Try a Little Tenderness


Although we had been neighbours for a couple of years I only ever saw her occasionally, usually when she was driving. Was she was married? Was there a partner? I didn’t know.

Then one Saturday May morning, as I happened to be walking past her driveway, I spotted her attempting to start a motor mower.

Judging by her appearance and agitated state I concluded she wasn’t having much luck, So, thinking it would be the right time to be neighbourly and introduce myself I stopped, and called out. “Hi there, I’m your next-door neighbour, can I help at all?”

She straightened up and looked at me, her smile indicating that my assistance would be welcome.

“Yes please, I’m useless with anything like this.” Her cheery voice matched her smile. I opened the gate.

As I approached I noticed the oily smears on her hands and face, clear evidence of her frustrated efforts. And then my eyes were assaulted by the sight her shapely breasts, whose beauty even a sloppy t-shirt couldn’t hide.

They were a perfect looking size, big, but not over large and beautifully round. It had been along time since I’d fondled a female form, an unfortunate fact that this lovely woman was reminding me of! A thought occurred to me

“Your husband won’t mind me helping, will he?” I asked, not wanting an irate spouse to arrive on the scene and think I was coming on to his wife.

“I don’t think so, I’m not married. My divorce was final a few months ago and I’ve decided to sell up and get an apartment, where there’s no gardening to do.” She replied waving her arm at the overgrown lawn and borders. “I’ve got an estate agent coming next week to value the place.”

I felt an immediate sense of regret. Regret that I hadn’t troubled to introduce myself earlier to this very attractive female who was having quite an impact on my equilibrium.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I meant it. I looked into her soft green eyes and proffered my hand ” I’m Peter, by the way.”

“Kirsty.” she replied taking it, transferring oil and grease at the same time. “Sorry about that.” I told her it wasn’t a problem and set-to diagnosing the fault with the mower.

Kirsty knelt down to watch what I was doing, the sudden closeness causing the scent of her perfume to mingle with the petrol fumes coming from the flooded carburettor, the combination made for an intoxicating mix.

I speculated on Kirsty’s age and decided she was in her late thirties, and although she was a little overweight, it didn’t detract from her sexual appeal.

She exuded an erotic allure and although she wore very little make-up her exquisitely smooth skin and short blonde hair screamed of expensive care and maintenance. Kirsty was a very desirable lady.

I found the problem, cleared the blocked fuel line, and when the engine roared into life I guided the machine onto the grass, Kirsty couldn’t have been more pleased. I killed the engine so she could make herself heard.

“Oh, thank you, Peter. You’ve been a great help. Now come and clean your hands while I make some coffee. I take it you’d like some?” How could I refuse?

Over the ensuing weeks a wonderful friendship evolved and we enjoyed each others company greatly. But being several years older than Kirsty I didn’t hold out much hope for romance.

However, that didn’t stop me harbouring delicious carnal thoughts about her.

She recruited my assistance to tidy up the garden and tackle some decorating – always rewarding me with excellent cooking. Her house never went up for sale, which I took to be a clear indication that there could be something more to enjoy, if I was prepared to wait.

We often went out to restaurants or the cinema, even shopping together. In short, we became very good friends, trusting friends, with an appreciation of each others finer feelings.

She respected my situation of being widowed for the past three years and I respected the fact that she been through a messy divorce. Patience, was a sustaining virtue that bound us

Now, I am lucky in respect of not having to hold down a regular 9-5 job since my business was swallowed up – quite lucratively, I might add – so all I content myself with is a little consultation work, just to keep in touch with the world of business. And so, on this grey Friday morning, which turned out to be a watershed in our relationship, I was sitting at my computer when the phone rang. It was Kirsty.

“Hi, Peter, can you do me a favour please?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Can you pop round and take my washing off the line if it starts to rain, I forgot all about it before leaving this morning.”

I looked at the rain already spattering against the window.

“I’ll do it now,” I replied. “it’s started.”

“You’re a sweetheart, Peter. If it is wet, can you put it in the tumble drier and give it a few minutes, please.”

“Sure thing, Bye.”


I grabbed the key to Kirsty’s house off the hook in the kitchen – we even trusted one another with keys – and in the few güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri seconds it took to get to Kirsty’s back garden I got soaked, so did the washing on the whirligig. I started snatching at blouses, t-shirts and a couple of skirts but suddenly, the materials felt different, and the wonderful realisation that I was handling Kirsty’s lingerie struck me!

