The Star and the Prision Guard Part 2


The Star and the Prision Guard Part 2Cobie senses your hesitancy, and that you may turn her down. You feel her pussy squeeze your cock, just so, and suddenly you feel your cock beginning to stir, despite its eruption of just a few minutes ago.She moves up and down on you, encouraging your cock towards hardness again. “You know, Tom,” she whispers in your ear. “I’m not on any form of protection. She moves her head around to your other hear, and nipples dragging across your chest as she does so. “I didn’t plan on meeting you, and wanting you so bad. So you might be knocking me up with all that cum you’re putting inside of me.”You’re part scared by her words, although if it were true, she wouldn’t show until she was released from jail, even as trim as she was. But a part of you also find it incredibly exciting, and it is more than enough to send you all the way to full hardness.Cobie giggles in your ear. “There we go now.” She begins moving up and down more aggressively on your hardened tool. “You like the idea of making the movie star pregnant, don’t you? Everyone wants me, but you’re the one fucking me right now, and maybe making a baby in me..You don’t have to say anything; your body has already given you away, and you are largely lost in the eroticism of the moment and the tremendous pleasure accompanying it. You know she is controlling you like a puppet now… manipulating you directly with your body, and you feel helpless to stop it.Cobie moans as she bounces gently up and down on your cock. “Will you do that favor for me, Tom? I’ll let you do something to me that no one else has even done. You can fuck me in my ass… my tight, virgin ass. A lot of guys have wanted to, but I’ve been saving it for a very special guy…” She moves faster, guiding you towards orgasm, but still holding you below the peak. “You can be that guy, Tom. The guy that gives me my first good ass-fucking. All you have to do is just bring me a little present from a friend.” She slows her pace, and leans back a little, gently holding your head in her hands. “Will you do that for me, Tom? Please?”She smiles beatifically at you as you answer, and with one quick squeeze pushes you over the edge into orgasm. You feel yourself cumming again, and as you cum, Cobie encourages you, telling you to fill her up with your seed, and to make a baby in her, causing you to let one more last load squirt into her at the end.And then it is over, and once again you can’t believe what has happened, and what twists of fate led all the way to this situation. It is more than a little dreamlike.Cobie hugs you, squeezing you with her hot, sweaty body, and her overflowing pussy. “You filled me up so much, Tom,” she giggles again. I will get pregnant if we keep doing this.” She climbs gently off of you, some of your combined juices dripping onto your lap and legs as she does so. “If I’m not already,” she says coyly, as she goes to the sink to clean up.You don’t know if she’s playing you about getting pregnant or not. You can’t imagine she would really have any interest in carrying your c***d, especially given the circumstances, but a part of you welcomes the idea.As you continue musing over the situation, she cleans herself off with a washcloth at the sink. When she is done, she comes over with the washcloth to clean you off as well. The sex this time left both of you a little messy, and it wouldn’t do for either of you to reek of sex for the rest of the day. The room itself reeked of enough old smells for any smell lingering here not to matter, though.As you dress, Cobie hands you a piece of paper from the stationary she was allotted. A name and an address are written on it her neat, feminine cursive style. As you fold it up oh so carefully, and tuck it into your wallet, she stands on tiptoe to kiss you passionately. You want to stay, but know that you can’t. You also suspect that spending too much time with her would cause you to wear out your welcome, in any matter. You have a good thing going. No sense pushing your luck. So you leave her cell, and back to work.It’s the end of your shift, and you find yourself in the car, driving to the address Cobie gave you. You know you shouldn’t be doing this, but the thought of Cobie’s lovely face, her sweet smile… you feel absurdly protective of her. As cars flash past you on the streets, you find yourself caught in idle fantasies of Cobie, of raising a c***d with her, of starting a family. