The Wrestler’s Revenge


The Wrestler’s RevengeWARNING: This story is entirely fictional but does contain dark themes and elements.This is not for the feint of heart! Don’t say I didn’t warn you hehe——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Part 1:In a small run-down building in a run-down part of town, the wrestler and former champion known as Sammy Bunns was about to enter a very murky world. She looked different out of her usual wrestling attire, less glamorously sporty.She was was wearing a white vest underneath a soft pale thin grey fleece jacket and tight blue jeans, with white Converse trainers.She had walked in through a side door, and travelled down a few flights of stairs in the darkly lit, grime-infested empty building.She came to a large thick metal door, and rapped her knuckles against it. The knocks echoed loudly in the run-down abode.A small latch-window on the door opened to show a pair of eyes, too dark in the shadows behind the door to see what colour.”Yes?”The soft unassuming female American voice asked from behind the door.”Confed blue, silver star.”Sammy returned in a stilted English voice,as though she had been practising the lines to a play.The window latch closed with a metallic thud, and the rattling of chains and bolts being lifted from the other side rang out.The door then opened on a thick creaky hinge.Sammy’s jaw almost hit the floor as she was greeted by a breathtaking sight.Stood before her was a large woman in her mid-thirties with shoulder-length dark brown hair.Her heaving 44G breasts were almost about to burst out of her tight-fitting black t-shirt,her shirt struggled to contain her thick rotund belly, the bottom of which was lifting up to reveal a little peak of creamy pink flesh.Her 56 inch waist was curving out at the sides, and her thick tree-trunk like thighs were being contained in large forest-camo trousers.she wasn’t wearing anything on her big flabby feet except red paint on her toenails.Sammy was also taken back by, despite her size, the gorgeous look to her face.Almost sweet and innocent looking, but with a gleam in her shining eyes that revealed there was nothing innocent about her.She had a devilment to her.”You must be Ms Sammy Bunns.”The large beautiful woman spoke.”Yes ma’am. And you must be Scorpio.”Sammy returned.She nodded her head,and eyed her up and down.She allowed a small cheeky smile to appear on her pretty chubby face as her eyes widened,like a cat sizing up a small mouse.Sammy cleared her throat in a nervous manner.”Well, come on in.”Scorpio invited as she stepped to one side.Despite stepping aside, Sammy still had to squeeze past the woman as she walked into the mostly empty, poorly lit room.The was a small desk in the middle of the room, with a laptop opened up on it.The glow of the screen provided most of the light in the room.Clearly this was just a temporary hole for Scorpio to be in.”You know why I’m here, don’t you?”Sammy asked as she heard the loud clang of the door shutting.”Indeed. I know lots of things. I know you changed your name to Sammy Bunns when you was 19 to suit your silly wrestling career.I know you can’t drive yet enjoy cars. I know you gained citizenship to the US at the age of 21 to pursue your career.I know since retirement, you sit home alone with 3 cats most evenings, eating pasta and pining over the loss of your championship title.”Scorpio elaborated.”Ok, ok, you don’t have to go on…!”Sammy blushed, almost embarrassed by it.”And now you acquire my services.”Scorpio grinned as she walked gracefully over to Sammy.For such a large woman, she almost seemed to glide on her heavy feet.”Yes, and you have taken my funds for the job?”Sammy asked.”Yes, and you should really secure your bank details better, it was embarrassing how easily I hacked into your account,if you wasn’t such a pretty little thing, I might have decided to just take all you have and leave you empty handed.But… there’d be no thrill of the hunt if I did that!”Scorpio chuckled gleefully.”You – what?!”Sammy eyes widened in shock.”Sshh… Don’t worry, your money is safe, for now…”Scorpio placed a thick clammy hand onto her shoulder.She started to run her hand down her arm, and onto her thigh.Sammy stood still, afraid to react.”Hm what a thought…”Scorpio quietly whispered to herself.”W-what is?”Sammy asked, her lower lip almost quivering.”Oh, don’t mind me, I was just thinking how nice it would feel to crush your skull under my ass.”She softly answered with a menacing chuckle.Sammy swallowed more nervously now. Her legs began to shiver.”But don;t worry, as long as you’re willing to pay good