Wanking with Wendy


Wanking with WendyIn an earlier post I told how I discovered masturbation and got together with my first “wank buddy” Andrew. Another thing no guy ever forgets is his first encounter with a real live naked woman, and it was through Andrew I had that that. Through my late teens Andrew and I continued our wank buddy relationship, largely because in our all boys school and neighbourhood there wasn’t much opportunity to meet girls. During school holidays we would go to each other’s house while our parents were out and get naked together. After we’d worked ourself wild fingering each other’s cocks and ogling porn we would treat each other to as many luxurious hand jobs as we could. Andrew introduced me to lube, using rubber bands as cock rings and edging, taking my cock to the brink then holding back. I did the same for him. Andrew had a twin sister Wendy, a pretty, dark haired girl with a good figure. She often featured in my wanking fantasies. One afternoon I was in Andrew’s bedroom naked on his parents’ big double bed in my favourite wanking position, kneeling with my legs wide and my erect cock sticking hard out. Andrew was also naked and with his cock hard up. Porn magazines from Andrew’s dad’s secret stash which Andrew had found were s**ttered around on the bed. I was fingering my cock and leafing through a magazine when the door opened and in walked Wendy – just in her white bra and panties! I felt as if a bomb had hit me! She asked if she could join the fun. I saw Andrew was grinning and I guessed, correctly as I learned later, that he and his sister had arranged this meeting. I’d had no idea she was as randy as her brother but I guess at that age we were all crazy about sex.A moment later Wendy had taken her bra and panties off and was stark naked. I’d seen plenty of naked girls in porn, but seeing illegal bahis Wendy naked for real near blew me away, especially watching her move. Her big young breasts bounced, her cheeky round buttocks quivered, her naked thighs swung, and her cunt thrust with her movements. Her cunt, the first live cunt I’d seen, was just like I’d seen in so many porn pictures, a neat “landing strip” of dark pubic hair surrounding her slit.I was still kneeling on the bed with my cock hard up, I guess paralysed with shock. She walked over to me, said “What a lovely big cock,” and treated my balls and shaft to a delicious fondle, ruffling my pubes and stroking my shaft like she knew how to wank boys, and tickling me right underneath. I’d had my kit played with lots of times by Andrew and other boys, but having a girl, especially a naked girl, do it for the first ever time sent an electric shock of sex pleasure through me. I reached down and had a feel of her cunt. I remember her pubes felt as coarse as mine. I couldn’t have taken much more of Wendy’s hand on my cock before I would have jerked my load, but mercifully she stopped. She picked up a porn magazine.“Is this what you like seeing girls do?” Wendy asked.She put the magazine down on the bed. It was open at a big picture of a nude blonde girl on all fours with her legs wide, viewed from behind showing her hairy pussy under her bum cheeks. Wendy got on the bed next to me and repeated the pose. Her breasts were swinging under her so her nipples were brushing the bed cover.“Are you just going to watch me?” Wendy asked, looking at me over her shoulder and reaching under herself to finger her pussy, to show me what she had in mind. I got the message!I had a good long feel of her naked body, all over her legs, thighs, bum and her dangling breasts. I was amazed how illegal bahis siteleri soft and smooth her flesh was compared to Andrew’s muscular hairy body. I slid my hand up between her legs from behind to feel her moist vagina lips and her hairy mound and she quivered and gasped with sex pleasure. She repeated other poses from the magazine. She did the splits leaning back on her hands so her breasts swung up and out. She lay back, spread her legs and folded her legs up so her knees were near her shoulders and her vagina gaped wide, and fingered her pussy. I knew by then that was a sex position ready for me to get on top of her. All the time she posed my hands were all over her, my hard cock was brushing against her female flesh, and when my cock, balls and bum were within her reach she played with them.Wendy got into a wide legged kneeling pose on the bed, facing me.“Let’s see you jerk off over me,” she said, reaching out to finger my balls and cock. I stood in front of her with my legs wide and thrust my hips forward so my cock head was brushing her belly just below her breasts. She leaned forward to finger my sex kit and tickle my cock head with her nipples. Then I masturbated over Wendy’s naked body. I grunted and thrust, trying to make my tugging and stroking as impressive as I could. I edged to prolong the exquisite pleasure, holding back as long as I could. Finally after the wank of all wanks I pumped my load over Wendy’s breasts and front. Masturbation at that age was delicious, tugging one off over hot porn was even better. But wanking over a real live naked girl, with my knob brushing against her breasts and my spare hand running over her breasts, thighs and cunt, through her pubic bush and along her vagina lips, while her fingers lightly tickled my balls and inner thighs was canlı bahis siteleri an experience out of this world! I stood there afterwards amazed at what I’d just done, watching my semen trickle down Wendy’s front and catch in her belly button and pubic hair.I hadn’t been taking much notice of Andrew, but when I looked at him I saw he’d put Wendy’s panties on. They were brief enough on her but looked minute on him. His erect cock was forcing them out in a huge cone and the thin cloth showed the outline of his shaft and knob perfectly.‘Go on! Lets see you wank him!” Wendy said excitedly.Andrew stepped up to me. Wendy reached out and pulled her panties down just below her brother’s balls. He spread his legs as wide as her panties stretched round his thighs would allow. I treated Andrew to a good hard hand job, stroking and tugging his foreskin, sliding my hand right up over his knob and catching the base of his knob with my hand and stroking his bum the way he liked. Over the months I’d gotten used to the feel of Andrew’s cock in my hand. When it suddenly hardened in my fingers and he thrust forward I took him through to his cum with just my thumb and forefinger in a ring round his cock. Wendy watched the performance with a big grin and her eyes locked on her brother’s cock. She squealed with glee and applauded when Andrew’s semen squirted a couple of feet in front of him.The three of us spent the afternoon browsing through the porn magazines. Wendy repeated some of the sexy nude poses that turned her on for us to ogle and fondle her in. Andrew and I wanked a couple more times with Wendy watching and her naked body for my spare hand to enjoy an added pleasure. Well before Andrew’s parents came home Wendy made sure the bed showed no traces of our activities, and I made sure I was well out of the way. We had a couple more threesomes together during the last long school holiday before we all went to university. Regretfully I never succeeded in having penis in vagina sex with Wendy other than in my wanking fantasies, but at university I made up for that!

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