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but it’s just never seemed right before. You’ve been holding out for the right person, and now it seems as though you’ve finally found her. If only things weren’t so complicated!It’s evening when you reach the address written on the piece of paper; the sun is low in the sky, only barely visible above the rooftops of the houses nearby. The street looks quiet, one of those idyllic suburban streets you see so often on TV shows and movies. The ones that always seem to hide dark secrets and strange obsessions behind a peaceful facade. You get out of the car and walk up the driveway of the house, thinking about how you want to play this. You’re in plain clothes, of course — should you pretend to be just another buyer, unrelated to Cobie? There’s a risk that you’ll be turned away, but then if you mention Cobie, there’s a risk that this whole thing could be traced back to you at some point in the future. These thoughts carry you up to the porch. Taking a deep breath, you press the doorbell. After a few seconds the door opens, and a pasty white face peers out from the darkness. “Yeah?”Another deep breath. “Hi, I’m Tom,” you say. Immediately you curse yourself for using your real name, but it slipped out before you could stop yourself. Oh well, there’s no taking it back now. “Cobie sent me.”The face regards you suspiciously. “Yeah? What’s she want?”Suspicion trusts suspicion, you think, and you make a show of looking around cautiously. “I’m supposed to bring her a… present from you.”Watery blue eyes glance up and down, taking in your clothes and posture. “Wait here.”The door closes. You glance around again, seeing nothing. You feel exposed, and suddenly cold, standing out here on the porch. You hunch your shoulders and shiver slightly. The door opens, and a small packet is thrust into your hand. You stare incredulously down at it. Seeing your confusion, the face cracks a smile. “Relax. She’s good for it, I know. But make sure you tell her, she owes me.”And the door closes again. Just like that, you think as you walk back to the car. It’s done. No going back now. The small packet in your pocket feels like it’s full of lead. Now that you have what Cobie is wanting so bad, you can’t wait until you go back to work, when you will be able to get what you want so bad. You already feel tremendously excited, but you also are worried about how you will get the packet into the jail. Most of the time, they don’t search you at all when you come in, but every once in a while there are the occasional random searches. You’re overdue for one, in fact, and given the face that Cobie is in your area, her reputation given what she is in jail for, and the contraband discovered in the other bloc, you begin to wonder just why they haven’t had a search on your way into work since your new prisoner was transferred in.You realize that you’re going to have to be very careful when trying to smuggle the packet into the jail. Obviously, the consequences for being caught are huge, and you shouldn’t be attempting this at all, but you’ve gone too far now to turn back, and you’d never forgive yourself if you ruined the… whatever it was you had going with Cobie. So it’s not a question of whether you’re going to try to smuggle it in, but how.You could swallow the packet, but that was risky. You would likely die if it broke while in your stomach, and at the very least you’d end up in the hospital, followed by a long stay in prison. There was another orifice you could use that would almost certainly not be searched by a fellow guard, but you weren’t really wild about going that route, even if it was perhaps the safest. Any kind of container you brought it, such as a duffel bag, lunch box, or whatever, would be given at least a cursory search on your way in, so they were out, unless it was well hidden inside of them. Alternatively, you could just stuff it into your underwear or elsewhere in your clothing; after all, it seemed to work for Cobie.You do bring in a thermos to work every day. Hell, everyone does. The coffee they provide for the staff is the same stuff they serve the prisoners, and even at a fairly upscale facility like this, it’s still pretty awful. The packet was already wrapped pretty tight; you’ll wrap it in more plastic wrap, wedge it into the very bottom of your thermos, and then fill it with coffee. You’ve never known them to do more than unscrew the lid of your thermos, so hopefully it should go smoothly.It only takes a few minutes to prepare the packet, wrapping it securely in the plastic wrap, so that there is no chance it will break open, and also so that you can cram it into the very bottom of your thermos so that it should stick in there. There’s still plenty of room for coffee in there as well, as the thermos was purchased with getting you through most of a shift in mind, should you need that much coffee.You leave the thermos on the counter that night, and have the coffee machine set to make the traditional full pot automatically the next morning. You sleep surprisingly well, given the various good or bad things that could happen tomorrow. You shower, shave, and get dressed, and both the coffee and the thermos are there waiting for you in the morning. You drink a cup, black, to get yourself started and get the energy going, then