The weekend


The weekendChapter One: Friday NightI looked around the room, it was one of dearest rooms in the hotel. While it wasn’t as fancy as I had wanted it to be, it was the only hotel with a room that had everything I wanted available: big bathtub, massive shower, and a four poster bed. I made sure that everything was in place, and that I knew where all the items were. I didn’t want to have to waste any time looking for stuff, or having to dig it out. I probably bought far too much, but I figured I would rather have stuff that doesn’t get used than wish I had gotten it and brought with me. This weekend has been talked about to near death, and I was starting to get nervous that it wasn’t going to live up to her expectations.She was a really old friend, had been since we were like twelve. It was weird that we had met on an online fan-fiction roleplay of the horror genre, but now neither of us really watched any. She was recently single,as was I. It was a first, really, for us to both be single. She had confessed to having a dream of being totally dominated. While I had no experience in actually really being a dominant, I figured that I would play along and tell her to come over. Teasing that I would give her a domination weekend that she would never forget. I fully expected that she would back out, telling me it was a joke or something.To my surprise she took me up on the offer, quickly booking the flights once I promised my offer was genuine. While there were a good bit away from when we talked about it originally, it gave us plenty of time to agree on some rules and what we were prepared to do and what lines we weren’t willing to cross.At first the kind of things I was asking about doing and having her doing was pretty bog standard sexual stuff; but she never said no to anything. So I started thinking up more and more complex scenarios and pushing boundaries but, again, she didn’t say no to any of it. The only thing I didn’t suggest was bringing in another guy or girl, I wanted the weekend to be about us.We made a rule, which I didn’t want to agree to but it seemed to be a deal breaker, that it was one weekend only. After the weekend was over we would be back to just being friends. This was to be a “friends with benefits” one-time deal where she was willing to be, for lack of a better term, my sex slave.I look at the handcuffs and ropes that I have brought with me. I had planned on having them on the bed before meeting up with her, but didn’t want to scare her off. I went down to the bar of the hotel and ordered a JD, ginger, and a splash of lime cordial. Then waited for my slave.I saw this tall redhead come in and look around the bar hesitantly, as if unsure about where she should be or who she was looking for. I assumed that she was Jessica and she was even more beautiful than I imagined. The dress that she was wearing was perfect. I was very pleased to see that it was exactly what I had asked for; low cut, showing ample cleavage without being too slutty, and just past her thighs. I hoped she was also wearing red suspenders or tights, but I would find out about that later.I finish my drink and move towards her, “Hi” I say with a smile.“Hey,” Jessica said, still looking unsure, but starting to smile back. I had hoped that she would recognize me straight away. Not that I am particularly memorable, 6 foot average build, starting to get on the heavy side and a face that could be easily lost in a crowd. But from the pictures that had been shared…I hoped that she recognized me.“Jess?” I ask knowing full well that it was her now, she looked a million times better than any picture she ever sent me.Her partial smile now bloomed full on her face as she nods and says, “Yeah.”I saw that she didn’t have any bags with her and smiled at this, as this was also part of the arranged instructions for the weekend. I did consider telling her no that David had sent me but couldn’t bring myself to start things that way.I take her hand as we move towards the bar and sit at one of the tables, I order food as I hadn’t eaten that day yet, she declines, saying just a strong drink. I thought it odd, but didn’t linger on the subject. I eat while we make small talk and, while we knew each other very well already, I suppose it was a getting to know each other fresh period. We sit and have a few more drinks after I finish eating; eventually talk turned to the weekend and what we had planned.“So now you have met me, are you sure you still want to go ahead with the weekend?” I ask giving her a very easy out.Jessica smiled, “Of course!” Before asking, “We are agreed on the safe words?”“Of course, I wouldn’t want to hurt you or make you do anything you weren’t completely comfortable with. Once we go into the room we start?”She gulps and nods, smiling at me.I go and pay and we meet back at the entrance to the bar. We take hands and walk to the room. I open the door then look at her and smile, “Last chance,” I say with a raised eyebrow.She smiles and walks into the room, kicking off her shoes and turning round to look at me, “What is your command my master?” She says it with a devilish smirk while eaching out to take my hand.I smile, walk in and close the door behind me, “So, my little sex slave, you don’t speak unless you get asked a question. You can only answer the question nothing else, understood?” I use my free hand to gently caress her cheek with the back of my hand.“Yes, Master,” she closes her eyes as my hand makes contact with her skin.“Good girl,” I say smiling at her.She smiles back and opens her eyes. Starting to blush, she lowers her head, but keeps her eyes focused on me, “Thank you, Master.”I swiftly pull my hand free and slap her on the ass. She gives me a surprised look as she yelps. I smirk, “I didn’t ask you a question. You break the rules you get punished…the severity of the infraction and my mood will determine on the punishment. Understood?”She nods her head and breathlessly sighs, “Yes.”I sit down on the chair, smile at her and say, “So, let’s start getting you out of those clothes. Take off the dress, and jacket.”She looks at me as she slowly lets the jacket slip off her shoulders and drop to the floor. She starts to untie parts of the dress, letting her hands linger, taking her time. She slips her shoulders out of the dress slowly pulls it down so it’s level with her breasts. She turns back to me as she slides the dress the rest of the way down. She bends over at the waist and lowers it all the way to the ground; giving me a wonderful view of her ass. The underwear that she is wearing is a nice pair of red lace panties and practically see-thru. She steps out of the dress and turns around, placing her hands behind her back again waiting patiently for my next instruction.I stand up and run my hand up the inside of her arm, letting my finger brush over her bra. I place my hands on her shoulders and gently push down, “Kneel down in front of me,” I command. When she’s kneeling in front of me, her hands automatically go to the zipper of my jeans, anticipating what my next command will be. I step back, taking myself out of reach, “Now, now, I didn’t tell you to help me, hands behind your back like a good little slut.” I pull down my zip and pull out my rock hard cock.She places her hands behind her back as I step forward again running my cock from the top of her head, over her eyes, tapping it on her nose, then I place it in front of her mouth, “OK, now you may open up and suck my cock.”She slowly runs her tongue over her lips, causing the tip of her tongue to graze my cock. She parts her lips and tenderly kisses the tip, turning her head to run kisses down the length of my shaft. As she works her way back up to do the same down the other side I bring my hands up to her face. I hold her still and slowly push my cock inside of her mouth, “I said suck it not tease it.” I move a hand around behind her head running my fingers through her hair. I gently pull her head towards me. Holding some of her hair, I start to move her head forwards and back on my cock, helping her with the motions. As she starts getting into it more, she moves her hands and starts to rub them up my leg.I step back pulling my cock out of her mouth, it’s glistening with a mix of her saliva and some pre-cum. She whines at being denied something she was enjoying. “Now, now, my little slave you weren’t to use your hands,” I say walking over to one of the dressers and lifting one of the lengths of ropes that I had in the room.“Put your hands behind your back again.” I step behind her, leaning down to lift her arms. I bring her hands together and loop the rope around them tying a knot to secure them behind her back.I move back around. My cock twitching as I stand in front of her, I take my cock in one hand and rub it over her lips. With the other, I push her head towards my cock, letting it slip back into her waiting mouth. Again, I use a grip on her hair to pull and push her lips along my cock. She quickly gets back into the rhythm of sucking me, a bit more aggressively without the use of her hands. As I get closer to cumming I start to slightly thrust against her.She moves her mouth down my shaft and I tell her, between breaths, that I’m close to cumming and that I want her to swallow all of it. I place my hands on her head holding her in place as I push myself against her. I cum, shooting my load inside her mouth feeling it around my cock as she tries to swallow it. When I’m finished I pull my cock out and use it to scoop the bit of cum that leaked from her lips. I let her lick the remainder from my still hard cock and she does so with a smile.I lean down and kiss the top of her head, “Good girl,” and I help her to her feet. I move my hands behind her to remove the rope from her hands, then move my hands back round in front of her. Running my fingers over her bra. Running my hands down her body. Resting my fingers against her panties and playfully rub along the outer fabric.