Transforming Genevieve Ch. 16


Between my first and second class on Monday my cell rang.

“Morning sexy.” Bill replied after I’d said hello.

“Good morning baby how was your night.” I asked.

His reply kind of shocked me. “Honestly Genevieve my night was horrible.”

“Why’s that Bill?” I asked.

“I had to suffer though the evening with Tess all the while I was wishing I was with you babe.” He answered.

I giggled before saying. “Well I guess I’ll just have to make it up to you later today baby.”

“Do I really have to wait till later Gen?” He asked.

“Oh my aren’t we the horny little devil today.” I remarked.

“Horny for your hot body Gen.” Bill said adding, “When can I stop by babe?”

“My next class ends at eleven fifteen Bill. You can stop by anytime after that.” I said.

“Tell ya what Gen I’ll pick up some lunch and come by around quarter of twelve.” Bill suggested.

“Great that’ll give me half an hour to grade some papers.” I commented.

I flipped my phone closed and stood up from my desk. As I walked toward the door to my class room I slipped on my blue blazer and buttoned it closed in front over the white silk blouse I was wearing.

The students for my second class were slowly filing in as I entered the room and took a seat behind my desk.

Steve Kozmerl was one of those students but rather than taking his seat he stopped in front of my desk a broad smile on his lips.

I looked up from my day planner and said. “Yes Mr. Kozmerl what can I do for you?”

“Well Ms. Walker after class today I’d like a private tutor meeting with you.” Steve replied with a rather stern tone of voice. What he actually meant was that he wanted to collect part one of his little black mail scheme and have me suck his cock after class.

“I’m afraid I already have plans for after class Mr. Kozmerl.” I answered.

His demeanor and tone of voice became even sterner as he said. “I guess you’ll just have to delay those plans then Ms. Walker.” His eyes relaying the possible consequences of my denying him the oral sex he wanted.

I thought for a moment knowing that Bill would be prompt to arrive but knew I could suck this bastard off in record time too. I’d be taking a chance of my lover finding out I was letting this student take advantage of his knowledge of Bill and my affair or worse yet having Bill walk in while Steve had his cock shoved in my mouth. I decided my oral talents would get rid of Steve fast enough.

“Very well Mr. Kozmerl. Stay seated when class is dismissed and I’ll take care of you in my office.” I whispered so only he could hear.

He grinned a devilish grin at me and turned to take his seat.

As I began my lecture I noticed that Steve was seated so his crotch was visible to me and his tight jeans left little to the imagination of what was at the center of his crotch. His lewd gestures served as a distraction as I spoke and I tried to avoid looking at him as much as possible.

Steve must have realized I was avoiding eye contact with him and raised his hand to ask a question. I ignored him at first but finally succumbed and allowed him to speak.

“Yes Mr. Kozmerl?” I asked.

“Ms. Walker.” He started. “Don’t you think the subliminal message in most literature is sexual?”

His question angered me and as I walked toward him I let my eyes express my anger.

“Well Mr. Kozmerl I’m certain most connoisseurs of fine English Literature understand the true meaning of the words. Perhaps when you’re all grown up you’ll get the message also.” I said

His cheeks flushed with embarrassment and I could tell from his expression that he wasn’t all that fond of being told he was in immature little boy. I turned and slowly walked back to the front of the room enjoying the murmur’s and quiet giggles from around the class room.

Steve straightened up and behaved for the remainder of the class and I thought he might decide to forgo his private session but when the bell ending the class sounded and the other students filed out Mr. Kozmerl remained in his seat.

I followed the last student toward the door and closed it behind her. Flipping the light switch off I turned to Steve and angrily said. “Steve if you ever try to disrupt my class again with a remark like that you’ll be sucking your own cock.”

He knew my remark carried no weight and just grinned and replied. “Not as long as I have you to suck it Ms. Walker.”

As I walked toward the door to my private office I turned my head toward him and said. “Well Mr. Kozmerl let’s get this over with!”

I pushed the door to my office open as he rose from his seat. Walking across my office I slipped out of my jacket and tossed it over the corner of my desk turning and leaning against it with my ass.

Kozmerl entered the room and stopped. I took a step or two toward him letting my thigh spread the slit in my skirt. “Close the fuckin door Steve.” I commented as I approached him.