sarıyer escort carefully pour the rest into the thermos. There’s a little bit left over when the thermos is filled, so you top off your cup and sip at it as you make yourself your lunch to take to work, just as you always do. You don’t know if you’ll actually eat it today, but you don’t dare do anything that deviates from your normal routine.Finally, with the food packed into your lunch box, and the thermos held in the other hand, you head to work. You work at calming yourself down as much as you can on the way there, and think that you are more or less succeeding. You make sure that you stroll in through the special entrance for the guards during the same window as your usual arrival time.Once you’re inside, you face the classic scenario of a guard behind bulletproof glass, along with a locked door you need to be buzzed through. Derek is in the security room, behind the glass, and there is a little opening that you pass anything you are carrying through for him to check over before he buzzes you in.”Morning Tom,” Derek greets you, pleasantly enough. You return greetings as you pass your lunchbox and thermos through to him. He pulls them through the opening, then almost immediately slides them back towards you, apparently not even planning on opening up the lunch box.You fight the urge to breath a sigh of relief as you reach out for your belongings, when suddenly Derek reaches out and grabs the thermos, right before you hand can grasp it. You feel a sick feeling in your stomach as Derek pulls it back slowly under the glass. He lifts it up, and shakes it slowly, letting the contents slosh around a little.”Hey, Tom”, Derek says apologetically. “My coffee machine is broken, so I have nothing other than the crap here. You mind if I bum a cup off of you?””Sure, go ahead,” you say, fighting to remain calm. So Derek doesn’t suspect anything. But you hadn’t planned on anyone actually pouring some coffee out. You hope to God that the packet is wedged in there tight.Derek pops the top off of the thermos, then unscrews the cap. He pours himself a generous cup into a mug permanently stained a light brown, apparently without any problems. He takes a deep sip of the coffee immediately, then sighs.”Columbian?””Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is.””Good stuff.” Derek takes another big sip, tops it off, and then reluctantly puts the cap and top back on the thermos, and hands it back to you. “Thanks, Tom,” he smiles. “I owe you man.””Don’t mention it,” you respond as he buzzes you through. And then you are inside the jail, and on the way to your cell block.You make it to the cell block without anything untoward happening. As always, “Grandma” is there at the station. You go over notes from the last couple of shifts. Apparently Cobie was actually better behaved than normal, although “Grandma” still referred to her as “the bitch”. Then she is gone, and you are in charge of the cell block for the next eight hours.You start by pouring yourself a cup of coffee, as you always do first thing upon the start of your shift. You can tell that the coffee is pretty severely depleted in the thermos, due to Derek’s actions, and the space the packet is taking up. You bide your time, drinking your coffee and going through the ubiquitous paperwork. When your cup is finally empty, you pour yourself another, and let the last of it trickle into your cup, just barely topping it off. Then, conscious that your body is blocking the camera, you give the thermos a solid shake, dislodging the packet, which you are then able to carefully pull out through the top of the thermos.You clean it off carefully with a kleenex, then slip it into your chest pocket. You continue sipping at your coffee for a while. You want to rush to Cobie’s cell so badly, but that would be suspicious. So you nurse the cup for a while, then begin your rounds, arranging things so that your favorite little prisoner is your last stop.It actually takes you about an hour to check on the few other prisoners, and tend to their needs, but finally you find yourself standing in front of her cell. Cobie is sitting on her bed, watching you as you slowly unlock the door and enter her cell. She smiles at you hopefully.You want to say that you missed her, and couldn’t wait to see her again. That you love her, and want to feel her in your arms again. But deep down, you know what she most wants to hear at the moment.”I have it,” you say simply, walking further into the cell. With a little squeal of pleasure, Cobie bounces up from the small prison bed, and meets you halfway. You pull the packet out of your pocket, and have just barely started to hold it out to her when you feel her mouth on top of yours, even as her hand closes over the packet, her tongue prying open your lips as her fingers wiggle their way into your hand, unwrapping it from the packet. After almost a minute, she finally breaks the kiss, backing