“Hmm these seem a little wet to me, I better take a closer look. Sit down on the chair and spread your legs over the arms, like a good little girl.”I help her down into the chair, and adjust her legs so they are spread over the arms. I position her hands, resting them on the arms of the chair, just behind her legs. I get more rope and use them to tie her arms and legs to the chair, holding her in position on the chair so she can’t move.I smile as I kneel down, “Now let’s see what’s happened to these panties of yours.” I run my finger over from one edge to the other. “Oh yes, these definitely feel a little damp to me. Let’s see if we can’t make them a lot wetter” I say. I start to kiss from her lower thigh all the way up to edge of the fabric of her panties. As I pass over them, barely being close enough so she can feel my breath, a soft moan escapes from her lips. I bring my mouth down against the other edge of fabric to kiss my way down her thigh once again.I bring my hand up and run it along the edge of her panties before gently slipping it inside the fabric. Sliding it across her pussy to the other side and pulling the panties to one side, exposing her now glistening pussy. I run my finger down her lips, and start to tap at the opening of her pussy. I tease my finger in and out of it, running my finger up to flick at her clit then bringing it down again. I start to finger her. I alternate between bringing my finger in and out to swirling it around inside her pussy, then removing it to rub her clit. I go back to barely tapping in and out of her pussy as the rhythm repeats and she squirms as best she can while restrained in the chair. I start to let my little finger hang down and tap it against her asshole, run it up to her pussy to collect some of her juices, then bring it back down to her asshole, wetting it with the juices from her pussy.As I let my little finger slip inside her ass she let a moan escape her lips. Her pussy tightens on my fingers that are buried inside and she cums. I bring my glistening fingers out and take them up to her mouth, “Taste yourself, my little slut,”I say as I rub her cum over her lips. She opens her mouth, and I slip my fingers in so she can clean them.I walk over to the dresser and pick up one of the smallest vibrators that I had, then go back over to her. I rub it up and down, coating it in her pussy juice. Then slip it into her pussy, turning it on at a low setting. She moans and squirms against the ropes, I watch even more cum seep out of her pussy. I pull her panties back over so they get even more covered in her juice. “I’ll be right back, don’t be going anywhere now,” I say, starting to walk over to the toilet.“Very funny master,” she says with a smirk and a moan.I stop in my tracks and look at her, “did I give you permission to talk or ask a question, slut?”she lowered her eyes, her cheeks turning a bright red, “No master, sorry master. I guess you better punish me,” she says with a lustful smile.“You’re really wanting to challenge me, little girl?” I say arching my eyebrow as I walk over to one of the other dressers in the room. I lift up a blindfold, and a music player with attached earphones. I walk back over to her and pull on the blindfold, plugging in one ear phone and turning the music up as loud as it will go. I hesitate, whispering, “Lift your finger if it’s too loud,” before putting the other headphone in. I pull her bra down, exposing her breasts. Then walk off back to the toilet.When washing my hands I get an idea. I dry my hands then turn on the cold water and put one hand below the tap. I hold it there till it is freezing cold. I shake it dry and walk back into the room.I run my warm hand over her cheek. Down over her neck. Then down to run circles around her breasts. I run the finger in towards her nipple, but stop short of touching it. Circling my finger around her nipple, I bring the cold hand up and place the finger directly opposite the warm. I start running them both around her nipple. I look at her breasts seeing the total difference, in the one I was teasing being hard, and the other soft. I touch the soft one with my cold hand, watching and feeling the nipple going hard almost instantly. She bites her lip to stifle the soft moans trying to escape.I put my hands down to her panties. Feeling them now soaked, I put my fingers in and start moving the vibrator in and out while I listen to her fail to stifle the moans. I untie her and help her to her feet. I Remove her bra and slide her panties down. I carefully help her step out of them. I stand back and walk around her, admiring her naked body.I start to randomly touch her. Skimming my hands down her spine, across her stomach. Along the bottom of her back, across the top of her breasts. Keeping her guessing where the next touch will come from. She moans slightly as I run my hand across her nipples. I prompt her into spreading her legs by placing my hands on her thighs while gently pushing them apart. She sighs as the vibrator falls to the floor. It easily slipped from her without the fabric of her panties or the pressure from her legs being closed holding it in. I run my fingers up her pussy feeling them come away wet and sticky from her juices.I remove the blindfold, trying to look stern and commanding as that was meant as punishment, not enjoyment. I take out the earbuds and turn the music off. I throw the music player in the direction of the bed but don’t pay much attention to where it lands.“So little one, will you break the rules again?” I’m still trying my best to hold the role of master, to sound as though I don’t care if it overwhelmed her or hurt her.“No, master” she says whispering.I see her shaking slightly as I help her to her feet. I break role, unable to deny my concern for her, as I say, “Everything OK, Jess?”“Yes, master” she replies, staying in her role and acknowledging that everything is OK and that she is happy to continue.“Well, I think we have had enough fun for one night. It’s time for bed. You may use the bathroom, if you wish, while I prepare the bed, Jessica,” It unnerved me that she seemed uncomfortable. I took it upon myself to stop the roles for the night. I didn’t want to hurt her and I was afraid she would let me go farther than she was comfortable if I didn’t take the initiative to keep her safe.She heads off to the bathroom while I turn down the bed sheet. I leave no clothes out for her to sleep in. I strip myself out of my clothes and pull on a fresh pair of boxers. I realize that she had been in the bathroom for a while and I start to worry that I had done too much already. I kept thinking that she would come out of the bathroom and want to leave…that she had decided that she no longer wanted to carry on with weekend.She came out of the bathroom, and smiled at me, “So no fucking tonight, just going to totally tease me?” she asks while walking over to the bed, acknowledging that the use of her full name is suspending the no talking rule as we had agreed before meeting up.“Well, we will see how I feel during the night. But we have the rest of the weekend for that.” I flipped the lights off and motioned her to the bed beside me.We both settled into bed, and settle down to sleep. I wrapped my arms around her instinctively. She seemed to tense up at first but quickly relaxed as I pulled her close to me. Her body felt amazing next to mine.Chapter two: Saturday I wake up early. Looking over at Jessica, I see her sleeping peacefully. I smile, thinking how lucky I am that she wanted to meet up, that she actually agreed to this weekend and, well, that she hadn’t run off yet. I get up, and start laying out her clothes for the morning. I pick out a half cup bra that will leave her nipples exposed and a thong. I match this up with a denim dress, figuring the hard fabric of the dress against her nipples will give some teasing pleasure. I look at the remote controlled egg vibrator, but decide that this could be useful for punishment if she needs it later in the weekend.I walk over to her and give her a kiss on the forehead, waking her up. “Morning my little slave. Did you have a nice sleep?”She was slow to respond, lying with a smile slowly creeping over her lips, “Morning, you’re still here then?” The lack of her use of master indicates that she isn’t ready to enter the role of slave just yet.I sit on the bed beside her, “Of course I’m still here, Jess. Last night was amazing, while I’ve never done anything quite like that before, well it was just amazing…you are amazing.”She blushes and smiles shyly, “Thank you. You are wonderful, master,” she replies, indicating that she is ready to resume the weekend.I stand up and look at the clock, “Well my little sleepy slave, since you have slept most of the morning away, we are going to have to go to breakfast before we get a shower.” I go to the wardrobe where I have a few different outfits picked out for her, and pick out a flowery flowing dress. I hand it over to her and tell her to put it on. I throw on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and turn around to see that Jessica is still holding the dress, “Is there a problem with the dress little one?”“Master, you haven’t given me any underwear to wear.”“Thats correct. I want you to go to breakfast with no underwear on. The dress will cover everything, so no one but us will know.”She smiles nervously and pulls on the dress. We go down to the restaurant in the hotel to get breakfast. I sit beside her and place my hand below the table on her leg. I slide my hand up her leg, stopping at the upper part of her thigh. I lean over and whisper in her ear, “I could finger you sitting right here, what would she think of that? Everyone else sitting here, and me fingering your hot, wet, little pussy.”She moans slightly at the thought of this and whispers back, “If that is your wish, master?” She starts to open her legs to give me easier access. I smile and kiss her cheek, “Maybe at dinner time we will have some fun, but for now I’m just teasing with what I could do.” We finish breakfast and walk back to the room. I hold her hand as we make our way down the hall and we look like any normal couple to the people we pass.When we get to the room I lead her into the bathroom, “I’m feeling a little dirty. I think we need to clean up a bit,” I reach in and turn on the shower. I turn back illegal bahis around and strip out of my clothes. Then I reach behind her and unzip the dress. In one quick motion, I lift it up and pull it over her head, before tossing it to the floor beside us.