Tony’s Navy Larks Ch. 3

Big Tits

Janice Enters The Picture

Janice lazily swung her legs out of the bed – the sun was shining through the hotel window, from the mirror on the dressing table she could sit and admire her new night-dress trimmed with Brussels lace. John her lover had as always , been more than generous her, and after all she had to admit she was no great oil painting, but for a man his age he was very good in bed. She knew she had a good figure, a nice complexion, and a bubbly personality, but once she got any man into bed , they were always well satisfied with what they got, and rarely ever wanted to escape from her clutches until she was ready to let them go.

She knew she could stop on in Brussels for a few more days, if she wished, while John was at the NATO conference ,but she would be on her own most of the time, so she had decided to go home today, as she had many pressing things which she needed to attend to.

Since catching AB Tony Nash screwing one of her girls in the WRNS quarters, she had been unable to get the picture of his large cock out of her mind. Foolishly, she had put him on a charge, but now she had to admit to herself, that she could have been more canny and she would have enjoyed it much more if she had come to an agreement with him ,and smuggled him into her quarters for a night or so .. The only benefit that had come out of the whole episode for her, was that John could now employ him as a chauffeur and handyman with extra marital duties thrown in.

She had guessed that Debbie would not be able to resist him, and he her. Her idea had worked wonderfully well and now he was now living in John’s house, and screwing Debbie his wife, and that was exactly what John also intended, so everyone was happy. Except her, his reputation, and the details of his sexual prowess had left her with a need to try him out for herself. She knew from his reputation , and from the talk amongst the women in the mess that he could not resist any woman. She desperately wanted to try him out for herself.

Janice knew she had now got John twisted round her little finger and she knew full well that he was so infatuated with her he didn’t care who Debbie was fucking as long as she was discreet, and made no demands on him, and left him room for his affair with her. But he could never be enough for her , for his age he was quite good in bed , but Janice was always on the look out for a good fuck on the side.

He knew that if Debbie was distracted with Tony she would not make sexual demands on him and he would be able to spend much more time with her. But much as she loved John – she would rather be trying Tony out – especially after reading his record, and seeing personally for herself just what he had to offer. But somehow she had to find a way to get her hands on him, then as she looked at Johns case on the floor , the case he wanted her to take home with her, it gave her an inkling of an idea.

She rang Debbie “ Lady Furness this is Lieutenant Janice Forbes. – I’m coming home today from Brussels, and I have some presents that your husband has bought for you. It is rather large and heavy case and he has asked me to get it home to you. Unfortunately I can not get a pool car from the barracks. I wondered whether you could possibly send A/B Nash to Heathrow to fetch me . My flight arrives at 1.00 PM. ”

Debbie had no option but to agree – but she did not like it one little bit, but she dare not take the risk of upsetting John, and risk upsetting her relationship with Tony. Yet she did not want to be deprived of having Tony all to herself for the rest of the day, but it seemed as if she had no option. She slammed the phone down, her face twisted in anger ,as she turned to face Tony. “You have to go and get that cow Forbes from Heathrow – straight away – damn her.”

They were both in her bedroom, and Debbie was already naked while Tony lay back on the bed waiting for her to join him again , his massive erection waiting. She looked down at him as he lay there waiting for her – she was not going to be denied. “Damn it – you will just have to be late for her.”


Janice Forbes was very happy , Lady Furness would not see her lover again today, well not if she had anything to do with it. She sighed, as a big self satisfied smile crossed her face. “ It’s a pity how unreliable cars they’re these days!” She thought. She was sure that she could find something. that would take a few hours to fix . After all her dad had taught her a lot about cars when she was younger .

Janice was now 25 and a Business Studies graduate from Warwick University. She had joined the navy straight from University, and she was damned sure she was not going back to live in a terrace house in Selly Oak.. She was intent on a career in the navy, or failing that a good marriage – she did not care how she did it, and what she had to do to get it. The relative poverty of life in industrial Birmingham was not a way of life she had any intention of going back güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to.

