Vacation trip to Barbados (Anita’s version)


Vacation trip to Barbados (Anita’s version)I had convinced my loving hubby to take a vacation trip to Barbados for our wedding anniversary. I told him that we would enjoy some nice sunny days at the beach and could take the nights to fuck like crazy, without thinking on the dull routine or stress. The first afternoon, when we arrived at the beach, I noticed that several white women were sunbathing totally nude. I was practically naked with my green lime thong and I could see that the local black men were getting quite an eyeful of my body as we walked by.After a full hour in the sun we went to a beach bar for a drink. We were on our second round when a very large black guy and his friends came up behind us. He introduced himself as Tom and we chatted for a while.Suddenly the black guy put a hand on my hips. Then he said he would love to show me his house up on the hill…He asked Victor if my hubby would not mind if he borrowed me for a while…My nipples suddenly grew rock hard. I could feel my pussy start to get wet as my body was preparing to get fucked. I was speechless, in shock…Tom told my husband to stay there with his black friends. He smiled and added we would not be long…Then he gently took my hand and started to pull me away.As Tom led me up the hill to his house I was dumbstruck with fear. I looked over at this black man as he held firmly onto my hand. He was starting to sweat and his exposed muscles looked fantastic.I could not help notice the bulge in his pants starting to grow. He was a black man, and all black men were well endowed. Hopefully it would not hurt too much; as I thought he would be gentle…Further down the road he grabbed my ass. It started to turn me on.His hand was huge and it felt great against my bare buttocks.When we finally arrived, Tom opened the door for me and I walked in. The house was really nice with wicker furniture and tropical themed interior. I could see the beach from the window.The black guy then offered me a drink.He poured both of us a glass a wine and sat next to me.Then he told me he had brought me there to fuck me. But he would not do anything against my own will. I could leave whenever I wanted…I started to get up, but the Tom grabbed my arm.He told me he had been fucking tourist wives for many years.He loved to see their husbands humiliated, knowing that he had not only conquered their white wives, but illegal bahis tamed them…I had to admit my pussy started to get wet. My boobs started to swell and Tom’s smell began to have an intoxicating effect on me.He continued telling me that sometimes he had got a knock on the door and when he had gone to answer it, he found the married white woman that he had fucked the day before. The husband was by her side and he wanted to watch while Tom fucked her again…He had taken the wife to the bedroom and the husband had sat down on a corner. He had watched as Tom had shoved his hard cock in her wife’s cunt. She had screamed and moaned as he had fucked her over an hour.He had pulled her hair and had slapped her buttocks.He had fucked the wife real hard until he had come deep inside her…I continued to sip my glass of wine. My body was starting to heat up after hearing that black man’s story.Then Tom asked me if I had ever had a ten inches cock or if I had ever tried anal sex… I gasped and decided to tell him a lie; so I replied just a “no”…He pulled off his shorts and proudly displayed the erect ten inches cock. I could not help but gasp as I saw that huge black monster.Although I was horny as hell, I knew I couldn’t do this do my husband. Then I started to get up. Tom had said I could leave whenever I wanted…He smiled a little and asked me to play a little game.He grabbed a row of masking tape and put two strips down on the floor on each side of his chair. Then he described the challenge:I should strip off my outfit and straddle him, putting each foot on a piece of tape. If I could hold that position for thirty minutes, then he could only reason that I truly did not want to fuck. But if I would fail to keep the position, then I would slide down onto his cock. He smiled and said it was not big deal. Most women could do it…I stood there and looked at Tom. Then I thought that Victor would never believe I just walked out of here and the black guy had not touched me. It did not seem hard so I agreed to the challenge. I stood up and ripped my tiny green lime thong off my body and let it slip to the floor…I felt really excited as I could sense my own wetness trying to slide out of my hungry cunt. I stood up in front of that black man; completely naked except for my wedding ring.I walked towards him and pushed up against his body to get some friction. It was so erotic, illegal bahis siteleri the heat of our bodies and the dampness of our sweat. I put my feet on