“Now my little one, let’s get into the shower,” I say holding the door open for her. She steps inside and I step behind her, closing the door to the shower behind me. I look at her as the water runs over her body. I smile, enjoying the sight as the water beads along her skin and flows over her curves.She stands still in the flowing water, waiting for her orders. I’m pleased to see that she didn’t make any assumptions about her next task, “Is the water temperature okay?” I ask, wanting to make sure that she isn’t being scalded or frozen by my temperature preference.“It’s a little cold, master” she replies.I tell her to adjust the temperature to suit herself. She adjusts the knob, making the water flow hotter. “Okay, master I’m happy with that temperature.” She bites her lip as she looks up to me.“Wash yourself, and make sure to use lots of soap,” I command.She obeys me. I stand just behind her, watching as she lathers up her hands and begins to wash. Her soapy hands slide over her shoulders, along her neck and rubs them quickly over her breasts. Then she starts to bend over to wash her legs and I stop her.“I don’t think them breasts are clean enough so finish them first, and then turn around when you wash your legs.”She pouts at me, the look in her eye is anything but sad or innocent, “It would be a lot better if you washed them for me master.” She moves closer to me and presses her breasts against my chest.In spite of the obvious physical reaction this causes in me, I hold my ground and place my hands on her shoulders pushing her away gently, “That may well be, little slave, but I’ve ordered you to do it. And you’ve broken the rules so a punishment will be coming your way later. Now get to washing.”She pouts again, but there’s the slightest hint of a smile behind it. She slowly goes back up to her breasts and decidedly taunts me. Squeezing her breasts and rubbing her hands over them. Teasing her fingers over the nipples and covering the swell of her breasts in soap. Then lets the water slowly rinse it all off as her hands repeat the motions and the water trickles over her skin. She turns around and bends over at the waist, and starts to wash her legs. My eyes are firmly fixed on her ass as she bends and stretches to run her soapy hand down her calves and ankles. She stretches her legs apart and her pussy peeks out from between her legs as her hands come back up to her knees and thighs. I watch the water run down her ass and over the soft lips of her pussy. She stands up and washes her back, working her way down to wash over her ass. She starts to wash her pussy, but I stop her. I tell her to turn around and spread her legs while she washes it while I kneel down in front of her. I watch closely while she slides her finger along her pussy lips, she takes her time and cleans herself thoroughly under my watchful gaze.As she finishes washing herself I tell her that I want to see her finger herself. I watch as she slowly starts to work her finger up and down her lips. She swirls around her clit then flicks her finger in and out of her pussy. I keep moving my gaze from her pussy to her face, it’s intoxicating to watch her tease herself for me. I listen to her breathing intensify as her fingers rubbed against her clit. When it seems like she’s getting close to climax I tell her to stop. She almost whines and her legs are clearly unsteady, but she stops. I tell her to stand up and she does. I smile at her and ignore the obvious distress not letting her finish has caused her.“Okay, now that you are all nice and clean, it’s time for you to make me clean as well. And you better not make me cum when washing or your punishment from breaking the rules earlier will be even worse.”She starts by washing over my shoulders and down my front. She moves herself around to wash my back and kneels down to wash my legs. Her fingers massage and knead my muscles, her hands slide effortlessly from each area as she washes me. She moves back around to wash my cock. She’s being gentle as she cleans the balls while her fingers wrap around my shaft, stroking her slippery hands up and down achingly slowly. As I had hoped she made me cum while doing this, my cum shot into the water, but some of it still got to her face.“Sorry, master, I really didn’t mean to make you cum.”“Are she saying It’s my fault then, slut?” I reply with my eyebrows raised.“No, master, not all, master. It’s just that I tried really hard not to make you cum by being very gentle and moving very slowly.”“Well, little one, you did make me cum. So your punishment is going to be that bit worse. Clean off your face and lets get out of the shower.” I tried not to let her see me smiling at the sight of my cum on her cheek.She washed the cum from her face and we climbed out of the shower. I order her to dry us both off. Once we are dry, I lead her back into the bedroom. I go to the dresser and again lift the smallest thinnest vibrator that I brought and lifted the remote controlled egg. I come over to her, and kiss her gently on the lips. I let my lips trail over her skin and kiss my way up her cheek to her ear, where I whisper, “So since we have had 2 rule infractions your punishment, as said, is going to be bad. For pressing your breasts against me and wanting me to wash them…” I hold up the remote controlled egg so she can see it. “This is going to be attached to your clit, and I am going to keep the remote for some fun while we are out. And, since you then made me cum…” I hold up the vibrator, “This is going into your ass.” I see her eyes go wide at the thought of this. I attach the egg nestling it against her clit, “Now when I want to give you some pleasure I can do this,” I press the button for low vibration, giving her a gentle buzz on the clit. Her legs go weak a bit and I hold her up, smiling at how easy it is to get a reaction from her. ”I can do this when I want and you better not let people know what is happening while we are out.” I go over and get some lube and coat the vibrator in it and bring the lube back over to the bed with me.“Now bend over the bed, and spread your ass for me till we work this in. And this is going to stay in your ass the whole time we are out for being a naughty girl and wasting cum.”“Jack,” she says, using my character’s name from the days when we used to write horror together, indicating that she is uncomfortable with the most recent request.“What’s up Jess?” I stop and listen, worried about where I’d gone wrong.“I have no experience in ass play. You fingering it last night was the first time anyone or anything has been up there…” her voice trails off, almost sounding embarrassed at the admission.“Oh…well, if you’re uncomfortable with it I can think of something else as the second part of your punishment If you had said something last night when I fingered your ass…well I would of stopped, obviously, and wouldn’t of thought of this as a punishment.”“I enjoyed it last night that’s the thing…I’m just…be gentle with it okay?”“Of course I will. Tell me if you want me to stop and remove it, or if you feel uncomfortable at all.”“Yes, master,” she says, indicating that she is ready to resume her role. She bends over bed the bed and brings her hands around to her ass spreading her cheeks as requested. I squirt a healthy dose of lube on the crack of her ass and use my little finger to spread it into her, being gentle. I finger her ass for a minute swirling my finger around it listening to her moan softly to herself. I then slowly work the vibrator into her. I leave the base out and tell her to remove her hands. I fuss with the vibrator, I need to ensure that it can be reached easily and won’t slide too far into her. Once I’m satisfied with where things are, I give her a thong to wear.I, again, check to make sure that the base of the vibrator is easily reached after the movement and motion of putting the underwear on. Knowing this is her first time with ass play makes me want to triple check every aspect. The last test is to get her to walk to the bathroom and back. When she comes back and I can still reach the vibrator with ease, and I feel more secure that this won’t go badly. I give her the half cup bra and denim dress that I had left out. It was time for both of us to get dressed.“Are you okay with everything, Jess?” I ask.“Yes, master. It’s an odd feeling but it’s not unpleasant. I’m actually kind of enjoying it.”I smile at this revelation, “Well then my little slave, maybe we will see about fucking your ass before the weekend is over.” I pause for a moment and run my hand over her hip, “Do you think that you would like that?”She gulps and her eyes get a bit wide, “If that’s what you would like, master, then my ass is yours.”I can’t help but smile at her obvious nervousness, “We’ll take that up again later. For now, since you have come all this way to met me- while I would love nothing more than for us to never leave this room-I think it’s only fair I show you some of the sights of London.” I give the vibrating egg a quick tap on and off as a reminder. She moans and nearly falls at the sudden sensation. “Remember you are not to be reacting when I activate the egg outside of this room.”We go out into London and do the touristy things, while I tease her with the egg at opportune times while no one is about. I want her to struggle with not reacting, but my goal was not to embarrass her in front of strangers. Nor did I plan on giving any other guys around the pleasure of realizing her predicament. After visiting the requisite towers, castles, guards, clocks and theatres, I take her off the tourist course and into one of the up market clothes shops.She is noticeably confused at the detour so I stand close behind her and whisper, “Okay, my little slave, first-no looking at prices. Second-pick out a sexy dress. Third-you will be stripping out of it later tonight so make sure it’s easy to get out of.” I started to step away but had a second though, flipping the egg on before continuing, “Oh and tell them at the till to put it in the bag before calling me over. I don’t want to see till you are wearing it tonight.” I turn the egg back off and she seems to take just a few seconds to get her wits about her before walking away from me. I browsed around a bit myself, wondering what she would come away with. I made sure to stay away from where she was wandering as I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.Given her choice of the red dress she met me in, I had no doubts she would choose something rather pleasing. She took her time, then the clerk called me over to the till, I paid and we headed to a lingerie shop not far away.