After being appointed as John’s Secretary it had not taken long ,to get him into bed. It had all happened on the night of the Wardroom dance – his wife Debbie was chatting to some officers in the bar ,and John had asked her to dance. Janice did not hesitate in pressing herself very close to him as they danced, and it did not take long before she could feel his erection through his trousers. “Shall we go on the balcony Sir?” she asked. “Certainly Janice.” he had replied as he struggled to recover his composure.

They had walked casually out on to the balcony – Janice quite deliberately had held on to his hand. Outside in the dark she had turned towards him. Without speaking, she had put her arms up round his neck and kissed him a long passionate kiss on the mouth. The captain had responded eagerly , and she had felt his erection pressing into her. “My room is just upstairs – if you would like to go there. I don’t think that we shall be missed for a while.” She had whispered.

She had not waited for his reply, but had taken his hand ,and led him up the stairs to her quarters. Inside the room, she had turned , and kissed him again. Then she had helped him off with his jacket – his tie, and helped him undo his trousers. It had not taken her long to slip out of her dress, and lay back on the bed in her slip and stockings. She had raised her arms eagerly to him.

“You know what I want you to do John – you know I want you!” Within seconds, and without preamble, he was inside her – he was crude and rushed her, giving her no real satisfaction at all. But it was enough – she now had him where she wanted him. After it was over – they had talked for a while, but Janice was clear on what she wanted – he could not get away from her now , and as time went on , she helped him improve his technique, and for her he became a very satisfactory lover indeed , and very much in her power. She knew if she played her cards right promotion would be hers.

But John alone was no longer enough for her – she was a young amorous girl who liked her cock and now try as she would she could not forget that night she had caught Tony in the barracks with the girls . The girls later told her , that he was the fourth girl that he had satisfied that evening . He was obviously something very special, and so she had looked very closely at his navy records, and talked to her friend Lacey who worked in the hospital – she had licked her lips as she read them.

He was just the type of man she was looking for – perhaps he was a sexual freak, someone who could really satisfy her . No man had ever done that for her completely – not even John. Tony could be the icing on the cake. The only snag was, that he was leaving the Navy in four weeks time, somehow she had to do something about that if he was that good.


Tony had made good time despite his delay with Debbie, and he was waiting at Heathrow for her to arrive. Janice had walked out of the terminal, and she had quite brazenly and to his surprise greeted him with a kiss, and a grope, and the comment. “I see that I was right to book a room for us.”

Tony was under no illusion what was going to be required of him, and he really did not mind. He was always randy and her reputation was the talk of the barracks, and the affair between her and the Captain was not as much a secret as she thought . On the way to the hotel she by his side in the car as she directed him to the nearby Holiday Inn, where the double room she had booked was waiting for them.

Tony remembered vividly the night how she had caught him in the Wrens quarters, and how she had got him into trouble, yet even then she had exuded, that indefinable sensuous quality which had intrigued him, and from the look in her eyes then, and now her greeting at the airport , left him in no doubt what she wanted, and he was quite happy to obey.

As he lay back on the counterpane , his memory of her, from when she had found him in the WRNS quarters , had not done her justice. Her brown eyes, were now shining with pent up excitement as she looked down at him and his large erection, as he lay back on the bed waiting for her. “You know what we are here for?” She had asked with a hint of a very satisfied smile on her face. “Yes ma’am – and I don’t mind at all. In fact I’m looking forward to fucking you.!” She smiled happily at his response.

“I want to see whether your reputation is deserved or not, anyway you have to obey orders. ” And that was true, there was no way he could win, and anyway he did not want to argue, somehow he knew that this afternoon would be a very pleasurable experience for both of them. Her pale complexion, her sensuous lips and her slightly aquiline features, surrounded by a wild frame of brown hair cascading around her shoulders, together with her air of suppressed excitement left him in no doubt , and the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri thought of making love to her was a very pleasant prospect indeed.