Placing one hand on his shoulder I reached past illegal bahis his waist with my other and turned the dead bolt lock on the door. My hand moved up to his other shoulder and I pushed him back against the door.

For a moment I thought he was going to try to kiss me but my stern expression made him think otherwise.

As I bent at the knees and scratched down his chest with my nails I looked up and him and said. “Don’t say a word or move a muscle you bastard.”

I let my knees drop to the carpeted floor as my fingers quickly undid his belt. His cock bulged against the tight denim fabric of his jeans its outline perfectly visible.

My fingers pulled the tiny metal tab of his zipper down and then moved up to yank his jeans off his hips. His completely erect cock tented the white cotton fabric of his jockey shorts its pulsing length begging to be sucked.

I glanced up at his face as my index fingers hooked the elastic waist band of his jockey shorts. His lustful stare at me confirmed at least in my mind that I’d be able to make him shoot his load and have him out of my office long before my lover Bill arrived.

He watched intently as my deft fingers peeled the elastic and cotton down off his raging cock. The material finally cleared the tip and his youthful hard on sprang up and nearly hit my chin as it came to attention before me. I pushed his jeans and jockeys down past his knees then reached up with my right hand toward his throbbing cock shaft the matrix of veins covering the shaft pulsing full of blood felt fiery hot in my hand. As I closed my delicate fingers around the girth of his cock shaft I pushed my hand toward the base stretching the already taut flesh even tighter.

Kozmerl moaned as I closed my eyes and lowered my open mouth toward his rock hard cock.

Moving my mouth forward I felt the hot tip touch my tongue. I opened my lips wider until I felt the smooth flaring corona of his cock head slip between my lips. Kozmerl moaned slowly as I closed my mouth around his shaft and sucked the moist flesh of my oral cavity tight around his pulsing head.

My hand began slowly stroking along his throbbing shaft moving from the base up to where it disappeared inside my hot wet mouth. I kept my eyes closed and concentrated on making him cum as quickly as possible.

Even though the thought of sucking his cock disgusted me I couldn’t deny my body’s reaction to having a rock hard pulsing cock head between my soft lips. My nipples hardened and my mouth began to water involuntarily. As I started jerking him off faster tiny droplets of saliva began oozing from the corners of my mouth.

Steve groaned gruffly as my soft hand and wet mouth began having the desired effect and his throbbing cock swelled even bigger. While not necessarily desired but definitely undeniable his cock was having an equally erotic effect on me.

His young rock hard erection pulsed in my hand the matrix of blood engorged veins throbbing against the soft flesh of my palm. My body desired to feel those pulsing veins against my tongue and pressing into the tight opening of my throat but my mind was still telling me that giving this bastard oral sex was disgusting.

As usual my body won out and I slid both hands against his pelvis with my thumbs pressing against the base of his cock shaft just above this massive cum filled balls.

I opened my eyes and looked up at Steve’s face. His lustful stare excited me even more and I pressed his cock deeper into my mouth keeping eye contact as I did. The pulsing veins along his shaft throbbed against my lips as they slid down toward my thumbs and the curly patch of thick pubic hair above.

Kozmerl broke his silence and hoarsely said. “Yeah that’s it suck that cock baby!” His words urging me on toward my ultimate sexual goal of having his cock buried balls deep in my throat.

The velvety flesh of his cock head touched the back of my mouth and I immediately relaxed my throat muscles in anticipation of what we both knew was about to happen. Steve groaned deeply and exhaled sharply through his nostrils as I pressed his cock through the tight opening of my throat. Tears welled up in my eyes as the wide flaring corona stretched the opening to its limit.

“That’s it slut swallow my fuckin cock!” Kozmerl exclaimed. He lifted his strong hands from his side and grasped my head holding it tightly as he thrust forward sinking his beautiful cock completely within the searing flesh of my throat. In an instant my lips were pressed into the thick patch of pubic hair and against my thumbs on the underside of his huge rock hard erection.

I began pulling back only to have him thrust toward me again impaling my throat again.

“Suck it slut!” He demanded his eyes glued to my face.

What had started as a quick make him cum fast blow job was turning into a marathon throat fucking oral sex session. And to be quite honest I loved it. Ever since my sexual transformation months ago I’ve developed a love illegal bahis siteleri for sucking cock. I revel in the sensation of having a man’s cock in my mouth. The feeling of it becoming rock hard in my mouth excites me more than any other sexual sensation and this young stallion was exciting me very much.

