The Swimming Place A story of romance and sex


The Swimming Place A story of romance and sexThe Swimming PlacePart one .I was one of the hottest days on record and Meg Brown was relaxing at home.She had lived alone for almost a year and enjoyed the freedom it gave her .Simon had left leaving her the house and the courts had ordered him to pay Four hundred dollars a month in maintenance which was great but not enough to live as well as she had before.Meg was a legal secretary at the county court but could only work part time . Part time suited Meg fine as it gave her time to relax and reflect on what she could have been and what she could have made of herself if she hadn’t rushed into marriage with Simon .Meg worked three days on and four days off which gave her most of what she wanted.Neither rich nor poor she had a four bed roomed house and no c***dren which was a blessing . She had a good sized garden with fruit tree’s and the house was well furnished. Meg would have loved a pool but not on her salary or Simons pitiful payments. At least he was never late with them she thought as she tried to hate him but failed ……Simon just didn’t have it in him to provide Meg with the loving she yearned for . He was cold and “soulless” . He lacked passion and excitement . He lacked , oh so much ……They had talked it over and over and even saw a councillor and even considered a sex ther****t but Simon wasn’t keen. He said Meg wanted too much out of life and in some ways he was right . Meg yearned excitement and the thrill of being dominated and having impromptu sex in unusual places . She yearned for Simon to be outrageous and take her away on a whim to an island and fuck her senseless or even if he were man enough to take her over his knee and spank her bare butt . At least that would have been something .. Simon was a good provider and gentle but he was lacking in what Meg needed.Meg thought that she might miss him when he went ,but she didn’t , not for one second . The whole thing had been a big mistake and now Meg was alone and really no better off than she was before.Meg was a little over forty and still had a good body and pretty face framed in flame red hair but all the good men ,as the song went, had gone, or so it seemed.With only herself to wash and cook for Meg was bored to tears.She cleaned the house every day but it never seemed to get untidy enough to bother . Meg would wander around the house in gust her white cotton panties and a brassiere if she could be bothered but quite often she just couldn’t be bothered and went nude all day.She would watch a little television or read a book. She was currently reading “Rebecca” by Daphne de Maurier and was positively drooling over a tall handsome Englishman called Max de Winter from the book . How Meg wished she had her very own strong and powerful Max de Winter to take her away to Monte Carlo and fuck her senseless.To lay on the deck of Max’s yacht naked and vulnerable to Max’s lust.Men loved their pornography but Meg was getting off in the arms of her imaginary lover just as well .When Meg was at work she wore the most erotic clothes that she dare , a short dark skirt and silk stockings and high heels in the vain hope that someone would see her bending over and see her tender sweet cunt and long for it enough to make a move on her . Her boss was short and bald and not the type at all . It was just a dream ……On her days off she would wake up hot and feeling erotic from a forgotten dream and if she were wearing a short nighty she would strip it of quickly and caress her tits and allow her hands to wander down to her cunt and she would tease and stroke it and finally in a frenzy she would masturbate vigorously until she came of noisily .Her garden was as private as it could be and she would wander still nude and sit beneath a tree and day dream whilst the juices ran from her sweet pussy.Beyond the high hedgerow lay the land that belonged to an anonymous land owner who was in the process of seeking planning for a large development of housing . Meg hoped they would never get it as her privacy might somehow be lost.In any case that time was a long way off and for now at least despite the “trespassers will be prosecuted” signs the land was used freely by anyone who felt the urge to wander .Years before it had been a large farm but now it was open grassland with a few groups of trees and a few water holes fed from the cold brook which ran through the township.Meg remembered as a k** she and her friends would swim in a “special swimming place” away from prying eyes where she and her friends would swim and play and fool around … Where had they gone she wondered ?Most had married or found jobs in the big cities and she could hardly remember their names now . Those days had been the happiest of her life. Groups of k**s used to swim there. Some had swimsuits and