I looked at the sensual items passing through my hands in greater detail, a sense of lust and a desire to see Kirsty wearing them searing into my thoughts.

Panties, thongs and bra’s all held my gaze, while the wet, silken material of a waist-slip wrapped itself invidiously around my hands like a snake.

But, at the centre of the whirligig, was a sight that really set my pulses racing – a couple of suspender belts and various pairs of stockings with lacy tops, it was a wonderful, heart warming sight! Gathering everything together I made for the utility room and transferred the wet garments to the tumble-dryer one by one, slowly savouring the feel of each item against my skin and picturing Kirsty wearing it – I would certainly look at her in a different light now,

My reverie was broken at the realisation of my hand clutching an erection! Somewhat embarrassed, but not shocked, I took a deep breath and stood up, leaving Kirsty’s lingerie spinning around in the dryer.

I spent the rest of the day trying to ignore the arousal that pounded and pestered within me,

Then, just as I was weakening to the point where I decided relief was required, Kirsty phoned inviting me to dinner that evening.

As usual, Kirsty was dressed impeccably and I couldn’t help wondering if she was wearing lingerie similar to that I had taken off the line.

We enjoyed a lovely meal and it was while opening our second bottle of wine that she uttered the immortal words that changed our relationship forever.

“Pete, thanks again for getting the washing in, I hope I didn’t embarrass you. I’d completely forgotten what I’d hung out.” She spoke softly, teasing, her eyes flirting with me.

I paused to take a sip of wine, sensing it was going to be a seminal moment.

“No problem at all. It’s been a long time since my fingers have felt such frippery.” I stopped there, leaving my words hanging. Would she encourage the repartee, or think I was a pervert of some sort?

“Mm mm, interesting,” She replied, “So, you did enjoy the experience?”

Kirsty’s persistence took me aback. It was fast becoming a conversation like none previously and I wanted it to continue – so did my cock, which was beginning to stiffen at an alarming rate!

Then, suddenly, Kirsty dropped her bombshell.

“I’m sorry, Peter, I don’t mean to embarrass you but, don’t you think it’s time we moved on and spoke honestly about our feelings. I want to. Do you? I would love our relationship to become something more.”

I put down my glass and looked at Kirsty, incomprehension written on my face.

She promptly stood up and moved around the table to where I was sitting.

Without speaking she put a hand on the back of my neck and drew my head toward the softness of her white, satin blouse.

“How about an answer, Peter… “

But I was unable to speak, my face was delighting in the sensuous folds of her blouse and sensing the firmness of her breasts – how I longed to hold them!

” … tell me, did you really enjoy touching my lingerie?”

The humour was lost on me and without further ado I pulled her onto my lap, my erection taking her full weight; there was no way i could disguise my feelings or my physical discomfort now.

So, when our lips met and our tongues sought one another, her passion left me in no doubt about how she felt. But, to endorse her emotions fully, she ground her backside emphatically against my rigid, throbbing cock! So urgent were her actions that I couldn’t stop myself reciprocating!

Eventually we broke off and a breathless Kirsty hissed.

“Peter, you bastard, why haven’t you said something before now. We’ve wasted too much time.”

Crockery and glassware rattled as we engaged in more kissing and grinding, and when a natural pause arrived I said. “By the way, I did enjoy the touch of your things …., very much! But, can we move to somewhere more comfortable?”

Kirsty raised herself from my lap. “Yes! Upstairs! Now!”

She took my hand and pulled me to my feet, leading the way into the hall and upstairs.

In the bedroom Kirsty switched on a bedside lamp, its soft glow intensifying our sexual aggression.

We didn’t make straight for the bed but stood looking at one another, Kirsty’s fabulous chest heaving and undulating beneath the sensuous sheen of her blouse, and my erection pulsing, throbbing against the restraints of my chinos. Our urgency was palpable.

“Oh God, Peter, undress me, slowly. It’s been such a long time since I’ve enjoyed anything like this and I want the enjoyment to last.” Kirsty’s voice contained a nervous croak.

“So güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri do I, sweetheart. So do I.” I was suddenly fearful that I wouldn’t be able to meet Kirsty’s level of carnal expectations. So much so, that when my fingers found her buttons they were trembling.

“Christ, Kirsty…,” I mumbled, “… I think the moment is getting to me.”