Steve’s strong hands held me firmly in place as he used that beautiful cock to throat fuck me with quick short strokes his wide flaring corona sliding back and forth deep in my throat. My lungs began to burn from a lack of life sustaining oxygen and I pushed harder against his loins trying to send a message to let me up for air.

His death grip on my head lessened a little and I was able to pull back for air.

“Awwwwww!” I exclaimed as he slipped from my mouth a long thick strand of mucusy saliva trailing from my mouth to the head of his raging cock.

I gave in completely to my wanton lust for cock and exclaimed. “Fuck my mouth you bastard!” As I sucked in lungs full of oxygen in preparation for what I knew would be a brutal invasion of my oral cavity.

Steve’s hands again grasped my head his fingers locking in the long hair along my temples. I opened my mouth wide and extended my soft wet tongue offering him a target for his assault.

I fully expected him to impale my throat with his cock driving it deep into me in a millisecond. But he surprised me when he began moving my head forward very slowly. The tip of his bulging cock head touched my tongue then slowly slid back across it’s soft wetness. His wide flaring corona stretched my lips a little as it slipped between. Ever so slowly his cock approached the tight opening of my throat. His fixed stare acknowledging that he was enjoying watching his raging cock disappear inside my mouth.

I closed my lips round the shaft so I could feel the ripples of blood engorged veins as they slid over my soft lips. Inch by glorious inch his pulsing cock slipped toward my throat.

“huhha!” I was able to mumble as the smooth tip of his cock touched the back of my mouth giving him permission to stuff his beautiful cock deep in my throat.

He pushed gently at first then with more force as his cock head speared the tight opening to my throat once again. My muscles relaxed instinctively and slid over the flair of his wide corona. Once it popped through again I swallowed his cock as he pressed it into the searing flesh of my throat.

“God damn bitch!” He exclaimed as my lips flared just before touching his pubic mound. His hands released my head and dropped to my shoulders relinquishing total control of this incredible blow job to me.

I bobbed my head back and forth a few times letting his corona bounce off the back side the tight ring of muscles at the entrance of my throat. I love feeling a cock slide in and out of my throat and happily continued fucking him with my mouth until my lungs again screamed for air.

Pulling back so I could suck in air I spoke. “You like the way I suck your cock Mr. Kozmerl?” I asked the obvious dumb question.

He grinned and replied. “Absolutely!”

I smiled and returned to the task at hand. Licking sucking nibbling and deep throating his towering hard on.

As I licked from the base up along the underside I asked him. “You gonna cum for me Mr. Kozmerl?”

He just shook his head yes.

My tongue circled the smooth flesh of his corona. “You wanna shoot that big cum load in my mouth Mr. Kozmerl?” I asked.

He just shook his head yes.

I took the head in my mouth and sucked hard. Pulling my mouth off him he slipped out of my wet oral cavity with a distinct popping sound. “Do you want me to stroke it till you shoot that beautiful thick sticky cum load in my mouth? Or do you wanna just jerk off and shoot it in my mouth and on my face?” I asked.

Steve answered my question by moving his hand to the shaft of his cock. He began slowly stroking along its swollen length his index finger sliding up over the sensitive flesh of his corona.

“Yeah baby g’me that sweet cum.” I whispered opening my mouth and extending my tongue toward the tip of his cock.

His hand continued the slow methodical motion along his swollen shaft. A small droplet of pre-cum oozed from the tiny slit in the head of his cock and I quickly leaned forward and smeared it around with my tongue.

“Hmmmmm… it tastes so good!” I exclaimed quickly adding, “I want all of it baby shoot that load for me Steve.”

His eyes were glued to my face and as his orgasm approached their lustful stare intensified. What started as a low guttural moan changed to an almost snorting kind of sound as his balls began pumping hot sticky cum toward the tip of his cock.

I urged him again. “That’s it baby g’me that sweet load.”

I could see him tighten his grip around the shaft as he let the pressure build trapping his cum load inside the pulsing cock. His face contorted and he snorted again as his orgasm began.

I begged him. “Cum on me baby canlı bahis siteleri spray my face with…..Awwww!” My sentence interrupted by the first thick sticky shot of hot cum.

His load shot out and splashed across my cheek. In an instant I could feel the searing liquid run down and across my ear.

“Oh yeah baby that’s what I want! Your hot cum!” I pleaded.

