Troublesome Tenant Revisited


Barbara signed her lease almost six months ago and she had never paid her rent on time. On the fifth of each month I would stop by our rent house, knock on the door and ask Barbara if I could pick up a check. My wife Susan would nag me starting on the first until I got home on the fifth – if I didn’t have the check there would be hell to pay. On this particular 5th of May I had got caught up at the office and didn’t get to the rental property until just after 7PM and I was thinking about stopping by the next day, but didn’t want to deal with Susan so I pulled up in the driveway. The front door is protected by a courtyard with an iron gate, but Barbara leaves it unlocked for some reason. The master bedroom overlooks the courtyard and as it was already dark and the draperies were open I was startled to see a naked woman on top of a man on the bed. I stopped dead in my tracks and just watched.

Barbara is a 45 year old divorcee. She has one of those former beauty queen sort of appearances: 5’8″, large breasts that sag a little, an ass and waistline line that are just a little too big for my tastes. Her face is attractive and I can imagine she was quite a catch in her prime. Of course, she still acts like a 20-something, assuming all men want her and as a result she seems to have her share of men calling. This evening was the first time I had ever seen her in a sexual way. She was on top of someone, obviously enjoying herself ride his cock. Her breasts were bouncing up and down and she was holding herself up with her hands on his shoulders. I wasn’t physically aroused, but I was definitely intrigued. Her skin was smooth, her ass round. She arched her back causing her tits to stick out even further. I thought to myself that she was beautiful, something that I had never noticed. In fact, every other time I saw her simply as a middle age overweight woman who rented our house.

Suddenly I realized that Barabara was looking directly at me. She didn’t look surprised, concerned or annoyed. She kept riding him, but her eyes were definitely locked on mine. I couldn’t help but think we were sharing a moment – it felt very wrong, but I didn’t want it to end. I imagined that I was inside of her when Barbara’s eyes left mine and a smile formed on her lips. She was staring at my crotch and when I looked down and saw that I was pitching a tent the spell was broken. I quickly turned and left the courtyard. My mind raced as I drove home. When I finally got home Susan asked about the check and I told her I was running late and didn’t have a chance to pick it up. Susan tilted her head as if she didn’t believe me and asked if I was sure. I looked at her queerly and she said, “Barbara called and said you forgot the check.”

Completely busted I explained what I had seen. It didn’t take much to make Susan believe I was disgusted by the sight, but didn’t want to bring it up unnecessarily. I was off the hook, but Susan wanted me to go by and pick up the check and drop it by the ATM on the way home. I just wanted to get a drink and settle in for the night, but Susan wears the pants so I headed over to the rental property.

When I arrived at the house the draperies were drawn and I knocked on the door. Barbara answered the door wearing only a thin robe, barely closed and loosely tied. My cheeks canlı bahis şirketleri were red when I saw Barbara’s huge smile. She invited me in and asked if I wanted a beer, which I accepted.

Barbara handed me the drink and stood in front of me still smelling of sex. She broke the ice and asked, “So I guess you saw a little more than you bargained for this evening. Sorry about that.”

Stammering I agreed and offered an apology. Just as I did, the belt on Barbara’s robe came loose and it was only a matter of time before her robe fell open.

Barbara continued, “I have a confession, nothing turns me on more than when I turn a man on. Watching you get aroused gave me an orgasm. I wish you would have been able to see me cum.”

Barbara took a step toward me as I took a big gulp from the bottle of beer she gave me. The conversation was entirely inappropriate and the fact that her robe was starting to gape open wasn’t helping. I was cornered in the kitchen without a safe exit. My eyes couldn’t help but stare at Barbara’s bare breast and my penis wasn’t cooperating either.

I began explaining how I couldn’t do this, that I better just get the check and leave.

Barbara pushed the robe over her shoulders completely exposing herself to me. She was overweight, someone I wouldn’t give a second glance at normally, but naked she was curvaceous in a very sexual way. I wanted to touch her, but knew instantly that it would be a mistake I couldn’t undo.

Realizing I needed to get out of there I said, “Well, I better be going.”

Barbara stepped close enough I could feel her breath on my face. She could tell I wanted to touch her, but she knew I wouldn’t. My breathing was getting faster as she said, “Close your eyes, just relax, nothing will happen that you don’t want.”

I thought to myself, but said under my breath, “That is what I am afraid of.”

Barbara lightly brushed her fingers over my eyelids whispering, “Just relax.” Then I felt her hand softly stroke the front of my pants. I flinched, but she kept whispering softly, “shh, don’t worry, just relax.”

I didn’t dare open my eyes. Barbara began rubbing the length of my penis through my pants faster and faster. My knees began to weaken and I leaned back against the counter as she rubbed harder and faster. Suddenly I realized she was trying to jack me off. With that realization I opened my eyes only to realize Barbara’s face was only an inch or so away from mine. Staring into her eyes as her lips brushed against mine I felt myself about to ejaculate.

Barbara could tell I was close and unzipped my pants, pulled out my penis and began jerking it until I came. My semen spewed all over her belly until I was completely spent. Letting go of my penis she stepped back and leaned against the island. With her back arched Barbara ran her fingers through my semen. First she tasted her fingers, but as I zipped up my pants I saw her run her finger through my semen and then insert it inside of her vagina. She repeated this process, staring at me as she pushed her finger farther and farther inside of her.

Barbara said, “When you sleep with your wife tonight, try not to think about me. Try not to think about your semen inside of me.”

