Theatrical……30Theatrical………30, the conclusion,Del turned but it was too late for her as well as another guy behind us picked her up and took her into the stall, there was one other guy with him and they took her close to the wall, tied her hands then hooked her to a hanging block and tackle, one of the guys pulled on the rope and her arms were lifted over her head, one of the guys knelt down in front of her and pulled down her shorts, she seemed to be struggling but I noticed that as he got her shorts to her feet she lifted her leg voluntarily so that he could get them off, he put his hands round her white buttocks and sank his face into her pussy licking and biting it as he tormented her clit, she was writhing on the rope as the guy stood up and did to her blouse what the guy had done to mine the day before, he pulled it open exposing her bare tits as the buttons flew off, he cupped her small round tits in his hands and sucked her nipples, then he turned round and came in front of me, he nodded to the guy behind me who momentarily let go of me but put his hands on my waist and slid them up taking my top with them as his hands ran over my tits, my nipples shot out, before I could do anything I was topless and the black arms were back round me again, there were now three black guys stood in front of me smiling, all three of them were wearing the same kind of breeches and all three sported massive bulges in their trousers, one stepped forward, sank to his knees and my shorts and knickers came off although I was not as easy as Del and the guy behind me lifted me off my feet so that they could get my shorts off me, I was now naked in the stable with 4 negro’s two of them got hold of my legs and lifted them, holding one arm under each knee and their hands joined together under my backside I was held up unable to do a thing about it, the guy in front of me dropped his trousers and the thick heavy cock that was so big and heavy that although erect was hanging at an angle of 45 degrees from his legs, I pushed my head back into the guy behind me and felt his shoulder at the back of me, I turned my face sideways and kissed his cheek, he turned his face and I kissed him shoving my tongue between the black lips, I could taste cigarettes, I glanced back at the guy in front and he moved between my legs and picked up his cock in his hand, then he juiced it against my genitals and slid it into my cunt, it was not so bad and the gel helped but it still felt like he had shoved a tree stump up my cunt, he began to shaft me steadily and I came quickly arching my back, he groped and sucked on my tits as he fucked me and needless to say I came again, then I saw his face crease and the surge of spunk shot into me, he dropped away and moved to the side, they changed places and another one fucked me, he took a bit longer and fired his load between my legs, spunk was spraying out of me with each stroke as he came, he wilted out and moved to let the third one take a turn, he fucked me harder than ever but with the spunk of the other two inside me my cunt was quite smooth and well lubricated my orgasm ravaged my body as I squirmed and writhed, the guy fired his load into me, the guy behind dropped me as did the others and I landed on the straw among my clothes, they went for Del, she had been watching and looked terrified, they took her off the hook and put her over the saddle, the guy who had been holding me went up behind her and slid his massive cock into her, this was the guy who I had seen fucking the black girl on my first visit, Del jerked upright with penetration her face contorted as he fucked her, one of the others went around the other side and groped her tits, she came and almost danced on the black cock inside her as she shook with the impact of the climax into her, he continued to fuck her and she came again gagging for air as her lungs were robbed by the ferocity of her orgasm, then she moaned and the huge cock jerked inside her as the guy filled her cunt with his sperm, sowing the seeds of a million small black c***dren inside her, he wilted out and they were gone as quickly as they had arrived, I stood up and got dressed, then I helped Del off the saddle, she looked at me through glazed eyes, I helped her to get dressed and she was still staring at me, “wow!!” was kadıköy escort all she said, we had been well fucked but the gel had helped, I could feel spunk running out of me and we went back to our room, Del and I shared the shower after quite a spell on the bidet, we washed each other down paying particular attention where it mattered, we both got changed and went for lunch, Gerald was sat with some other business types, we sat down and Del sat staring straight ahead as though she was hypnotised, Gerald spoke to her and she jumped as though she had been dragged out of a trance, “I think she’s a bit jet lagged” I said trying to cover for her, he spoke to her about some documents he wanted and she jumped up from the table and went off coming back after a few minutes with the required papers, we travelled home the following morning via New York, I would have liked to have seen it but our schedule was too tight and we boarded the plane for the UK, I got home in the early hours, the house was deserted because Andrew was staying with his father, if I had realised I would have invited Gerald to stay with me, I wanted to be with him as soon as we parted, I was jet lagged for a few days and kicked Andrew out of my bed on a couple of occasions, when he tried to climb in and fuck me, “why not?” he whined at me, “shut up and go back to your own bed” I said sharply, I was missing Gerald more than I realised, I began to settle down again and had my period which to start with makes me edgy and not nice to live with but when I come