money, I’ll keep my big butt away from your head.”Scorpio smirked.Sammy bravely turned around to face her.”You know the target?”She asked.”Uh-huh.”Scorpio nodded,”One Big ‘Boom Boom’ Bertha. A.K.A Marilyn Clive Bertrelli. The current WWW Champion.Claims to be from the south, in North Carolina. A hillbilly type, but was actually born in Washington and is about as southern as the Space Needle in Seattle is! Go figure.”She described.”Wow, really? You done your homework, I see.”Sammy replied.”Of course. Do you still smell it?”Scorpio smugly grinned.”Smell what?”Sammy asked.”When she had you pinned underneath her ass and farted!”Scorpio chuckled loudly.”Oh god…”Sammy blushed with a frustrated sigh and held her face into the palm of her hand.”That’s the only thing people ever remember about me. Being sat and farted on by her…Yes I still smell it. Even to this day, when I close my eyes to sleep at night, I see that big nasty butt in my face, the feel of the hot air and the foul lingering waft of the smell of it sticking to the back of my throat. She has to pay for what she did to me!””Be thankful you haven’t smelt mine!”Scorpio grinned.”Ok, she’s in town tomorrow night, she’s having a championship match against some lowly competition. Be at the arena, I’m sure you want to… ‘pay your respects’ once I’m done with her.”Scorpio instructed.”What about your payment? I’ve only given you half of the funds.”Sammy asked, a little puzzled.”Oh I’ve already taken what I need. You can go.”Scorpio told her, much to Sammy’s shock.She then walked over to the door, to unlock it.Sammy stared at her huge 78-inch butt swaying back and forth as she walked, almost in an hypnotising rhythm, like a big fleshy lava-lamp.Part 2:The next night, Scorpio was sitting in the middle of a packed-out arena crowd of wrestling fans.Everyone was wearing different t-shirts supporting their favourite wrestlers.She had been there for a while, and was now watching the main event of the night.She never once took her eyes of of Big Bertha. Almost studying her as she manhandled her slim yet slightly muscular opponent.A black woman who called herself “Tygress”, who happened to be wearing a gold and black stripped bursa escort wrestling singlet and white boots.Despite her strength and athleticism, Tygress was no match for Bertha, who soon ended up picking her up and slamming her down hard onto the mat, in the middle of the wrestling ring. She then stood over her, with her butt hovering precariously over her face, with her front facing towards her feet.She had already undone the butt-flap on her jeans overalls that were cut-off at the legs to give her a hot-pants look to them.The naked flesh of her large rotund bumcheeks was on full show,least of all to her beaten and battered opponent laying underneath her.”Ass to face! Ass to face! Ass to face!”The crowd roared, eager to see Bertha crush another opponent to dominant victory.Suddenly, Bertha dropped her body down, slamming her big fleshy ass down hard onto Tygress’ chest, neck and a little big of her chin and cheeks. The loud gasp of air f0rced out of her mouth and nose was audible throughout the arena.Bertha’s buttcheeks might look like 2 really large cushioned beachballs, but I’m sure they provided very little comfort to Tygress trapped underneath them, whose face was so close to being sucked up into the gaping maw of her butt crack, that all she could smell was Bertha’s heavy musky asscrack. She could only helpless kick the heels of her feet onto the mat as the beautiful blonde referee known as Ms Lara counted the pin.”One! Two! Three! Bertha wins! Ring the bell!”Ms Lara called out.*Ding ding ding!*The bell rang signalling the end of the match.”Hear is your winner, and STILL the World Women’s Wrestling champion… Big ‘Boom Boom’ Beeerthaaaa!!”The ring announcer declared to the roaring cheer of the crowd.Scorpio watched as she slowly peeled her ass off of Tygress’ crushed body, and heaved herself up onto her feet.She grabbed the belt from Ms Lara’s hands and celebrated with it.Tygress was left lying on the mat, clutching her pained chest and gasping to breathe like a fish out of water.”Hm, impressive.”Scorpio softly spoke to herself.”But she lacks ruthlessness. If I had been in her position, I wouldn’t have let Tygress up until she breathed her final strained breath into my ass…” She then stood up, and made her way through the crowds, soon sneaking past security into the backstage area.She found her way into Bertha’s private locker room, where she waited.Bertha soaked up the attention, before eventually making it back to her locker room about 