“Same orders as before my little one, make sure it’s nice.”After we come out of the shop, I decide that it’s time for some food. We go into a nice little Italian place for a late lunch, and order up. After the waitress leaves Jess leans over the table towards me, unexpectedly.“Jack, the vibrator is getting very uncomfortable” she whispers into my ear. She looked uncertain of whether she wanted to speak up or not, but I was glad that she did.“Okay,” I whisper back with a smile, “you can go and remove it.”“Thank you” she replied.She started to hurry off but stopped and gave me a kiss before whispering “Master” with a smile. Then she continued walking off to the bathroom.I smiled to myself and turn the egg up to full and give her a long blast. I taunt her by dropping it to low to give her a short blast then turning it back to full for another long blast while she is walking. I watch as her knees go weak at the pleasure coursing through her body. She shot me a look that was almost pleading me to stop, to which I smirk and blow her a kiss.She returns to the table a couple of minutes later, and we eat our meal with a very easy silence between us. I do notice that she’s more pushing the food around than eating, but I let it go. I figured her nerves were getting the best of her as I’ve pushed her quite a bit since her arrival.Once we have finished up we head back to the room. I’ve barely shut the door behind us when I turn her around and kiss her passionately. Being a dom is hard, I’ve discovered. I hadn’t considered the pressure that would come with being in a fully authoritative role. She was genuinely looking to me for every decision and rule and she tried to bend them just to the breaking point. She tested me and my willingness to see the role through. She had made a passing complaint to me before that men are weak when it comes to female affection. That women are ultimately in control of the level of pleasure in a relationship and men are naturally submissive to the female’s desires.I think she was trying to prove that point this weekend with disobedience, thinking I would be the one to cave first out of desperation to have her. She rebelled against my role as dominant because she didn’t think me capable of doling out a punishment severe enough for her to actually submit to me and my whims. She seemed to think, regardless of the roles we took on, she was ultimately the one in control. She wasn’t completely wrong. I would never cross a line that she put in place and if she told me to stop I would without a second thought. So in that aspect she was the one in control, her consent was required for me to set the stage.But she was wrong about my willingness to cave to her disobedience. To postpone the short term pleasure that I would undoubtedly receive by submitting my control to her, ignoring my own wants and desires for immediate gratification, by keeping myself in control of the weekend and in the dominant role was something I was perfectly capable of. Even if it meant we went the whole weekend without fucking. Without her consent I wouldn’t advance to that stage, but she needed my consent as well. I wanted her to go home satisfied. But, more than that, I wanted to prove her wrong.“Go and remove the egg, and come back out,” I smirk at my own realization that fucking seemed to be her ultimate goal, so that would be the one thing I withheld and dangled before her. It would be something she would only get with complete submission and adherence to the rules. I watched her walk towards the bathroom, “There’s a good little girl.” Going over to the dresser where I have the ropes and handcuffs, I realize that thus far, I’ve only dipped my toes into the dominant role.While she is removing the egg, I lift 2 pair of handcuffs and attach one end of them to the two top corners of the 4 poster bed. I tie some rope to the bottom ends of the bed, and ensuring there is plenty of give in the rope so that I can tie her legs up if want.She comes out and walks up behind me. I can feel her pressing her breasts into my back as her hand comes around and grabs my cock over my trousers.“When are she going to fuck me with this master,” she says as she rubs her hand along my cock.I spin around and look at her standing there, naked. I can’t help but smile at the sight of her, but quickly remove the smile and place my hands on her shoulders. I push her gently but firmly back before pressing down putting her onto her knees. With that one overt rule-break she nearly got her way. However, I was able to resist the urge and regain control over myself and the situation, mostly.“My, my, my, aren’t we feeling bold? I don’t recall saying that you could get naked, nor do I recall saying that you could talk. And, I don’t believe I gave you permission to touch me for that matter.”She smirks, “Yes master. I figured that I would help you decide what to do next.”“Well my little one you have given me an idea of what to do next. But, I am afraid that it isn’t going to be the type of fucking that you are requesting.”I drop my trousers and boxers without hesitation, exposing my hard cock to her. This was my chance to show her that I had no intentions of caving to her whims and fully planned on going through with my initial promise to her. I would remain in charge and dominate her. I grab her hair forcefully and step in towards her, pushing my cock between her lips. I was nervous about being so forward, but she didn’t try to stop me. I use the grip on her hair to pull her in towards me as I thrust myself into her mouth rather forcefully.For a moment I do lose myself to the pleasure of fucking her mouth. Feeling my cock going all the way into her mouth and throat, pulling her down to the base of my cock and holding her there before slowly pulling back out without much warning to her was undeniably erotic. Her lack of resistance and seeming acceptance of the punishment only added to the pleasure I felt. She tries to get into the rhythm that I am creating but I keep changing from pulling and thrusting myself fully into her mouth to shallow gentle thrusts, this was not meant for her pleasure, but purely for my own. I didn’t allow her to predict my movements.I started to pull out completely before thrusting fully back in, pulling her into me at the same time. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling my balls hitting against her chin as I simply used her mouth as a tool to get me off. I can feel myself starting to cum and quickly pull out, shooting the load of hot cum over her face and hair. As the cum finishes shooting I thrust my cock back into her mouth, giving her the last few drops as I push myself deep into her throat once again.When I am fully finished cumming, I bring my cock out of her mouth. My knees are feeling weak, but I walk off to the bathroom. Some lingering part of the back of my brain hates what I’d just done. I come back out with a wet cloth and kneel in front of her. My hand shakes just a bit as I clean her face of the cum. She had broken the rules, this was meant as punishment, but I couldn’t help but feel as though I’d gone too far.I gently wipe the cloth across her cheek with one hand and stroke her neck with the other as I kiss the area I had just finished cleaning. I move the cloth to her other cheek, over her forehead, and along the bridge of her nose, kissing the freshly cleaned bit of skin before moving on to the next. She says nothing, does nothing, just kneels in front of me and lets me continue. I tease her as I gently pull the cloth over drops of cum resting on her lower lip, wiping up the last bits of evidence from my actions. Then I kiss all around her lips without actually making a direct kiss that she can reciprocate, teasing her slightly, but mostly apologizing without saying a word.I use the cloth to wipe the cum from her hair as best I can. I smile and rub my hands over her shoulders. Then gently slide them to the back of her head and rub where I had the firm grip of her hair. The motions are gentle and deliberate, meant to comfort her. Meant to show her that I had to punish her for what she’d done, but that I wasn’t angry with her. It also gave me time to compose myself and put on a brave front as I continued my role.