some didn’t . No one cared. They were just k**s , no more than fifteen years old and she used to laugh when a boy was caught jerking off whilst watching a pair of titties bouncing up and down or even the sight of a bare cunt or asshole was enough to get things going .The girls were no better. Meg had seen plenty of girls masturbating and had joined in the fun so many times . Oh happy days ………Meg dressed herself in a denim skirt and a loose fitting top and sandals . No panties. It still made her feel “naughty” to venture out with a bare pussy . Megs garden had high hedges which she loved for the privacy. It gave her the chance of wandering around nude or with a skimpy top on and a bare arse and pussy . Megs pussy was proof positive that she was a natural red head.By walking down the left hand side of her house from the garden there was a narrow wrought iron gate. Next to the small gate was an almost invisible access point to the fields beyond . She abandoned Rebecca and Max in favour of a walk down memory lane. It had been at least two years before that Meg had ventured into what was now open countryside and no one ,she knew was going to take any notice of a silly “No Trespassing” sign.By standing sideways she could just get through and she found herself in the field of dreams .The grass was indeed “greener” on the other side , not metaphorically but in all reality it was greener and so much prettier than her own garden which was immaculate. Perhaps too immaculate …Meg could see the brook glistening as it meandered to “who knows where” .Meg had almost forgotten where all the nice spots were but to follow the brook was a safe bet. The first small wood was only a quarter of mile away but Meg remembered it wasn’t their favourite one . As Meg approached the woods she saw another sign . Another “No Trespassing sign no doubt , As she got closer she could see that it was as she expected but it didn’t really look threatening or even official . Meg smiled as she read , Trespassers will be ……….. “Spanked” .She couldn’t believe it . A joke of course … Quiet amusing she thought as she entered the wood and found the old watering hole .It wasn’t the right one . Just a a****l watering hole , nothing special and the water didn’t look very appealing .The water that led to the larger wood and the special swimming place she kadıköy escort remembered sparkled like diamonds . It wasn’t deep and the k**s used to paddle and sail their toy boats there years ago . It all seemed so familiar a she approached the larger cluster of trees. Meg could almost her the sounds of the boys and girls screaming with laughter and the splashing of water . She could almost see twp or three of the naughtier boys playing with there cocks and she knew that some girls took the opportunity of a quick “finger job” and some very heavy petting by some of her friends with boys . All very discrete of course but Meg could sense the excitement of those days as she finally reach the place she called “the swimming place”.No one called it anything else. It had no name other than that . It was a place for teenagers and no adult ever bothered them thereThe water was as clear and clean as it ever had been and completely surrounded by trees. Meg slipped off her sandals and dipped her toes into the sparkling water. It was cold but not freezing and the day was so very hot.So very peaceful ,…… Meg slipped her hand under her very short denim skirt and ran her fingers up and down slowly along her vaginal lips . She was soaking with pre cum juice and wondered where she could lay down and finish the job . With just the tiny skirt and casual cotton top on she wondered if it was safe for a quick dip in the clear water before she went to work on her cunt .The pool was only twelve feet across and no more than four feet at its deepest surrounded by moss and grass .Quickly Meg slipped of her skirt and top and stepped into the pool .She felt the cold water surround her legs and arse and it almost felt as if the liquid was caressing her cunt and arsehole with its cool fingers.In the centre of the pool she knelt down and immersed her large but firm tits into the water…. Here she could swim a few strokes as if she were in a proper swimming pool .Meg floated effortlessly on her back and allowed her legs to drift open and allowed access to the cold water as if it were the fingers of a tall dark stranger caressing her juicy cunt . Then with a kick of her legs she reached the mossy bank where she lay her back with her feet still in the water.Meg could wait no longer. Her cunt needed attention right now . Meg fingered her twat as the cunt lips opened of their own volition and she stroked her engorged clitty and soon was masturbating furiously with three fingers inside her pussy hole .