Tony, My Wife’s Ex:


Tony, My Wife’s Ex:My Taste for spunk beginning with Sal’s Ex: Tony!This happened to me just after meeting Sally and again after we married. It still excites me thinking about it, after having some more of my mouth fills of his spunk. It was Tony’s, Sally’s Ex’s spunk!   I had already tasted Tony’s, her ex’s Husband’s spunk. This was not long after meeting Sally after a first few dates. Once a month Tony used to visit her to pay maintenance for the c***dren and the only way he would pay she had to let him fuck her, use her and fill her cunt! He would give the k**s some money and send off to the shops. As soon as they had gone he would drag Sally of to the bedroom. He had always treated her rough, which she told me she enjoyed but would not let to him know as he would think she was a pervert! One day she was in such a hurry to come over to see me she had put some panties on but in such a rush didn’t take her normal shower. She arrived pretty breathless. While having our usual kiss and cuddle, I opened her blouse and popped of her bra, I could see love bites around her nipples. I put my hand under her skirt and could feel her panties were damp,. “It’s not like you to be wearing panties Sally.” I pulled them to one side and slipped a finger into her cunt and found a very wet cunt. She said she could explain. Sally then went on to tell me all. She said she was so embarrassed at this then went on and told me what had happened. How he still likes to fuck her. He was such a heavy cummer and filled her cunt to overflowing. Initially I was very cross at first; she said she would understand if I didn’t want to see her again. While she was telling me this, I found it erotic and the picture in my mind at the thought of Tony fucking her. It was really turning me on; I could feel the start an erection. I told her that she was the most exciting lady I had ever met and fucked and now the thought of him filling her cunt began to excite me. I told her to take her panties off, and quickly told her to lay down on the settee and spread her legs wide and let me see her cunt, her labia lips were swollen and still glistening with the remains of his spunk, which I went down and kissed sucked and managed to swallow some. That was the first one of many of his spunk that I tasted! Over some time for some strange reason I got on well with Tony. After they had divorced Sally and I married. So now Stevie was now my young stepson. I had first met him when he was only 6 years old. This was when I first met Sally, (I was able to take his anal cherry when he became a teenager and it was mutual. He actually instigated it!) At this time Stevie was ten, he had spent a few weeks holiday away with his father and Step mum Sue. Tony, at the time was a sales Rep: so travelled quite a lot. They lived in the North. Sally and I lived in the South, so we would always arrange to meet half way up the motor way, this was to exchange and pick up Stevie. This worked out pretty good. The Services were on the M42, the other side of Birmingham not far from the NEC. Tony had a meeting to go to and would be staying over night at a near by Premier Inn.I could never understand why Tony had left her. She said as soon as she found out he was having an affair she went round istanbul escort to their next door neighbour, who happened to be a policeman and she fucked his brains out. She told me that all of his credit cards were always maxed up and that she had to scrimp and save to help clear the debts! His new young lady Sue was pretty well off and of course younger than Sally and because of this they only kept in contact, because of Stevie their son. Now, since getting her divorce, Sally was such a very exciting lady, always up for a laugh, flirting, life and soul of the parties, now enjoying life. She had that sexual aura about her, lots of my friends and sometimes wives would chat her up when I wasn’t about. Sometimes even when I was there, they still would! I knew that she had a couple of female on female sessions with her best friend Maddie and one or two other of our lady friends of the local Village Women’s Club. One of her and a member Pat who had gone off on ten day course near Oxford, I think she said that this was her first journey into Lesbism which was excitinng for her!She would always tell me about it after. “I will always tell you first and never go behind your back,” she said. She told me her Ex: had always been a very domineering man and was very jealous and did not like her to flirt or anything like that! After meeting me she said she felt so liberated as she new I loved her dearly. Anyway, I was really glad that Tony had left her as I found her to the most sexual exciting lady I had ever met and I had a few, including, Rose my very hot sister in law! That’s another story.While driving up to pick up Stevie from Tony, I looked a cross at her and noticed that she was smiling as she had undone the buttons on her blouse then pulled it open a little to give me a flash of her tits and nipples, opening her lovely legs giving me a view of her shaven cunt. She then started to stroke my inner thigh getting ever closer to my cock which was beginning to harden. We had quite a few horns blowing in appreciation as we drove on our way. On the journey up, she had said about teasing, we agreed for her to tease Tony and see what he would do! Now she was free from him and knowing what I was like, she liked to tease me and I loved showing her off as I considered myself one lucky guy having such a sex goddess of my own! Often, while driving, I would egg her on to do some flashing, especially on the motorways while overtaking HGVs. Seeing the expression on the drivers face as they looked down at her open legs and shaven cunt as she never did like wearing panties, also open blouse showing off and playing with her lovely braless 36DD breasts.We arrived at the Services; Stevie was pleased to see us, giving us big hugs and kisses. I got more kisses than his Mum even on the lips, mainly me, he was so precocious and he was always so pleased to see me. Although Tony he was a prick, I got on fairly well with him, brief handshake. His wife Sue was a lovely young lady, I wouldn’t have minded fucking her myself. Both I and my wife got on really well with her. Today, he was on his own; he said Sue, his wife, was visiting her sick sister at the farm. On meeting in the car avcılar escort park. Stepson was basically forgotten. Tony made a big fuss over Sally and gave her a big cuddle and kissed her full on the lips while looking at