The Shortcut


The ShortcutI thought I would take the shortcut home , cut up the hill , jump the wall at the top of the street and head across the field . It was quiet , the air had that little buzz you get in early spring , things are waking up there is anticipation. I was moving pretty quickly , it was warm , my shirt was stuck a little to my skin , I laughed to my self thinking the old pervy guy at the end of the street would be out on his porch as soon as he saw me passing , chatting about the weather , little bit of drool forming in the corner of his mouth as he gazed at my tits , gross , perhaps but my nipples hardened at the though of this desperate old man getting his kicks over my body . I took a long deep breath , readying myself for the visual attack I was about to have unleashed upon me , i fiddled with the hem of my T-shirt , trying to loosen it a little , trying not to be the tease I usually am , it was late , I wanted to sleep , loosen up , maybe watch a little porn , then fuck … my phone fell out of my jeans back pocket and hit the floor , “ shit , fuck wanking bastard “ I muttered under my breath as I thundered up the winding street .“ Was it something I said “ i look up , I stop dead in my tracks , his dark eyebrows furrowed and then raised . He was laughing at me , arsehole , stood in the garage of the house next door the old guy , behind him a car with the bonnet up , my eyes finally met up with my anger and i began to take him in . Shirtless , dark hair , flawless skin , his body , holy hell he was build like Oak tree , his shoulders , his neck , thick , brutally sexy . Reality hit me than I must of looked to him like the pervy old man who loved staring at my breasts,and like a bakırköy escort reflex I folded my arms across my chest , trying to hide the two bullets sticking out of my T-shirt . More laughing , as I scurried pass the house . I rolled my eyes at him trying to save face , I never though I would wish for the presence of the old leech .I don’t know how he moved , or how quickly he was behind me , but I felt a hand grip my neck “ Do not roll your eyes at me “ , I could not speak , his grip was hard but not threatening “ you need to apologise “ do I ? What the hell ! “Sorry “ I squeaked , rooted to the spot . “ Not good enough” .He moved me , quickly purposefully , forcing me forward by the neck , his fingers where twisted in the nape of my hair . My heart was racing , what the hell was going to happen to me , serial killer , mad man . He pushed me down the side of the house , a tight little alley , he was in front of me , no escape . He took a step towards me , I wanted to faint I was ready to scream then , he kissed me , hard , his hands cupping both sides of my face forcing my lips apart with his tongue . I felt like my entire body lost its senses , at that very point I was his . I was watching myself from above .“ Knees “ I fell on command like a well trained puppy eager to impress . He lifted my T-shirt and nodded to himself , quietly pleased , my arms raised . He reached down and without much movement flipped my tits out of my bra . I felt myself wet at the touch of him . He grabbed both my nipples hard , twisting as he lifted me , i gasped , screamed out “ No “ he shook his head , he wanted me silent , harder , his hot fingers twisting , inside beşiktaş escort I was convulsing with pain and pleasure .I felt so small , like he was consuming me , he was towering over me , he bowed as he cupped my left breast in his hand , he blew a little air over my nipple then he bit , hard , sharp , he must of held that bite for ten seconds , I was close to passing out. Again he whispered “ Knees “ and I fell , half in anticipation , half grateful for the chance to regain my balance . He looked down on me , my eager face waiting , he knew he owned me and I was ready for him , or so I thought . He deftly opened the buttons of his jeans , he was hard , he had the most perfect cock I had ever seen . I gained a little composure , once that sublime rock hard dick slips between my lips and my tongue begins to work he will be at command . I looked up at him and smiled , he was so fucking beautiful , stroking himself ready . I nearly lunged at him , I wanted his dick more than anything I have ever experienced at that point , he grabbed my neck and the head of his cock grazed my lips , like a vice , halting me his other hand holding the head of his dick glistening over my lips , teasing me , taunting me , I tried to take him in , a little desperately maybe , that smile , the bastard he had me again . He began the smack my face with his cock , provoking , enraging me , I wanted it , he knew I did , it was like he was signing his name on my face with his dick . Property of whoever he was . He grip loosed lightly , the head of his cock primed over my mouth , before I could take a breath his hands were on the back of my head and he pushed down , he was beylikdüzü escort in my mouth , all of him , fucking my face , I was struggling to breath , gagging , but he held fast , pounding my face , my hair gripped in his hands as I struggled on my knees on the floor . My mouth filling with saliva , I though I would choke , but I did not want him out of my mouth I wanted him to use me like a toy , dominate me like a whore and take what he wanted . I found my resolve , steadied me breathing , calmed , I wanted to touch him but it was terrifying like he would disappear in thin air , I took the risk , grasped his thick hard thighs and pulled him towards me , deeper into my throat . I began to feel dizzy , maybe he sensed I could not take anymore , maybe , he took me again by the hair and began to press his cock to my mouth side on like a bar , I licked , sucked and curls my tongue around eager and hungry I could not take my eyes of his face his eyes were darkened he was lost in the pleasure of being worshiped , he took a small step back , his finger parted my lips as his hand slipped down and gripped my neck , tipping my head back slightly he held his divine dick to my mouth again and began stroking himself hard , quickly , I knew what he wanted he wanted to empty himself in me , I was right . “ open “ one word was all I needed . I waited yearning for it , his head tipped back his breathing deepening and then he came , hard , pumping the sweetest cum into my thirsty little mouth . I swallowed wanting to keep every little drop .He looked a little unsteady on his feet and he put his hand on my shoulder . What the hell a voice , a voice from inside the house “ Are you going to stop messing with that car and come inside “ a woman a wife , Jesus Christ , Shhhhh! He gestured quickly helping me pull my shirt back over my body . I moved to run away , this guy is crazy , beautiful and crazy . I was gone , I did not look back at him . There was no real need , as I knew damn well I would see him soon.

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