These boots are made for…


These boots are made for…As usual, all of my stories are true.We were getting ready for bed, per usual. I was already there, and my wife was still finishing up her evening routine. Then she called to me from the closet, “oh, did you see I got new boots?””Hmm. Okay.” I responded. I wasn’t really that interested. “Sure, show me?”I figured she’d carry out a shoe box. Instead she walked out wearing brown, calf-length, high-heel suede boots. Very soft looking, very sexy to me. She’d paired them with a brown knit dress that goes just down to her thighs, leaving a lot of leg exposed between the bottom of the dress and the top of the boots.I was into this. This gorgeous Korean girl looked dead sexy in this simple getup, and she knew it. I immediately felt myself getting hard just seeing her like this.”You like it?” she asked. “Is this something you’d like me to wear out on a date?””Definitely.” I told her. “But are you even wearing panties?””Of course!” she sarıyer escort replied. “Well, take those off…””You’d want me to go out on a date in a dress with NO PANTIES?” she asked, giggling… as she pulled them down from under her dress and took them off over her boots. “Like this?” She stood back up. With the dress on I couldn’t see any difference without the panties, but my cock knew. I stood up to touch her and kiss her.”Wait, YOU’RE still wearing your panties!” she joked, pointing at my boxer shorts and my obvious hard-on. “Take those off!” So I stripped down and stood there, naked, while she walked around and let me admire her.”You look so good…” I said. “Really?” she bent over a bit, seductively. “Do you want to… worship me?” she whispered.Taking a cue, I got down on my knees. She stood in front of me and let me kiss the front of her dress, then turned slowly so my face esenyurt escort was level with her cute butt. I reached up and put one hand on her back, pushing her forward a bit. She obliged by leaning forward on the bed, still standing tall with those boots on. I lifted her dress a bit. “Hey!” she complained, as I kissed the back of her thighs. I pushed her legs apart a little bit, exposing her, and started kissing her pussy.She moaned softly and started breathing heavier. I kept kissing, tonguing her gorgeous cunt. She rocked back and forth a bit, fucking my tongue. My cock was brushing against her boots, which drove me nuts. After a minute, she pulled herself away from my face and demanded “aren’t you going to fuck me?” I stood up and lifted her onto the bed, kneeling, so that her ass and feet were hanging over the edge. My cock slipped easily into her waiting, wet pussy. The dress was just pulled up enough avrupa yakası escort to give me access as I stood behind her and started to move slowly but purposefully in and out.After a bit of this, she pulled forward and rolled over, sliding back to the edge of the bed. Lying on her back now, her pussy exposed, she put her legs to the side. I grabbed her ankles and put them up on my shoulders, so the boots were now against the side of my face, and went back to work. I kissed the soft suede while my cock plunged inside of her. I didn’t think I had a foot fetish, but here we were!Finally I stopped and climbed up on to the bed myself. Laying on my back, she climbed on top of me, still in the boots and dress, and put me inside her again. As she started to ride me, she slipped the dress up over her head finally, exposing her perfect tits. Now totally naked except for those soft suede boots pressed against my thighs, she couldn’t hold out and more. We came together, as she fell forward and buried my face in her chest, her pussy pulsing as my cock unloaded inside her. I had one hand on her ass, holding her in place through the orgasm, and the other was touching her leg and caressing the soft boots still pressed against me.”I wondered why they were called ‘Fuck Me Boots'” she whispered in my ear.

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