the strips of tape and I stood in a swatting position. The black bastard began to kiss my naked body.His cock was about two inches from my pussy. Tom held his cock firm to penetrate me if I slipped. He told me about several other wives that he was fucked over the years. I could see my back because of two mirrors on each side of the house. It was so erotic seeing my white body pressed up against this muscular black man with a ten inches cock just too close to my wet cunt.I thought about all the other wives that had played this game. There were probably blondes, redheads and brunettes. All were of different ages and body types.I asked Tom why he had said that most women could do this…He laughed and told me that one wife waited just thirty seconds and then she had lowered herself down onto his hard black cock.He described me other women that had resisted and had gone with her tight cunts not touched…Between the stories, the heat and the eroticism, I started to get lightheaded. The first ten minutes were not too bad, but when I got fifteen minutes, I was in horrible pain. After twenty minutes my legs started to shake and I worried they would fail me and make me fall directly onto that menacing erect cock.At twenty five minutes I started to cry as my legs began to fail and I slid down. I could see Tom smile as he steadied his cock for entry. Slowly, I slid down until his massive cock pressed against the opening of my burning cunt. The tip pushed in and I gasped at the size of it. Halfway down the cock I summoned enough energy to stand up a little but my leg muscles failed and I slid down. Luckily Tom grabbed me so I didn’t bottom out.He whispered in my ear that now I would not have to tell my hubby that nothing had happened at the house up the hill…He warned me that we would take the next inches nice and slow.I watched in the mirror as he lowered me down onto his hardened cock. After seven inches it really got painful. I held onto Tom’s shoulders tightly as he massaged my ass and lower back.I told him I could not take any more; it was too long and very thick…But he licked my hard nipples as I slid down the following two inches. I was crying and wailing loud. No doubt even my loving hubby would canlı bahis siteleri hear me from the beach bar…I finally hit bottom as my ass cheeks rested against his muscular thighs.After a few minutes of passionate kissing he stood up with his cock still buried in my cunt and he carried me to the bedroom.Tom lay me down on the bed and then he began pumping his rock hard cock in and out of my pussy. The feeling of pain quickly turned into waves of pleasure. I held onto his back and he continued thrusting into me. After several minutes in the missionary position I screamed at the top of my lungs and had my first orgasm. It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had. My body went completely limp but Tom had not finished with me. He rolled me over on my stomach, pushed my legs together and entered me from behind. He kissed my neck and ear lobes. I felt like he was in complete control and the feeling of our skin touching felt amazing. He fucked me nice and very slow for some time. Several times he turned my head to the side to kiss me. Then I felt that we were not just fucking… we were making love.Then Tom changed his pace and really started to pound me. Soon I had my second orgasm, which was as powerful as the first. My black lover slowed down again to catch his breath. We repeated this cycle and I had my third orgasm. It was a brutal one…I got up and straddled Tom so we could kiss as I rode him. He sucked on my nipples and run his hands through my hair. We slowed down for a while when I got tired and then when my energy returned I fucked him as hard as I could. I finally arched my back and had my fourth orgasm. Tom supported my back as my arms fell to the side and my head rolled back.My body was covered in sweat and my nipples red from Tom’s sucking.He then pulled me into the doggie style position. He asked me to take off my wedding ring. I had forgotten I was even married and then I just threw the ring on the floor. I begged Tom to cum and finally agreed to let him fuck me in my ass.Tom screamed out loud as he came in me. He filled me up with his burning semen and he made me feel like a real woman…I was exhausted and when I was starting to pass out, I heard something outside. I kept my eyes barely open and saw Victor through the window.He had this look of delight on his face as he gazed Tom’s cum running out of me. I could hear Tom telling to himself that he had given a wife the fuck of her life and her cuckold husband had loved it…He covered our bodies in a bed sheet so we had some privacy from his other mates’ leering eyes. I knew I could not wait until tomorrow to come back up the hill…

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