there is nothing more delicious than sex orgasms.


there is nothing more delicious than sex orgasms.I am a Muslim house wife.My name is Feroza. My husband’s name is Qaiser. We have two grown up daughters. They are single and want to enjoy sex life before marrying. They live in the upper story of our house and we have given them full freedom in sex jubilees. They get cousins and boy friends visiting them and as for them, they also visit their girl friends and enjoy life with their brothers and cousins. We share some mutually liking sex movies and my daughters have made me their friend and confidante. We couple din’t have any more c***dren, though we cherished having a son. We still mate on alternate days and nights for another baby boy, but Qaiser has a big circle of friends. We also have a nice Farm House in a village and Qaiser invites his friends there. We have a young family managing our Farm House. Wife’s name is Zohra and her husband’s name isFaisal. They have a two years old son. I took Zohra in confidence and gave her a taste of lesbian sex. She is fair skinned and she has milky breasts and kocaeli escort a tight pussy. I told Qaiser and let him fuck her in my presence. She started moaning as Qaiser entered her pussy with his erect cock. Qaiser sucked her lips and positioning her face wise, he gave her strong stroked that made her cum with a mighty orgasm. She kissed Qaiser passionately and expressed her great delight with her orgasm. She, then, asked me to have sex some other time with one of the invited friends. She had a beautiful grown up sister, named paree (fairy). One day Zohra brought her to our house. It was first time she had visited a big city. Qaiser tokk us all for a long sight seeing. We to both Mom Na daughter to a shopping Mall and buy for them beautiful ladies garments.I asked Zora to let her stay with us for a couple of days. She whispered to me to teach her everything and try find for her a suitable match. We decided to join us in viewing sex movies. It was first time she saw real sex. It made her hot and she came and izmit escort sit beside me. We showed her another movie in which a man lets the house-maid puts a condom on man’s cock and gets fucked. I gave her the condom and showed her howto putit on Qaiser’s erect cock. She was red hot and we both caressed her in a long foreplay. We both sucked her pussy. It was first time for her and the pussy oozed its juices. I asked her are, ” you ready?” She nodded ber mouth. I tld her that firdt time it might cause you a little pain and when the cock break your hymen, it might spill a little blood. Bit it is normal and you will feel such pleasure as if you’re flying on a magic carpet. I slayed beside her to show her that we will both feel great delight when Qaiser fucks us both simultaneously. Qaiser firt entered me and I uttered a little moan sothat she would understand that this is common place in sex. When Qaiser broke her hymen, she held her breath but as soon as she found his cock pounding her pussy, she bodrum escort wore a beautiful expression on her face and when she got an orgasm she pushed Qaiser aside. Qaiser removed the condom and asked her to open her and mne mouths. It was a treat to taste his come shot in our mouths and all our faces. Paree became Qaiser’s girl friend and decided to stay with us. There was a young boy, a cobbler, doing repairs of old shoes. His name is Pasha. Pasha came to repair our old shoes and both saw each other. It was love at first sight. She hid her in a corner and stared at him from there. I noticed it. I asked her, Pasha had gone, “Do you love him?” She held my hand and and whispered, “Ask the boy,if he loves me too?” Pasha knows reading and writing and he sent a closed letter to us, saying, “I love the beautiful girl with you and want to marry her, if you will, please, allow me.” Paree was so happy that she hugged me. I kissed her and gave her the reply in a closed letter to go and to deliver it to him. Pasha opened and on reading our consent, came to escort her to our house and gave her a passionate kiss before parting. We let both having a short romance and married them. She took her hubby to the village and he found a roaring market for him. Paree showed her gratitude to us and let Qaiser have her fora ride every now and then. (Story continuing).

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