Training Begins

Female Ejaculation

Training Begins”On your knees, face in the pillow. That is it, show your ass to me baby.” She giggled as she smacked his ass.He moaned as she smacked his ass again and again, her hand alternating between running over his cheeks and smacking them hard, occasionally sneaking down to graze his hard shaft or pull on his balls.”Well, well, well, it seems you are liking this quite a bit my little slut.” She smiled as her hands wrapped around his hot, throbbing cock, stroking and squeezing him as she pumped slowly.”Give me some of that sweet precum, I need some lube” She giggled as she pumped his dick harder, squeezing the whole length trying to get every bit possible, collecting a thick drop.”It is time to be a good little whore for me” she whispered in his ear as she bent close over him, her body pressed close against his back as one of her hands kept stroking his cock and ass.”Tell me how bad you want to feel this” she demanded as her fingers teased over his cock. “Tell me how much you need it”Moaning and breathing deeply he rasped “Yes I need it, make me a slut, I need you to abuse me””Good, that is exactly what I wanted to hear” She bursa escort whispered, nibbling his ear as her precum slickened fingers began running around his ass, lubing him up before sliding inside. Her fingers worked in and out, in and out, working his tight hole as her thumb rubbed hard under his balls. Her other hand gripped his cock tightly, squeezing every time her fingers slid inside his ass.”Tell me how good it feel” she whispered in his ear as she teased him, his body twitching with every whisper.”Fuck me it feels so good””How good my little slut, tell me how much you want it”Her hands started moving faster, squeezing tighter and sliding deeper as she bit his neck, his moans growing louder.”Fuck I need to feel you stretching my ass so badly”” He gasped as her hands drove him wild.In one swift motion she released his cock and pulled her fingers out, stood up and smacked him hard across the ass.”You just said the magic words” She giggled with an evil grin “I’ve got just the thing for you my little slut.Reaching over she flipped open the lid of the box next toher, pulling out a tube of lube and dropping it on the bed bursa escort bayan between his knees. as hard as he tried, he couldnt manage to turn enough to see what else she was grabbing, but he felt something cold and heavy leaning against one of his feet.”It is time for some fun baby” she giggled as she smacked his ass while picking up the lube and popping its top. Squeezing out a big handful, she began running her slick fingers all over his cock, his body electric with the sensation of the cold lube and her warm hand stroking him back to full hardness before sliding a hair tie over his cock and balls.”This is going to be fun baby, it is going to keep you so hard, you are going to want to explode” with a sharp crack she smacked his dick with her hands as she sneered “But you arent allowed to explode until I tell you to!”Her slick fingers began running around his ass, both eager to feel each other. Stroking his cock as she began pumping his ass, she leaned close to whisper in his ear again.”Get ready baby, time to get stretched” she cooed in his ear before sitting back, the pop of the lube bottle all he could hear.”Im escort bursa going to start you with something small, I dont want to break you too quickly, now do I?”” she giggled as he felt the cold hardness press against him, her hand running back to his cock as she began pushingit forward.”Take it in baby, let it fill you up” She whispered as she began working the didlo into his ass, stretching and filling him.The harder she fucked his ass the more he moaned, the more he moaned the faster she stroked his cock. The faster she stroked his cock, the more he moaned. His hole was on fire as it stretched, and that fire was spreading to his throbbing cock. Every pump in and out felt like a little orgasm, his body was burning with need, and it wasnt long before his cock exploded with a long loud orgasm, pumping out shot after shot of sticky hot cum.”What! The! Fuck!” She screamed at him before he even finished shooting his cum. standing up she smacked him hard on the ass “Time for your punishment” she snarled as she began smacking his ass and cock before scooping up his cum in her hand and wiping it all over his face. Pulling the dildo from his ass, she roughly replaced it with a lubed butt plug before getting up and slipping on a robe and some heels.”I will be back for you shortly” she said as she walked from the room, leaving him stretched and covered in his own cum.

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