away from you, the packet held gingerly in her hands.”I wasn’t sure if you were going to go through with it,” she smiles. “But I’m really glad you did. And since you kept up your part of the bargain, I will too…” She moves up to you again, kissing you lightly on the lips. “Give me a few minutes to get ready.” She smiles demurely. “Oh, and do you have something that will help us… well, you know. I’ve never done this before, so I will probably be really tight.””Yeah, I can get something,” you reply, thinking of the gel you keep available for cavity searches. That is, in effect, what you will be doing anyway. You should have brought some anyway, but you know that Cobie would have needed some alone time anyway. You let yourself out of the cell, and head to the supply closet, recovering a tube of the gel. It’s only a few minutes until you return to the cell, but Cobie is already stretched out naked on the bed, her clothes neatly folded on the desk, and the packet nowhere in site, even though you know that she has already opened it.”I’ve been waiting for you,” Cobie giggles playfully, twisting sexily on her bed. Her voice has already taken on an etherealness to it, but also a little bit of hyper-ness. But if anything, they are just slight exaggerations of her normal state.”Why are you not naked yet, Tom,” she pouts, and climbs off the bed. That is a good question, you think, and assist her as she starts undressing you. You actually have to slow her down, to keep her from tearing buttons off of your shirt. She notices the tube in your pocket, and pulls it out. Glancing at it quickly, she giggles and puts it on top of her clothes on the desk, then pulls your shirt off and helps you with your pants.As your pants slide down, she kneels down then, and pulls your underwear down as well. Not surprisingly, your cock has been erect for some time now, and she grabs it softly with one hand, eying it with mock seriousness.”Now, how are we going to get this big thing into my teeny-tiny ass,” she muses to herself, then giggles again. She starts stroking it gently, then pops the head into her mouth. You see her free hands slide down between her legs, and as she sucks on your cock, she begins rubbing her clitoris. As her expert mouth works on your aching cock, she starts sliding a finger into herself, giving herself at least as much pleasure as she is giving you at the moment.She doesn’t even try to pull you out of her mouth this time before you cum; instead, she just swallows it all as you cum, not letting any of it out. Cobie takes your cock out of her mouth, licking the tip to make sure nothing is lost, then pulls her finger out of her pussy and sucks on that, looking up at you as she stands up slowly, still holding on to your cock.”I know you aren’t finished yet, loverboy,” Cobie murmurs, her hand squeezing your cock. And she’s right. Even after the mind-shatteringly good blowjob, first and foremost in your mind is what is about to come next, and it is enough to keep you hard.Cobie leads you over to the bed via her hand on your cock. She picks up the tube of gel from it’s place on her desk, then pulls a pillow off of her bed, and sits it down on the floor by the side of the bed. Turning around, she kneels down on it, then slowly leans down over the bed, resting on her elbows. She looks back at you, looking a little nervous now.You kneel down behind her, not minding the hard floor on your knees. You unscrew the top off of the tube, squirting a generous amount of the gel onto your hand. It’s cold, so you rub it between your fingers until it warms up, then slowly bring your oily fingers to Cobie’s bottom, and run them up and down her crack, letting the gel cover her skin, your fingers just brushing over her backdoor for now. But your movements get more targeted, until you are rubbing the gel directly on Cobie’s asshole now. Gathering a glob of the gel on your middle finger, you gently work that finger into her, causing Cobie to moan softly. You carefully work that finger in and out of her, twisting it around to evenly distribute the lubricant.You set the tube back on Cobie’s clothes, then pull your finger out of her ass. She is very tight back there, and you are wondering are this will work out, even with the gel. Although thanks to the “present” you snuck in for her, her pain tolerance is almost certainly heightened at the moment. You move closer to her, and place the tip of your cock up against her little puckered hole. She looks back at you, biting her lower lip softly.”Slowly,” she whispers softly as you start to press against her. Although your finger went into her with relative ease, your cock is a good bit bigger, and Cobie was apparently telling the truth when she said you would be her first esenyurt escort one to take her ass. You keep pushing harder and harder, trying to get into her, but you are afraid of hurting her, even though you want