“Now, my good little slave, are you going to get any forward thinking idea’s again?” I ask, though my voice isn’t as commanding as I’d hoped it would be.She lowers her head so I can’t see her face and whispers, “No, master.”Her voice is soft, barely audible, yet somehow I don’t believe a word of it. I smile to myself and kiss her head. “Good little slave. If you want to go and clean up a bit more you can. But then come back out and lie down on the bed.”She nods and I help her to her feet, she heads off to the bathroom. I stand and move back, bracing myself on one of the columns of the bed. Once she’s out of view, I lower my head, breathing deeply as I allowed my actions to sink in. I fully expected her to come out of the bathroom, dressed and saying that she was leaving. I got carried away with the face fucking and didn’t mean to be that rough about it. I could only hope that the cleaning and kissing made her understand that it was a spur of the moment punishment that went further than I had intended. I take a couple of deep breaths to steady myself, and get myself back under control.I turn my attention back to the bed and finish securing the ropes to the columns as I hear illegal bahis siteleri her coming back out of the bathroom. She comes back out and lies on the bed as I asked her to. I’m pleased to see that she hasn’t decided to tell me to take a hike and that she doesn’t try anything. She simply lays on the bed and looks to me for my next direction.I look at her lying in the bed and can’t help but smile at how beautiful she looks. I trail my hand up her legs, skimming over her pussy, up her stomach, and between her breasts. I lean on the bed, and kiss her gently on the lips. I start to make my way down her cheek, and over her chin. I kiss and suck gently on her neck, working my way down her body. I kiss between her breasts before working my way around them. I continue to kiss along her body, circling her breasts, letting my lips slip closer and closer to her nipples but stopping short of touching them. I kiss my way away from the nipple again before bringing my mouth down on her left nipple, flicking it quickly with my tongue while I suck on her, alternating between hard sucking and light, almost kissing, sucking of the nipple. I bring my hand up and rub my thumb over her other nipple. I stop sucking and kiss my way over, swapping nipples and repeating the motions. I bring my other hand up her legs, going to the inner thigh and gently push her legs apart. I kiss my way down her body, passing over her pussy to kiss down her thigh. I work my way across to her other thigh. I reposition myself so I’m on top of her, holding myself above her, with my head at her pussy and my cock above her head. I run my tongue across her clit, circling it, slowly.I tell her to suck me, though my voice wavers. Then I drop my head down and run my tongue up her pussy to her clit and back down again. I start to dip my tongue in and out of her pussy while she starts to suck me. Her lips and tongue move almost painfully slowly along my shaft and I return her pace. I take my time, kissing around her pussy and sucking on her lips before running my tongue along them. I flick my tongue over her clit before pressing it hard against her lips and run it down and into her pussy. I savor her, swirling my tongue around, tasting her and thrusting my tongue in and out of her pussy. My focus on her leaves her squirming and glistening, but her moans with my cock in her mouth cannot be ignored. I tell her that I’m close to cumming as I pull myself up, only leaving the tip just past her lips. I shoot my load into mouth and feel my cock twitch against her lips. Either she is much too good at that, or I am enjoying being with her far more than I expected.I stay leaning in that position for a minute before rolling off of her and lie on the bed while I catch my breath. I sit up, look at the clock, and nearly groan. I don’t want to end this just yet, but we have a reservation for dinner.“Well my little one, that was amazing. But it won’t fill either of us up, and you are close to coming under orders to eat. So go get yourself cleaned up, have a shower, and pull on whatever you bought earlier.”I see her pout and I can’t help but smile. I just lay there watching her go until she closes the door to the shower. I roll off the bed and get a few different outfits sorted for myself. I didn’t know what she had picked out, as I didn’t want to see ahead of time, so I was kind of at a loss as to what to wear myself.I can hear the shower running. I have a bit of time before she will come out. So, I recheck the fasteners on the bed, and check the charge on the music player. I just had an idea for some fun for tonight. I sit on the chair, and turn on the TV while I wait for her to come out.When she does my jaw drops, she looks wonderful.She must mistake my look for something else as she lowers her head and says, “Sorry Jack, if you don’t like the dress you can still pick out something for me and I’ll wear that instead.”If at all possible my jaw drops further, “What? Jess, hell no, you look stunning. I am going to be a very hated figure down at dinner as every guy is going to be jealous that I’m with you. They would be even more jealous if they knew our arrangement, but that’s beside the point.”I walk over and give her a kiss on the forehead. I lift clothes to match what she is wearing and say, “You’re free to do what you please while I sort myself out.”I go into the bathroom and grab a quick shower, getting myself dressed. I come out to see her sitting in the seat I had got out of. She stands as she see me coming out. I smile, still enjoying how wonderful she looks.“let’s go to dinner, my little one”We go down to dinner and eat, again in very comfortable silence, I’m please to see that she is actually eating this time and not just pushing food around the plate. After we finish eating, we head back to the room. Along the way, I notice a few guys casting glances at her and can’t help but smile as I pull her a little tighter to me. When we get to the room, I go over to the chair and sit down.“Okay, my little slut, it’s time for a lapdance. I want you totally naked at the end of it.”I sit and watch as she starts to move towards me. She pulls some hairpins out of her hair and lets them fall to the floor. She seems to seamlessly step out of her heels while still walking towards me. My gaze drifts over her, but her eyes are focused entirely on me and my reactions. She pulls another clip out of her hair, causing it to fall into a cascade of soft curls, making her look almost angelic. She pulls the zipper down the side of her dress and pulls her arms out. I smile feeling that she is going to really tease me with this. She lowers the zipper the rest of the way and slides the fabric till it is about halfway down her thigh. Then she lets it fall down to the ground and steps out of it.I must admit, I was sitting on the edge of my seat to see what underwear she had picked out. She climbed onto my lap and ran her finger down my check. She was only in her underwear now, but my gaze was focused on her face as she was leaning in towards me. Her lips hovered above mine, close but not close enough to kiss me. I whined, I wanted to kiss her but followed lap dance rules of no touching. She started to rise up, running her breasts and bra over my lips before lowering herself back down.She reached behind her back to unfasten her bra and used her hands to hold it up on her body. She pulled her arms free of the bra straps but her hands held the cups in place. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable in my seat when she pushed herself down onto me and began grinding against me. I’m sure she could feel my hard cock straining against my jeans. I was starting to wish I had gotten undressed before she began to strip for me. Had I known she was going to climb onto my lap, I probably would have.She stood up and slowly turned away from me. I couldn’t help but run my gaze up and down her body, scanning over the outfit that she had chosen. It really was perfect. I watch her bra drop to the floor but when she turns back around she has an arm covering her breasts. She runs her other hand down her body, and rests on the ribbon on her panties, I follow her hand with my gaze and wonder why she has come to rest on it, thinking it just a decorative piece attached to her underwear. My answer becomes clear a second later as she pulls on the bow, which revealed the open crotch of her panties and exposed her wet pussy to me. I couldn’t help but groan. When she took my hand and placed it against her warmth between her legs it took all my will not to finger her. Then she moved her arm away from her breasts, allowing me to see her body exposed, yet still much too covered to be finished with the strip. To say she was teasing me would be a painful understatement.She places my hand back on the arm of the chair and lowers herself back down my lap. Even through my jeans, I can feel her warmth and wetness. She moves her hands up to my shoulders, rubbing them gently in time to her hips rocking against my tightly restrained cock. She moves her arms down to her legs but my focus is unable to go anywhere other than the curve of her breasts or the warmth of her pussy as her body shifted against my cock and chest. She leans forward and I think she is going to kiss me, but, again, she just teases me as she stops short and smiles. She leans to the side as she loosens one side of her corset. She moves towards me again and avoids my lips as she moves her hands to loosen the other side of the corset. She stands up and lets the corset fall to the floor.She turns away from me and sits down on my lap again. This time she is pressing her ass against my cock. She leans back into my chest and places my hands on her sides, with her hands on top of mine. She guides them down to the top of her underwear. I’m nearing a sexual breaking point as I grip her hips tightly. She starts to slide off me and I run my hands up to her breasts, trying desperately to keep a hold of her. She places a foot up on the arm of the chair, giving me a clear view of her pussy as she rolls the stocking down her leg. I barely notice as my focus was more in front of me. She lowers that leg and brings the other up to do the same. My mind was firmly on her now glistening pussy and how she had tasted before dinner.She lowers her leg and turns away from me lowering her panties down over her hips as she bends over and pulls them away from her body. She turns around and stands in front me naked and smiles as a slight blush crosses her cheeks. She silently waits for her next order.I reach my hands up and rub her hips, “Go and sit on the bed,” I tell her.It takes me a few seconds to remember what my plan had been. I stand and lift the music player and blindfold. I guide her movements and lay her in the center of the bed. I get her positioned with her legs fully spread. I run a finger down her pussy and check to see if I have access to her ass. I adjust her, settling a couple of pillows below her, ensuring I have easy access to her body and giving her a little more comfort.I help her sit up and then tie her legs to the bed so she can’t move them. I place the blindfold over her eyes then put the music on. Again, again making sure the noise is loud enough so she won’t be able to hear anything in the room, but that it isn’t loud enough to hurt her. I kiss her