The train was filling up. I should have known I wouldn’t have the table to myself for ever.

“Okay if I sit here?”


She was about thirty years old, with tousled dark hair, broad shoulders, big firm breasts, and a wide sensual mouth. I couldn’t help sneaking glances at her while pretending to read my book. The sun was streaming in through the window, bathing her in a warm, sexy glow. She was wearing a white blouse, undone just enough to show her deep, tempting cleavage. Her eyes were half shut, her mouth half smiling, looking out at the dingy buildings and scrubby embankments as they flashed by.

I’d been lying in bed that morning, trying to decide what to do on my day off, when suddenly I’d felt that familiar hot fever hit me. My cock needed a treat. I needed to watch big titted sluts sucking huge cocks and getting thick wads of sperm shot over them. I needed to watch hot voluptuous girls getting fucked hard and fierce. Frankly I needed to fuck a horny slut, but today I’d just be happy going to a porn cinema and jerking off in the dark.

So I was in a dangerous mood to be sitting opposite a gorgeous brunette who… I was now convinced… wasn’t even wearing a bra under that thin white blouse. The heavy weight of her breasts pressed against the fabric. I could feel my breathing getting painful as I tried to keep calm. My hand even started to tremble a little. I had to put the book down and stare out of the window, try to calm myself.

But her reflection was in the window too, her flesh warm and suckable in the light. I could feel my loins respond. I swallowed. Then I realised with a shock that she was looking at me too, in the reflection of the window. She was smiling to herself.

I looked right into her eyes in the window reflection and I smiled back. For one long moment we held that look, while I dreamed of pushing her up against a wall and ramming myself into her while she gasped and swore at me. I would suck her thick pale nipples, pulling her skirt up and mauling her arse cheeks, ramming her pussy with my throbbing cock again and again until I filled her with my thick cum….

Now she was leaning forward… her necklace dangling a small gold cross between her firm boobs… and whispering with a smile: “You okay?”

I nodded, and she leaned back again, moving her legs a little under the table. The next moment is felt a touch on my leg. She had taken off a shoe and touching my ankle with her bare toe. She watched me with a sexy smile on her face and her eyes half closed as her foot moved slowly on my leg, rubbing my calf. I tried to seem cool and collected, but I had to shift in my seat as my cock hardened in my pants.

She toyed with her necklace for a moment, touching between her breasts as if by chance. I thought suddenly: Fuck it, and I leaned forward towards her. She leaned forward too and I whispered: “Do you know how hard I want to fuck you right now?”

She whispered back: “Do you know how wet my cunt is right now?”

I stood up. “Okay, come on.”

If anyone wanted they could have seen the ridge of my huge erection as we hurried together down the corridor towards the toilets. If anyone gave a fuck about us I didn’t notice. They all seemed to be listening to their iPods and reading magazines and talking on their mobiles.

I followed her in and shut the door. She was rubbing canlı bahis şirketleri her cunt through her pants as I turned. I gave my cock a squeeze and pushed her against the thin toilet wall, kissing her fiercely. My tongue met hers, hard and wet. My hands grabbed her tight buttocks, massaged them. Her hands were under my shirt, digging into my back. I was kissing her neck, fumbling with her blouse, undoing the buttons, almost tearing them apart, sucking and biting her fucking gorgeous tits, their soft firm flesh heaving under my mouth. Her nipples were large and pale, hardening as I caught one between my teeth.

She was grinding her crotch against my leg, now against my cock. She gasped, groping my cock, fumbling with my belt. I was pressed against the door now, she was pushing against me, almost pushing me to the floor. The train was rattling over points, swaying, and we swayed with it, almost fell. She was over me, her tits in my face, and I laughed and sucked them in turn, buried my face between them and licked the sweat from her cleavage.

She was pulling at my pants, desperate for my cock. It sprang out, almost hitting her, the tip glistening with sticky precum. She licked the tip, a strand of precum trailing from my cock to her tongue as she lapped it and looked up at me. “Fuck,” I whispered fiercely.