The first button came undone, then another, my heart racing furiously as Kirsty’s cleavage came alive. I undid the remaining buttons allowing Kirsty to undo the cuffs and slip the blouse from her shoulders.

Dumbstruck, all I could do was stare at the sexual spectacle of her breasts, their potent force gently spilling over the lacy edges of a bra that was trying valiantly to restrain them. There, before me, were the objects of my desire since the day I first met Kirsty, and now the moment had arrived to fondle them.

“What do you think, Peter? Are they pleasing, or do you think they are too big?”

I cupped a hand around each one delighting in the material contact of the satin and the perceived firmness of flesh. Burying my face in their valley I drank in the exotic aroma of Kirsty.

“Kirsty, they are exquisite!” I mumbled.

She allowed her blouse to slip to the floor and reached behind to unhook the bra, hesitating before shrugging her shoulders forward and letting the straps glide silently down her arms to join her blouse on the carpet.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

There, within my grasp, were the most glorious naked breasts. Protruding nipples thrust emphatically from large, dark areolea, taunting and pleading to be kissed.

Softly, Kirsty spoke, her words exciting me.

“Squeeze them hard, Peter, suck on them. They want you so much.”

“Oh sweetheart, I want them, too!”

I did as Kirsty wanted and lifted one of her glorious globes to my descending face, clamping my lips around the hard, pointed nipple. I became incensed and sucked harder causing a sharp intake of breath from Kirsty.

“Mm mm, That’s the way I like it, Peter. Harder!”

“You are so beautiful, Kirsty. I want you so much.” I said between breaths.

“I want you, too, Pete. I want you, too.”

Kirsty’s hand reached down and squeezed my erection momentarily before moving to unbuckle my belt. I perceived her pulling at the zipper of my chinos.

They fell open and she urgently pushed them down around my ankles, her fingers instantly enfolding my pulsing erection. She stroked slowly, her breath soft in my ear.

“Peter, you feel so gorgeous, so hard, so fucking hard! I can’t believe it!”

“And your breasts are so fucking beautiful. So fucking lovely, Kirsty!”

Our obscenities seemed to spur our desires.

I felt for the fastener on Kirsty’s skirt and drew it down. But it was a tight fitting garment that wouldn’t obey the laws of gravity, so I dropped to my knees and tugged it to her ankles.

Curiosity kept me kneeling, as the seductive elegance of Kirsty’s lingerie enthralled. White satin panties shimmered in the half-light, a discernible moist spot darkening the material where it touched her silhouetted labia. I leant back against the bed and gazed at the spell-binding vision of femininity, not believing my good fortune.

Captivated, my hands reached out and traced a path around the symmetrical fastenings of her stocking tops, their intricate patterning inviting my fingertips to creep higher and higher, to graze the patina of satin covering her pussy. It was a truly magical moment.

“Well, Peter, you really do love the touch of my underwear, don’t you?”

Across the contours of her breasts I looked up into her misted eyes.

“I’m dumbstruck, Kirsty, you look gorgeous and oh, so … ” I hesitated before using more profanity,

“… will you always wear lingerie as erotic as this?”

“Of course I will,” She whispered.

Incensed, and close to losing control, my eyes pleaded with Kirsty to be allowed to kiss her cunt. I wanted to provoke and excite her further, I wanted to kiss every square inch of her.

My tacit request was answered when Kirsty grabbed my hair, drawing my face onto her ever moistening panties. My mouth found her pussy and my tongue tasted the juice of her valley; it was like nothing I’d experienced before.

“Oh God, Peter, where have you been all my life? I’ve never been kissed there. It is so lovely, it’s driving me insane.” Kirsty’s breathing was ragged, her legs unsteady, as she ground herself at my face in search of satisfaction.

Kirsty’s insistence alerted me to her need.

“Will you make me cum, Peter. Please! I feel I’m almost there, I feel so desperate to know what it’s like”

I manouvered Kirsty gently onto the edge of the bed, raising her legs over my shoulders. Should I remove her panties, or…? While I pondered a decision Kirsty took the initiative and pulled them aside to reveal herself in full glory.

“There, Peter, isn’t that nice?” I stared. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Her pussy was so perfectly arranged, so perfectly contrived. I touched the swollen labia and bent to kiss it. My tongue teased the length of her, pausing only to suck her inner lips into prominence.

“Now, Peter, now! I’m aching to cum!”