gently and guide her upper body back on the bed. I spread her arms, and handcuff her to the bed. I stand back and look at her, lying spread eagle on the bed.I lift the ice bucket and remove an ear piece, whispering, “I’ll be right back,” before replacing it and quickly walking out of the room.I go to the ice machine, get a few ice cubes, and make my way back to the room. I wonder what she is thinking as she lies there knowing, or at least thinking, I’m not in the room with her. I think about starting without letting her know that I was back, but can’t do it. I slip back into the room and remove one of the earpieces, ensuring she knew that it was me touching her.I walk to the bottom of the bed and set the ice bucket down. Her reaction earlier left me with the feeling that I could be a bit more daring with her. I wanted to explore her boundaries. So, I went back up to the dresser and lifted a couple of different vibrators. We had safe-words in place. We had hard limits known to each other. She had already shown she would break from her role if she felt the need to. I walked back over to her and could feel myself tensing up. I still wasn’t sure how far I could go with things, but I really wanted this weekend to be a highlight of her life.I trail a finger over her neck, letting it linger and slowly slide downwards and over her stomach. I reach over and stroke different parts of her body. I wanted to keep her guessing on where I could be or where I’m going to touch next. I move around the bed and allow myself the freedom she’s entrusted me with. I keep my touch light, sometimes hovering just above her flesh rather than making skin to skin contact.I finally walk down and sit at the bottom of the bed. I look up at her, body fully on display before me. Her legs spread just enough to give me an unobstructed view of her pussy, which is already clearly wet. She is totally exposed to me and willingly giving me free reign over her body. I place my hands on her thighs and lean over, bringing my face down close to her pussy. I want her to feel my breath intimately on her. I’m careful not to touch it, but blow my breath over her pussy. She squirms a bit and I smile before moving my lips over and kissing her thigh. Then I resume blowing my breath on her pussy, letting her know right where I am, but not touching her there yet. I kiss along her other thigh and can feel her tense up as my lips make contact with her skin.I place a finger onto her pussy, pressing it into her lips. I focus on her, rubbing my finger up and down, ever so slowly. As pleasurable as it was to receive pleasure from her, I was finding her reaction to my simple touch quite rewarding. I sit up, removing my hand from her body and smile. I wanted to stimulate various reactions from her, mostly pleasure, but there were a few other physical reactions I was curious about as well.I reach down and lift an ice cube from the bucket. As I place it at the nape of her neck she gasps at the sudden cold. Given her body’s reaction to my cold hand the day before, I knew this would be on the pleasurable side of surprise. I slide the ice downwards, towards her breasts. Watching her skin pucker into goosebumps along the trail of water left from the slowly melting ice encouraged me. Her squirms and gasps made me smile.I rub the ice cube over her breast, gliding it closer and closer to her nipple. I watch as her nipple gets hard, simply reacting to the cold stimulation on her warm skin. I move the ice cube over to the other breast and work the opposite way, rubbing the cold cube directly around her nipple then working my way outwards and away from her nipple. The cube is nearly gone as I slide it over to the middle of her breasts. It disappears under my fingertips as I slide my hand down the center of her chest.I retrieve another cube from the bucket and place it back on her chest, just below her breasts. I slide the fresh cube down over her stomach and linger just above her pussy. I contemplate stopping and moving the ice to another part of her body, but the heat emanating from her intrigued me.I use the ice cube to rub down both sides of her pussy going as close as I can without touching her lips. The ice reacts more to the heat of her body than her body does to the cold of the ice. As I get towards her clit, I lift the ice from her skin and let the cold water drip off my fingers and onto her clit.The water slides along the sensitive area and I move my fingers back on the ice cube, allowing the water to drip directly from the ice and onto her. It slides down her clit and along her inner lips. I bring the ice cube down and gently tap her clit with it. I enjoy hearing her gasp with the direct cold contact. As the ice melts beneath my fingers she can’t help but moan with the pleasure.I bring my fingers up and rub them along her pussy, coating them in her juice and the water that was now warmed from her body. Slipping one finger into her pussy, I watch her reaction. I push in slowly before quickly bringing my finger out. Penetrating quickly back in before bringing it out slowly, she seems to enjoy the rhythm.I work a second finger into her and start to alternate between bringing them in and out, tapping them inside her pussy, and swirling them around. I focus on her reactions and gently work a 3rd finger into her pussy. The addition of the third finger seems to stretch her to a point she hasn’t experienced yet. Her slight resistance and pull away from me told me this was unfamiliar to her, but her moans insisted that she liked this new feeling. My thumb rests on her clit and I use it randomly tap her clit as I continue to finger her and stretch her for my own use. My pinky rests at her ass, I use it to tap her asshole. I recall her willingness to let me have her ass if I so pleased and let my pinky slip in slightly, as much as her ass allows it to penetrate.I feel her pussy tighten as my thumb rubs over her clit while the rest of my fingers penetrate her body. She is quite the sight as she cums. I bring my fingers out, and coat her ass hole with her cum. I wanted to explore this option with her further. I work my ring finger into her ass, gently pressing it all the way in then slowly sliding it out. I move slowly, giving her time to tell me to stop as I worked to stretch her ass enough to prevent hurting her as we proceeded. I lean down and lick her pussy as I continue. I press my tongue into her and swirl it around as I lift a vibrator with my spare hand.I remove my tongue from her pussy, and fingers from ass. She looked and tasted ready for some more intense play. I thrust the vibrator into her pussy and began to fuck her with it. I swap it out with my fingers, ramming 3 into her pussy, quick and hard, while my wee finger goes back into her ass. I keep the wee finger there while I return to fucking her with the vibrator in deep thrusts. Her moans and whimpers are encouraging as I watch her squirm against the restraints. Her body tenses up in another orgasm and I remove the vibrator and finger, allowing her a moment to recover from her pleasure. I back off, watching her lying on the bed. I lift another ice cube and rub it against her thighs. I rub it over her clit then take it into my mouth and move back down to her. I start to kiss around her pussy. Pressing my cold lips against her warmth, flicking my tongue out to rub across her clit and pussy lips before pressing harder to penetrate into her pussy.I swirl my tongue around, tasting her and enjoying her. I suck on her clit, I run my hand over her pussy collecting her juices on it. With my other hand I free my cock from my trousers, and coat it with her juices. I bring the vibrator up and start to fuck her with it again, turning it on and adjusting the speed as i pull it in and out. I leave it in, while I reposition myself with my cock at her mouth. I tilt her head to the side and rub my cock over her mouth, gently pushing it past her lips as she lets me. I gently fuck her mouth, working with her this time rather than being forceful and going against her attempts to mimic my rhythm. I want her to focus on my cock, to taste herself on me.I lean down and start working the vibrator in and out again as I savor her tongue and lips urging me closer. before I get too close to cumming again I pull away. I move away so she can’t get back to my cock. I kiss and suck on her breasts, while I use the vibrator to continue fucking her pussy. Then I finger her ass gently, using her cum to coat my fingers and her ass. I take the vibrator out of her pussy. I work my pinky and ring finger into her ass and use the other two fingers to fuck her pussy. I feel her cum again and realize that she seems more sensitive the longer I work on her.I rub her slowly as I remove my fingers from her body. I zip up my cock and watch her still squirming from that last orgasm. I go into the bathroom, wash my hands and face, then come back out and remove the ear pieces from her. I untie her legs and rub her ankles for a moment. I unlock the handcuffs then turn out the lights and kiss her. Finally, I remove the blindfold.“Well I don’t know about you, but I thought that was amazing. Little one, would you like to go and get cleaned up?”“If I can master.”I smile and nod, then help her walk to the bathroom. I come back into the room, closing the door behind me. I remove the handcuffs and ropes from the bed then make the bed up. I strip off and climb into bed and wait on her to come out.After what seems like an absolute age, she comes out of the bathroom and stands at the door, waiting for me to give her direction on what to do next. I smile as she doesn’t make an assumption about my next move.“Join me in bed little one. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired. And, well, tomorrow is our last day together so I want to make it a full day.”She comes over and climbs into bed. We both get comfortable together, and soon we are drifting off to sleep. I wonder, while I fall canlı bahis siteleri asleep, if she will remember in the morning that I hadn’t suspended the roles. And, whether I will get to give her a sneaky punishment in the morning or not.Chapter Three: SundayI am shocked when I wake up to see that she is already awake. I smile at her, “Morning, little slave, did you have a good sleep?”