Her blouse was gaping open, her breasts hanging free. The train lurched again, and I was on top of her now, my cock between her tits. I reached down, bunched them round my throbbing erection, which was harder and bigger than I ever remember, almost bursting with lust for this fucking gorgeous woman, and my hips jerked and I started fucking her tits wildly. Her hand was thrust down her pants, pounding her wet cunt, her mouth open and gasping as we ground each other. Her tits were slick with precum and saliva now, there was even a damp patch on her jeans. She licked at my cock tip as it rammed her chest.

I stopped for a moment, scrambled on the floor so I was flat against her, my mouth clamped to hers, my cock pressing between her legs. “Mmmmmmm.”

The train swayed slower. There was a voice on the public address system. “We are now approaching Manchester Victoria. Manchester Victoria is our last station stop.” We lay there without moving, looking into each other’s eyes. “Fuck,” I whispered. “We’ve just started.”

She stared back, that sexy smile on her face. “Yeah,” she said. “Can your cock wait?”

I smiled. “How long?”

“We’ve got all day,” she said. “Unless you got to go somewhere.”

“You must be fucking kidding.”

We quickly straightened ourselves up a bit. I pulled up my pants, and fastened my belt. She buttoned up her blouse, leaving it just open enough to keep my cock hard for her. If you were the kind of guy who stares at women’s crotches, you might have noticed the damp patch on her jeans.

When we left the toilet, the train had come into the station, and there was a crowd of guys waiting to get off. We did get some strange looks then, but I didn’t care.

We left the station, arms round each other, my left arm cradling her left breast. “You horny boy,” she said, “everyone can see you groping me.” At that I deliberately squeezed her breast. “You love it,” I said. She laughed sexily at that.

For about twenty minutes we walked through the shopping malls, desperate to finish canlı kaçak iddaa what we started. It was a hot day, the hottest of the year, and it felt like the whole world wanted to fuck. The place was full of sexy girls in tight tops, and lean and rangy boys trying to look cool but gazing hungrily at the girls. We teased each other with suggestions. “Against that wall. In that doorway there. Hey, let’s go to Topshop, you can try something on, I’ll follow you into the changing rooms and fuck you against the mirror. Try on a see-through top, let everyone see those gorgeous boobs.”

“Well,” she said after a while, “what were you planning on doing today?” I stopped in the street, pulling her to a stop too. Then I took her back the way we came. “I’ll show you,” I said. “Come on.”

My heart was thumping madly as I hustled her away from the shopping centre and into the warren of shabby streets just off Chapel Street. She looked up at the signs: SEX BOOKS POPPERS MAGS XXX. “Where are you taking me?” I grinned evilly. “You ever been to a porn cinema?” She stopped. I looked at her, thinking maybe I’d gone too far. She was staring at me. “You dirty boy,” she breathed. “So that’s what you do with your spare time.” I just grinned at her. At last, after a few long seconds, she smiled back. “Fuck, let’s go.”

The narrow streets were cool and shady. Guys and some girls too wandered down these streets and dodged into the porn shops at the last moment. A couple of women, a bit drunk, came out of one holding a box in a bag.

“Vibrator,” she whispered. “They’ll be fucking each other’s brains out with that tonight.” I looked at them. “I’d pay to see that,” I said. She turned me to face her, deliberately stroked my cock through my pants, squeezed my balls tenderly. “You need me, don’t you?” she said. I said: “You fucking know it, you voluptuous beauty you.” “Voluptuous?” she said. “Yeah,” I said, “it means you’ve got amazing tits.”

It was just a shabby doorway leading up some steep stairs. There was a sign above saying: “ARCADE CINEMA CLUB XXX”. I looked at her. She was breathing heavily and looked flushed. “You want to do this?”

She replied by walking through the door first. I followed her up the stairs, looking at her tight buttocks in front of me. I could almost smell her juices. We went through a door which said SEX CINEMA. ADULTS ONLY. STRIPPER 1PM 6PM.