“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Meg was an experienced masturbator after these long and lonely twelve months without a man cock for relief.The tall dark haired man on the other bank was standing there with a smile on his face . For several seconds Meg had thought he was a figment of her over active imagination . He was Max de Winter. He was OO7 licensed to kill . Licensed to fuck a lonely girl skinny dipping in a lonely pool . He wasn’t real . How could he be ? When he spoke Meg was in no doubt that this man was no mirage and no illusion or a just a dream come true. “Well hello there young Miss,” said the man “You didn’t see the signs I take it ?”Meg made a dash for her clothes, such as they were …..“ Leave them be” said the man .“They are my evidence, along with the video I’ve been taking over the last ten minutes” he said pointing out the “mini-cam” in his hand.Meg placed her hands over her pussy , then one hand over her tits and one over her cunt.“Hands by your side” said the man “Oh please” said Meg “Just let me go , I’m sorry ,I did see the signs but I thought they were a joke ““Far from a joke Miss” said the man who was wearing smart cord pants and a black jacket and sounded as if he had an English accent. “In fact the signs were due to be replaced with new ones last week which warn that” Trespassers will be caned” so far from a mild spanking you would have received last week I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you the cane , on the bare bottom too” !Meg had given up all hope of trying to conceal her nudity.“You cant do that to me “ said Meg “I’ll just get my clothes and go home “Meg was mesmerised by the handsome Man and some part of her wanted to be over his knee for whatever fate he had for her….“You my girl are a trespasser and I do have the authority to at the very least hold you until I call the Sheriff to arrest you just as you are , naked and what is more absolutely everyone will see the video of you masturbating on private property when the case come to court ““ The choice is yours of course” he said and Meg could see a ridge in the mans pants. He was getting a huge erection !“Would you care to see an instant playback of yourself “ said the Man “Come here Miss and you can see exactly what I have on you “Meg blushed and wriggled with the humiliation of it all ..“I know what I was doing was wrong “ said Meg“And what were you doing Miss Brown “ said the Man “You know “ said Meg “ you have it on video ““You have to say it” said the Man “it’s the rules”“Very well “ said Meg who ‘s whole body seemed to be blushing red with embarrassment .“ I was errrrr, masturbating she said quietly .“Louder please Miss Brown “ said the ManPoor Megs nipples were really sticking out a long way to the mans obvious delight as his erection was growing ever longer and longer by the second “I was masturbating “ cried Meg as loudly as she dare“And how do you know my name “? said Meg“Oh we’ve been watching you for some time now “ said the man The man introduced himself as Martin White, the estates manager for his brother Michael who owned the entire area .“Watching me”? said Meg “Yes” said Mr White, “I’ve been watching you for three weeks now , your garden isn’t as secluded as you thought ““I cant begin to tell you how often I’ve seen you stark nude through your hedge and masturbating too , such a pretty sight Miss Brown “Megs face went even redder than before“How dare you spy on me , how very dare you spy into my private garden”!“At least I wasn’t trespassing “ said Mr White “And although it is i*****l to peek into your private garden , I will deny it if it comes to that “ said Mr White smiling .“I knew that you would eventually come onto our land and I was just waiting for this chance Miss Brown ,or may I call you Meg”?“Oh and in case you were wondering , I have been wanking over the sight of your naked cunt and tits as I watched but since you cant prove a thing it really doesn’t matter much does it Megan ?”“Oh “ said Meg, Really Mr White, you are such a pervert , masturbating over my nude body . “You really should be ashamed” “May I remind you Meg that its you on the video masturbating furiously , not I”?“ Now what’s it to be Meg , shall I call the Sheriff or will you accept my punishment”? “Call the Sheriff for all I care” said Meg with little conviction .Mr White started dialling on his cell phone.