Rumour had it, that she was the sort of woman who always said exactly what was on her mind, she hated wasting valuable time, and he knew from rumour that she could be a good friend, but a bad enemy. Tony had not quite known what to expect after their previous encounter ,so he had greeted her with a shy smile, as he approached her to take her bags at the Airport. She had not spoken one single word as she met him, but she had just leaned forward and put her perfectly shaped lips a fraction of an inch from his..

One hand went round his neck as she pulled him into a kiss, the other was quite openly feeling his cock under cover of their embrace, which with her encouragement immediately grew to it’s full operating size. The drive to the hotel had been with her hand inside his trousers, fondling his groin, her body leaned against him, her lips passionately kissing his neck, had made it quite clear what she wanted from him.

She had without ceremony , pulled him into the room at the hotel, as she kicked the door shut behind them, her perfume with its subtle fragrance filled his nostrils , as it wafted gently around them, like an invisible fog, sending shivers of expectation running through his body. “Do you know what you are here for?””Yes ma’am, and I don’t mind at all and I’m looking forward to fucking you”

The look of gratitude and the smile on her face had been his reward. She had laughed softly, knowing now that she was not to be dissappointed. She had slipped a very soft kiss on his lips, so light that it just brushed his lips “Make yourself comfortable and get on to the bed.” She said in a low sultry voice, as she turned her back and started undressing in front of the dressing table.

Leaving just her slip and her stockings in place, her bra had been quickly disposed off on the floor, then undoing her hair and letting it flow down over her shoulders , she curled up next to him on the bed and smiled, her hands fondling his groin.

“You know, you have a big cock, and I remember it well from when I caught you with that girl.” Tony looked at her, not knowing what to say. He was so caught up in her openly bawdy behaviour that it was making him feel more randy than usual , but he didn’t care .

Not waiting for an answer, her silky smooth tanned arms reached out to let her cool fingers brush the few hairs on his chest. Then she ran her hands up the length of his bare abdomen and across his chest, teasing and tickling. She now knew that she had him wanting her as badly as she wanted him as she started to run her hot tongue over his neck.

Tony now started responding to her passion as fast as he could, kissing her face, as he slipped his hands into her gaping slip, gently tracing the curve of her bare breasts. She pushed her lips against his mouth, as he focused on searching out every inch of her body.

He ran his tongue down every exposed part of her he could find, absorbing the exotic scent and taste of her squirming body. Tony could feel the heat of their embraces rising like a whirlwind of flames, their bodies soaked in perspiration as they slid against each other.

It was only a few minutes before without any warning, she had sucked his cock into her mouth. She teased him with her lips and tongue, and within seconds his hips began to rise, as she very expertly got to work. She moved her hand slowly up and down his cock marvelling at its hardness and length, as her tongue circled the swollen tip.

She bit him gently, feeling him cringe, then wound her tongue around it. Her tongue made a wet path down one side, then back up the other. She sucked him into her mouth, sucking hard, as far as she felt she could dare let him go. She carefully let him slide a little further into her mouth, then flicked her tongue around the tip of him once more.

He moaned gently, a lovely contented sound, she smiled , and pressed a kiss against the soft curls. She set out to make him lose control. She sucked at him even harder, moving her hand faster, as Tony’s hips began to move a little quicker, then she felt his hands move into her hair, pulling her closer.

She teased him a little more when his body began to tremble slightly. Suddenly and without warning, he exploded into her mouth, groaning loudly. She continued to tease the sensitive tip of his cock with her tongue unmercifully, until he grabbed her and pulled her up over him.

“You she devil.”She smiled down at him fondly, he was all that the girls had said, and more. He had his eyes closed. His breathing was ragged. Tony opened his eyes and looked at her for a moment. Without warning, he rolled over and dragged her under him.

“Are you sure?” She smiled contentedly. “Yes very.” Her smile widened at the look crossing his face. Then her smile slowly disappeared as a she read the look güvenilir bahis şirketleri on his face. She screamed when he suddenly moved, and yanked her legs up, squirming in delight at the feel of his teeth nibbling on the inside of her thigh. She tried in vain to put her legs back down, but he refused to let go, so she struggled to move up the bed. “Tony! Don’t! Please””Why not?” he asked.