15 minutes later.She walked in and gasped from the shock of seeing Scorpio sitting in her specially-made large spacious chair.”Well now hey there missy, how’d y’all get in here?”Bertha asked in a thick southern accent.”Drop the silly accent, Mary, it’s embarrassing.”Scorpio scolded.”I don’t take too kindly to that kind of talk.”Bertha replied in a much more natural sounding american accent.Beads of sweat were trickling down her forehead from the hairline of her red hair.Her puffy cheeks were almost bright pink. She was panting a little heavy too.”I’m sure.”Scorpio smirked.”Where’s my security? They’re supposed to keep nut-job fans like you away from me.”Bertha retorted.”I’d watch my tongue, if I were you. I’ve been sent to end your days of sitting on girls for a living, to hold on to your little trinket you got there.”Scorpio explained and pointed to Bertha’s title belt.”Oh really? You do realise I’m much taller than you, and unlike you, my body fat does have muscle underneath supporting it? Also, it’s kind of silly, your little threat, as in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s my job to beat up silly little girls like you.”Bertha smugly told her.Scorpio stood up off her chair.”Oh honey, there’s nothing little about me!”Scorpio grinned and twirled around on the spot,showing off her huge curvaceous body.”Before I slap the taste out of your mouth, tell me, who ordered you to come after me?”Bertha asked with her clammy fists clenched.”I would say it’s confidential but seeing as you’re a dead woman anyway, I’ll tell you. Sammy Bunns.”Scorpio told her.”Sammy Bunns…?”Bertha paused to think for a moment.She had beaten so many women, it had been hard for her to keep track of names.”Oh wait, wasn’t she the one who I first beat to get my title? Oh yeah, I remember now,she was the one I first used my deadly gas on! Haha! How is the silly little skank these days?”She chuckled heartily.”Pissed off, I imagine. She seemed really traumatised by that!”Scorpio replied and joined in with a small chuckle.”C’mon you can’t be serious? She still upset about that? My gas wasn’t that bad in those days, that was before I was sponsored by Bubblejuice. In fact that Bubblejuice gives me such bad gas that I’m now legally banned from farting in my opponents faces!”Bertha explained and continued to laugh.Scorpio looked towards the opened pink soft drink can on the side of the dressing table. Obviously been sat there for a while.She couldn’t help but to laugh with her.”Maybe I should try some!”Scorpio giggled.”Help yourself, sweetheart.”Bertha grinned containing her laughter, and pointed to the mini fridge on the side.Scorpio walked over, opened the door to the little fridge, and took out a can of Bubbejuice.She opened it with a *TSSHH* and took a big gulp.”Hm… Not sure about the strawberry flavour, but not bad.”She critiqued and then took another big gulp.”You know something, girl, you’re all right. I’ll let you leave without sending you to hospital.”Bertha chuckled.”You couldn’t make me leave, if you tried.”Scorpio replied as she casually took another gulp,finishing the whole drink can in only 3 swallows.*BBUUUURRRRRRPPPP!!*She let out a roaring burp.”Oooh, do pardon me.”She excused herself as she tapped her upper belly with the side of her fist.”Better out than in.”Bertha grinned.”Well it’s been nice company, but I must insist you leave.”She told her.”Yeah about that, I still need to kill you.”Scorpio replied with an eerie calmness.Before Bertha could react, there was a sudden knock on the door.”That better not be who I think it is…”Scorpio muttered to herself with a sigh.Bertha looked at the door, then back at Scorpio, and then back to the door again.She hesitantly opened it, and sure enough, who else should be standing there than Sammy.”Oh, hi.”Sammy uttered, finding it hard to hide her surprise in her voice.She was wearing a pink jogging suit with white trainers.”Um, I just came by to congratulate you on your win.”She lied with a false grin.She peeked over the side of Bertha to see Scorpio putting her face into her hand.”I’ll just – er – be going now then… Nice seeing you again.”Sammy nervously chirped and turned to leave, only to be stopped by the feeling of a large sweaty hand on her shoulder.Bertha had grabbed the top of the jogging suit and pulled her into the locker room.”Hey what the-“Sammy protested as she was yanked into the room, with Bertha closing the door shut.”This is a little bursa escort bayan awkward.”Scorpio commented dryly.”Got something to explain?”Bertha asked impatiently.”What’s there to explain?”Sammy replied, still putting up a