“Wait” said Meg thinking of the guys at the police station watching the movie of her nude and lewdly masturbating.Meg hadn’t been caned for nearly twenty years when she was last called to the principals üsküdar escort office for punishment . She got the cane that day o the bare arse and it stung like hell but it gave her strange, not unpleasant feelings in her tummy. “I have to have the cane on the bare”? said Meg“Well since you don’t seem to have any knickers here , I would say yes” said Mr White“OK” said Meg “I suppose I have no choice do I “?There was actually nothing more that Meg wanted than to be over this Mans rod for correction or anything else he had in mind for that matter.She didn’t want him to know that though ……….Behind a cluster of dense woodland stood Mr Whites dark grey Aston Martin DB9 . Meg hadn’t seen that before or heard it pull up and she certainly would have . Martin had been there for over an hour as he had been for two days running.He had an idea that the hot weather would flush Meg out and into the pool eventually . It was his lucky day it seemed.Martin had admired Meg from afar for ages now . It was her red hair and steaming sexuality along with her pixie like face that attracted him to Megan in particular. Martin had made a few enquiries around the neighbourhood and knew that Meg was now a single woman ,where she worked and had a pretty good idea that she was as bored as hell .He had indeed been watching her for weeks now and waiting for his chance .Martin had always known what kind of woman he wanted as a lover or even a wife if the chance arose. He wanted and always had wanted a submissive and yet feisty woman preferably with red hair and a high sex drive. Megan seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Meg could see Mr White as he opened the trunk , or boot of his car as he would call it . Inside amongst other thing there was a long swishy rattan cane . “Oh fuck” thought Meg “That cane looks exactly the same as I got caned with at school “Mr White walked back to Meg and looked at Megs naked body in detail , his eyes lingering on her cunt and tits which were stubbornly still at full attention despite herself.“How do you want me “? said MegMartin pointed to a low thick branch that looked as if it had been made for caning a naughty girl on .Martin slipped off his red lined jacket and threw it over the branch and nodded towards it .Over there Megan , and keep the pretty bottom high and your legs well spread. I like a nice target to aim for “Meg d****d her slim frame over the nominated branch . It was quiet high and Meg could only just reach the ground with her toes as her bottom was presented for inspection . It seemed as if nature had created this branch for Megs size and height …It was pointless to protest at this stage because it was plain to see that Meg’s cunt was dripping wet and her labia was swollen with charged sexual desire.Meg was ready for Mr Whites cane and even more ready for his huge cock .She felt Martins fingers caress her bottom crack as he stroked the area between cunt and anus . As if by telepathy Martin knew that Meg wanted a fingering before he caned her as he slipped his finger into her wet cunt .“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh , Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” cried Meg He fingered her more rapidly now and Meg was close to another orgasm .Martin had seem Meg masturbate and knew she could orgasm several times in an hour .Martin brought Megan to the brink of orgasm several times but he knew exactly when to stop to keep her randy and wet.Meg was gushing a clear pussy juice before he decided to begin the caning he had promised Meg.Flexing the cane and following a few practice strokes into the thin air at last the moment had come …………..“Swisshhhhhhhhhhhh , Whaccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Swissssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” Swisssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Twaaaacckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” cried Meg “That really stung” “Is it over now” ? said Meg“Five more to come dear” said Martin “Five more” ? said Meg “Oh my poor arse” “I think you like it “ said Mr White “Don’t you Megan “?Meg was silent for a moment .“Yes” she said reluctantly knowing there was no point in lying .“But it really stings” said Meg“I know “ said Martin “Its supposed to “ “Swisshhhhhhhhhhhh , Whaccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Swissssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” Swisssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Twaaaacckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh , fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk , Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”“Just two more” said Martin “ and perhaps you will have learned your lesson young lady” ? “Oh fuck” said Meg out loud .“The fucking will start after the next two strokes” said Martin “Whackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Kerackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”Thhhhhhhhwackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”The last stroked were as hard as Mr White could manage.