out of it beware because I am very horny and this time was no exception, Gerald took me to the hotel and I jumped his bones immediately after he got me through the door, I had a fantastic orgasm with him as he rattled my teeth, I spent the Saturday night with him and went home on the Sunday morning, we had no need to be apart now, but as I drew up to the house I saw Julia’s car in the drive, I went into the house by the back door and looked around, no sign so I moved upstairs quietly, I could hear her as I walked along the passage, then I got to her door and opened it, she was at on top of Andrew fucking him, she jumped a mile high, “mum!!” she exclaimed as Andrew tried to jump up and tipped her onto the floor, “so why are you home?” I asked ignoring the setting, Andrew was scooting round trying to find his clothes, she told me a couple of her classes had been cancelled so she thought she would grab a weekend at home, she had asked Andrew where I was and he had told her that I was away with my boyfriend, typical, she had thought I would not be home till the evening so had got bored, Andrew had pestered her and so they had jumped into bed, with Andrew out of the room she told me that he wasn’t bad and had made her come, “you should try it sometime” she quipped, “maybe I will I said smiling at her.I made lunch and we sat down for a good chat, she asked me about America and I told her all about it, she went all starry eyes when I told her about the stables, things settled down and I kept Andrew out of my bed, I decided that while I had him in check I would keep it that way, I visited a few conferences with Gerald and enjoyed the travelling and just being with him, he let me have my way quite a lot of the time and he sold me again a couple of times as I dressed like a slut and performed.It was about 3 months later that I got my bar experience, I told you he had done it to Julia when she got drunk and I had said that I wanted to do it, we were on a conference and we had stayed in a nice very luxurious hotel small but nice, we were on the ground floor and we had been for dinner and had a few drinks in the bar, he attempted to fuck my brains out and almost succeeded and then we had a shower together, I sucked his cock and he took me again, it was about 2.30 in the morning when I woke with a raging thirst, I normally try to have a drink of water before I go to bed and had finished the bottle earlier, I was dressed in my nightdress which was fairly short and just covered my pussy, the top three buttons were undone as my bulging but unfettered breasts peeped out, I made my way into the lounge and looked in the fridge bar, there was only fruit juice which I knew would make me even thirstier than ever, I looked around, we üsküdar escort were not very far from the bar, I glanced around for a robe but there wasn’t one lying around, I decided to take a chance and not wanting to fall into the same trap twice, I picked up the key card, I could always make a quick dash back to the room if things got difficult, I grabbed the ice bucket and headed for the door, I went through and looked up and down the passage before venturing out to make sure that the coast was clear, I padded in my bare feet towards the bar, I pushed open the swing doors having looked through the port holes first, there was only a waiter who was wiping one of the tables, I went in and waved the bucket at him as he looked up, he continued to wipe his table so I went over to him, I put the bucket on the table he was wiping, “and a bottle of water please?” I said, he picked up the bucket, what room number are you?” he asked, “27” I said showing him the card, he moved closer to me to see the card and I glanced up at him, he was looking down my top, he saw me looking at him and blushed bright red, I didn’t hear the doors behind me before it was too late, an arm came round me and got hold of my breast while the other one came round me and got hold of my pussy, I folded trying to defend myself as the palm of the hand on my pussy moved my nightdress up a short way and the fingers of the hand went into my pussy and through to my slit, I looked down and grabbed the hand on my pussy, I looked at it and recognised it as Gerald, I started to laugh as he worked his fingers on my slit and clit, I was writhing in his arms and giggling, my pussy was by now screaming for attention, the waiter was standing in front of us, I looked at him and it all came together, here was my chance to get fucked in the bar, Gerald was kissing my neck and biting my shoulders, I reached back with one hand and got hold of his head as It came onto my shoulder to nibble it, he was massaging my tits with one hand while the other did it’s work on my clitoris, my vagina took over the reins and began to steer me, I looked at the waiter with my smouldering gaze, I had been perfecting it in the mirror earlier that day, “ did you like what you saw just then?” I said, “did you like looking down my nightdress at my tits” I said, he blushed again “would you like to see them, I’m quite proud of them!” I said, he was between me and the table, he had pulled out the chairs to clean the table so they obstructed his escape in one direction he tried to slide through the only gap there was, I caught his hand and he froze, I pulled his hand to me and got hold of the bottom edge of my nightdress and pressed my hand against it then pushed it up so that my breasts were exposed, then I pulled his hand onto them and his fingers closed around them, he was for a few seconds distracted and I grabbed him by the top of his trousers and pulled him closer then proceeded to unfasten his trouser clip and pull down his zip, his trousers fell to the ground, I think he was frightened of me, Gerald was still working my clit as he