fragile defence.”Cut the crap, Sam, she knows.”Scorpio revealed as she sat back down onto the chair.”Oh. Well I’ll just return later then, ok?”Sammy nervously grinned and tried to leave the room, only to bump into the large road block of Bertha’s chest.Her head pretty much bounced off of one of her buxom tits and she stumbled backwards.”So let me get this strait, you hired this fat assassin to kill me?”Bertha questioned sternly.”Pot, kettle, black, sweetie.”Scorpio smirked.”Umm…”Sammy hummed and paused to think of a correct response.”I ought to knock your block off right where you stand, missy!”Bertha threatened.”No-no please don’t! L-look it was a just a – uh – silly prank is all! Ha ha! Funny right?”Sammy continued to lie.”$20,000 is an awfully expensive price for a cheap prank, Sam…”Scorpio casually remarked as she checked for dirt under her painted fingernails.Bertha’s eyes were now really burning into Sam’s.”Thanks, love.”Sam irked.”Tell you what, how about I just call it off and give you the $20,000 to forget all about this?”Sam asked her, desperately trying to weasel out of this situation.”Hey, I don’t think so! That money is mine, I decide what happens with it.”Scorpio announced.Bertha’s patience had run out, she grabbed both of Sam’s shoulders and lifted her up off the ground, pushing her hard against the wall with her feet dangling freely below.”Uhh! Please! I’m sorry! Don’t hurt me! Please!”Sam started to beg in a panic.”You will be sorry, you little bitch!”Bertha threatened.”P-please! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”Sam continued, her knees knocking together.”That’s right, you beg me for mercy!”Bertha sneered as she grimaced her face in close to Sam’s.”Please – please – please!!”Sam cried.”Uh-uh, that ain’t good enough!”Bertha bemoaned and dropped Sam hard onto the floor, her shaky knees unable to hold her weight as she slumped down onto the floor,sitting on her backside in front of the towering Bertha who turned around. She unbuttoned the bum-flap on her denim cut-off hot pants.”Kiss my ass.”Bertha ordered her.Sam’s lip was quivering. She looked over to Scorpio, her voice silent but her eyes were clearly screaming for help.Scorpio instead was content to just watch Bertha torment her.”W-w-wha-?”Sam’s voice caught in the back of her throat.”Y’heard! I said kiss my ass.”Bertha told her as she leant forward, sticking her big exposed butt out right into Sam’s face.There was barely any space at all between her head and Bertha’s crack.The hot heavy sweaty smell of her butt crack suddenly hit Sam’s nose. That oh so familiar smell which had haunted her dreams every night was now right back in her life, physically imposing itself back into her nose once more.”Kiss it! Kiss my big sweaty pink ass!”Bertha ordered impatiently.With her lips quivering, barely able to hold a pursed shape, Sam pressed them against the big flabby cushion of her heavy bumcheek.She then turned her head away, only to feel Bertha’s big clammy hand grab a fistful of her hair and f0rced her face back to her ass.”I didn’t tell you to stop, bitch, keep kissing it!”Bertha cruelly instructed her.It was no use trying to fight against her, Sam knew she had no choice but to comply.She struggled to keep her lips puckered as she kissed the salty sticky tender yet firm ham-like flesh of Bertha’s sweaty cheeks.She kissed and kissed and kissed. Hoping for the order to stop kissing to come.As she kissed, both Bertha and Scorpio could be heard chuckling.”Don’t forget the other cheek!”Bertha told her as Sam switched the attention of her pretty pink lips onto the other big heavy sweaty bumcheek,much to the derisive laughter of both the big women.Scorpio couldn’t care less about the well-being of Sam, she was enjoying watching her being humiliated like this.”She told me she hated the smell of your big ass.”Scorpio revealed to Bertha.”Oh does she now? Well, she’s going to learn to love it!”Bertha responded and shoved Sam’s face right into the deep dark dewy crevice of her large ass crack.”N–!”Sam’s protest was cut short immediately as her face was almost swallowed up whole between the large round cheeks.She thought there was the most smallest of mercy’s given, as Bertha had forced her face too up close to her bumhole,so that her airways was blocked off completely, meaning she couldn’t smell it, but such little mercy didn’t last.Bertha pulled her head back just ever so slightly, allowing for a tiny gap between her nostrils and her big wrinkled butt hole.”Oh no!”Sam thought as her lungs automatically opened and forced the stained air of hot musky ass-stench to pour down