nothing more than to plunge your dick deep into her ass.”It’s okay,” Cobie says softly. “I want you in me. I don’t care if it hurts.” Simultaneously reassured and even more concerned about inflicting pain on her, you still find yourself applying more force, until suddenly you feel her ass suddenly give a little, and then with a sharp intake of air from Cobie, the head of your cock slips in past her anus, squeezing hard against your cock.”More,” she begs, although there is a trace of pain in her voice. You oblige by pushing in a little deeper, making her body tremble against you. You pull back out a little, letting the gel you rubbed onto and into her ass cover your cock a little more before you slide it oh so slowly back in, letting it sink in to the hilt, drawing a loud moan from Cobie and a incredible feeling of pleasure for you.”Oh God,” Cobie moans as you slowly begin fucking her bottom. “I never thought I’d let anyone fuck me in the ass…” She reaches behind herself, feeling your cock as it moves in and out of her firm rear, to reassure herself that it was really happening.”Does it hurt?” You know that it does, but still feel obliged to ask.She looks back at you over one shoulder, her face half hidden by her hair, smiling gently. “Not as bad as it did at first. It’s starting to feel good at the same time, too.” She starts pushing herself back against you, meeting your thrusts. Timidly at first, but as the pain subsides, with more confidence. “And it will go even better next time you do it,” she says mischievously, knowing the effect the suggestion that this could become a regular thing will have on you.Both of your movements increase in force and speed, and if she is still feeling any pain, she gives no sign of it. She is pushing herself back onto your cock just as much as you are thrusting it into her, and her body seems hungry for what you are giving it. Deep, throaty moans come escape from her mouth, in time with your deepest penetration into her, and her sweat and and the juices from her pussy mingle now with the gel you used on her earlier. She is looser around you now, although still incredibly tight, and she is far more lubricated as well. You don’t know if you can say that this is definitely better then her pussy; it’s certainly different, but you don’t think you’d ever get tired of either.”I’m going to cum,” Cobie moans loudly. “I want you to cum in my ass, Tom. I want you to fill my ass with your cum, so that I know I’ve been fucked there good and hard…” Her voice rises at the end, changing into a muffled scream as she crams her first into her mouth, and you feel her ass squeeze so tightly around your cock as she cums that you barely have time to bury it into her one last time before you start cumming yourself, and fulfill Cobie’s request that you fill her bowels with your cum. And you can’t stop cumming, it seems like, even after cumming before when she sucked you off. You can feel it oozing out of her ass, around your cock, and running down her pussy and legs.”Take it out slowly,” Cobie murmurs when both of you finally feel the last vestiges of orgasm gently fade away. “I want to keep your seed inside of me for as long as I can.” You oblige, sliding your cock out slowly as she squeezes her anus around it tightly on the way out, letting only a trace of your semen spill out as you do so. She straightens up slowly when you are out, nestling her body back against you. You put your arms around her, crossing them over her chests and cupping her breasts from behind. Her nipples are still hard, and she brings her hands up to cover your hands. She turns her head to the side, and you oblige by leaning around her to kiss her firmly on the mouth.”Stay with me a while, Tom,” Cobie begs. “It’s so lonely once you’re gone.”You want to stay. But every minute you spend here increases the likelihood that you could get caught. It’s rare, but other guards and others occasionally do come through the area, and because of (LAST_NAME)’s fame, it is even more likely someone may pass through. You’d have a little warning from the warning buzzer when the door to your area opened, but not much.”Sorry, babe,” you apologize. “I don’t want to get either of us in trouble.” You reluctantly get to your feet, and start gathering your clothes.Cobie puts on her pout again before her face softens a little. “You’re right,” she sighs. “But I don’t have to like it. She gets to her feet herself, and buttons up your shirt for you. Standing on her tiptoes, she kisses you quickly on the lips before you lock her back in her room and head back to your station.You play it cool for the next several hours. You go through your normal routine of checking on the other prisoners and all that other tedium, and handle the ubiquitous paperwork. All that’s left is to be relieved by the evening guard, Jason, and then you can go home for the day. Although what you’d really like to