Kirsty’s anguished words inflamed my lust driving my tongue deep between her cunt lips in search of her rosebud clitoris.

It was hard and prominent and beautifully pink when uncovered. I eased the swollen, fleshy labia aside pausing to gaze once more at the darling woman’s secret beauty. Then, gently inserting two fingers, I rolled my thumb over the glistening protuberance.

Kirsty’s delight was self-evident. And, when I sucked hard she gave a stifled scream of pleasure, digging her heels into my back. Within moments she had begun urging her hips upwards, hunting for satisfaction, for relief.

My fingers delved deeper, their tempo in rhythm with her agitated body movements. Within seconds I felt her heels dig into my back and her backside lift from the bed, as she shuddered to a climax, the speed of her attainment taking me completely by surprise,

Wave after wave of pleasure racked her body, tormenting her.

It was the most erotic experience I’d ever been party to.

Kirsty luxuriated in her contented state of fulfillment, the musky odour and taste of her wet panties still on my lips, and the residual spasms of her orgasm, a reminder of her spent lust. Her pussy ran copiously with juices that, when the time came, would provide an unctuous and velvet entry for my cock – or so I thought!

We remained quiet for a few minutes Kirsty’s climax seemingly to have quelled my own immediate need for satisfaction. It was a moment of sheer bliss.

I was aware of Kirsty’s voice, it carried a latent sexual overtone even though her words were spoken with humour.

“Peter, sweetheart, I have to go to the bathroom, I’m practically bursting. I came so close to squirting …, whoops, I shouldn’t say that, but it’s all this wonderful attention you’re giving me, I’ve never experienced anything quite like. Christ, Pete, do not walk away from me now, please.”

I moved my position to allow her freedom.

“I’ve no intention of going anywhere, Kirsty, believe me. I feel just as frustrated as you.” I meant every word.

“I’ll be back in a tick so keep your motor running.” With this she stood up and grabbed my erection briefly before disappearing into the en-suite.

I gazed around her bedroom, which seemed so conducive to sexual activity. Longing to open drawers and peak inside to find more of her underwear. I settled instead for picking up her discarded clothing from the carpet.

I heard movement and water being run, and when Kirsty returned minutes later I noticed she’d taken off her wet panties to reveal her amazingly smooth muff, and a thin strip of pubic hair, pubic hair so soft it was like touching a peach! I thought she’d reapplied some make-up also.

“Strewth, Kirsty. You look so sexy in lingerie. I hope you remember your promise to always wear something nice for me?”

“Of course I do! And I will, but right now you have something I want.”

Without being invited I stood and removed the rest of my clothes, my semi-rested todger beginning to swell once more.

Kirsty stepped forward pushing me onto the bed and reached for my erection, which, in a matter of seconds had regained its rigid form. She looked at it swaying and flinching, and spoke.

“That’s what I want, your cock!”

She knelt, and in one sweeping motion grasped my shaft and sank her freshly painted red lips over the tip. I gulped in a huge breath, my body going rigid with sheer, exquisite enjoyment., I perceived her tongue tickling at the eye, her fingers drawing the skin away from the tip.

“Whoa, that’s so nice, you bitch!” I said running my fingers through her hair. “So, nice, you fucking bitch!.” She took me deeper and closed her teeth gently on the flesh, stroking her hand up and down.

My resolve, which until now had been kept in check, was fast disappearing with each piston-like movement of Kirsty’s fingers. If this carried on much longer, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last. I held Kirsty’s bobbing head still and tried to get some respite but she was having none of it.

“Please, love, ease up. It’s been a long time since I ….” The sentence drifted away as she interrupted me.

“I Pete, but don’t let it worry you. Just let go. I did. Later we’ll be able to enjoy each other at leisure. And I have plenty of leisure planned for us, believe me!”

This woman was a marvel. I wondered about her sexual abstinence, how long she’d been without a man?

I tried to relax and allow Kirsty to work her magic, but it was difficult. Her lips, tongue and fingers were the devils implements, which were sorely tempting me. Her hand movements were increasing in tempo daring me to resist further, I was seconds away from cumming!

Kirsty somehow sensed my condition and pumped even faster. Looking me in the eyes she said in a breathless tone. “Peter, when you cum I want it all over me.”

It was the final straw!

I lay back on the bed and erupted with a ferocity that was both startling and scary, almost painful!

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