her nose.The smell was so strong, what with being concentrated right in that tiny gap between nose and bum.There was just no getting away from it, she had no other choice but to inhale it all in.Her mouth was sealed off from the thick rippling flesh between Bertha’s ass crack and fat pussy lips,so she couldn’t choose to breathe exclusively through her mouth.Not that that would have made much difference at all. The smell is so thick and heavy, that no matter how she breathed,she’d be smelling it. Finally, after what felt like eternity, Bertha let her hair go, and Sam flung her face backwards,inadvertently hitting her head against the wall. Not that she could feel any pain, she was too in relief from getting some degree of fresh air.She was panting heavily. Sucking in lungful after lungful of “fresh” air.Although Bertha’s scent was still hanging heavy in front of her face, not to mention the earthy aroma clinging to the tiny hairs in her nostrils and in the back of her throat.”Aww look at her, she’s gone all pale!”Scorpio chimed and laughed.”Let’s see if I can turn her a different colour. How about green?”Bertha chuckled with a threatening tone, as she placed her hands onto her knees.Sam cautiously looked towards her crack which had just had her face wedged in there,when she saw it pulse out and -*FRRAATTTLLTLTLTRRRPPP!!*A hot gush of strong rich-smelling wind blew into Sam’s face.”Oh my god -“Sam almost swallowed her tongue as the nasty stench of Bertha’s fart hit her hard.She began to cough and splutter as Bertha and Scorpio shared a hearty laugh.”Phew-ee, what a corker!”Scorpio praised as she playfully wafted a hand in front of her face.Sam tried to pinch her nose shut, but Bertha’s big thick tree-trunk legs were stopping her arms from moving freely,and when she did manage to get a hand free, there was just too little of a gap between Sam’s face and Bertha’s protruding buttocks to slip her hand between to her nose.She coughed on every breath in as the rich flavour of the strong fart hanged heavy over her face.”Bet you couldn’t do a good’un like that!”Bertha challenged escort bursa Scorpio.”Oh yeah, how much you want to bet?”She chuckled in reply.”If you can’t, you give me the 20 grand she paid you.”Bertha wagered.”And if I can beat your fart?”She asked.”I’ll let you have a lifetime supply of Bubblejuice.”Bertha offered.”Sounds kind of silly. But oh what the heck, ok! I think I can feel a nice one brewing up. Bring her over here.”She chuckled and pointed to the now sickly looking Sam.Bertha moved forward, finally allowing more space than just a few inches between her butt and Sam’s face.She turned around, and grabbed Sam’s hair.”Come here, bitch.”She commanded as she pulled her up onto her knees, and pushed her in front of her.Sam fell forward onto the floor, feeling too weak to hold herself up.Bertha grabbed her arms, holding them behind her back, and f0rced Sam to crawl on her knees forward towards Scorpio.Scorpio started jiggling her large flabby tummy with her hands.”Hold on, I’m just working it out…”She giggled.”Let me do a couple of ‘warm-ups’ first, please.”She asked Bertha who nodded her head in acceptance.Scorpio turned her big butt towards Sam, who was looking up at the impressive sight of her large ass almost bursting out of her baggy black combat jeans. Well, the jeans were baggy around her thick calves but the fabric appeared to get tighter and tighter the further up her thick legs they went until it was stretched so tight around the big heaving round mounds of her buttocks.*ppffff… pffftttfff…*She released a couple of quiet little popcorn-style breezy farts towards the direction of Sam’s face.”Don’t let the sound fool you, big things come in small packages!”Scorpio joked as she placed her hands onto her bum and jiggled it.Sure enough, they sounded really small but, my god, their smell was anything but small!Sam’s nose scrunched up as the eggy smell reached her nostrils.”Uuuggghh…”She quietly groaned as the smell tickled the back of her throat.”You ready for the main meal? It’s going to be a big one, I promise you!”Scorpio threatened with a menacing laugh.She started pulling her jeans down, much to the shock and horror of Sam.”I need it to be unobstructed.”She explained and giggled as she pulled the black denim down the huge curve of her bumcheeks,right down to the tops of her thick creamy rippling thighs, exposing her whole backside.Even more shocking for Sam, Scorpio then backed that huge fleshy loaded gun right towards her face.She stopped when there was just half an inch between Sam’s nose and the big imposing dangerous ass crack.Sam could only look and gulp in fear as she saw the little button buried deep between those 2 beach-ball buttocks pulsing and pushing.