“Yes, master,” she replies, indicating that she remembered that we didn’t end roles last night.I turn her around gently and kiss her tenderly on the lips, “If I didn’t say it last night, I’m sorry; but, last night was amazing. Since you got all clean last night, I guess we will just get dressed and go to breakfast?”I roll out of bed, and throw her the same flowery dress she wore the morning before, “Pull this on again, I think we might have some fun at breakfast.” I get myself dressed and we go down to the lobby.I’m pleased to see that she actually picks out some decent food and eats. I sit close to her and let my hand go below the table. I deliberately picked out a table that is well hidden from the rest of view so no one could see what would be going on below the table. I run my hands over her thigh, lifting up the dress and getting her to open her legs to allow me access to her pussy. I rub my thumb along it as I lean over and kiss her neck.I whisper into her ear, “Better not moan.” The waitress approaches the table again. Jess looks nervous and I push my thumb into her pussy as the unsuspecting waitress starts to lift the plates. Jess squirms a bit, and bites her lip, but she does manage to not moan. After breakfast we take our time heading back to the room, as if going slow will make the day last longer. Eventually, though, we do get to back to the room.I close the door behind me. Then turn my attention to her, bringing her hands up my lips. I start kiss along her palm and down her wrists, then stop as I notice bruising along her wrist.“Jess What happened?” I ask, the concern evident in my voice as I partially break character.“Nothing, master. I pulled too hard against the restraints. It was my fault so don’t be worrying about it. I liked it.”“You’re sure?” I ask, raising my eyebrows.“Yes, master,” she smiles coyly and raises her eyes to meet mine.I take her use of master as her indicating that everything is fine. So I go back to kissing along her wrists. I work my way up her arm, along her shoulder, back up her neck and then kiss her lips again.“Well, my little slave, what do she say she get out of that dress and I finally fuck you?”“Huh what? But you…didn’t you?”I enjoy the look of full confusion on her face as she tries to comprehend what I’ve just said.I smile, being a bit more forceful with the demand, “I said out of the dress, and I finally fuck you.” I do, however, make note of the rule break in not simply answering my question and doing as told.She doesn’t move to pull off the dress, and is still questioning the events of last night, “But didn’t you…I thought that you fucked me last night?”My smile brightens at this, I had successfully tricked her into believing I’d fucked her last night. “Well, my little slut, that was the whole idea. I’m glad to see that it worked” My voice hardens a bit, and I remove the smile from my face as I say, “Now, out of the dress and onto the bed.”She does as she’s told. She lies on her back with her legs spread a bit. While I didn’t give her any command for how to lie, I had told her that I was going to fuck her. So, I didn’t comment on her taking initiative on how to lie. I was very pleased to see that she wasn’t sure of what exactly happened the night before. I climbed onto the bed and kneel between her legs.I climb up over her and take my cock in my hand. Rubbing it up and down against her pussy before pushing it in. I move it in and out slowly, working more and more of it in each time. When I finally get myself worked fully into her I stop moving. Just feeling myself fully inside of her. The look of pure ecstasy on her face was well worth the wait. I move into a slow rhythm of thrusting in and out of her, feeling her pussy pull and contract against me, She start to thrust against me, working her body to increase the pleasure for both of us.I start to pick up the pace of my thrusting and pull further out before thrusting back in, hard. Between her tightness and my own thickness, I feel myself getting close to cumming. Rather than hold back, I simply lean down and kiss her neck then whisper that I’m going cum.I thrust hard and deep, pushing myself into her fully as I cum. I lie down on her and kiss her. Working my way up to kiss and nibble her earlobe, then working my way down to kiss her neck and suck on it gently.I start to thrust slowly, working myself up to thrusting hard again, as my own excitement hasn’t faded a bit. I pause long enough to sit up on my knees and lift her legs to my shoulders. The new position allows me thrust myself deeper into her. I watch her expressions. Each inward thrust makes her moan and arch her back. Every time I pull back she tries to push herself towards me again, eliciting a slight whimper from her lips. I watch my cock push into her and feel her pussy contracting around me. I feel her body trying to hold me inside of her as I pull back. I pull back until just the head of my cock is in her and push hard and deep back into her.I enjoy the view of her on her back, legs apart just enough for me to watch my cock push into her, causing her to moan and tighten around me in pleasure. I thrust like this until she whimpers and I feel her legs tense in my grip. Her pussy squeezes my cock and I feel myself on the verge. I bury my cock deep into again and cum inside her for the second time.I move her legs to the side and roll onto the bed beside her, breathing heavily. I turn my head to look at her, she’s lying with a big smile on her face.“Go get cleaned up, I’m going to want to eat that pussy of yours again.” I leaned over and kissed her deeply. “Shower quick, pull on a bathrobe and come out. I’m going to order some room service. I don’t think we’ll be leaving the room again.”She climbs over me, and sneakily licks my cock clean. I should have stopped her, maybe even punished her right then, but I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of her tongue on my cock. Then she walks over to bathroom and I watch her go before rolling around and off the bed. When I hear the water running I phone down to order whipped cream and some mixed fruit. The fruit would be going to waste as I only needed the cream, but didn’t want to leave the room to go to the shop.While I’m waiting on her to come back out, I start to pack up all the fun stuff I brought with me. I don’t pack up any of the clothes apart from the thong and the pair of panties from the first night. I figured I would let her pick out what she wanted to wear home. I had just finished removing the handcuffs and ropes when she came out of the shower in the bathrobe. It was a long robe that fully covered her, unfortunately.“Open the robe and show me that you’re naked, little one,” I order.She was complying before I even finish the command. I walk over and kiss her neck, as I run my fingers over her pussy, “All nice and clean? We will have to do something about that real soon,” I whisper.There’s a knock at the door as the person outside calls, “Room service.”“Cover up and let them in, little one.”I go off to the bathroom while she lets the employee in then sees them out. I give myself a quick clean and come out naked my cock hard and erect already.“Ok, my little sex slave, get that robe off then onto the bed with you.”She drops the robe and climbs up onto the bed. She looks at the food and then at me smiling, “That isn’t going to be very filling. And, I didn’t think that you were a fan of fruit, master?”“Now, now, little one, I haven’t forgotten about the blatant rule break of sucking my cock when you were going to the shower,” I smile then add “,or the delay and talking back when I was ordering you out of your dress. So, I guess that’s two rule breaks that I am going to have to punish you for”She pouts at me as I lift the bowl of whipped cream. I take a scoop in my fingers and spread it over my cock then stand at the edge of the bed.“My cock seems to have gotten messy. Clean it up for me, and no using your hands.”I stand, expecting to feel her mouth going over my cock. However, she takes the vagueness of my command and licks from the base of my cock up to the tip, swirling her tongue around the top before licking down the underside of it. She starts to lap at my cock, cleaning away the cream, then starts to kiss her way up the shaft lifting up the last remaining bits of cream before kissing the tip of my cock as she finishes. Then she sits back on her knees on the bed and smiles sweetly at me.I look at my now clean cock, and back at her. I can’t help but smile and shake my head. “Are she being funny with that, little one? I told you to use your mouth to clean my cock.”“No, master. You said to clean your cock and not to use my hands. You didn’t say that I had to use my mouth. So, I cleaned it up with my tongue.”“I…” I replay what I had said in my head, looking a little flustered as she smiled, “You knew what I meant.” I tried to keep an annoyed look on my face, barely hiding the smile creeping in at her deviousness.