The Zorro costume


The Zorro costumeThat early dawn I waited for my sexy wife come back from her night out with some girlfriends. But my sweet Ana brought me a surprise back home. She was not alone. Her Black Master had gone to pick her up at the bar and he had driven her back to me. Jerome smiled at me when he saw my surprised face and he said he only wanted to fuck Ana’s asshole; because those stupid niggers at the men’s room in the bar had missed it…So I was right, my sensual bitch had been fucked already at the bar; now this black bastard was going to abuse her tight ass once more… in front of me…I went to the bathroom and when I got out, I could hear a long loud scream from my sexy Anita. I went upstairs to our bedroom and found my sensual wife was on all fours onto our marital bed and her Black Master was fucking her in the ass. The bastard smiled at me, saying that my wife’s tight asshole felt good on his huge hard black dick.He made Ana cum as he sodomized her in such a brutal manner.After Jerome filled my wife’s anus with his sticky semen, he just dressed up again and said one of his mates was giving a costume black party; so we were invited to assist there on next Saturday…As soon as her Black Master left, I knelt down behind my wasted sweet slutty wife and I also fucked her in the ass…Anita did not complain at all; she just said that after having Jerome’s thick black dick buried in her asshole, now she could not feel me. Her words drove me crazy and I pumped her cum filled anus even deeper and harder; but she kept laughing at me… I finally came and slipped off from that porno hikaye warm cum filled and stretched rear hole.Then Anita rolled over and begged me to eat her filled cum pussy.As she moaned feeling my tongue in her cunt, Ana told me she wanted to try a new black man during the costume party. If those black men there would be wearing masks, we would never know who could be the lucky bastard…Saturday night we both were excited about going to the costume black party.My sexy Ana would wear a Catwoman costume and I had chosen The Zorro one.We arrived there and saw the party was getting loud. There were a few white couples mixed in with the mainly black crowd.All white wives were wearing sexy outfits; mostly of those wives had at least a black sitting next to them and I could see those sluts had their legs open and a black hand buried in their pussies…Soon Anita climbed onto a kind of stage and she bent over to show her round ass cheeks to the black crowd. Then she got a microphone and cried out loud happily she was looking for some black bull for the night…Quickly two black guys pushed their way up onto the stage. They were wearing masks; but they looked like black bulls with tails and horns on their heads; they also had large fake bull’s dicks and balls hanging in the air.Both guys came on the stage with Anita. My sensual wife smiled to them. She got between the two black bulls and started pulling on their fake dicks. Then she reached down and acted like she was sucking one long fake dick as she jerked the other one.I could see my sexy wife was getting turned on as the seks hikayeleri black crowd cheered up. Suddenly she got on all fours right there on the stage.Then everybody including myself, could see her Catwoman costume was crotch less.Ana signaled at me and then I led one of the black bulls behind her and helped him to put his real black cock into my wife’s wet cunt. Anita moaned in ecstasy as the black people kept on cheering up like crazy. This first black bull fucked her in a hard way. Anita moaned louder and started to cry in tears. She told me that black bastard was hitting the right places. She came hard and the people there went wild.The first black bull tensed up and he let out a loud grunt. As soon as he came inside Ana’s cunt and pulled out; the second black bull took his place. I went close to my wife and saw she was panting and breathing heavily. This second black bull was hurting her…Ana suddenly gave a loud scream and bucked back against this huge black cock that was pumping her so hard. She came again, just seconds before the black guy let out a loud moan and shot his generous amount of semen deep into my wife’s cunt.When he dismounted Ana, she just fell to the floor, exhausted.A new couple of black stud with masked faces approached her.One of them picked up Ana in his strong arms and he went upstairs to a bedroom. Some other black guys followed them.I decided to stay there and have a drink; knowing all those black bastards were going to use my sensual wife’s cunt again and again.I enjoyed some drinks and then I went upstairs to that bedroom. The black erotik hikayeler guys were not using the comfortable king size bed in the middle of the room. They were fucking my sweet wife in all positions: against the walls, against a wardrobe, against the window, but none of them wanted to lay my sexy Ana onto the bed…They used Ana’s cunt for about a couple hours.All they left and I also decided to leave my wife there resting alone; she should be tired and sore after standing so many black cocks.An hour later I went back upstairs. I got a surprised when I entered the room. A white man, full dressed in black and wearing a mask like The Zorro, same as me, had my sweet Ana lying on her stomach and he was mounting her from behind.He had his cock deeply shoved into Ana’s asshole and she was screaming in both pain and pleasure as this bastard pumped her. Worst of all, Ana thought it was me who was sodomizing her; since she was yelling for more and more…Just when I got closer, the stranger tensed his back and then I knew he had come deep inside Ana’s bowels. She let out a long pleasure scream and then she just passed out.The white guy slipped out and he recognized me. He tried to excuse himself; but I showed my fist in front of his face and he hurried out of the bedroom, with his knickers down…Ana was still lying there on her belly, with her long toned legs wide spread out and a huge amount of sticky semen oozing out from her both well abused holes. I knelt behind her and licked her cunt clean, through her crotch less costume. Ana did not move; but she moaned as I licked her.I then picked her up and dragged her abused body to our car.As I was driving home, Ana suddenly opened her eyes and laughed, saying the dirty Zorro had done a very nice performance up her tight sore asshole…

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