me. Tony immediately started to grope her arse, he knew what I was like and not bothering about me or his son watching, although my Stevie was more interested in his iPad. Her coat was open and his hand went straight inside in a flash, playing with her nipples. Her skirt had moved up showing her stocking tops and suspenders and a glimpse of her lovely white bare thighs. I could see Sally reciprocating to the kiss with deep throat so I knew she was enjoying the moment as she had told me that he had always maintained that she was the best fuck he had ever had! We moved indoors for some lunch, ordered and moved into a cubicle. Tony made sure Sally got in the seat first and then quickly slid in beside her, leaving me and my Stevie to sit opposite.Once our order arrived and we tucked in I could Sally with a smile on her face. Tony’s hand was under the table and she was squirming a little in her seat as she looked at me and winked, Tony was looking at me with a big grin on his face. Tony already knew that I was up for anything as Sally had told him all about me and what I was like. Sally had already told him some time ago how kinky I was. I knew right away where his hand was under her skirt and finger fucking her. I could feel my cock getting hard in my shorts at the thought of this and what was to come! My young stepson was completely oblivious with what going on with his Mum and Dad. After our meal, Tony paid up, we moved back out to the car park to the outside tables!  After a lot more chat we decided it was time to leave. Shaking hands with Tony, my stepson kissing him and saying our goodbyes. Getting Stevie’s baggage, we put him in the back seat of the car letting him play with his iPad. I sat in the driver’s seat waiting for sallyMy wife winked at me and said she had better go to the toilet before leaving, I asked if she would like me come with her. Tony said it was OK as he would walk with her back to the Services. Sally, I could see had that fuck face on and smiled at me! I began to wonder. Would he be licking her gorgeous cunt by now.? Will he shoot his spunk right up her? Will he fuck her arse? All part of our picture, the wonderful game of sexual freedom that we both had!They had been gone for at least 30 minutes, my stepson, in the meanwhile had gone fast asleep on the back seat. She came back with a smile on her face. Not saying a word she leaned into me for a kiss. Looking back at stepson she slipped into my arms. “Do you want a cream pie?” she managed to whispered huskily into my ear. Our lips met and she then opened her mouth giving me deep throat and with her tongue, pushed a load of Tony’s spunk into my mouth. “Tony said he thought you might like it as a going home present from him.” She said! “Give me your hand, put it between my legs and feel my cunt.” Her cunt was so wet , sticky and spunky! She then kissed me again, her tongue probing my mouth. I could taste the saltiness of his spunk in her mouth. “Fuck, Yes,” was all I could say. Knowing the stepson şirinevler escort was fast asleep I lifted off her top and licked and suck her nipples. There were two huge love bits around each nipple. It found this so very erotic knowing that her Ex: Tony, had been kissing, sucking and biting on them minutes earlier. “Gordi, I’m your slutty wife such a happy whore,” Sally whispered as I fumbled again to get my hand under her skirt to find and finger her sloppy wet cunt.  She then went on to tell me what had happened. She said the disabled toilet was free so she said that Tony quickly followed her in. She locked the door. She put one leg on the toilet seat and spread them, she said she was so wet in anticipation of what she knew was going to happen. She stopped him from going any further, “Tony. No, watch”. She said she then spread her lips for him, her clit throbbing and protruding. she licked her middle finger and gently pushed it inside her wet cunt, gasping as the immense sensation made her legs tremble. Sally said that Tony’s cock was now rock hard, as he watched and he couldn’t wait, he unzipped his jeans and leant back against the sink, pulling his cock out and pulling the foreskin hard back. The head was swollen and a huge purple bell end with pre cum on the tip. The sight of him wanking turned her on even more, she said she knew exactly how that cock felt inside her, how it filled her up many a time and had made her pregnant. The memories of their sex life flowed through her head, memories filled with pleasure and some time pain as he had been very cruel and domineering.  She walked over to him, grasping his shaft and stroking her clit with it. She kissed him as her hand guided his dick to the edge of her cunt, teasing herself with the tip and spreading her wetness all over him. He grasped her by the arse cheeks again and pulled her skirt up. Taking hold of her arse cheeks, pulled them apart and slid down to taste how wet he had made her. His tongue licked her, flicking as it reached her clit. she pulled up her hood to expose it to him, “Lick my clit please, Tony you bastard, make me cum” she said as he ran his hands down her thighs. He adored her pussy and worshipped it still, even having left her. With long movements he licked at her clit, gently sucking it as she groaned. “Yes, please Tony, for fuck sake hurry and put it in my cunt,” she begged as he increased his speeding tongue, now licking her clit harder and quicker, he felt her legs begin to tremble. “Fucking hell yes” she panted as the first waves of orgasm started to flow from her toes and up her legs, soon engulfing her body.She said he then moved her over the toilet, bent her forward over the seat and took her doggie fashion, his cock sliding in on her well lubricate cunt. She said she could feel another orgasm bulding up as he pounded his cock into her well used cunt. She could feel his cock staring to pulsate, with one final push he filled her cunt to the brim. Pulling out Tony aimed his hot spunk into her mouth and over her tits as the last few spurts landed on her belly. Tidying up she managed to keep her mouth closed as he kissed her good bye. On leaving the toilet she said they got a really funny look from an old dear and her husband waiting to go in.So we then made our way home, finger fucking her on the way, knowing we would be doing his again when my stepson would be visiting his Dad and Step mum  again in the school holidays!   I might even get to fuck his wife Sue!! Sally and I couldn’t wait to get home quick enough and we fucked our brains out.

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