She gasped sharply at the touch of his finger sliding back and forth between her lips. Why not? Why not? Her brain refused to give him an answer. She bit her lip hard at the touch of his tongue. Then she finally found her voice. “You must not do that. I‘m very sensitive there”.

Tony chuckled, and let go of her legs. He pushed her thighs farther apart to give his fingers and tongue better access. Her hips began to move as his fingers moved slowly in and out of her. His tongue flicked across her swollen vulva, then he sucked it into his mouth. She moaned, and pressed up against him. She could feel the pressure building in her stomach. She shifted restlessly, trying to push her legs back together.

He moved his fingers faster, and continued to tease her vagina. “Oh God that’s lovely she murmured.” As her body began to tremble started to tremble against him, her hips moving a little faster. She gasped in surprise at the intensity of the orgasm that hit her, her body trembled, and she was still enjoying it as Tony rose up and entered her.

She cried out sharply, in surprise and jerked against him. He locked her legs under his arms and moved hard against her. He moved with long sharp strokes, deeper and deeper, as the sensation flowed through her body, surprised when he suddenly hit her magic spot.

Tony rolled over onto his back, pulling her with him. his hands clamped down on her hips, keeping her locked against him. The trembling that shook her body continued to increase as he continued to thrust up in her. He pulled her down over him, and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back with the same intensity, as sensation after sensation flooded through her. She was gasping for breath.

Tony moaned and moved his hands down over her buttocks, keeping her rocking against her, then his finger moved into her anus pushing gently, as it gradually penetrated. “Oh god, that’s fantastic”, she cried as her lips fastened on to his. The sensations flowing through her body were at a level she had never experienced before , they were out of this world. She was shaking so badly, she didn’t think she could ever stop.

Tony smiled slightly against her mouth, then rolled them back over. When he was settled on top of her, she wrapped her legs around his waist, biting his shoulder to keep from screaming. Tony moved faster against her, his breathing becoming ragged. She could feel the trembles that began to run riot through his body. He kissed her harder as he pounded into her. At the feel of him exploding inside her, she joined him, crying out sharply.

He stayed resting on top of her as tremors continued to hit both of them. Neither of them willing to move. After a while, she started to move restlessly under him.Tony raised his head from her shoulder, and pressed a kiss against her lips. Tony chuckled, and moved. She gasped sharply when he slid free of her. He pulled her up against him, their legs entwined.

She placed a kiss against his nipple, then yawned. “We need to talk I think.” She yawned again. Yes it had been a good afternoon, but then there was the night to come. She was not going to let him go that easy . Could any girl be this lucky, she wanted to sleep for a while , but no he was hard again , as she clung hold of him round his neck , her hips began to move again as Tony his needs still in full flow started pumping away.

Eventually she could not go on any more – he had worn her out – she was totally exhausted, eventually late into the night she fell asleep surrounded by his warmth. Tony looked down at her as she lay on his shoulder .

He kissed her gently, pleased when she smiled happily ,and cuddled even closer to him. She was good, very good. But Tony knew that he was going to have a lot of explaining to do when he eventually got back to Debbie. Janice woke him early in the morning , she was now wearing her new night-dress John had bought her in Brussells Her hands were gently fondling Tonys cock and he responded eagerly ,her lips pressed against his , as half asleep he turned to face her.

He lifted her night-dress , as always he was ready and although she was still half asleep , she took him inside, as together they clung together warm and relaxed, still half asleep, their hips gradually moving as they enjoyed the feel of each other.

On the way back the following morning Janice said. “I am free most of this week, and I want us to meet again. I want to spend more time with you.. The night before, had not helped her at all , now she was confused. Much as she loved John she wanted Tony badly, so badly that she was prepared to take risks.

Debbie was furious with Tony when he arrived back at the house, she knew what his prolonged absence meant – instinct told her what had happened between Janice and Tony, but she dare not question him, as she remembered his reaction from before; he was after all a free agent.

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