The visit


The visitThe visitWhen one is divorced and have business together one always have to maintain ties. When you are divorced and Zefa is your ex-wife is no different. My current wife knows this and one or two weekends a month I travel to the house of my ex to take care of common matters.There I was on my way. I took the ferry. I takes almost an hour to arrive and when I got there Zefa was waiting for me at the exit. I noticed she got some weight. Her current husband wants her like that. But she’s still very attractive. A short pink dress, very sexy. Foreshadowed the absence of bra, as usual. The nipples notice themselves. We kissed has we continued the way to the garage. I saw men taking a greedy look at her. I told her: “You’re turning many heads. Guys are all staring at you.” And she laughs loudly.We got into the car, we talked about our business, her husband absence at work. I ask her what restaurant did she choose for lunch and she says she had arranged for lunch at her home. She bought oysters and made a prawn rice as I like. Okay I whispered. We arrived and got up it her house. I told her I was starving. She replayed, “good” because the lunch gave her a lot of work cooking it. She asked how long I would stay this time and I told her that I would stay for the weekend and I would take the opportunity to visit some friends. I’m staying at the usual hotel. We had an appetizer and Zefa´s moist and fleshy lips begin to challenge me. We don’t live together for three years but a sexual tension between us continues to exist. She noticed my full pants and my greedy look.She slowly set her glass on the table and poured some more gin and tonic on my glass. She stopped talk and knelt in front of me, slowly opened me the fly of my pants and then she said, “I am glad that you stay the weekend. There’s no need for you to go to the hotel. Carlos only returns by Thursday.” I did not answer. With her hand, she took my cock out of my pants and began to slowly cuddle it. I was hard. She made me those eyes off her and dove and start sucking my cock intensely. She licked and sucked again. First the tip and then again puts it in the mouth in rhythmical movements that she mastered during our 25 years of marriage. Oral sex with Zefa was a delicacy never repeated. In ordu escort the midst of all the joy I was having, I heard the noise of plates and cutlery as if someone was setting-up the table. I made a gesture of surprise. Zefa told me to relax. There was no problem, Carlos got me a maid to help me with this huge house and keep me company.She had entered the service after my last visit. She made a roguish smile and went back to what she was doing. With her free hand she pulled the dress up and showed me what was underneath. I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I couldn’t be stalling anymore and came. She sucked my sperm as it left and she swallowed greedy and gratified. She put back my cock in my pants, she got up and we went to the room where the lunch was set.In the corridor I put my hand between her buttocks just to make sure that she had no panties. She turned slightly and we kissed intensely.In the room, the table was set. Not the slightest sign of the maid. Everything was on the table. I ate the oysters. Delicious. Fat and meaty just like Zefa’s lips. She ate two I ate the remaining ten. She poured me wine, and then the magnificent rice prawns. More like prawns with rice. Instead of serving herself she did what he knew I liked when we were married. She went under the table, she returned to take me dick out of my pants and sucked me slowly, licked my cock, sucked it deeper, only the tip of my hard cock first and them all the way as she knew I liked. I continued to eat slowly and relaxed. I Helped myself of some more wine. Everything was good. The wine, the rice and Zefa.I had unload my cum in the room, so I was now prepared for this lunch blowjob. I just had to hold my load when she put her hand again in my pants and pulled my balls out. When she began to lick and suck them, my bonner increased. But I hold the fort. I continued to eat she continue to suck my hard cock. I finished my meal and asked if there was any coffee. I felt a slight head hit on the tabletop. She stopped sucking my cock, got-up out of under the table and went to the kitchen.My hard cock still out of my pants, waiting for her to return from the kitchen, I thought about what she had told me three years ago when we divorced: “We are no longer husband mersin escort and wife but we will never stop to be lovers.” And she was right. I got married again and so did she. I was now living in Hong Kong and she returned to Macau to live with her new husband.The business has develloped well. We expanded to Portugal and the in United States. So we continue to meet together twice a month.She arrived with the coffee. One cup for me and one for her. We got up and went to the couch. After the coffee and I got up I put my cup on the coffee table. I looked at Zefa, she smiled with her wet meaty lips. I knelt in front of her. I lifted up her skirt. She opened her legs. A view that never get tired of. A magnificent bald pussy presented before my eyes.Her pink pussy lips were calling my name. I kissed her. I parted her lips with my tongue. The slightly out clit was an invitation to my desire. I began to suck it and lick it. She moaned with pleasure. She had already served me with two blowjobs and she should be hoping and willing to be licked. I love the taste of her wet pussy. She always gets so wet as she is barely touch. I completely forgot that there was someone else at home.I gave myself completely to my best known cunt, I know what she likes and how she likes. I grabbed her buttocks and plunged on her. I kissed her pussy, licked her between her pussy and ass and pussy again. I returned to where those lips were craving for me. I focused on her clit and my tongue, amused as my desire grew. Zefa moan and her breathing was increasingly breathless. She grabbed my head with both hands. It was the signal. Zefa was reaching the climax, her orgasm erupting from within. She came, my face dipped in her soaked wet cunt.We got up and went to the room. She softly undressed me. First my shirt and then the pants. She did not seem the same woman who had just come into orgasm convulsions and spasms just there three minutes ago. Naked in front of Zefa, I kissed her and then I undressed her. The full breasts with erect nipples begged to be touched. I kissed her tits.I hold a nipple between my lips and pressed it. She offered a little moan. I continued. She then sat on the bed. I lifted her legs and her wonderful cunt stood between her thighs. malatya escort She invited me and I stiffed cock, penetrating her with the desire for a first time. A woman like her, any fuck is always a first time. I leaned over her as my cock entered her with the cadence I know she likes. My mouth sought her nipples, her beautiful udders. I kissed them and sucked those nipples as I fucked her.Her warm and vibrant cunt, squeezing my cock as only she knows how. We turned and now she was on top. She sat down and my cock was all inside her. She came again in a wonderful and vibrant orgasm. I told her not to stop, she continued. She was sweating. I kept telling her to continue and she moaned with raging pleasure and she came again, and once more.It is the most beautiful view of the world. The sight of a woman during orgasm. When a man managed that she continues her moves during orgasm and right after, it is easy to get her to repeat her orgasm again, right away. She fell on me. I turned her back to me. I slipped my cock on her pussy doggy style and the kept fucking her from behind. My eyes scanned her body to find her beautiful round ass. I opened her buttocks. My finger penetrated her ass as I unrelenting kept fucking her.Her ass opened up to me and offered itself to my finger. I slid another finger and her voice was heard louder. I could not stand anymore. I took my hard cock out of her pussy and thrust it into her ass. It seemed like butter. It has always struck me as the ass Zefa was so easy to penetrate and yet so tight. I bent and slip my hand under her belly. I went thru her round belly so my fingers could reach her clitoris. I gently rub it. She responded by opening more her legs. I walked my cock repeatedly between the ass and Zefa´s cunt. I felt I was cuming. I asked her “where do you want my load? ” She replied, ” in my mouth. I want it all in my mouth.”I pulled my cock out of her pussy and shove it between her lips. My cock was deep in the mouth of Zefa. I went in and came. Neither saw the cum on her lips. She sucked me dry. Seized everything and swallowed. She loves to drink my sperm.I lay down beside Zefa. I do not know for how long we were fucking, but the light from the window was fading out. Zefa grabbed my cock with her hand. He continued to masturbate me, giving me kisses here and there on the edge and balls.When my cock regained firmness, she got up from the bed. She looked at me and said: ” I’ll be back! You’ll like what I have prepared for you. We have all night and tomorrow.”

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