Tracy Plud 2 Ch 2: Angela


Tracy Plud 2 Ch 2: AngelaAngela stepped off the curb and crossed her way over to the park. It was a warm, yet somewhat muggy night, which was uncommon for mid-April. Her long shirt hung widely and low which accentuated the width of her hips, but concealed the pudge of her belly that protruded over and rested on top of her waist. The way everything under her shirt appeared outwardly hid the most recent changes in the way her girth was presented. She wasn’t exactly happy with her new appearance over the last couple of years, but it wasn’t enough for her to stop appreciating it and playing with it as a sexual wonderland when she wanted to. And right now, she really, really wanted to.As she walked through the park, things seemed all intoxicating. There was a hang in the air, an ever-so-slight breeze and the fond smell of spring that was moving into the town as the month grew on. There were lights with black cast-iron bases and large white globes that were screwed into the top, emitting a light orange like glow from the bulbs inside. It was plentifully romantic and it often accompanied many swooning lovers as the other couples followed the path that wound through the park. Angela’s heart began to feel a little fuller, but also she felt more aroused. She was never much one for romance. She was more into a direct approach to sex. She loved light foreplay or seduction before moving hard into sex. There wasn’t really anything hard about sex for her, but certainly aggressive while maintaining the importance of equal satisfaction. Her mind began to swirl with ideas of what she should, could, couldn’t but maybe shouldn’t do in her mind with Tracy and Tori as she looked back on the situation she just experienced in the bathroom stall. There were so many things about that incident that Tracy and Tori didn’t know. And oh, the things that should know!At first, the full admission that Tori had gotten from Tracy that she had been rubbing herself in the bathroom stall was instantly enough to push a heavy run of cum through her pussy and outer lips. She had never experienced a turn on like this nor would it ever happen to her, ever. The aggressiveness that the smaller and round body that was faced directly at Tracy’s breasts, unintentionally, as she attempted to get face to face with Tracy, although their height difference wasn’t all that much. Tori still struggled as she became more insistent that Tracy spill the beans about just what she was doing in there. The animosity she was seeing was even more arousing. Her mind was completely blown.Angela took a seat on one of the benches that lined the main brick patterned path in the park. She just kept playing the scene over and over in her head, reminding her of her story of how she got to where she is at this point in her life. Until now, Angela had never disclosed the real terms in which she left her school that was just across the state line, shortly before her sixth grade year at Susan B. Anthony. The point at which she was tuzla escort shorted enough of the equivalent classes she needed to move ahead into seventh grade because of the different guidelines between the states. She felt that being held back a year in school was a punishment for what she did and what caused her family to completely uproot and move into a place where no one would know that they, well her most directly, for what had happened. It may be, though, that this wasn’t a true punishment, but more a lesson at the time that what she was suspended for. After seeing what she just saw just half an hour ago, it brought back those reasons of “why” to mind and reminded of her young situation. It was so exciting. She closed her eyes, just for a minute, and sat in thought.Her mind flashed back to her old school. She and a very popular girl in her class, Anna, had been caught in the bathroom stall in the girl’s bathroom in the gym locker room after school, just like what she experienced tonight. Unfortunately, the Athletic Director, Mrs. Bliven, who was doing a final sweep of the locker room and heard Anna squeal and that’s when they knew they were in very big trouble. The following day there was a big conference with both Anna’s and her parents in the school conference room with the principal as well as Mrs. Bliven, who fully revealed what she found when she opened the handicapped bathroom door. Both girls were inappropriate in full view of being caught, they both faced severe punishment. The consequences that followed were very unfair and unequal. They were doled out almost immediately as the girls had nothing to defend themselves so they sat in silence. Due to Anna’s status as a very popular girl with very rich parents, she received no punishment. Apparently her parents met with Principal Walters after Angela was dismissed from the office, which resulted in her receiving 5 days of suspension. In a very unfair act, Anna’s part in the act was swept under the rug and she was free to return to her everyday school life. Once Angela was suspended, it took no time for rumors to fly. It was well established that she was caught with another girl in the bathroom though it wasn’t known of who that person was; so of course Angela, the poor and quite unpopular girl became the object of ridicule and harassment, resulting in nasty words and abuse from her so-called friends. She always thought it was unbelievable that young k**s could be so mean. It wasn’t until the older k**s in school, even high school students got wind of it that it became known that she was no longer welcome there. Words like “dyke” and “slut” appeared on her locker. The police would do nothing. When “dykes shall die” showed up on her house, it was the last straw. Her mom and dad finally decided that it was time to move because even their house was being accosted with the intense graffiti. That is how Angela really ended up at Susan B. Anthony across the state line. Thankfully the move wasn’t far from tuzla escort bayan where her parents worked so the only thing that was disrupted was Angela’s schooling.Angela