I tilted my head back more as Steve lifted his cock stroking up the hard shaft. A second load of creamy white cum shot almost straight up in the air from his cock. I watched as the flying cum descended almost in slow motion toward my open mouth. It missed its mark by only a half inch or so splashing on my upper lip and dribbling down onto my waiting tongue.

His cum tasted so salty hot sticky and very thick. I instantly craved more.

Mr. Kozmerl satisfied that craving as he lowered his cock and with each stroke toward the head another thick sticky load of hot cum was shot onto my lips tongue and face. One stream landed across my eye pasting it closed.

“hmmmmmmm” I moaned as I swallowed a mouthful of his creamy hot cum.

By the time Kozmerl’s orgasm began to subside and the stroking of his strong hand slowed I was glazed like a fresh donut with the fruits of his balls.

I reach up grasped his cock and used the cum covered head to pull more of his load toward my mouth sucking and licking every drop possible from it.

He watched intently as I swallowed each and every drop satisfying my wanton lust for as much cum as possible. I was just about to tell Mr. Kozmerl how good his cum tasted when I heard the door knob on the other door to my office turn. In my haste to suck this blackmailing bastard off I’d forgotten to lock that door. Kneeling before him with a cum glazed face the door opened. I looked to my left and watched in horror as Bill stepped through the open door.

His mouth dropped open and in an instant his face turned brilliant red with rage. WHAT THE FUCK!” He screamed.

Steve’s cock shriveled instantly and he bent over to pull his jockeys and jeans back up over his hips. Bill closed the door and took another step inside.

“You fucking slut!” He hissed at me as he threw the paper bag containing our lunch at me. “I can’t fuckin believe you were sucking his cock!” Bill added after our lunch flew.

Tears began to flow from my eyes as I knelt there trying to figure a way to explain what had just happened.

“You don’t understand Mr. Franklin.” Steve said.

Bill shot back. “What’s to understand she obviously can’t get enough cock. Once a cum slut always a cum slut!”

Bill’s word stung into my brain and I began to sob uncontrollably.

“Let me explain.” Steve asked.

In his anger Bill wasn’t interested in Steve’s explanations. “I think you should just shut the fuck up. In fact why don’t you just take your sorry ass outta here?” Bill exclaimed.

“Fuck you Franklin. She was suckin my cock to save your sorry ass pal.” Steve replied.

I got up off my knees and walked to my desk and grabbed a handful of tissues to try and clean Steve’s sticky cum off my face.

“I can’t wait to hear this fuckin excuse.” Bill said.

“I saw you and Ms. Walker together a couple Sundays ago.” Steve said then added. “I forced her to give me head or I would spread it around campus that you and she were having an affair.”

Bill’s expression changed from anger to absolute horror as he looked at me sitting behind my desk crying my eyes out.

“Oh my god!” He exclaimed turning away from Steve and walking toward my desk.

“Gen I’m so sorry. I had no idea.” Bill said.

I looked up at him and tried a half hearted attempt to smile but my tears continued unabated.

Mean while Steve had composed himself and said. “I’m gonna leave you two alone. I’m sorry about this Ms Walker.”

Bill nodded to Steve as he made his way to the door and left my lover and me alone to deal with the reality of what I’d just done.

Bill moved around my desk can tried to place his hand on my shoulder but I moved away not wanting to feel his touch at the moment.

“Baby I don’t know what to say.” Bill said.

I looked up at him tears still flowing from my eyes. His words had hurt but what hurt even more was that I knew in my heart that they were accurate. I had enjoyed what I’d just done. Whether I wanted to I couldn’t deny that fact or the fact that I am a filthy cock sucking cum slut. Had I resisted my sexual urges and just gotten Steve off a quickly as possible Bill wouldn’t know that I was still a cum slut as he’d said earlier.

I worked on controlling my tears as Bill gathered up the remnants of what was supposed to be our lunch.

He settled into a chair across from my desk as I started to regain my composure.

“Bill I should have told you about this but I thought I could protect us both by just dealing this Kozmerl myself.” I started to explain.

“I’m so sorry Gen. I hope you can forgive me for the hurtful things I said.” Bill replied.

I was able to smile at him as I said. “Baby I can forgive you but the fact remains that what you said is true.”

“Gen that was said in anger.” Bill paused. “Actually more in total surprise.” He corrected himself.

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