do is stay here and spend it with Cobie.When Jason does show up though, Warden Allen is with him. The warden is short and stocky, with a crew cut and mustache, looking just like what you would expect a prison warden to look like out of some bad prison movie. That he would come out here is a little bit unusual, and given what has been going on in Cobie’s cell, and what you smuggled into the jail today in your thermos, you’re more than a little frantic, but you do your best to conceal it.”Good afternoon, Warden,” you say, as calmly as you can.The warden always looks somewhat agitated, perpetually looking somewhere between extremely constipated and in the midst of a heart attack. Today is no exception.”Tom,” he starts slowly. “I need you to come to my office. We need to talk about Cobie.”Your heart leaps into your throat. But you have no choice.”Sure, Warden.” You feel your pulse racing, but you still force yourself through the motions of handing the station over to Jason, before following the warden back to his office.You’ve led many a prisoner through the jail. You wonder if this is how they feel, as they are led to their cell. You want to run, but you know that will be futile. So instead you just follow the warden into his office.The warden shuts the door behind you as you enter, then motions you to one of the chairs in front of his large oaken desk. You sit in it mechanically as the warden walks around the desk. He pulls back his own chair loudly, then plops his bulk down into it.The warden puts his forearms down on the desk and leans down on them, and forward, looking at you directly. “Tom, you know why you’re here today?” he asks ominously.Holding your composure as best you can, you meet the Warden’s gaze. “You said it was about Cobie.””That I did.” The warden sits back in his chair for a moment, then pulls open the right hand drawer on his desk, pulling out a bottle of cheap whiskey. Two mismatched glass tumblers, once presumably crystal clear, now permanently fogged by too many washings with the prison’s hard water, follow. Without asking, he pours some into each glass, although reserves the lion’s share for his own. A few drops splatter on the worn wooden desk, where spots in the varnish attest that this is a frequent occurrence.Warden Allen picks his up, then, almost as an afterthought, motions at the other glass. “Drink.” The size of the warden’s desk, and the position of the glass are such that you have to actually lean out of your chair a bit to pick up the glass, leaving you feel more than a little vulnerable as you lean over the desk, the warden’s steely gaze on you the entire time, even as he drains half his glass before you’ve even fully seated yourself again.Mechanically, you raise the glass to your lips and force yourself to take a swallow. It burns as it goes down your throat, a testament more to it’s low quality than it’s high potency. The warden tops off his own glass, so you feel obliged to take another drink when the warden suddenly breaks the silence.”Prisoners like this Cobie pose a problem for prisons, and the people that work in them. Don’t you agree, Tom?” The warden sets the bottle down, his eyes never leaving you as he sets the bottle down, perfectly centering the bottle in the ring that will forever mark the bottle’s favored position on the desk. Still without moving his eyes from you, his hand grabs his glass, and he quickly tosses back another half of the glass.You take a moment to try to find a neutral answer. “Cobie isn’t quite like any prisoner we’ve ever had before,” you admit reluctantly.The warden grunts a little, before filling up his glass again. You wonder idly why he doesn’t wait until the glass is empty to refill it each time. “Word from the guards in your area is that you seem to have developed a special relationship with Cobie.”A sick feeling immediately spreads through your stomach, and you know it isn’t the whiskey causing it, but it isn’t helping it either. “I was hoping it wasn’t that obvious,” you say weakly.The warden grunts again. “If I was your age, Tom, and I had a prisoner that looked like Cobie, I’d probably have the same thing going on.” The thought of the Warden and Cobie having a relationship was both simultaneously amusing and revolting to you at the same time, but at the same time you were puzzled over the Warden’s reaction. Given what he knew, you expected him to be yelling at you, and for him to be calling guards into his office to arrest you.You’re trying to think of how to respond to the warden’s statement, but can’t think of anything to say. Instead, it is the warden who avrupa yakası escort next breaks the silence.”The thing I have to know, Tom, is how is she?”The directness of the question catches you off-guard, especially the way the warden is asking it. Not accusingly, but rather earnestly, as if much depended on your answer. You try to come up with a way to deny