Two Girls Find a Male Playmate Pt. 01

Big Dicks

Nikki opened the door for Emily and handed her a glass of champagne as she walked in the door, her overnight bag trailing behind. “Are you ready for some fun tonight?” she purred. Emily just gave her that trademark seductive smile in return. Nikki was wearing a red silk kimono, just barely long enough to ensure her neighbours couldn’t complain; not that the old pervert on the right would complain about a sneak peek anyway.

Emily was wearing a black pencil skirt and a button up white blouse, her typical work attire. She had her valise with her and pulled it behind her as she entered the house and accepted the champagne. She followed Nikki to the master bedroom, propping her travel case against the wall. Nikki turned to face her. “I thought we could start with a bath”, she said as she unbuttoned the first button on the silk blouse. Without heels on, she was noticeably shorter than Emily’s enhanced height. She helped Emily remove the blouse, unbuttoning then pushing it off her shoulders, leaving the subtle pale gold bra still cupping Emily’s substantial cleavage. Emily turned around and Nikki unzipped the skirt, sliding it over her friend’s hips and then letting it fall to the floor. The gold g string perfectly matched the bra, and the black stockings were held up with a black garter belt with a touch of gold lace, tying the ensemble together. Emily always dressed to impress, from the skin up.

Emily turned back to Nikki and slowly pulled on the tie for the robe, giving it a last little tug to make the knot pull free and the robe to fall open. Nikki wasn’t wearing anything under the robe and her tanned skin glowed, shaved and smooth all over. She pushed the robe off Nikki’s shoulders and it too joined the pile of clothes on the illegal bahis floor before Nikki took her by the hand and let her to the bathroom.

The bath was full and scented with a spicy, musky bath oil. Nikki walked straight to the edge and stepped in, leading Emily to follow her into the warm water. They sank down into the oiled water, allowing it to coat their skin and subtly perfume them from neck to toe. The bath was deep and their limbs floated free in the water. Kneeling facing each other, Nikki was the first to reach out to Emily and wrap her hands around the woman’s taut waist. Pulling her closer, she seductively brought her lips to Emily’s, kissing her deeply, her desire clear in her growing tension. Her hands were moving over Emily’s body now and Emily was following suit, cupping Nikki’s breasts in each hand, her thumb and forefinger closing around Nikki’s nipples and squeezing them into nubs of concentrated pleasure. Nikki’s one hand had moved to Emily’s back, flattening to the small of her back and pulling her closer as her other hand found her sex. Even in the warm water, the heat radiating from her centre was tangible, her cunt slick with her juices even in this oily water. She slid two fingers inside, something as natural to her as fingering her own cunt, and her thumb found the hard nub of Emily’s clit and began rubbing it in slow circles. She could sense how excited Emily was already, and it took but a few thrusts of her fingers to bring her friend to a short but explosive climax. Shuddering, clinging to Nikki, Emily moaned into the nape of Nikki’s neck. Nikki held her for a count of heartbeats, then gently pushed her away to look into her eyes. Now it was her eyes that sparkled with that wildness, that seductive wickedness. illegal bahis siteleri “Now now, if we carry on like this, we’ll never leave the house!”

Turning Emily around she wrapped her legs around her and picked up the sponge from the side of the bath, washing her all over with soft graceful strokes before allowing Emily to return the favour.

The two friends stepped from the bath and wrapped each other in thick towels, rubbing each other down with only a hint of naughtiness when their administrations caused friction on the most sensitive of areas.

Returning to the bedroom, Emily opened her valise and pulled out the dress she had picked for this evening. It was a shimmery fabric; black with a gold sparkle and it was tiny. She laid it out on the bed, next to where Nikki was sitting. Turning back to the valise, she pulled out a tiny g string, mere straps of black with diamanté studs joining the straps together. She stepped into it and pulled it over her hips, settling it into place. The bondage effect combined with the diamanté made it look dangerous and classy at the same time. Emily twirled in place for Nikki, and it was clear from her friend’s salacious smile that she approved. Next, Emily picked up the dress, stepping into it and pulling it up. It draped low in the front, showing her cleavage; but at the same time, it left her back bare almost to her ass. The dress was a mini skirt, with ruching to make it hug the curves of her thighs. Holding the halter up, Emily turned to Nikki to help her tie the halter in place. Nikki stood and pressed her body against Emily’s back as she sensuously secured the dress in place. The knot tied, she slipped a hand around Emily, sliding it into the draped neck of the canlı bahis siteleri dress and cupping her breast while her other hand squeezed her ass.

But it was time to focus on getting ready. Now Emily took a seat on the edge of the bed while Nikki opened the cupboard and pulled out a pair of skintight black hotpants and pulled them slowly up over her tight ass. Next she pulled out a blood red crop top. It pulled tight across her luscious breasts and had a boat neck with long sleeves, split open to the wrist. Both Emily and Nikki were getting excited for their evening out now and efficiently finished getting ready. Slipping on their heels last, they walked out to the drive where a limo was waiting for them.

They climbed in the back and the driver headed to the club. With no one else around and time enough until they got there, they continued where they’d left off in the bath. This time Emily took the lead, pulling Nikki’s hotpants down and licking her friend’s clit and pulling it between her teeth as she thrust two fingers in and out of her wet pussy, making her scream out loud as she made her cum, clamping down on her fingers.

“I’m going to leave you wanting more”, she whispered breathlessly, “but I don’t want you to forget the feeling of my fingers in your cunt.”

Emily pulled a pair of ben wa balls out of her handbag and gently inserted one, then the other into Nikki’s cunt. She rubbed her thumb in slow circles on Nikki’s clit while she tugged on the cord connecting the balls, making them clink together inside Nikki. Nikki held her breath and Emily could feel her cunt clamp down on the balls. When she felt that, she paused, dead still. The tension grew as she held perfectly still, a wicked grin on her face as she saw Nikki’s need. She left her teetering on that edge and pulled her hotpants back up, feeling her friend’s muscles contracting in need but knowing how much more aroused she would be for the night ahead if she left her exactly where she was now.

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