watched my progress over my shoulder, I pushed my hand into his fly hole slit in the front of his shorts and got hold of his expanding cock, it felt quite nice and I was looking forward to it being inserted into my now leaking vagina, I pulled it out and stared at it for a few seconds, “wow, aren’t you a big boy” I said trying to boost his ego, I bent down and kissed the tip as pre-cum stuck to my lips and the long silver thread trailed from them, Gerald had let go of my clit and now had his hands on my buttocks, I felt him take out his cock and braced myself, I now had the waiters cock in my mouth as I sucked and slurped on it, I glanced up at him and he was looking at my swinging tits, then I felt Gerald’s cock sliding up and down my bum crack and over my genitals, then he eased it into me and I groaned on the waiters cock, I felt his hand come to the back of my head as he held me and fucked my face, he was into it now that he had established that Gerald was not going to tear his head off and shove it up his arse, I was coming on Gerald’s cock as it thumped into my cervix, his balls swinging and smacking me in the clitoris, I shuddered and came trying to control tuzla escort it so that it washed over me instead of smashing into me, I succeeded to a certain degree, I was ready for the waiter, I pulled my head off his cock whilst at the same time sliding my cunt off Gerald’s cock, I was still holding the waiters cock in front of me and I lifted my foot and put it on one of the chairs, my slit opened as did my labia lips, I pulled the waiter into me and wiped the tip of his cock underneath me, then I steered him in and lunged forward with my hips at him, he got the message and pushed back at me, his cock slid into me easily and I let go of his cock and grabbed his jacket lapels, I could feel my tits bouncing as I humped backwards and forwards at him, Gerald was still behind me with a wet cock and as soon as he pulled open my buttocks, I knew what was coming, he slid the wet cock over my anal ring and slipped his finger into me, I came again on the waiters cock as I clung to him resting my head against his chest, the second finger went in and I heard myself whimpering as I recalled the last time this happened, the two fingers were worked around then pulled out, I held my breath as the tip of his cock started to be forced through the hole that the fingers had created, the dome plopped in and I came again, my legs turned to jelly and I almost went down, but a steady push from Gerald had me on my toes as he penetrated my arse with his cock and started to shaft me, the big one was building and I was waiting for it to strike Gerald put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me back onto his cock, I was again being double fucked, I could feel the two cocks almost touching through the thin wall between my uterus and my anal passage, it felt fantastic and then the air was sucked out of my lungs as the orgasm hit me like a tidal wave and I was washed away in a river of sensations as my stomach convulsed, my cunt convulsed onto the waiters cock and gripped it tight, I was grimacing at the battering my nerve endings took and I could hear myself groaning, I slid my hands round the waiters neck and planted my mouth on him, I needed one last thing to complete my night and that was the kiss, I slid my tongue into his mouth and tasted the cigarettes, the wave hit me again and my bladder went but this time I didn’t faint as the waiter heard and felt me pee on him, he fell back on the table pulling his cock out of me as he rolled sideways off the table and fell by the side of it trying to escape me, Gerald grabbed my hair and pushed me forward over the table as I went face down on it, my tits squashed against it as he fucked my arse, I came again and then I felt the hot spunk being pumped into my anal passage, he was coming up my arse, I moaned at the extreme feelings that ran though me as he emptied his balls into me, it felt like a tsunami of sperm flooding my arse and I could feel it running down my bum crack and over my vulva lips as it squirted back out of my arse, he began to subside as did I and he pulled out of me, I felt his cock leave me, I pulled down my nightdress as he put his arm round my neck, I put my hand round his waist and we went back to the room, as we got inside the door, I went one way to the shower and he went the other way to the other bedroom and shower, as he moved away he patted my bum, I paused, I opened my mouth to ask him why but I closed it again, I would rather not know, I might not like the answer.I climbed into bed exhausted and I spooned into him and was asleep in seconds, I remember nothing after my head hit the pillow.So that’s it, that’s my story of my visit to the theatre where it all started, as I said earlier, we got together when Andrew got married, we were together for 5 years after that when he died of Lung cancer, the doctors said that as he had never smoked they put it down to secondary smoking when all around him at meetings etc. were puffing away and killing him.I have very few regrets, we had 12 happy years and he left me his millions, I made sure his c***dren were taken care of but my biggest regret of all and the one that haunts me the most was that fateful day when I followed his wife in their car out of the multi-story car park intending to follow her and find out where they lived, the red mist rose in front of my eyes and on the very long straight road I pulled alongside, twitched the wheel sending the front of my car into hers which veered off, mounted a small bank flipped and went over into the very full drainage ditch where it sank almost immediately, I didn’t stop, I just looked back in the mirror.The end.

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