Inside the lighting was low, the carpet was dirty and worn. There was a little booking office to the right, and a door leading through to the cinema. We could hear the sound of heavy gasps and groans coming through. It made me want to go through at once and see the cocks ramming, the tits swaying, the cum shooting. But I just turned to the box office and said hi to the kindly old man sitting in that little box.

“Two, please,” I said. He looked at me and my companion, grinned, and said, “Fifteen for couples.” I paid and guided her in. He said as we moved off: “Have fun.”

For a minute I couldn’t see anything in the deep darkness except the small screen at the front, the grainy image of a black man’s hand kneading a white woman’s buttock, a thick black cock sliding between her legs with a loud slapping sound. The camera wavered and then there was a second black cock, hard and fucking huge, waving in front of her mouth. She tried to catch it between her lips, missed, tried again canlı kaçak bahis with the black guy guiding it this time, caught it. The second guy took her head and started fucking her mouth. The girl had to stretch her mouth wide to get that thick roll of meat inside. “Mmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm….”

There were about ten rows of seating and about four or five customers. I couldn’t see, but I knew they were sitting with their cocks in their hands, staring at the screen, rubbing themselves hard.

I looked at my companion. Her mouth was half open, her lips looked swollen, she was staring at the screen. I guided her to a row near the back, with no one sitting nearby. I whispered in her ear: “You like?” She nodded, not taking her eyes away from the hard fucking the slut on the screen was receiving. The girl was slim with short blonde hair and smallish tits.

My hand was on her leg. She unbuttoned her jeans and guided my hand down onto her pussy mound. The hair was sticky with her juices. I teased her swollen lips, slipped a finger into her hot wet hole, making her gasp lightly. I leaned over, kissed her chest where it was exposed by her half buttoned blouse. There was cold sweat on her skin and I licked it off her boobs greedily. I was undoing her blouse feverishly, not caring if the other guys were watching us.

She was exposed from her throat to her cunt now and I needed her. I put my finger to her mouth and she licked it, tasting her own juices. I pulled her jeans right off. And now I was on top of her, grinding my cock, still zipped in my pants, against her pussy, but she was just as urgent as me and she undid my pants, grabbed me hard and guided me inside her. Her breath came out loudly like a groan as I moved inside her tight hot pussy, easing myself deeper until our hips ground hard against each other.

Her legs coiled round me. I pulled out a little and slammed in hard, jolting her against the seat. We both needed a hard solid fuck and the dark dirty porn theatre just made us hornier.

She kept looking over my shoulder, staring at those big cocks as they violated the little blonde chick, and I licked and bit her sweaty breasts, kneaded her stomach and buttocks, slipped a finger inside her alongside my cock for a moment, all the time fucking her harder and faster.

I could sense at least one guy next to us, watching us and jerking hard. And now, already, I could feel my sperm rising, and I hissed in her ear: “I’m gonna cummmmm”, and her legs coiled tighter round me, and I thrust once more and shot deep inside her, gasping long and loud as I jetted my sperm into her once, twice, three times… four…. Ahhhhhh……

For ten or twenty seconds I lay on her, pressed against her beautiful body. I kissed her lips. Then I kissed her nipples gently, one and then the other. I eased out of her, slumped back in my seat, while the guy who had been watching shuffled back into the dark.

The two black guys on the screen had shot their loads all over the girl’s chest and she was writhing and rubbing it in. Slowly, without haste, my partner pulled up her jeans, did up her blouse. “Let’s get out of here,” she whispered, “before they rape us.” I fumbled at my own jeans and helped her up, and we stumbled to the door. In a minute, dazed and raw, we were back on the street, blinking in the bright light. I looked at her. Her hair was wild, her blouse was dishevelled and stained. “Fuck,” I said, “did we just do that?”

She looked at me, dazed too. “Did we?” she asked. “Listen, come with me. We’re getting a bite to eat.”

“And then?”

“And then…. we’ll see. We’ve just begun.”

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