TYRONE TABOOI hope I get it right this time. My politics are not for my entertainment. Still I’m not very good at being truthful about how I see the things going on in this world. I have been exposed to pornography in the past but I thought that my interest in it was only temporary, like the appearance of smoke from someone smoking a cigarette.The smoke disappears from sight. That is how I dealt with pornography. I watched it and then threw it into the garbage. I exposed myself to it and then banished it from sight. I did not believe that I had a permanent interest in sexual hedonism, I told myself that I was only watching it because every man would do the same thing.I should be like everybody else. I thought that I was tempted by the devil, not that I was the devil.Porn provides bursa escort carnal knowledge, and often not very well. That was my excuse for not watching it.Like professional wrestling; the k**s all love it, and everybody else says that it’s fake.Whenever I watched porn I thought about other sexual events that I made up in my head, not what I was watching.I hated porn. I wanted something more stronger than the porn that was available to me.I watch it for a little while and then I threw it in the trash. I was struggling with the devil, but I was also the devil.I want the world of sexual hedonism, but I want to love good people, and I want the light of God. I don’t want to lose my soul, and I my evil is hidden within the fold. It is in a place that only God and Satan can see it. God and bursa escort bayan Satan lead me home. I hate neither of them. I love them both. I am black, but that does not absolve me of guilt. Being black is not my entertainment. My name is Tyrone Quin.My two favorite women are as different to each other as night and day.One is Joan of Arc and the other is Lucy Lawless. Lucy Lawless is the most sexy woman I have ever seen.I love her so very much. If she were a man I would love her still. That is the truth. I sometimes think about an alternate future in which God has saved Satan, and many of the people from Satan’s house. Lucy Lawless is number one on my list. The one person that kept me from being an inventor of judgements that condemned sinners.For I myself am the greatest sinner. escort bursa Though I was chosen out of the world and great men did me evil,my wickedness renews like energy, and if I were free to live my sexual desires I would practice them everyday.My mansion would have 20 rooms and I would keep 20 women from decent homes in my mansion.I would learn to maintain my desire and have sex with 5 women per day. I would satisfy them with money and sexually dismember their decent personalities.They would not have religion or be ruled by their families, I would keep them busy with desires that they knew not before. On the weekend, on the Friday, I would line them all up and have sex with each of them from 10am in the morning to 7pm in the evening. Friday would be their day, and I wouldn’t stop until they wanted to.stop cumming.I think of that mansion in an alternate future. Lucy Lawless is my adoptive mother and visits her son to see if he’s lived his desires well. I am Satan’s Son and she is his wife.

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