*FLLAARRRTTPPLPLPLPTLTLTLTLTTTPPFFFTTTT!!*A big long f0rceful breeze gushed outwards, sm0thering Sam’s face in a hot rancid heavy stench.She took a deep breath and began to cough loads.She didn’t have to sniff it to know just how powerfully strong the smell was,yet that is what she was doing, sniffing it.”Oh my lord!”Bertha gawked in shock before laughing.”Geez, that Bubblejuice really does make ’em smell bad, don’t they?”Scorpio laughed and playfully rubbed her big belly.”Told ya!”Bertha laughed with her, both of the big gals ignoring the sounds of Sam coughing and struggling to breathe.”Stick her in there, let her get a nice big whiff!”Scorpio instructed as she continued to laugh.”No… No…”Sam breathlessly pleaded, barely able to muster to strength to protest.Bertha slowly and deliberately inched Sam’s face closer into Scorpio’s awaiting crack.She eased her face nose-first into the hot heavy musky sticky smelly canyon.”Theeere we go! Take a nice deep breath of my fresh air…”Scorpio grinned.”It didn’t smell so fresh to me!”Bertha announced with a grin just as big as hers.”Well… It’s fresh out of my asshole!”Scorpio heartedly laughed as she blew off some more bubbly farts directly onto Sam’s nose.”I’ll get onto my sponsors, see about arranging that supply of Bubblejuice for you.”Bertha conceded defeat.”Can’t argue with that one, the best fart won.””Tell you what, you can keep the drinks. I got something else in mind for what you can give me.”Scorpio revealed.”Oh, what?”She asked.”You can help me with knocking this bitch out, and taking her to my car.”Scorpio explained.The whole time of talking, Sam could only make out the muffled sounds of their voices.She couldn’t believe they was casually talking whilst she’s got her face stuck up Scorpio’s hot claustrophobic gassy ass.”How do you want to knock her out?”Bertha asked.”Just keep her still, I give her another minute or so before she succumbs to my fumes.”She giggled light-heartedly as she explained and looked at her wrist watch.”Gosh, you’re so cruel… I love it!”Bertha laughed and held Sam’s face in tight into the deep dark fleshy crack.Less than a minute later, with some shallow feint kicking of her feet, Sam’s whole body slumped.If it wasn’t for Bertha holding her up, she would just drop to the floor.”I think she’s out.”Bertha reported.”Yeah, I can’t feel her breath on my asshole any more. Ok you can pull her out now.”Scorpio instructed.Bertha did just that, she pulled Sam’s unc0nscious face out of the big butt, and laid her down onto her back.”Hm, let’s see… How are we to move her without raising suspicion…? Ah, got it, hand me one of those Bubblejuice cans.”Scorpio told her, Bertha obliged.She took some discarded wrist tape from the dresser, and strapped the can to the palm of Sam’s hand.”Ok, grab her arm, hold her up with me.”She continued to instruct as Bertha lifted Sam up. They placed her arms around their shoulders with their large thick arms hooked around her slim waist.”There we go. Ok let’s get her outside, to my car.”She told them, and both the big buxom ladies carried Sam out of the room.They walked her down the hallway. A security member was standing by the exit.”What happened to her?”He asked with a little grin.”Too much Bubblejuice!”Scorpio grinned playfully, indicating towards the can in Sam’s hand.”Ah, too much of that stuff ain’t good for you!”He laughed and waved them through.They walked out of the building, into the parking lot.Most of the cars had now gone as the fans at the arena had left.They walked over to the big black SUV with dark windows.Scorpio beeped the car open, and lifted the boot of the car up, and with Bertha’s help, loaded the sl33ping Sam into it.”Now what?”Bertha asked.”I’m going to take her back to my hideout. I’m going to have some good fun with her when she wakes up.”Scorpio chuckled menacingly.”That – that actually sounds pretty fun!”Bertha agreed with a grin.”You’re welcome to join me.”Scorpio playfully winked.”I like the sound of that. Maybe it could be my fat ass that knocks her out this time?”Bertha chuckled in a somewhat flirtatious tone.”We’ll see…”She smirked in reply, and the 2 large beautiful yet cruel ladies got into the vehicle, and was soon heading off to the hideout.”This will be fun!”Bertha beam as they drove along a highway.Scorpio looked at her in the rear-view mirror,and with a flash of teeth in her evil grin, she replied:”And deadly!”The end.

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