“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,fuckkkkk, fuckkkk fuckkkkkkkkk, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Poor Megs are was aflame with pain and the desire to have a cock inserted as quickly as possible .Her poor arse was bright red and looked double the size it had been but the cunt juice was still flowing like river. Her anus was dilated fully and Meg was as ready as any woman had ever been for a huge cock inside her . Meg nearly slipped as she dismounted her caning branch . She had thought Martin would fuck her there and then whilst her cunt and arsehole were so open and desperate for it but no . Martin took her in his arms and kissed her deeply and she melted into his arms . At last she had a real man ……. At least for now .Martin said they should swim together in the “swimming place” and He stripped quickly . “Oh my god” thought Meg as she saw the size of his cock . She knew it was a big one from the tenting of his pants but never dreamed a man could have such a large penis . It wasn’t the length so much as what looked like a good ten inches but Martin cock was so wide. More the three times as wide as Simons had been as twice as wide as anything she had ever seen .There was a boy at school who used to frequent “the swimming place” of whom it was said had the towns largest, widest cock and no girl could get her finger around it and no girl would fuck him or even attempt to suck him off. Martins was twice as thick at least even in the cold water of the pool .Meg knew she could take him into her snatch, even though it would be a very tight fit Meg wanted to be stretched as never before and she was so very wet .Could any woman take Martins cock up the asshole? Meg was eager to try and just as eager to see how much of it she could get inside her mouth .Martin ass was tight and firm and his dick seemed out of proportion to his frame although he was talk and well built with a nice slim waist and huge wide shoulders.They swam and played for half an hour touching each others “privates” whenever they could .Martin fingered Megs cunt and arsehole with impunity and she loved it .Meg grabbed Martins thick cock whenever she could and it felt like an iron rod as she ran her fingers along the shaft and helmet .At last Martin took Megan by her tiny waist and threw her onto the bank at the same place he had found tuzla escort her masturbating only an hour of so earlier.Meg took Martins cock into her hand , It hardly went half way around the shaft but she skimmed up and down until Martin was groaning and in need of cunt desperately .A drop of pre-cum was soon licked away by Meg snake like tongue . Then she spread her legs as widely as possible. She felt like a whore as she begged for cock and relief from her burning desire.Martin ran his tongue along Megs labia and nibbled for a moment on her clitoris . Meg could wait no longer !“Fuck me now , please fuck me ,use me just fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee”Her legs wrapped around Martins waist as he nudged his huge helmet against her flaps . Meg gasped as the first five inches entered her swiftly . She felt so full!Meg was stretched to the limit . Almost to breaking point ……..Like a perfectly engineered piston Martin entered Megs cylinder with not a atom of space between cock and cuntal wall.With no room for air to escape the pressure in Megs upper cunt regions was building up and had nowhere to go .As Martin inched further and further inside Meg her face went red as she urged him to fuck her even if it killed her . She wanted every inch of her man inside her .It tool five minutes to achieve full penetration and Meg was finally full of cock , fuller than she ever believed it was possible to be .Martin left his dick to soak for a full minute before he withdrew for another thrust. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” cried Meg as the air escaped and her clitoris was unleashed from its confines.A moment passed and Martin was again buried to the balls once again !“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk me you fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” screamed Meg Each time , each thrust of cock unleashed a cunt fart and Megs clitoris was afire .Meg wanted to cum so badly yet Martin knew how to fuck a woman and kept Meg just short of release. He would make her beg for it . Beg for cock as loudly as she could !Time after time Martin took Meg to the very edge of ecstasy and ….. Left her hanging .“Please fuck me Martin , oh please fuck me and let me cum “ !“Louder” said Martin“Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee, please fuck meeeeee” “Louder still” said Martin “Megs voiced echoed through the woods .“FUCKKKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE . Pleaseeeeeeeee Fuckkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” !With three expert thrusts Martin allowed Meg to orgasm .