everything, but all you can come up with is the truth.”She’s good. She’s very good. The best I’ve hard.” A curious sense of release comes as you say it. Like you’ve given yourself up to your fate.The warden looks at you for a moment. “Then you’ll be willing to fill out the appropriate paperwork?”Now you are generally puzzled. Paperwork? “Sir?””For her early release.” The warden looks at you as you start back at him dumbly. “For good behavior, which you just attested to. You said her behavior has been very good while under your watch.”Technically, her behavior was very bad while under your watch, but you suddenly understand what the warden has been asking about. He doesn’t know, you realize.You take another swallow of the whiskey, and it goes down much more smoothly than the previous two. “You’re going to let her out early?”The warden sighs. “It’s not the way I’d normally like to do things. But it’s hell having such a high profile prisoner in here. The media keeps showing up to do their stories. Her fans keep calling and writing us, and hanging around outside. Not to mention that we have to keep your cell block mostly empty just to keep her secure.”The warden refills his glass before continuing. “If we let her out early, those problems go away. The thing is, I need to have two of her three guards sign off on her being a model prisoner before we can do that. Now Jason, for whatever reason, has already agreed to do so. But ‘Grandma’ has made her opinion of Cobie well known, so I know what her answer will be when I ask her. So it’s up to you, Tom. Your vote decides on whether Cobie stays in here for finish up her sentence, or goes home early.”You suddenly realize that even though your secret is still safe, you face another dilemma. If Cobie gets out early, then she won’t really need you anymore, will she? After all, deep in your heart, haven’t you always known that your relationship with her is based entirely on your power over her as a guard, and your ability to provide to her what she needs. And what she needs is what’s in that packet you smuggled in to her, and not some low-paid, no-future prison guard who is at best a distraction for her while she’s behind bars.But whatever her feelings for you, you do have definite feelings for her. As much as you don’t want to lose Cobie, you know that she is probably less suited to prison life than any other prisoner you’ve seen. She belongs in Hollywood, with beautiful people, expensive food and clothes, and the finer things in life. None of which you are, or can provide. So you can choose to keep Cobie with you for a while longer, until she serves out her sentence, despite the harm that will cause her, or you can let her out early, and likely lose her forever.”So what’s it gonna be, Tom,” the warden presses. “I can’t make the decision for you, and you won’t catch flak either way you answer. But does she stay in here or go home?””I’ll happily sign the paperwork you’re talking about, warden.” After all, your time with the starlet wasn’t going to last forever. And perhaps it would be best if she left sooner rather than later. The odds of someone discovering them increased dramatically the more tine had passed.A rare smile appears on the warden’s face. He swivels over a large stack of papers in front of you from a pile on one corner of his desk. It turns out that the paper you were just supposed to sign was actually more like a bundle of legal documents that had to be signed, dates, initialed, witnessed, and so on. It gave him a lot of time to wonder if he was making the right choice or not. Of course, the right choice for him might be quite different than the right choice for Cobie.Finally the bureaucratic b**st had been defeated, not with a might sword, but with a cheap little ball point pen that probably came twelve to a box. Still, something made you put that pen away into your shirt pocket.The warden, with some luck, forces the stack of papers back into a manageable pile. “Well, w have two out of three shift guards signing off on it, so this actually make it official. So you can tell that girl tomorrow.””Tell her? Tomorrow?”You weren’t sure what the process of breaking the news to Cobie would be like. Definitely emotional. More than likely sexual…”Yeah, it should be you. She seems to get along best with you. We’ve gotten the lowest number of complaints during your shift, so there must be something about you that keeps her calmed down. So just stop by my office tomorrow to get the official notice of early release form. Once it’s been presented to her, she only had three more days before release.””Fine. I’ll stop by first thing tomorrow,” you promise, although you are already thinking about then only having three days left with Cobie. That is, if she didn’t just start to blow you off because she didn’t need anything from you anymore with her release so close.”Well, what happens, happens. You’ll see what tomorrow brings, and roll with the punches.You vaguely remember going home, eating something that you can’t especially recall, and then suddenly your alarm close was going off, and you were getting ready for work.