angry. He didn’t seem angry.

“Caroline, I love you now more than I ever have. I could see it in your eyes that you were getting turned on by the shaving. I didn’t want to take that away from you. You aren’t falling for Andy are you?”

“Of course not! You are the only one I love or will love!”

“Then enjoy yourself. Andy told me about the massage. I told him it wasn’t up to me, it was up to you. If this is something you want then I think you should do it. He gave me his word that he wouldn’t fuck you.”

“Sounds to me like he was planning to do everything but that to me! This isn’t some sneaky way to owe you one and get Caroline into bed is it?”

“Of course not! Whatever happens with you and Andy I am perfectly happy with the sex I get with you! In fact this thing with Andy seems to be really turning me on! I don’t know why. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a pervert!”

“Fantasies are fine and healthy, but this would be taking a big step. Are you sure you won’t regret this and hold this over me?” I asked.

“I promise I will never hold this over you and I definitely wouldn’t regret it.”

I could tell how much he wanted this.

“Let me think about this for a few days.” I said. He agreed that we shouldn’t rush into anything.

I went online to find out how common this fantasy of Don’s was. I got canlı kaçak bahis a real education!

The next evening I phoned Andy up and wanted to talk about what his intentions were with this massage. He invited me over to discuss it so I went over to his place. He could see the concern on my face.

“Charlotte I can see you aren’t ready for a tantric type of massage. Even if you asked me to do it I wouldn’t. I could probably talk you into it but I won’t. I would never do this type of massage for a woman unless she truly wanted it. Once I give a tantric massage to a woman, all resistance is gone. I could easily take advantage of her. You are worried about that aren’t you?”

I confessed to him that I thought I might get carried away and do something I might regret.

“How would you like a more normal type of massage? I won’t touch your breasts or your genitals.”

“That sounds great! I admit this is a worry off my mind.” I said.

He led me into another room where a massage table was. He had seen me nude so many times we didn’t bother with the sheet or covering towel. He took off his shirt so he wouldn’t get massage oil on it and I lay on my stomach on the table. He gave me a traditional full body massage with the massage techniques I was used to at the spa. He also massaged my butt cheeks which I had never had done before. He had me turn over and gave me another professional massage never touching my breasts or pussy. I was getting quite relaxed but turned on watching his very toned abs. He then used a pneumatic lift on the table to raise the back of the table.

“So you can see what I am doing. This part is a little more erotic.” he said. I wondered what he meant by that. He started at my feet and massaged the pads of my feet and my toes. He slowly, gently caressed the top of my bare feet, first one and then the other. He kissed my ankles and lightly ran his hand around them picking them up one at a time and kissing my feet with a soft kiss. He then lay my feet back down and lightly ran his hands along my legs to my knees. He left his hands on my knees while looking me in the eye. He gently touched the back of my knees and shivers ran down my spine. He started again at the bottom and ran his fingers gently up the inside of my legs until he was almost up to my pussy. He smiled and gently stroked his fingers just on either side of my pussy but not touching it.

“You have such a lovely pussy! That big labia is gorgeous. My cock is just dying to get in there and fuck you until you yell for mercy.” he said.

Up and down, up and down his finger went. This drove me nuts. Then he gently made circles on my pubic bone with his finger where I used to have hair. He pressed his palm on my monds and more shivers went through me. Then he made his way up to my abdomen lightly stroking it with his finger. He gently touched my navel. His hands moved up the sides of my breast without touching them. He smiled again and paused. He made like he was cupping my breasts without actually touching them. He then circled his finger around my nipples, ever so close but without touching them.

“Such beautiful tits. So firm. I would love to squeeze them. Those nipples are fantastic, so long. They are so aroused that they are screaming to be played with.”

I was so hot I was tempted to say “Just grab them already!” but I didn’t. He pulled a nipple clamp from somewhere and whispered in my ear in a low voice “You’d like these on your nipples, wouldn’t you?” For some reason I nodded yes. When he clamped them on both my nipples I felt a sharp pain. The pain seemed to heighten my arousal.

“Remember I didn’t touch your nipples the clamps did. If the pain gets too much take them off yourself.” he smiled.

Those clamps hurt like the dickens but I refused to admit it and take them off. He produced a vibrator from his pocket and pointed it at my cunt with a wry grin on his face. My eyebrows went up.

He ran his fingers through my hair and whispered in my ear “If I asked you to fuck me right now you would say yes wouldn’t you?”

“Yes!” I moaned.

“Well I am not going to!” With that he left the room carrying the vibrator and told me to get dressed.

When I came back out minus the nipple clamps and with my clothes on I said “That was cruel!”

“I promised your husband I wouldn’t fuck you. If he gives me permission next time I see you I will most enthusiastically fuck you. You two have to work that out.”

After I got home I practically tackled Don for sex. Later Don grilled me for every detail of my massage and I left nothing out including what I told Andy.

“You would have fucked him?” he asked.

“Yes! I couldn’t help myself! I hope my honesty doesn’t get me in trouble.” I cried.

“I have to admire Andy for keeping his word.” Don said.

“Me too! I can’t go back there for a tantric massage! I know I will fuck him! I am weak.”

“You aren’t weak! In all our years of marriage you have never cheated on me or I you. You still haven’t.”

“I can’t even be alone with Andy anymore, the temptation is too great. I won’t cheat on you! I love you too much.”

“This whole mess is my fault. If I hadn’t persuaded you to get the shave none of this would have happened. I guess we have two options.

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