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Train SexHi this story is about me and a unknown boy whom I meet in train. Before that I would like to tell u one thing that my Facebook account is be hacked so at the end of this story I will share my new facebook account details ….so today I will tell you what happened on that day when I was travelling from Mumbai to Tamil Nadu …..My name is arul and I am 26 yrs this story is of 1yr back so hear it is what happened .i took my train from C.S.T Mumbai and I was in a window seat and I locked my bags with chain and got down the train to check the list of people name so that time I saw that besides me a 28 yrs boy was travelling and he was just next to my seat ….i went inside the train and got my seat and sitting and in some time that boy was was travelling came and he kept all his bags he asked can u help me in locking my bags I said sure why not I helped him and we both shaked hands and I asked his name he replied Kunal …he was looking hot …the train left from the station and it was 1st class AC coach and only he and me was there in that room as it’s a 1st class AC room it had door we both talked and shared about me and he his …..while talking I noticed hat he was wearing a tight silk shots which was only till his lap in shoot it was like an underware but it don’t look like that …so while looking at hime when he stood up I eyes was open wide coz I saw his cock in that tight shoots it will be 8’’ omg it was big when I was seeing balçova escort his cock he noticed that my eyes were on his cock so he asked what happened what ur looking I said nothing he smiled and he sat …but my eyes were still on his cock and in my mind it was like wish I get chance to play with it mmmmmmm I went in to washroom and put my finger in my ass and was get relaxed ….When I came in the room he was laying down and I saw his cock was like the mountain peak omggggg …. I cant stop asking Me – Kunal can I say something Kunal – yes….Me- your cock is big ……Kunal – ho! Thanks and ?Me – and ? and? Kunal – say what ever it is Me – I was thinking of pl…Kunal – would you like to have some fun and have a ride on it ….Me- really I can ?Kunal – sure hear it is come and take it I locked the door from inside and sat down and he was standing I slowly removed his cock out omg it was so hot and his pinkish cap of his cock was so beautiful ….. I licked his cock oooooo mmmmm it was so lovely ………he was fair and I was dark mmmmmm he was enjoying and just moaring sounds mmmmm aaaaaaasuck it baby……as I was his wife for that day …. I took his whole 8’’ cock in my mouth and statted giving him blow job uFfffffff mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmma aaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooo as the dinner was going to come so we just have some fun and and I was just sucking his cock and after 20 mins he was ready to come and his come was all over my chest escort balçova oooooooooooooooAt night light was on that too the dim one we both were nude in that room ….i started sucking his cock and playing with it he was just mmmmm yay a yay a suck it harder love its yours oooo then holding my head he started to fuck my mouth with full speed his full cock was inside my mouth ooommmmmmmaaaaa then he made he lay down and spread my legs he applied oil in my ass and his cock and kept he cock in my ass and started pushing it inside as oil was applied it went went inside with little pain it was sooo lovely and it was fun too I had fun his whole cock was inside my ass and he was fucking me same speed like the train was oooooo Me- yay a baby ya Kunal – yya take it aaa aaa aaa fuck u Me- yay a fuck me aaaaaa mmmmKunal – take this one aaaa mmmm fuck u Me – aaaa it was nice mmmmWhile we were enjoy in the afternoon a TC saw us having sex so he came in at 2:00 at night we were shocked he came in and locked the door he said I am away from my wife so I am far from sex he wanted us to join the fun …after some time we were in three some he also be came nude ..his age was 40…..Kunal was standing and his cock was in my mouth and my cock was in TC mouth we all had fun and started having fun then adter 15 mins I was on my knee and both the cock were in my mouth omggg it so fun both were fucking me there were hungry balçova escort bayan for 100 yrs I cam in doggi… pose and TC was ready to fuck my ass and kunal was ready to fuck my mouth both at the the same inserted there cock and started fucking ooooo mmmm yay a aya yaaya fuck fuck oooooaaa mmmuffffOmggggggggggggggggggg it was a heavy fuck TC was in full speed like a express aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyCccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccome come on fuck me more harder yay a yak like that aaaoo mmmccccc after 20mins of fuck both came and there come were in all over me then they changed there position and fucked again The next day also I and kunal were in full form and I want him to give ride so again we both had a big fuck and enjoyed a lot he fucked more harder as we don’t know we will meet so he was in fun speed now as it was a last time we was going to fuck me he kissed my body licked my hairy ass and fucked me more harder then the last night ………………….The I sucked his cock again sup sup sup sup and his come was all over my body and we both relaxed and like this we fucked 5 time the whole night and last when we were sleeping we were nude only and still his cock was in my mouth and I was playing with it with my tongue ……………………….I would like to say that whoever reads can send me request in Facebook in the below Id – and I can share pic of my body but do not force me to show the face and I will also not …and by this we can meet also I live in Mumbai ….and I want loyal people I know many people will be in contack but I want it to between that person whom I talk and me ……

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