“Marry me” You propose as you lay back in Cobie’s bed.Cobie looks at you strangely for a moment, and then goes back to absent mindedly sucking on your nipple and licking your muscular chest. “Don’t joke like that, some girls have dreams you know.” You convince yourself that she is being sarcastic.That certainly isn’t the response you were expecting and so maybe you do mean more than a fuck toy to Cobie.You had convinced yourself you were nothing more than a dug mule to Cobie. The sex is just her way of repaying you because in here there is precious little else to give you. Any money she could give you outside would be so very easy for Internal Affairs to notice and track. With a starlet like her, they have to be looking at your financials.She definitely gives you the best sex that you have ever had. You are not exactly experienced with sex with many different people though so you wonder what that actually means.“I am serious.” You respond stroking Cobie’s head and hair. “Please, marry me.”You pull something smaller than a breadbox out of your pocket. It was your grandmother’s ring that she willed to you after she died, and has been in the family for seven generations. Far from an expert on rings, you hope its history means women like it. “We just met not too long ago and now you want to spend the rest of your life with a d**g using convict? Besides, I thought you liked being a prison guard?” Cobie looks into your eyes now deathly serious, maybe she has been wondering where this could be headed too. You hope she wants the same thing you do; That is to spend the rest of your life with her.“I have a confession, I have been learning more about you for a couple years now, much longer than your recent stint in prison. Now having spent time with you in person? I know that I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. You can give up d**gs if you want, and I will do everything I can to help. It just hast to be something you want first. And I only really like being your guard Cobie“Besides, they’re letting you out early in three days. So marrying you would have zero effect on my job.”Cobie’s eyes widen in surprise and elation. A huge smile crosses her lips. “Wait back up… they’re letting me out?”“Yes, you are a model prisoner. And the prison needs the room.”The smile grows wider as Cobie takes in what you just said. Then it fades somewhat and she looks into your eyes, as if she suddenly realizes why you asked her to marry you now.Far more intelligent than the media gives Cobie credit for, she is able to figure out you are the reason she is being let out this early. You want her personally and thus you want to know now if this will last longer than her prison sentence. All this she figures out in three blinks of her eyes which are fluttering like a humming bird’s wings.“You affect me like my own personal d**g.” Cobie smashes her lips against yours and kisses you passionately. “Since you probably knocked me up before, I won’t let my addiction ruin our baby.Brave talk from a d**g addict, but you are very grateful to hearing Cobie say that. You also will do everything possible to help her make it reality.“Being let out early is a fabulous engagement present. I would have to say yes, even if I didn’t already want to. That I do! Yes! I will marry you, lover.” Cobie smashes her succulent lips against yours again. Apparently she likes kissing a lot and you find it contagious.Making Cobie happy like this has awakened little Tom. With a growl you roll over onto her muffling her giggling with more kissing.“The ring is beautiful btw, how did you get it?” Cobie asks while holding the small ring-box up behind you and opening it. She deftly nabs it and slips it onto her ring finger with one hand. You feel it on her hand as she presses her hands into your back.Whispering into Cobie’s ears you smile, “family heirloom for seven generations. My grandmother willed it to me after she died.”Already you can see that separating Cobie from the engagement ring will be next to impossible. She would probably swallow it, if it came right down to it when she is released. That makes you very happy.Though, Cobie is very likely to never get bugged about it. Since they are far less strict about convicts being released than when they are brought in. Tears are on Cobie’s face you notice, when you come up to kiss her again. They surprise you, “You are crying?”Cobie smiles at your ridiculous question and swats you playfully. “Of course I am you dolt. I am very happy.” Then she kisses you again. You never expected her to be this happy but then again you never found a woman you wanted to propose too before.

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