“Ok, well, I’ll give you that one,” I hand her the bowl. “Cover your tits and pussy, it’s my turn to eat.”I watch as she spreads the cream over her tits, spreading it along the swell of her tits and putting a dollop over the nipples. She puts a handful over her pussy, leaving it as it lay where she dropped it then lies back on the bed and looks over to me.I join her on the bed. I take the full dollop that she had placed over one nipple, sucking hard. I lick along her skin, dragging my tongue over the swell of her breasts, alongside the nipples, and slowly remove the cream. Once I’ve thoroughly cleaned the smeared cream from her, I lick and suck the remaining dollop from her other nipple. I lazily trail my tongue down her body, stopping just before the dollop of cream on her pussy. In my excitement I quickly lap my tongue along the cream, smearing a bit along her thigh as I do. I ignore the smear along her thigh and focus my attention on her, dipping my tongue into her quickly as my tongue slid lower.I bring my fingers to her clit and teasingly rub the sensitive skin around her clit while I push my tongue into her. My fingers slide down her pussy and my tongue glides upwards, licking and sucking on her clit as I finger her deeply. A lazy slide and glide, alternating between the two motions, never breaking full contact with her body. I feel her tense up as my tongue curls into her and my fingers on her clit bring her over the cusp of an orgasm.I glide her lubrication mixed with my own saliva down to her ass, circling her with my finger. A slow and gentle in and out motion to keep her distracted while I line my cock up with my other hand. Very lightly pushing into her ass with my finger and then thrust my cock into her pussy without much warning. She gasps and I can feel her tense up at the sudden motion. I keep still, letting her grow accustomed to me filling her while I work my ring finger in and out of her ass.I bring my pinky up to her pussy and get some of the juices for it, then manage to work it into her ass as well. With both fingers pushing in and out of her ass and my cock deep inside her pussy I feel her cum again, squeezing me tightly. I start to alternate between moving my fingers in her ass and thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy, moving slowly and deliberately with each motion. When I feel myself close to cumming I pull my fingers out of her ass and grab her hips. After a hard and deep thrust I pull my cock out of her pussy and cum up over her stomach shooting far enough for some to hit her breasts. The cum starts to trickle down onto her and I rub it over her pussy and ass.I tell her to get onto her knees and she quickly obeys moving onto her knees. I gently, slowly start to push my cock against her ass, the cum pushes into her more than my cock does. Then she gasps and raises up against me, inadvertently making it much easier for my cock to slip into her ass. It took all of my willpower not to cum there and then. She was as as tight as could be, and it felt wonderful. I look at her, leaning over her as she looks back at me. I kiss her gently and whisper, “Is this ok, Jess?”Her voice sounds totally different, a mix of lustful, scared, and wanting, “Yes, master, it’s great. Go slow but…fuck my ass?”I am only too happy to oblige with that. Though it should be me giving orders, she was only telling me that what I was going to do anyway was okay with her. I am slow and gentle, but it isn’t long before I’ve worked my cock deep into her ass. I stay still a moment then push and pull just slightly. Short thrusts deep into her ass as she arches her hips back towards me with soft whimpers. I pull out slowly, looking at her spread ass as it starts to close over now that my cock is out of her. I push it back in, finding it a lot easier to move my cock all the way in and out again. My grip tightens on her hips and I thrust hard into pussy, eliciting another gasp out of her.I pull out incredibly slowly, ensuring she can feel the length and girth of me as I pull back to the head, her pussy tightens around me and she cums again. I wipe this up with my cock then thrust back into her ass. She leans down on the bed, lifting her ass a bit higher and giving me a magnificent view of her in complete submission to me. I give a few thrusts in her ass then swap back to her pussy.I continue to alternate between her ass and pussy, pulling out of one, and then into the other. I occasionally pull out of one and thrust back into it, keeping her guessing where I going to thrust into again. My focus was on her body, but I did notice that she had turned her head towards me and was watching my expression. I pretended to not notice, but getting to see her react each time I thrust into her was a turn on. She bit her lip and closed her eyes when I thrust into her pussy, then whimpered and pouted just a little when I pushed into her ass.I feel myself getting close and give one last thrust in her ass hard and deep followed by a couple of quick slow thrusts into her pussy then pull out. I tell her to lie down on her back as I move up the bed. She lies on the bed obediently and I give myself a couple of quick strokes, shooting my load of cum over her face and breasts. She looks a little surprised and I just smile, “That was your punishment.”I flop down on the bed beside her, spent and exhausted. I raise my arm up and bring it down behind her head, “snuggle in” I whisper. I’m not sure I could muster much more than thatShe raises her head and places it onto my chest. I kiss the top of her head, ”Well my slut, that I have to say was even better than last night. And, I didn’t think that was possible. Did you enjoy yourself?” I ask teasing, as her body had already told me she enjoyed it every bit as much as I did.“Yes, master,” she whispers, breathing as hard as I am.After a short while of lying like that I tell her to lean up and let me up. She doesn’t move and I’m about to tell her again, in case she is sleeping or just didn’t hear me the first time, when she very reluctantly gets up. I go to bathroom, telling her to wait until I call her. In the bathroom, I run a bath in the nice big tub; filling it with bubbles and sprinkling some rose petals into the bath. I test the temperature with my elbow before deciding that it is perfect temperature. I slide into the tub before calling her to come in.When she comes into the bathroom I see her take in the bath. A slight smile lights up her face, but she doesn’t move to join me. I motion towards counter, “Lift the bath stuff and bring them over to me,” I command.I take them from her and set them on the side of the bath. I run my down her back and rest it on her ass, “This bath seems a little empty to me, join me. Sit with your back to me and don’t look behind you.”She eases herself into the bath, sitting as commanded, with her back to me. I lift the sponge and wash her back, giving her a bit of a massage while my hands glide over her shoulders. I let my hand go down to rub the top of her breasts before bringing them back up along her chest and neck. I get her to lean back while I gently work the cum off her breasts. I urge her to turn around and I wipe off the cum from her face, kissing her nose when I finished. I work my way down her body, cleaning the cum from her stomach. I move my hands below the water and clean her thighs and her pussy. I couldn’t help but tease it a bit by letting my thumb run down her lips.Once I was done washing her, I clean my cock, giving it a hard scrubbing. I stand up and get out of the bath without cleaning any more of myself. I see her confused expression and simply don’t acknowledge it as I walk over the shower, and turn it on. I set the temperature to the way I like it, which I knew would be a little cold for her. I call her over to join me. She eagerly gets in, but automatically starts to adjust the temperature out of habit.I stop her by placing my hand over hers, “I know you find it a little cold but I like it at this temperature; consider the coldness the rest of your punishment, my little slave.” She leaves the water as it is and I guide her to turn towards me, “Now, clean me down and use that wonderful mouth of yours to make me cum again.”Her smile grows as she starts to wash me. She works quickly over my torso. Then, she drops down to her knees, and wraps her lips over my cock. She starts to move her lips up and down my shaft. I lean back in the shower letting the cold water wash over me while she works on my cock. Her tongue dances over it, while she moves her lips leisurely to the base of me. I feel myself getting close and tell her I’m about to cum. I don’t give her any direction on what to do, knowing this will be the last thing that we do, I leave it up to her. She swallows the whole load, licking her way around my cock and racing the water to clean the bits she missed from my skin.She stands up, licks her lips and splashes some water on her face to clean away any cum that escaped. We get out of the shower, and I hand her the other bathrobe. She pulls it on and dries herself with it while I quickly dry myself and get dressed.We walk out into the bedroom, and I turn around and smile at her, “Jessica, Jessica, Jessica.” The use of her full name causing a reluctant end to our weekend.She tries to force a sad smile and replies,“David, David, David.” Agreeing to our previous arrangement of a weekend together with an amicable ending for both of us.I open my arms for a hug, and she runs into me wrapping her arms around me tightly. I return the hug and kiss her on the top of her head. While I want to ask her if this weekend had lived up to what she had hoped for, I wouldn’t allow myself to say the words. We had agreed on things ahead of time and I didn’t want to go against our rules. This was the only way to ensure a clean separation between the sexual curiosity that had built between us for years and our long-term friendship.“The room is paid for until tomorrow, so you’re free to stay the night. I have all the clothes I had bought for the weekend left for you. I want you to keep the dress that you picked out with me. It’s my present to you for the weekend,” I sigh, unable to hide my own disappointment at the weekend being over. “Sadly, I have to go,” looking at my watch before continuing, “I’m due in office for a night shift and will have a shit load of work to catch up on.”I leave the key on the dresser. She walks me to the door and I kiss her once more before I step out of the room. When the door is shut I drop my head. I really didn’t want the weekend to be over, it was the best weekend I’ve ever had, and the most enjoyable time I’ve ever had in someone else’s company, even without all of the sex. I wanted to turn back and tell her not to be going home and beg her to stay, or something, just to say something to try and get her to give it a go beyond the weekend. But, I didn’t, I just kept walking away from the door to the room. I was scared that she would think that the weekend had destroyed our friendship, especially if I poured my heart out and she then rejected me.I stopped outside of the hotel for a moment, but reminded myself of the deal we’d made, then just kept walking.

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