“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”Meg was truly fucked in every way imaginable both sexually and physically !As Martin withdrew the build up of cunt juice was finally able to flow like a cataract of elixir onto the grass which soaked it in greedily.Martin went to the trunk of his DB9 and came back with a drink of soda and two glasses . Martin sipped his and Meg drunk her quickly .His cock seemed as large as ever to Meg who took it into her mouth as far as she could and gently sucked him back to a full blown erection.“I’m not sure if I can take it in the ass darling “ said Meg “Although I’m willing to try” she said as she once again kissed him deeply .Meg knelt on all fours and stuck her arse high presenting her anus to this lovely man .Without additional lubrication it was always going to be next to impossible but Meg relaxed her asshole and Martin was able to insert three inches of cock . This was enough to get Martin off with some fast thrusting and Meg promised he could take her in the asshole next time .“There will be a next time “ said Martin “ after I practically ****d you “?“You didn’t **** me you silly goose” said Megan “I was gagging for cock right from the start and you know it ““And the caning”? said Martin Meg presented her fine rump to Martin .“ I loved it “ she said “I’ve always loved a caning , especially from a real man like you “ “May I have the pleasure of taking you for dinner tonight ? “ said Martin with a wry smile ““Of course you may “ said Megan as she kissed him once more with passion .“One thing “ said Megan “ you will delete that errrr , movie from your camera”?“ What movie”? said Martin “Oh my I phone you mean , my brother gave that to me weeks ago , I never could get it to work “ Martin was as good as his word and was waiting outside Meg house at eight PM .with a huge bunch of rosesThey had a very romantic dinner in an excellent and discrete restaurant where they could reach under the table and fondle each other to their hearts delight. Meg was able to get Martin’s cock out and masturbate him and Meg wore no underwear at all …Later that night Martin took Meg back to his brothers mansion house .Michael was a delight , a veritable tin type of Martin except slightly shorter and fairer hair .It seemed both the brothers had inherited a fortune from their parents along with the property company in England and the USA where they were developing low cost housing for a moderate profit .The family home was a stately home in East Sussex which had been in the family for centuries .Meg slept with Martin that night and Meg was as good as her word too as she offered her new lover her asshole that very night.Meg wanted Martin to fuck her, to possess her entirely , to use her and cane her as and when he wished .Armed with a large tube of KY Martin was able to fuck Meg’s rear hole.Meg applied the lubricant to Martins rod as she masturbated it well in whilst Martin did the same for Megs asshole .He took her on all fours and the going was difficult at first . Once again the first four inches went into Megs bottom well enough but the remaining six inches was a slow but tender exercise in Submission for Megan and an absolute delight for Martin . When at last Martins heavy balls bumped against Megs cunt he felt vindicated and Meg felt contentment that her asshole was as full as it could be with Martins cock . He fucked her gently but firmly until Martin emptied his sperm deeply inside Megs innards . Three times Martin shot his load into Meg’s arse and the spunk filled to the brim .After a short rest and a soothing bath together Martin wanted to fuck Meg again ……. This time in the cunt .Once again plenty of lubrication was needed and it was worth the effort because he slipped easily into Megs cunt and on the huge bed they both orgasmed together .Meg was still a fertile woman and told Martin who said “Que sera sera “ As it happened Meg didn’t become pregnant ,at least not that night.Meg had the lover she always dreamed of and the huge cock was surely a bonus and the fact that he could tame the wild Meg was even better for both of them. Martin always kept the cane close at hand which delighted Meg as she loved him to dominate and thrash her whenever she needed it, or whenever she didn’t come to that .Six months later Martin and Meg arrived in a British Airways 747 at London Heathrow where a chauffeur was waiting to whisk them off to the family mansion and a new and exciting life for Meg .Three weeks later Martin and Meg were Married in a delightful Sussex country church where Meg promised to love , honour and obey and we all know what that meant don’t we ? Meg spent most of the next several years with a sore rectum and a red bottom which she loved .Eventually Meg got used to the size of Martins cock and when he fucked her which was most nights or even mornings she would howl with pleasure as he spunked into her tight cunt , time after time ………… And they lived happily ever after ……The End

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