I didn’t know what to say and I rushed out of the canlı kaçak iddaa kitchen and drove home. As I pulled in the driveway I realized I forgot to get the check. Fuck, I thought to myself. I couldn’t go back. When I walked in the door Susan asked if I remembered to deposit the check. I lied and said I had.

That night Susan and I made love and as she rode my cock she asked if I was think of Barbara. I was taken completely off guard by the question and began stammering. She let me off the hook and reminded me that I had seen her having sex earlier. We laughed it off, but she was dead on. I was imagining fucking our tenant.

The next afternoon I called Barbara and told her I had to stop by early to pick up the check for the third time. When I got there she had the check in her hand and I smiled and got out of there as fast as I could. As I walked to the car she called out behind me, “I’ll be thinking about you!”

The whole incident with Barbara became a distant memory until the first of the month. I was beginning to dread having to go by on the 5th to pick up the check. Of course Barbara had other plans in mind. When I got home on the 1st I walked into the kitchen and say my wife and Barbara sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. I said hello, kissed my wife and asked, “Don’t you have class tonight?” Susan jumped from her chair, said goodbye to Barbara, grabbed her books and headed out to teach. Of course that left Barbara alone in the house.

Barbara smiled and we began to engage in small talk. Barbara took it upon herself to conduct a tour of our home. I followed as she wandered through our living areas only to find her way to the master bedroom and ultimately Susan’s closet. Nervously I suggested, “We better get going, I have to get to the store.”

Barbara ignored me until she found what she was looking for, Susan’s negligee drawer. She sifted through the lace, silk and satin garments until she found one that suited her. It was black and made of stretchable material. She started to take it when I said, “You can’t take that, put it back.”

Barbara walked toward our bedroom saying, “Don’t worry, I will return it.”

Not wanting to cause any more of scene I dropped the issue. I walked her to the door and just as she was about to walk out she turned and kissed me on the lips and said, “I’ll be seeing you soon.” With that she was gone.

Two days later I got a package at the office, it was from Barbara and contained the black negligee as well as several 8×10 glossy photographs of her wearing it. Stuck to one of the photographs was a post it note that said, “Have your wife wear it tonight, think of me when she does, smell me when she does…” Without thinking it through I reached between my legs and began to jack off right there at my desk. Seeing Barbara’s oversized breasts, hips and thighs just turned me on. I couldn’t wait to get home to fuck Susan wearing the negligee. That night, Susan didn’t disappoint, though she commented that the negligee seemed stretched out.

I convinced Susan to wear the negligee several more times that month. Each time I imagined fucking Barbara. Two or three times a day I would masturbate while looking at photos of our tenant. I was obsessed, but there was no way I was going to act on my canlı kaçak bahis obsession.

I decided to show up at Barbara’s house on the first, taking the initiative. Barbara invited me in, but excused herself and disappeared into her room. I could only imagine what treat lie in store for me. Would she come out in another negligee? Would she come out naked? I couldn’t wait to see. Then Barbara called out, “Can you come in for a moment?”

Opening the door I saw Barbara completely naked laying seductively on the bed. She told me to come inside and get undressed. I walked inside, but I explained, “Barbara, I would love to, but I can’t betray Susan. I just couldn’t do that to her.”

Barbara seemed completely prepared for this excuse saying, “Let me make it very easy for you. You agree Susan would be devastated if she found out that we were having an affair?”

I nodded in agreement.

“If that is the case, then you have little choice but to get undressed and make love to me.”

I didn’t get what she was driving at.

She explained, “Because if you don’t I will show the pictures of me in your wife’s lingerie and explain to her that he have been having an inappropriate relationship. The only way not to devastate your wife is to give yourself to me completely.”

I couldn’t believe she was blackmailing me, but the fact that she was caused me to become aroused.

Barbara noticed my erection and said, “Just get undressed, it is obvious you want me and frankly you don’t have much of a choice. It is an easy decision.” She walked over to me and began rubbing my penis through my pants for the second time. Then her lips touched mine and we began to kiss. I closed my eyes as I let her unbutton and unzip my pants. They fell to the floor as she helped me pull of my shirt. We both stood in her room, naked and aroused. There wasn’t a chance in hell that I wasn’t going to have sex with her. I noticed there were condoms on her nightstand and began to reach for one when Barbara said, “You don’t need to wear one.”

Of course I did, who knows how many men she had been with in the last week, much less the last six months. I explained that I really wanted to wear one. Barbara then explained that she makes all the men wear one, but that I was somehow different, that she wanted to feel me inside of her. That she wanted my semen to reach her womb. She concluded that once again, I didn’t have a choice.

Barbara led to the bed and I climbed into bed next to a woman who was more than fifteen years older than my wife and almost twice as big. What was I doing, I kept thinking to myself. Any man, given the choice between Barbara and Susan would take Susan in a heartbeat, but here I was about to have sex with Barbara.

Barbara was so confident, so self-assured. There was no question in her mind whether or not I wanted her, whether I found her attractive. She knew the answer to both was yes. Most women her age and size would be completely self-conscious. I looked her up and down and to be honest I was disgusted for the first time. Disgusted that I was going to cheat on my wife. Disgusted that I actually wanted this middle age, overweight woman. Somehow I realized that what I was about to do would change my life and I wasn’t sure for the better.

We made love three times. I say make love, because it felt a lot more like love than having sex. When I came inside of her she cried explaining that I was the first man she had ever let cum inside of her. Strangely this drew me closer to her.

To Be Continued…

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