The Pool Table


The Pool TableAs the beginnings of stories go this one is about average. One Saturday afternoon I was sitting at home and the phone rang it was a friend of mine named Fred. Fred had a beautiful asain woman. Her brown eyes could make you dream of things that wish would come true. Her lips were made in a way that one kiss would only be the beginning of long wonderful night. Her body and the way she moved could make you stop in your tracks and forget how to breath. But no matter how lovely she is her heart belong to Fred and Fred was in love with her. They were a perfect match. He always had another story to tell me about how she did one thing or another to excite him. I have to admit i enjoy every story he told. One look at her and you knew Fred never had to lie about how wonderful she was. Fred sounded out of breath when he started talking i guessed that he must have been working out. He was always saying that i should go to the gym with him because he had to be in shape to keep up with his woman. At our last barbecue at his home she wore a black thong bikini that made my knees feel weak. Right after we eat I made an excuse and got out of there. I went straight over to a girlfriend of mines and pump her for a long time dreaming about the way bakırköy escort Freds woman look in her black thong bikini. I was so busy dreaming about her I did not even hear most of what Fred was saying. Then I heard Daryl can you be here by 7. Yes fred I will be there. Then I heard her voice in the back ground saying will he come. Fred made this strange sound and then said yes he will be here. Fred I will see you at 7 I have a few things to do first. Ok Daryl see you then. I hung up the phone turn on a porn just thinking about her had got me excited. I arrived at Freds around 6:45. To my surprise she anwser the door. Well her anwsering the door was not the surprise it is what she had on that stopped me in my tracks. She the black thong bikini on and a see thru cover. I stood there unable to speak. She just smiled at me and said Daryl don’t just stand there staring at me come in. My legs felt like lead as I walked in. She closed the door and smile again at me. Daryl do you think Fred would like me in a white bikini like this one. I heard the question but I was having trouble forming words. So she turned around slowly and put her hands on her wonderful hips. So what do you think? Well I think that Fred would love beşiktaş escort you in anything that you put on. But to anwser your question yes he would love it. Her breathing started to become faster I was watching her chest rise and fall. Ahmmm Daryl Fred is in the den watching one of those movies tell him i will be in there as soon as i start dinner. Then she turn and walked slow away. I stood watching her swaying as she moved and she suddenly stopped and turned back towards me. She smiled at me and said Daryl is this bikini still your favorite of all my bikinis? Yes it is. Good I am glad you still like it. She then turned and went off into the kitchen. Hmmmm I am going to be leaving right after dinner to take of this hard on she just gave me. I tried to adjust my pants and then walked slowly into the den. Fred I am sorry but right after dinner I have to leave I got a call from a girlfriend to come see her tonight. Wow Daryl you have been getting it alot lately. Well not as much as you Fred but I do what I can. With that we both laugh and I said rack them up Fred lets play some pool. Earlier this year I help Fred put up his pool table and we have been playing a few games every week since. After he racked them beylikdüzü escort Fred started talking. Daryl you know how you are always saying that she and I are such a perfect couple? Yes Fred you both get along so well. Yes Daryl we do and mostly it is because we share our fantasies. I do what she wants and she does what I want. Yea Fred I had heard that when I couple does that they can stay together alot longer then others who do not. well Daryl I am going to need your help tonight. I was just getting ready to break when he said that. I stopped and looked up at him. I know this is going to sound a little strange but you make her hot when you talk to her and tell her how pretty she is. I stood up and just looked at him I was not sure what to say. Daryl she put on that bikini that you like just for you. I was having trouble thinking and all I could say was she wore it for me. Then I heard her voice as she walked into the den in that bikini. As I stared at her she walked up right in front of me and reach out her hand. I could not move but I felt her fingers touch my neck then they began to trace along my jaw to my face. Her fingers touched my lips slowly moving around them. As I watched her mouth slightly open I opened my mouth and felt her fingers touching my tongue. Her tongue began to slowly lick her lips……..This is the first time I have written anything like this not sure if it what any of you would like to read so if you would like me to continue pleae let me know Fred your baby doll is the desire that fuels the story

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