opened her eyes. She again flashed back to tonight’s events. She had to have more of it. The idea of peeing, which started this whole thing with Tracy fingering herself, was right up Angela’s alley. With a computer in her room, it was a free pass to look into the porn world. As an obvious and inherent lesbian, she found the world of porn was at her fingers and she used it to her full advantage, often sitting bottomless when exploring the World Wide Web when her parents weren’t home as it provided full access to her pussy. She had never thought that peeing was a thing that people would like during sex as foreplay until she stumbled upon it late one night on a weekend very recently. It suddenly caused her pussy to suddenly push heavy wet grool that leaked onto her black fabric of her chair, practically forcing her to look for so much more of it. She had to watch it. It became an obsession; although she didn’t pass off plain, exciting lesbian porn. It still turned her on as well. The pee videos she explored that night gave her the idea to see if she could find ways to get some excitement out of it. She stood up and went to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. Opening her legs, she forced out a yellow stream which she ran her fingers through it, her pee spraying over the seat and onto the floor. What an awesome feeling it was, though she didn’t know if it was because she was so horny or if it was a true pleasure. She had to try it the next morning when she got up when she wasn’t so horny, this time in the shower where it wouldn’t make as much of a mess. It turns out that it was just as much of a turn on then as it had been the previous night.Angela has drifted off into a haze. Suddenly she came to and realized that she had begun rubbing her hands over her crotch on the outside of her pants! Quickly she stopped and looked around. Thankfully, with it being so late, no one was in the park. Suddenly a naughty thought came to her. “I wonder if I could get off right her, on the main path where anyone can catch me!” A naughty smile crookedly curled on her face. That thought as well caused another gush of grool to her outer pussy lips. There was a visible wet spot in her crotch where her cum had leaked through panties. Her heart beat quicker the more she thought about it.After another minute, she felt that it was naughty enough and daring enough to try because she was so turned on, her thoughts were completely out of control. She swiftly unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, pushing them down just enough to get her fingers inside but safe enough to look like she was still dressed in case someone came by. It was the witching hour now and as the town clock struck midnight, her hand slid inside her pants and over the fuzz above her pussy until she found her clit. She made several passes down to get escort tuzla cum and coated her pussy. Wasting no time, she began rubbing her clit which caused her to let out a very audible gasp and her head was thrown back with sudden ecstasy. Lifting her head back up it began to move in sync with her rubbing. Her hand felt constricted so she lowered her pants below her ass without any thought to the appearance of anyone that could pass; of which she didn’t care at this point and gave up all worries as to whether she got caught or not. Reaching between her legs, she resumed rubbing her sopping wet cunt and went straight to work.Angela slammed her fingers in her pussy, rubbing on the upper wall where it felt best; just where the g-spot was. That soft patch helped her so many times when she was rubbing herself off. She often wondered if one of those dildos with the curved tip would feel the same. Angela returned to her clit, rubbing it vigorously, knowing full well that she was so close to cumming. There was so much cum, such a soaked spot on the smooth wooden slate on the bench that it caused her to slide forward. Angela was ready to finish herself when something suddenly came to her attention.She wasn’t alone.She pulled her fingers out and attempted to get her pants up, but it was far too late. There was giggling from more than one girl. Stunned and immediately she looked up the path to the right.She’d been caught.“Wow, we never knew you had it in you to be such an exhibitionist!” the voice chimed out. There was something familiar about it.When she focused, still with her heart pounding and her breathing entirely labored, she felt relief. The voices she heard were very familiar for a reason.It was Tracy and Tori. Tori spoke again, “it sounds like we both have unbelievable stories and secrets to share. Why don’t you pull up your pants and we’ll talk!” They both sat beside Angela as Tracy explained what happened after she left and Angela described what led her to where they caught her doing herself. All 3 of them agreeing how hot they were, they all admitted that Angela got started early, but that they would all be having a lot of fun when they each got home. “You should come with us on Monday. I know the voice that echoed from the stall as we passed it to leave was someone we should know but we just can’t figure out who it was,” Tracy said. “Yeah, I feel like we’re in trouble, but we’re both so excited!” Tori interrupted. “You do need to be punished, too, Angela.”“Why me? I wasn’t even there!”“Because, you’re guilty by association and wouldn’t it be fun for all of us Musketeers to be punished? I think the thought is so exciting! I’m not going to sleep all weekend!” Tori admitted.“Me either!” Tracy agreed.“I…I guess. It might be fun.” Angela said hesitantly. “I’m not staying if she doesn’t want me there.”“Oh you’ll be wanted” Tori insisted.Finally Angela caved. “Ok. If you’re doing it, I’ll do it.“Yes!”“Awesome!” Tori and Tracy said almost in unison. “Come on,” Angela said. “It’s really late. We should get home.”The other 2 girls agreed. They followed the path to the far side of the park, going their separate ways, but all of their minds had one objective: Monday afternoon.

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