Wanting It For Days


Everywhere she went, the man sure did follow. At first Dakota thought it was funny, and cute, but now it had gotten annoying, like a giant block in her life. A giant life sized cock block with dark brown hair, brown eyes, a strong jaw line, and tan skinned from working as a landscaper all day long named Nate. She first saw him in the parking lot of “The Good ol’ Pub,” looking at her. She had decided to be bold and wave. From then on, he showed up each night at whatever bar, she and Carly would go to, as if it were sheer coincidence.

And Nate would sit and talk with her the whole night, just chit chatting. His cologne would fill the air, lingering on Dakota all night. No other men would try to approach her, he seemed to make it clear what he wanted. And if Nate wasn’t sitting with Dakota, he was buying her and Carly drinks. At the end of every night there would be a napkin with a phone number and “call me,… Nate,” scribbled on it, next to Dakota’s final drink. She knew that he would be there that night, as she put on her short jean skirt, dark gray sweater, black fishnets and black boots. She felt his eyes on her the moment she walked into the bar. This night was no different then the others, the drinks had started, all on Nate. Except this time a note came with the drinks, which read “Sorry”.

“You just gonna keep ignoring him, Dakota?” Carly said, sipping her rum and coke.

“I don’t know, he’s a bit creepy. At least tonight he’s not sitting next to us,” Dakota replied, fixing her thick wavy auburn colored hair.

“He’s gorgeous, in a rough kind of way, and he’s bought us drinks every night for a week, and you haven’t gone out on a date in ages. And besides half the guys you date are creepy, you like creepy.”

“This isn’t a date Carly. He just wants to fuck me.” She looked over at Nate, dressed in his perfectly destroyed jeans, beat up sneakers, and vintage t shirt. He was gorgeous, Dakota thought. The combination of dark features, tan skin, and white teeth always set in a smile was nice to look at.

“That’s not true, canlı bahis şirketleri he has talked to us every night about everything and anything. And he leaves you those cute little notes with your drink. He just wants you to acknowledge him.” Carly said, smiling.

“”Fine, fine, fine, I’ll go over to talk to him.” She took out her gloss and applied one last coat of shiny pink on her lips.

Nate sat at a booth by the bar, talking to a short blonde girl with a flirty white mini skirt on. Nate looked disgusted and uncomfortable and Dakota smirked. See, now you know what it’s like to be bothered, she thought. He looked over , his brown eyes catching her green eyes and he waved. She lifted up her long island iced tea as if to toast him. He smiled. Dakota pushed her dark brown hair behind her ears and slid into the booth next to him.

“I just wanted to say thanks again for buying Carly and I drinks all week.” she said, turning on her girly charm. She began to play with her long gold necklace and she noticed Nate’s eyes dart from her charm to her cleavage, back and forth , like a pendulum.

“It’s no problem, I mean, I thought you didn’t want to talk to me tonight.” Nate said, his long fingers tracing circles around his half empty glass of beer.

“No, I saw you were busy with someone.” Dakota said, looking in the direction of the blond.

“Oh, her? I don’t even know her.” Nate looked down at Dakota’s skirt, which had slid up to her thighs, giving him a good view of the lace tops of her thigh high fishnets. Dakota let her leg rest against his, as if trying to signal to him that she was enjoying his attention.

“This bar has a lot of character, doesn’t it?” he said, glancing at the colored Christmas lights strung over the bar.

She bit her lip as his hand slid down on to his glass, gripping it tightly. “Nate, we’ve been chit chatting for the past four nights, I’ve kinda had enough of it, haven’t you?”

Nate nodded and took a long sip of his beer.

“Uh, yes. What would you like to do?”

Dakota looked canlı kaçak iddaa towards the door. “Let’s go outside to your car. I’d like some privacy.”

With his large hands gripping her small waist, they made their way out to the dimly lit parking lot. Nate had parked his black SUV in an area which the street light was flickering on and off and not near the other cars. She giggled as they made their way inside the vehicle, quickly looking around to see if anyone was watching. Nate looked a little nervous, as he sat in the driver’s seat.

“Oh fuck it, who cares who sees?” Dakota said.

His eyes widened as she slid her hand across his jeans to undo his button. He kept his eyes fixated on her, drinking in her skin as the light from the dim street light reflected off of it. She had his pants unzipped and his dick out in a matter of seconds. She leaned over him, pushing the lever which let his leather seat lean back. She slid her body down, letting her tongue rest inches away from his cock. It was large, thick and smooth, just like she had imagined it. His breathing increased as his eyes met hers.

“You’re such a fuckin’ tease. I knew it when I first saw you. Than you made me chase you all over the place. Fuckin’ tease.”

“You like it. “She cocked her head to the side and winked. He looked down at her pink glossy lips, feeling the warm heat of her mouth, and his cock grew harder. She took her tongue and traced it up and down his shaft, flicking it slightly over the tip. Soon, she was taking him into her mouth, in long rhythmic strokes. Up and down her mouth went on his cock, getting it more and more wet. He sighed loudly and put his hands behind his head, arching back, so his dick went further into her mouth, slightly hitting the back of her throat. She gagged softly, moaning at the thought of him filling her. He continued to thrust, and she continued to moan. Inside the car it was hot and the windows had long been filled with fog.

He put his hand on her head , his fingers resting in her gorgeous full hair, and took his dick canlı kaçak bahis out, rubbing it on her lips. She giggled softly.

“You like that, don’t you, tease?”

“Mmm, hmmm,” she said, licking the tip in small even strokes.

“Get it nice and wet, so I can put it in your pussy.”

She spit on his cock, and took her hand and moved it up and down, so it was covered.

“Yeah get it nice and wet, You want it bad huh?” he said, looking down at her.

“Yes, I’ve wanted it for days,” Dakota replied, her eyes brimming with need.


He leaned down to kiss her, and let his mouth linger against hers. His hands on her waist, he easily pushed up her skirt and pushed her dark red panties to the side. She crawled over him, so that she was straddling him. His cock pressed up against her pussy , with its tip hitting her clit, she begged for him to put it in.

“Please, Please.” she moaned, rubbing her fingers all over his strong chest.

He was enjoying teasing the tease. She positioned herself so her pussy was above his cock, ready for her to sit on it, but he used his strong arms to keep her up, just using his cock to rub her clit. She squirmed as her breathing increased.

They locked eyes again, and in one slowly , drawn out motion, he thrust his hips up, entering her.

“Oh, god” she moaned as she leaned in towards him. Her hair fell into his face as they began to rock back and forth in a steady rhythm. Up and down she moved on his cock, until it was in her to the base. First moving in circles, then pushing her body down in circles, she kept running her hands up and down his body as he kissed her neck. He was feeling her energy, knowing it was almost time for her to explode in pleasure. He increased his thrusts, taking his time with her clit. He used his fingertips to trace circles, in both clock wise and counter clock wise motions. She enjoyed his fingertips teasing her and gave one last thrust as she covered his cock with her cum. She shivered as she held onto him, digging her nails into his shoulders.

“Mmmm, Baby,” she said. “Cum on me, make me dirty.”

He pulled his cock out, gave it a few final strokes, and covered the small strip of hair on her pussy with cum.

“The bar does have a lot of character now,” Dakota said, smiling.

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