Walking On the Beach


You are walking down the beach watching the waves as they roll in. I am lying on a towel letting the sun dry me off. You are watching the waves instead of where you are walking. As you are walking along you trip over me. You land on the sand and I jump up to help you up and make sure you are not hurt. I help you get to your feet and brush off the sand. Your bag dumps out so I got down and pick it all up for you helping you get it back in your bag.

You put your arms around me to kiss me and say thank you and tell me you are sorry for tripping over me. I thank you for the kiss and ask if I can walk along with you. You tell me it would be fine so I grab my towel and take you by the hand. We walk down the beach talking about different things. We decide to spread my towel out and sit down to talk.

Sitting on the towel you had to sit real close to me. The softness of your arm against my own is getting me excited. As the sun is going down I put my arm around bahis firmaları you and you lay your head on my shoulder. I pull you up close as we watch the sun go out of sight.

We look around and there is no one but us left on the beach. I lean down and kiss you softly as the last of the light can be seen. The stars are starting to shine and twinkle in the sky. You slide your hand down my chest and my stomach.

You softly rub your hand over my erection. I kiss you with a tender passion as you untie my shorts and push your hand inside them. The feel of your hand on my erection sends my passion through the sky like a rocket.

I unbutton your shirt then push it off of your shoulders and unhook your top. Your breasts are amazing and I can’t believe we are doing this on the beach. I lean down and gently kiss your breasts all over. Softly I kiss and suck on your nipples.

Sliding my hand inside your bikini bottoms I run my fingers down across your kaçak iddaa pussy. As I rub your pussy I slowly work my finger between your lips. Slowly I push my fingers inside you and move then in and out. Your juices lubricate my finger as I gently push in and out of you. Rubbing your clit with my hand I slide my fingers in and out of you. You’re stroking my erection and I struggle to contain my excitement. Moving my fingers in and out of you faster I press my hand harder against your clit. Feeling your clit getting harder I move my fingers faster inside you. You moan and tremble as your orgasm gets closer. Shaking and tensed your orgasm rocks your body.

I lay you down on the towel and remove your bottoms. You pull my shorts down and I finish removing them. I place my erection at your opening and slowly push inside you. Feeling the warmth of your pussy and your juices on my erection makes my desire stronger. You feel so wonderful it is amazing as I slide kaçak bahis in and out of you. Kissing you passionately I slide inside you as deep as I can. I press against your clit each time I push inside you. Our passion and the excitement of us such passionate sex on the beach is out of this world. Our bodies begin to tremble as our desire is spinning out of control. We both start to shake as our bodies tense and we erupt in an orgasm together. The stars are streaking through our minds and exploding like fireworks.

I had never had this strong of an orgasm before. Totally exhausted and trembling I collapsed on top of you completely out of breath. We struggle to recover our strength and kiss very passionately. As we regain our strength we sit up and hold each other close as we kiss tenderly. We finally stand up and clean ourselves with my towel.

Slowly we get dressed as we continue to kiss softly. We walk back down the beach holding hands and stopping to kiss along the way When we get to your car we hold each other and kiss passionately. You get in your car and I start walking back to my motel. Along the way I start thinking and realize that I did not ever ask you your name.

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